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展開形 : flap with osseous resectional surgery
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1996 Long-term evaluation of periodontal therapy: I. Response to 4 therapeutic modalities. BOP, CAL, CS, MW, PD, PL, REC, RP, SPT, SUP
1992 Patient preference regarding 4 types of periodontal therapy following 3 years of maintenance follow-up. CS, MW, RP
1990 Evaluation of gingival suppuration and supragingival plaque following 4 modalities of periodontal therapy. CS, MW, RP
1989 Evaluation of gingival bleeding following 4 types of periodontal therapy. BOP, CS, MW, RP
1988 Evaluation of four modalities of periodontal therapy. Mean probing depth, probing attachment level and recession changes. CS, MW, RP
1988 Evaluation of furcation region response to periodontal therapy. CS, MW, RP