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2021 Gait Phase Estimation by Using LSTM in IMU-Based Gait Analysis-Proof of Concept. AI, FC, LSTM, MidS
2019 A new deep learning-based method for the detection of gait events in children with gait disorders: Proof-of-concept and concurrent validity. FS
2019 The validity of spatiotemporal gait analysis using dual laser range sensors: a cross-sectional study. FC
2015 Determination of the vertical ground reaction forces acting upon individual limbs during healthy and clinical gait. DC, FC, GRFs
2014 Gait event detection during stair walking using a rate gyroscope. IC
2012 Anticipatory postural adjustments contribute to age-related changes in compensatory steps associated with unilateral perturbations. APAs, COM, ML
2010 Gait event detection on level ground and incline walking using a rate gyroscope. ---
2008 Ambulation after incomplete spinal cord injury with EMG-triggered functional electrical stimulation. FES, iSCI, sEMG
2008 Detection of gait events using an F-Scan in-shoe pressure measurement system. AD, FD, IC, KT
10  2008 Online gait event detection using a large force platform embedded in a treadmill. FC