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略語 : FO
展開形 : frequency offset
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Frequency-offset-tolerant optical frequency comb-based coherent transmission for intra-datacenter interconnections. BER, DC, FEC, LOs, OFC, PM-16QAM, WDM
2019 Frequency offset drift monitoring: enabling simultaneously optimum performance and minimum cost of frequency offset estimation. FFT-FOE, FOD, LO
2019 Frequency offset estimation for nonlinear frequency division multiplexing with discrete spectrum modulation. CFO, NFD, NFDM, NFT, TS
2019 Modulation format identification assisted by sparse-fast-Fourier-transform for hitless flexible coherent transceivers. DP, DSP, FEC, MFI, OSNR, PAPR, QAM, QPSK, S-FFT, SSMF
2018 Doubly differential star-16-QAM for fast wavelength switching coherent optical packet transceiver. DD, DD-star-16-QAM
2018 Modulation format identification enabled by the digital frequency-offset loading technique for hitless coherent transceiver. ASE, CMA, DP, DSP, FFT-FOE, FOC, MFI, NDA, SP, SSMF
2016 Cost-effective coherent ONU transceiver based on single directly modulated laser. DML, ER, LO, ONU, RB, UDWDM-PON
2016 Joint timing/frequency offset estimation and correction based on FrFT encoded training symbols for PDM CO-OFDM systems. CO-OFDM, FRFT, OSNR, PDM, TO
2015 Cyclostationarity-based joint monitoring of symbol-rate, frequency offset, CD and OSNR for Nyquist WDM superchannels. CD, OSNR, RMSE, WDM
10  2013 Simple and efficient frequency offset tracking and carrier phase recovery algorithms in single carrier transmission systems. CPR, DP
11  1998 [Magnetization transfer contrast: experimental sequence optimization for study of the cerebral substantia alba]. MT, rSS