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略語 : FO
展開形 : fronto-occipital
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2018 Alterations in cerebral ventricle size in children with congenital heart disease. CVP, OFC, SCPA, TOF
2018 Virtual Surgical Planning for Correction of Delayed Presentation Scaphocephaly Using a Modified Melbourne Technique. BP, CI
2014 A pilot study of alternative transcranial direct current stimulation electrode montages for the treatment of major depression. DLPFC, F-C, tDCS
2011 Distribution of white matter hyperintensity in cerebral hemorrhage and healthy aging. CAA, ICH, WMH
2002 Use of fetal biometry to determine fetal age in late pregnancy in llamas. BPD, GA, T-H
2000 Anatomical cerebellar protection of contrecoup hematoma development. Analysis of the mechanism of 30 posterior fossa coup hematomas. PFH
1996 Phylogenetic development of brain and brain sulci in primates. ---