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Abbreviation : FPD
Long Form : fine particle dose
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Compatible Stability and Aerosol Characteristics of Atrovent (Ipratropium Bromide) Mixed with Salbutamol Sulfate, Terbutaline Sulfate, Budesonide, and Acetylcysteine. HPLC
2020 Consistent Dosing Through the Salmeterol-Fluticasone Propionate Easyhaler for the Management of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Robustness Analysis Across the Easyhaler Lifetime. COPD, DD, DPI, S-F
2019 Effect of Unintentional Storage and Handling Errors of Inhaled Medications: What Does This Mean for Therapeutic Equivalence Considerations? ---
2019 Evaluation of patients' real-world post-dispensing use and storage environments of tiotropium bromide Respimat soft mist inhaler on its in vitro dose delivery and lung deposition. DD, NGI, RC, RH
2019 Improving usability and maintaining performance: human-factor and aerosol-performance studies evaluating the new reusable Respimat inhaler. DD
2019 In Vitro Flow Rate Dependency of Delivered Dose and Fine Particle Dose of Salmeterol/Fluticasone Propionate Easyhaler and Seretide Diskus with Patient Flow Rates Collected in a Randomized Controlled Trial. COPD, DD, RCT, S/F
2019 Use of inspiratory profiles from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to investigate drug delivery uniformity and aerodynamic dose emission of indacaterol from a capsule based dry powder inhaler. COPD, DPIs, IB, IPs, MMAD, PIF, TED, Vin
2018 Impact of capsule type on aerodynamic performance of inhalation products: A case study using a formoterol-lactose binary or ternary blend. DD, DPI
2018 Pulmonary Safety and Tolerability of Inhaled Levodopa (CVT-301) Administered to Patients with Parkinson's Disease. LD, PD, TEAEs
10  2017 A Comparison of the Performance of Efficient Data Analysis Versus Fine Particle Dose as Metrics for the Quality Control of Aerodynamic Particle Size Distributions of Orally Inhaled Pharmaceuticals. APSD, DPIs, EDA, ISM, LPM/SPM, MDIs, OIPs, QC
11  2017 Effect of maximum inhalation flow and inhaled volume on formoterol drug deposition in-vitro from an Easyhaler dry powder inhaler. ACI, DPIs, MIF, MMAD, TED, Vin
12  2017 Evaluation of Abbreviated Impactor Measurements (AIM) and Efficient Data Analysis (EDA) for Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) Against the Full-Resolution Next Generation Impactor (NGI). AIM, API, APSD, DPIs, DPIs, EDA, FPF, FSI, NGI, rNGI
13  2017 In vitro evaluation of aerosol delivery of aztreonam lysine (AZLI): an adult mechanical ventilation model. AS, AZLI, FPF, GSD, IM, MMAD, MN, MV, RR
14  2017 In vitro/in vivo correlation and modeling of emitted dose and lung deposition of inhaled salbutamol from metered dose inhalers with different types of spacers in noninvasively ventilated patients. FPF, MDI, MMAD, NIV, TED
15  2017 Influence of Formulation Factors on the Aerosol Performance of Suspension and Solution Metered Dose Inhalers: A Systematic Approach. CQAs, DD, DoE, MDIs, QbD
16  2017 Nicotine hydrogen tartrate loaded chitosan nanoparticles: Formulation, characterization and in vitro delivery from dry powder inhaler formulation. ATR-FTIR, CS, DPI, DSC, NHT, SEM, TEM, TSI, XPS, XRD
17  2016 A Multi-laboratory in Vitro Study to Compare Data from Abbreviated and Pharmacopeial Impactor Measurements for Orally Inhaled Products: a Report of the European Aerosol Group (EPAG). ACI, AIM, APIs, EPAG, FSA, FSI, NGI, OIPs, PIM, pMDI, rNGI, VHC
18  2016 Accessorized DPI: a Shortcut towards Flexibility and Patient Adaptability in Dry Powder Inhalation. ---
19  2016 Difference in resistance to humidity between commonly used dry powder inhalers: an in vitro study. BUD, BUD/FORM, DD, DPIs, RH
20  2016 Edge activators and a polycationic polymer enhance the formulation of porous voriconazole nanoagglomerate for the use as a dry powder inhaler. FPF, MMAD, PEI, TED
21  2015 An Apparatus to Deliver Mannitol Powder for Bronchial Provocation in Children Under Six Years Old. BPT, FEV1
22  2015 Effect of inhalation profile and throat geometry on predicted lung deposition of budesonide and formoterol (BF) in COPD: An in-vitro comparison of Spiromax with Turbuhaler. BF, DPI, TED
23  2015 In Vitro Dosing Performance of the ELLIPTA Dry Powder Inhaler Using Asthma and COPD Patient Inhalation Profiles Replicated with the Electronic Lung (eLung™). COPD, DD, ETD, FF, UMEC
24  2014 Spray dried amikacin powder for inhalation in cystic fibrosis patients: a quality by design approach for product construction. CPPs, CQAs, ED
25  2013 Dose emission and aerodynamic characterization of the terbutaline sulphate dose emitted from a Turbuhaler at low inhalation flow. MMAD, TED
26  2013 Dry powder inhalation of macromolecules using novel PEG-co-polyester microparticle carriers. alpha-CH, CHF, FPF, MMAD, PLF-68
27  2013 Investigation of dry powder aerosolization mechanisms in different channel designs. DPI, FP, FPF, MMAD, NGI, SX
28  2013 Reformulation of Stmerin() D CFC formulation using HFA propellants. CFCs, MCT, MDI
29  2013 Sildenafil citrate monohydrate-cyclodextrin nanosuspension complexes for use in metered-dose inhalers. FPFs, MMADs, pMDI
30  2012 Effect of the moisture content in aerosol on the spray performance of Stmerin D hydrofluoroalkane preparations (2). MDIs, RH
31  2011 In vitro validation of a Respimat adapter for delivery of inhaled bronchodilators during mechanical ventilation. COPD, pMDI, RMT
32  2011 Poly(glycerol adipate-co-omega-pentadecalactone) spray-dried microparticles as sustained release carriers for pulmonary delivery. MMAD, SF, SR
33  2011 The influence of drug loading on formulation structure and aerosol performance in carrier based dry powder inhalers. ---
34  2010 Aerodynamic characteristics of a dry powder inhaler at low inhalation flows using a mixing inlet with an Andersen Cascade Impactor. ACI, DPI, MIXINLET, MMAD
35  2009 Comparative in vitro performance of valved holding chambers with a budesonide/formoterol pressurized metered-dose inhaler. pMDI, VHCs
36  2007 Effect of interactive ternary mixtures on dispersion characteristics of ipratropium bromide in dry powder inhaler formulations. AFM, CL, ITB, ML
37  2006 Emitted dose estimates from Seretide Diskus and Symbicort Turbuhaler following inhalation by severe asthmatics. PIFR
38  2006 Preparation and in vitro evaluation of lipidic carriers and fillers for inhalation. DPI, MsLI, SLmP
39  2005 Determination of the bioavailability of gentamicin to the lungs following inhalation from two jet nebulizers. MMAD, MN, PARI
40  2005 Variability of fine particle dose and lung deposition of budesonide delivered through two multidose dry powder inhalers. DPI, MIP
41  2004 An investigation into the predictive value of cascade impactor results for side effects of inhaled salbutamol. ACI, HR, IVIVCs, MSLI
42  2003 Influence of the metering chamber volume and actuator design on the aerodynamic particle size of a metered dose inhaler. MDI, PSD
43  2002 Delivery of formoterol from a novel multi-dose inhaler Airmax. FPF, LC
44  2000 The influence of carrier morphology on drug delivery by dry powder inhalers. SE, SS
45  1999 Effects of particle size and adding sequence of fine lactose on the deposition of salbutamol sulphate from a dry powder formulation. CL, FPF, IML, ML, SS
46  1999 The use of different grades of lactose as a carrier for aerosolised salbutamol sulphate. FPF