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Abbreviation : FPP
Long Form : farnesyl diphosphate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Alpha-Terpineol production from an engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell factory. ---
2019 An Unusual Skeletal Rearrangement in the Biosynthesis of the Sesquiterpene Trichobrasilenol from Trichoderma. ---
2019 Characterization of a Cis-Prenyltransferase from Lilium longiflorum Anther. IPP
2019 Cloning and functional analysis of squalene synthase gene from Dryopteris fragrans (L.) Schott. NJ, ORF, qRT-PCR, SQS, tDfSQS1
2019 Direct pathway cloning of the sodorifen biosynthetic gene cluster and recombinant generation of its product in E. coli. BGC, DiPaC, VOC
2019 Does prenylation predict progression in NAFLD? AMPK, GGPP, GGPPS, NAFLD, NASH
2019 Engineered Rhodobacter capsulatus as a Phototrophic Platform Organism for the Synthesis of Plant Sesquiterpenoids. DXP
2019 Engineering linear, branched-chain triterpene metabolism in monocots. BS, DMAPP, FPS, IPP, MVA, SQS
2019 Expression of the Fusarium graminearum terpenome and involvement of the endoplasmic reticulum-derived toxisome. DON, STS
10  2019 Formation of alpha-Farnesene in Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaves Induced by Herbivore-Derived Wounding and Its Effect on Neighboring Tea Plants. CsAFS, GPP, HIPVs, JA
11  2019 Functional characterization and expression analysis of two terpene synthases involved in floral scent formation in Lilium 'Siberia'. GC-MS, GPP, TPS
12  2019 Identification and characterization of (+)-alpha-bisabolol and 7-epi-silphiperfol-5-ene synthases from Artemisia abrotanum. ---
13  2019 Inhibition of farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP) and/or geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate (GGPP) biosynthesis and its implication in the treatment of cancers. ER, GGPP, UPR
14  2019 Isolation and functional analysis of squalene synthase gene in tea plant Camellia sinensis. SQS
15  2019 Manipulation of the precursor supply for high-level production of longifolene by metabolically engineered Escherichia coli. ---
16  2019 Mechanisms of simvastatin myotoxicity: The role of autophagy flux inhibition. GGPP
17  2019 Metabolic Engineering of Bacillus subtilis Toward Taxadiene Biosynthesis as the First Committed Step for Taxol Production. GGPP, GRAS, MEP, TXS
18  2019 Mevalonate Pathway Promiscuity Enables Noncanonical Terpene Production. HDMAPP, HIPP
19  2019 Role of Trichoderma arundinaceum tri10 in regulation of terpene biosynthetic genes and in control of metabolic flux. ---
20  2019 Significantly Enhanced Production of Patchoulol in Metabolically Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
21  2019 Simvastatin aggravates impaired autophagic flux in NSC34-hSOD1G93A cells through inhibition of geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthesis. ALS, GGPP
22  2019 Simvastatin Induces Apoptosis in Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor Cells via Mevalonate Cascade Prenylation Substrates. GGPP
23  2019 Site-Selective Enzymatic Labeling of Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins Using Protein Farnesyltransferase. DARPins, PFTase, SPAAC, yPFTase
24  2019 Unequivocal evidence for endogenous geranylgeranoic acid biosynthesized from mevalonate in mammalian cells. GGA, GGPP, MVA
25  2018 A Novel Hydrolytic Activity of Tri-Functional Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase in Haematococcus pluvialis. DMAPP, GGPP, GGPPS, GPP, IPPs, PPPs
26  2018 Ancestral diterpene cyclases show increased thermostability and substrate acceptance. ASR, GGPP
27  2018 Anthranilic Acid Inhibitors of Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase (UppS), an Essential Enzyme for Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis. IPP, UPPS
28  2018 Arginine in the FARM and SARM: A Role in Chain-Length Determination for Arginine in the Aspartate-Rich Motifs of Isoprenyl Diphosphate Synthases from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. GGPP, GPP, IDSs
29  2018 Biosynthesis of abscisic acid in fungi: identification of a sesquiterpene cyclase as the key enzyme in Botrytis cinerea. ABA, STC
30  2018 Characterization of gossypol biosynthetic pathway. VIGS
31  2018 Comment on "Substrate Folding Modes in Trichodiene Synthase: A Determinant of Chemo- and Stereoselectivity". TD, TDS
32  2018 Effect of deletion of a trichothecene toxin regulatory gene on the secondary metabolism transcriptome of the saprotrophic fungus Trichoderma arundinaceum. HA, SM, tri
33  2018 Functional Characterisation of New Sesquiterpene Synthase from the Malaysian Herbal Plant, Polygonum Minus. NSE/DTE, ORF
34  2018 Identification and characterization of a novel sesquiterpene synthase from Aquilaria sinensis: An important gene for agarwood formation. ---
35  2018 Inhibition of the RhoA/Rho-associated, coiled-coil-containing protein kinase-1 pathway is involved in the therapeutic effects of simvastatin on pulmonary arterial hypertension. GGPP, MCT, MCTP, PAH
36  2018 Isoprenoids and tau pathology in sporadic Alzheimer's disease. AD, GGPP, GTP
37  2018 Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for production of mixed isoprenoid alcohols and their derivatives. DMAPP, GPP, IDI, IPP
38  2018 Quantitation of isoprenoids for natural rubber biosynthesis in natural rubber latex by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. DMAPP, LOQs, MRM
39  2018 Silencing amorpha-4,11-diene synthase Genes in Artemisia annua Leads to FPP Accumulation. AMS, GSTs, NTC
40  2018 Simultaneous Quantitation of Isoprenoid Pyrophosphates in Plasma and Cancer Cells Using LC-MS/MS. GGPP, GPP, IsoP
41  2018 Simvastatin exerts anticancer effects in osteosarcoma cell lines via geranylgeranylation and c-Jun activation. GGPP, MA
42  2018 Sodorifen Biosynthesis in the Rhizobacterium Serratia plymuthica Involves Methylation and Cyclization of MEP-Derived Farnesyl Pyrophosphate by a SAM-Dependent C-Methyltransferase. MEP, SAM
43  2018 Squalene synthase cloning and functional identification in wintersweet plant (Chimonanthus zhejiangensis). SQS
44  2018 Statin-Induced Cancer Cell Death Can Be Mechanistically Uncoupled from Prenylation of RAS Family Proteins. EMT, GGPP, ZEB1
45  2018 Statins impact primary embryonic mouse neural stem cell survival, cell death, and fate through distinct mechanisms. CBP, NSPCs
46  2018 Structure-based protein engineering enables prenyl donor switching of a fungal aromatic prenyltransferase. DMAPP, GPP, PTs
47  2018 Suppression of phenotype of Escherichia coli mutant defective in farnesyl diphosphate synthase by overexpression of gene for octaprenyl diphosphate synthase. DMAPP, IPP
48  2018 Topical mevastatin promotes wound healing by inhibiting the transcription factor c-Myc via the glucocorticoid receptor and the long non-coding RNA Gas5. DFUs, GR
49  2018 [Metabolic engineering of (E)-beta-farnesene synthase genes for aphid-resistant genetically modified plants]. GM
50  2017 A squalene synthase protein degradation method for improved sesquiterpene production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ERAD
51  2017 Acute phase reaction following bisphosphonates. IPP, N-BPs
52  2017 An in-silico insight into the substrate binding characteristics of the active site of amorpha-4, 11-diene synthase, a key enzyme in artemisinin biosynthesis. ADS
53  2017 Bioanalysis of farnesyl pyrophosphate in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry and hybrid quadrupole Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry. GGPP, LC-Q-Orbi-MS
54  2017 Characterization of feedback-resistant mevalonate kinases from the methanogenic archaeons Methanosaeta concilii and Methanocella paludicola. DMAPP, DPM, GPP, IPP, MVK
55  2017 Effect of prolonged water stress on essential oil content, compositions and gene expression patterns of mono- and sesquiterpene synthesis in two oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) subspecies. GPP
56  2017 Engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae for geranylgeraniol overproduction by combinatorial design. DMAPP, GGPPSsa, IPP, tHMGR
57  2017 Geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase inhibition induces apoptosis that is dependent upon GGPP depletion, ERK phosphorylation and caspase activation. DGBP, GGDPS
58  2017 Human farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase is allosterically inhibited by its own product. FPPS
59  2017 Increasing the intracellular isoprenoid pool in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by structural fine-tuning of a bifunctional farnesyl diphosphate synthase. DMAPP, FPPS, GPP, IPP
60  2017 Insights into the mevalonate pathway in the anticancer effect of a platinum complex on human gastric cancer cells. FPPS, GGPP, small G proteins
61  2017 Isoprenoids responsible for protein prenylation modulate the biological effects of statins on pancreatic cancer cells. GGPP
62  2017 Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of germacrene A, a precursor of beta-elemene. GASs
63  2017 Mevalonate Cascade and its Regulation in Cholesterol Metabolism in Different Tissues in Health and Disease. CVD, GGPP, HMG-CoA, MVA
64  2017 Mevalonate Cascade Inhibition by Simvastatin Induces the Intrinsic Apoptosis Pathway via Depletion of Isoprenoids in Tumor Cells. GGPP, MEV
65  2017 Mevalonate Pathway and Human Cancers. HMG-CoA, HMG-CoAR, MVA, SREBP
66  2017 Pathway engineering for the production of beta-amyrin and cycloartenol in Escherichia coli-a method to biosynthesize plant-derived triterpene skeletons in E. coli. OSC
67  2017 Pharmacophore Mapping of Thienopyrimidine-Based Monophosphonate (ThP-MP) Inhibitors of the Human Farnesyl Pyrophosphate Synthase. hFPPS, ThP-MP, ThP-MPs
68  2017 Production of jet fuel precursor monoterpenoids from engineered Escherichia coli. GPP
69  2017 Purification and biochemical characterization of recombinant Persicaria minorbeta-sesquiphellandrene synthase. GC-MS, MSA, PmSTS
70  2017 Role of Cys73 in the thermostability of farnesyl diphosphate synthase from Geobacillus stearothermophilus. DMAPP, FPPase, IPP
71  2017 Structure-Function Studies of Artemisia tridentata Farnesyl Diphosphate Synthase and Chrysanthemyl Diphosphate Synthase by Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Morphogenesis. CPP, CPPase, DMAPP, FPPase, GPP, IPP, LPP, MPP
72  2017 Synergistic Activity between Statins and Bisphosphonates against Acute Experimental Toxoplasmosis. 3-HMG-CoA reductase, FPPS, GGPP
73  2017 Tetraterpene Synthase Substrate and Product Specificity in the Green Microalga Botryococcus braunii Race L. GGPP, HSS, LOS, SS
74  2017 Transcriptomic insight into terpenoid and carbazole alkaloid biosynthesis, and functional characterization of two terpene synthases in curry tree (Murraya koenigii). GPP
75  2017 [Prokaryotic expression, functional identification of squalene synthase in Alisma orientale and its immunoassay study]. ORF
76  2016 Absolute Configuration of Hydroxysqualene. An Intermediate in Bacterial Hopanoid Biosynthesis. HSQ, SQ
77  2016 Alteration of RhoA Prenylation Ameliorates Cardiac and Vascular Remodeling in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. FPPS, GGPP, SHR
78  2016 Anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective effects of a squalene synthase inhibitor, TAK-475 active metabolite-I, in immune cells simulating mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD)-like condition. GGPP, IL-1beta, LPS, MDIs, MKD, PBMCs
79  2016 Atorvastatin in improvement of cognitive impairments caused by amyloid beta in mice: involvement of inflammatory reaction. AD, ATV, LTP
80  2016 Combinatorial engineering of hybrid mevalonate pathways in Escherichia coli for protoilludene production. DMAPP, IPP, MEP, MVA
81  2016 Differential Regulation of Gene Expression by Cholesterol Biosynthesis Inhibitors That Reduce (Pravastatin) or Enhance (Squalestatin 1) Nonsterol Isoprenoid Levels in Primary Cultured Mouse and Rat Hepatocytes. CAR, PPARs, SQ1, SSIs
82  2016 Dose-Dependent Neuroprotection and Neurotoxicity of Simvastatin through Reduction of Farnesyl Pyrophosphate in Mice Treated with Intracerebroventricular Injection of Abeta 1-42. Abeta1-42-mice, AD, LTP, NMDAR, SV
83  2016 Farnesol production in Escherichia coli through the construction of a farnesol biosynthesis pathway - application of PgpB and YbjG phosphatases. ---
84  2016 Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase inhibitor, ibandronate, improves endothelial function in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Ang II, NADPH, Rac1, ROS, SHRs, VSMCs, WKY
85  2016 Functional Analysis of Amorpha-4,11-Diene Synthase (ADS) Homologs from Non-Artemisinin-Producing Artemisia Species: The Discovery of Novel Koidzumiol and (+)-alpha-Bisabolol Synthases. ADS
86  2016 Functional characterization of a geraniol synthase-encoding gene from Camptotheca acuminata and its application in production of geraniol in Escherichia coli. DMAPP, GES, GPP, IPP
87  2016 Genetic and pharmacological evidence for low-abundance TRPV3 expression in primary vagal afferent neurons. EVA
88  2016 Gossypol: phytoalexin of cotton. FPS, HMGR
89  2016 Mechanistic investigations on six bacterial terpene cyclases. ---
90  2016 Mitochondrial acetyl-CoA utilization pathway for terpenoid productions. ---
91  2016 Molecular Cloning and Functional Analysis of Squalene Synthase 2(SQS2) in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge. SQS2
92  2016 Molecular Dynamics Simulations Elucidate Conformational Dynamics Responsible for the Cyclization Reaction in TEAS. ---
93  2016 Potential of tocotrienols in the prevention and therapy of Alzheimer's disease. AD, GGPP, HMG-CoA
94  2016 Prevention of Simvastatin-Induced Inhibition of Tendon Cell Proliferation and Cell Cycle Progression by Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate. GGPP
95  2016 Production of farnesene and santalene by Saccharomyces cerevisiae using fed-batch cultivations with RQ-controlled feed. ---
96  2016 Role of Phosphatidic Acid Phosphatase Domain Containing 2 in Squalestatin 1-Mediated Activation of the Constitutive Androstane Receptor in Primary Cultured Rat Hepatocytes. CAR, SQ1
97  2016 Simvastatin enhances NMDA receptor GluN2B expression and phosphorylation of GluN2B and GluN2A through increased histone acetylation and Src signaling in hippocampal CA1 neurons. GGPP, SV
98  2016 Simvastatin Enhances Spatial Memory and Long-Term Potentiation in Hippocampal CA1 via Upregulation of alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor. LTP, LTP, MLA, SV
99  2016 Simvastatin Reduces Cancerogenic Potential of Renal Cancer Cells via Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate and Mevalonate Pathway. GGPP, HMG-CoA, MA, RCC
100  2016 Skin Metabolite, Farnesyl Pyrophosphate, Regulates Epidermal Response to Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Migration. GR, IFN, IGF, ZGA