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Abbreviation : FS
Long Form : Fermi surface
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Divalent EuRh2Si2 as a reference for the Luttinger theorem and antiferromagnetism in trivalent heavy-fermion YbRh2Si2. AFM, PM
2019 Fermi surface reconstruction in electron-doped cuprates without antiferromagnetic long-range order. AFM, ARPES, NCCO, QOM
2018 Bulk Fermi Surfaces of the Dirac Type-II Semimetallic Candidates MAl_{3} (Where M=V, Nb, and Ta). dHvA
2018 Chiral Spin Density Wave and d+id Superconductivity in the Magic-Angle-Twisted Bilayer Graphene. ---
2018 Fermi surface topology in a metallic phase of VO2 thin films grown on TiO2(001) substrates. ARPES, MIT
2018 Multi-Valley Superconductivity in Ion-Gated MoS2 Layers. SC, TMDs
2017 Enhanced superconductivity accompanying a Lifshitz transition in electron-doped FeSe monolayer. Tc
2017 The study of electronic nematicity in an overdoped (Bi, Pb)2Sr2CuO6+delta superconductor using scanning tunneling spectroscopy. PG
2016 Electron-hole doping asymmetry of Fermi surface reconstructed in a simple Mott insulator. ---
10  2016 Enhanced superconductivity in surface-electron-doped iron pnictide Ba(Fe1.94Co0.06)2As2. ---
11  2016 Enhancement of the Superconducting Gap by Nesting in CaKFe_{4}As_{4}: A New High Temperature Superconductor. ---
12  2016 Evidence of Topological Nodal-Line Fermions in ZrSiSe and ZrSiTe. ---
13  2016 Fermi Surface of Metallic V_{2}O_{3} from Angle-Resolved Photoemission: Mid-level Filling of e_{g}^{pi} Bands. ---
14  2016 On the stability of the electronic system in transition metal dichalcogenides. TMDC
15  2016 The 7  1 Fermi Surface Reconstruction in a Two-dimensional f -electron Charge Density Wave System: PrTe3. CDW
16  2015 Fermi states and anisotropy of Brillouin zone scattering in the decagonal Al-Ni-Co quasicrystal. QCs
17  2015 Latent instabilities in metallic LaNiO3 films by strain control of Fermi-surface topology. ---
18  2015 Orbital characters and electronic correlations in KCo2Se2. BZ
19  2015 Quantum Oscillations without a Fermi Surface and the Anomalous de Haas-van Alphen Effect. dHvAE, LK
20  2014 Characteristic two-dimensional Fermi surface topology of high-Tc iron-based superconductors. high-Tc
21  2014 First-order chiral to non-chiral transition in the angular dependence of the upper critical induction of the Scharnberg-Klemm p-wave pair state. ABM, SK
22  2013 Dependence of carrier doping on the impurity potential in transition-metal-substituted FeAs-based superconductors. ---
23  2013 Formation of gapless Fermi arcs and fingerprints of order in the pseudogap state of cuprate superconductors. ---
24  2013 Imaging the three-dimensional Fermi-surface pairing near the hidden-order transition in URu2Si2 using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. ---
25  2012 Orbital selective Fermi surface shifts and mechanism of high T(c) superconductivity in correlated AFeAs (A=Li, Na). ---
26  2012 Temperature-dependent Fermi surface evolution in heavy fermion CeIrIn5. ---
27  2012 Two-dome structure in electron-doped iron arsenide superconductors. ---
28  2012 Unconventional anisotropic s-wave superconducting gaps of the LiFeAs iron-pnictide superconductor. SC
29  2011 Absence of a holelike fermi surface for the iron-based K0.8F1.7Se2 superconductor revealed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. ---
30  2011 Complete Fermi surface in BaFe2As2 observed via Shubnikov-de Haas oscillation measurements on detwinned single crystals. ---
31  2011 The phase diagram for coexisting d-wave superconductivity and charge-density waves: cuprates and beyond. CDWs
32  2011 Two energy scales in the magnetic resonance spectrum of electron and hole doped pnictide superconductors. res
33  2010 Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of the iron-chalcogenide superconductor Fe1.03Te0.7Se0.3: strong coupling behavior and the universality of interband scattering. SC
34  2010 Bridging charge-orbital ordering and Fermi surface instabilities in half-doped single-layered manganite La(0.5)Sr(1.5)MnO₄. ARPES, COO, STM
35  2010 Fermi-surface topology and helical antiferromagnetism in heavy lanthanide metals. Ln
36  2010 Orbital-dependent modifications of electronic structure across the magnetostructural transition in BaFe2As2. ARPES
37  2009 Anisotropic electric conductivity of delafossite PdCoO2 studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. ARPES
38  2009 Fermi surface nesting induced strong pairing in iron-based superconductors. ---
39  2009 Fermi surface of SrFe2P2 determined by the de Haas-van Alphen effect. ---
40  2009 Magneto-optical studies of low-dimensional organic conductors. CR, POR
41  2008 Local moment, itinerancy, and deviation from Fermi-liquid behavior in NaxCoO2 for 0.71< or = x < or =0.84. ---
42  2007 Can one determine the underlying fermi surface in the superconducting state of strongly correlated systems? BEC, SC
43  2007 Competing ordered phases in URu2Si2: hydrostatic pressure and rhenium substitution. HO
44  2007 On the de Haas-van Alphen oscillations in quasi-two-dimensional metals: effect of the Fermi surface curvature. ---
45  2007 Revealing charge density wave formation in the LaTe2 system by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy. CDW
46  2006 Angle-resolved photoemission study of the cobalt oxide superconductor Na(x)CoO(2) x yH(2)O: observation of the Fermi surface. ---
47  2006 Determining the underlying Fermi surface of strongly correlated superconductors. ---
48  2006 Missing xy-band Fermi surface in 4d transition-metal oxide Sr2RhO4: effect of the octahedra rotation on the electronic structure. ---
49  2006 Raising Bi-O bands above the Fermi energy level of hole-doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta and other cuprate superconductors. ---
50  2004 ARPES on Na0.6CoO2: Fermi surface and unusual band dispersion. ---
51  2004 Direct observation of the multisheet Fermi surface in the strongly correlated transition metal compound ZrZn2. ---
52  2004 Fermi surface reconstruction in the CDW state of CeTe3 observed by photoemission. CDW
53  2004 Quasiparticle anisotropy and pseudogap formation from the weak-coupling renormalization group point of view. vH
54  2003 Indication of charge-density-wave formation in Bi(111). CDW
55  2001 Ab initio fermi surface calculation for charge-density wave instability in transition metal oxide bronzes. CDW
56  2001 Fermi surface and magnetic structure of TmGa3. EF, RE
57  2001 Fermi surface of nanocrystalline embedded particles in materials: bcc Cu in Fe. ---
58  2000 Detailed topography of the fermi surface of Sr2RuO4 ---
59  2000 Fermi surface, surface states, and surface reconstruction in Sr2RuO4 ---
60  2000 Joys and pitfalls of fermi surface mapping in Bi(2)Sr(2)CaCu(2)O(8+delta) using angle resolved photoemission ---