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Abbreviation : FS
Long Form : febrile seizures
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Association between indel polymorphism (rs145204276) in the promoter region of lncRNA GAS5 and the risk of febrile convulsion. GAS5, IL-1beta
2019 G327E mutation in SCN9A gene causes idiopathic focal epilepsy with Rolandic spikes: a case report of twin sisters. DS
2019 Increased von Willebrand factor parameters in children with febrile seizures. AVP, vWF, VWF, VWF
2019 Outcomes and comorbidities of SCN1A-related seizure disorders. FMS, QOL
2019 Potential Role of Febrile Seizures and Other Risk Factors Associated With Sudden Deaths in Children. SEDC, SUDC
2019 Reduced cerebrospinal fluid levels of interleukin-10 in children with febrile seizures. CNS, CSF, IFN-beta, IL-10, IL-12, LP
2019 Risk Factors of Febrile Status Epilepticus. FSE
2019 Up-regulation of microRNA-223 inhibits brain injury and hippocampal neuron apoptosis of rats after febrile seizure through the NLRP3-Caspase-1 signaling pathway. miR-223, NC
2018 Anthropogenetic Variability in the Group of Individuals with Febrile Seizures: Population-Genetic Study. HRC test
10  2018 Assessment of physicians knowledge and attitudes in the management of febrile seizures. ---
11  2018 Canonical Transient Receptor Potential Channel 3 Contributes to Febrile Seizure Inducing Neuronal Cell Death and Neuroinflammation. TRPC
12  2018 Cerebellar oxidative stress and fine motor impairment in adolescent rats exposed to hyperthermia-induced seizures is prevented by maternal caffeine intake during gestation and lactation. HIS
13  2018 Differential diagnosis of nonepileptic twilight state with convulsive manifestations after febrile seizures. EEG, NETC
14  2018 Differential roles of NaV1.2 and NaV1.6 in regulating neuronal excitability at febrile temperature and distinct contributions to febrile seizures. PTx3, VGSCs
15  2018 Dynamic thiol/disulphide homeostasis in children with febrile seizure. ---
16  2018 Early risk factors for mortality in children with seizure and/or impaired consciousness accompanied by fever without known etiology. AE, AST, SICF
17  2018 Early-life hyperthermic seizures upregulate adenosine A2A receptors in the cortex and promote depressive-like behavior in adult rats. HIS
18  2018 Fangjing decoction relieves febrile seizures-induced hippocampal neuron apoptosis in rats via regulating the Akt/mTOR pathway. GABA, mTOR, p-Akt
19  2018 Febrile seizures prior to sudden cardiac death: a Danish nationwide study. CI, SCD
20  2018 Immunogenetic predisposing factors for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis. HLA, MTLE-HS
21  2018 Inhibition of DPP4 enhances inhibitory synaptic transmission through activating the GLP-1/GLP-1R signaling pathway in a rat model of febrile seizures. EEG, GLP-1, GLP-1R, mIPSCs
22  2018 Interleukin-4 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels in children with febrile seizures. AF
23  2018 Intermittent oral levetiracetam reduced recurrence of febrile seizure accompanied with epileptiform discharge: a pilot study. EEG, LEV
24  2018 Management of Pediatric Febrile Seizures. ---
25  2018 Metabolic profile of oxidative stress and trace elements in febrile seizures among children. MDA, NO, Se, SOD, Zn
26  2018 National survey of factors associated with repeated admissions due to febrile seizure. ---
27  2018 Polymorphisms in the interleukin-1beta (IL-1B) and interleukin-1alpha (IL-1A) genes on risk of febrile seizures: a meta-analysis. CIs, IL-1B, IL1A, ORs
28  2018 Predictive value of EEG for febrile seizure recurrence. PPMD
29  2018 Prevalence, Incidence, and Recurrence of Febrile Seizures in Korean Children Based on National Registry Data. ---
30  2018 SAHA (Vorinostat) Corrects Inhibitory Synaptic Deficits Caused by Missense Epilepsy Mutations to the GABAA Receptor gamma2 Subunit. GABAAR, IPSCs
31  2018 Serum Procalcitonin Levels in Acute Encephalopathy with Biphasic Seizures and Late Reduced Diffusion. CRP, PCT
32  2018 Sociodemographic risk factors for febrile seizures: A school-based study from Izmir, Turkey. ---
33  2018 Temporal relationship between occurrences of hand, foot and mouth disease, respiratory virus detection and febrile seizures in children in tropical Singapore: a time-series analysis. HFMD
34  2018 The genetics and molecular biology of fever-associated seizures or epilepsy. DS, FASE, GEFSP, SV
35  2018 The Influence of Vaccine on Febrile Seizure. ---
36  2018 The role of Mean Platelet Volume/platelet count Ratio and Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio on the risk of Febrile Seizure. AP, AUC, CFS, MPR, MPV, NLR, PLT, RDW, RERI, ROC, SFS
37  2018 Trend of subsequent epilepsy in children with recurrent febrile seizures: A retrospective matched cohort study. ---
38  2018 Vagal TRPV1 activation exacerbates thermal hyperpnea and increases susceptibility to experimental febrile seizures in immature rats. EFS, TRPV1
39  2018 Visualizing Endogenous Sulfur Dioxide Derivatives in Febrile-Seizure-Induced Hippocampal Damage by a Two-Photon Energy Transfer Cassette. ---
40  2018 [Vaccination, febrile seizures and epilepsy]. ---
41  2017 Age at first febrile seizure correlates with perinatal maternal emotional symptoms. ---
42  2017 Age of onset of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis: the effect of apolipoprotein E and febrile seizures. APOE, MTLE-HS
43  2017 Altered functional efficacy of hippocampal interneuron during epileptogenesis following febrile seizures. CR, fEPSP, LFP, PS
44  2017 Assessing recording delays in general practice records to inform near real-time vaccine safety surveillance using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). BP, CPRD, GBS, NRTVSS, ON
45  2017 Association of a novel GABRG2 splicing variation and a PTGS2/COX-2 single nucleotide polymorphism with Taiwanese febrile seizures. GABA-A, IL-6R, NGS, OR, PTGER3, SNPs
46  2017 Association of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of the Genes Encoding IL-2 and IFN-gamma With Febrile Seizure. ---
47  2017 Circadian Rhythm and the Seasonal Variation in Childhood Febrile Seizure. ---
48  2017 Cytokine Polymorphism and HLA Genotyping in Patients with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Related to Hippocampal Sclerosis. HLA, HS, MTLE, PCR
49  2017 Decreased Methylation Level of H3K27me3 Increases Seizure Susceptibility. ChIP, DPP4, EZH2, HP
50  2017 DPP4 regulates the inflammatory response in a rat model of febrile seizures. TLE
51  2017 Electroencephalographic and biochemical long-lasting abnormalities in animal model of febrile seizure. EEG
52  2017 Epidemiology and diagnostic and therapeutic management of febrile seizures in the Italian pediatric emergency departments: A prospective observational study. CFS, EDs
53  2017 Genetic regulation of gene expression in the epileptic human hippocampus. eQTL
54  2017 Heat induced temperature dysregulation and seizures in Dravet Syndrome/GEFS+ Gabrg2+/Q390X mice. GTCSs, Q390X
55  2017 High mobility group box 1 enhances hyperthermia-induced seizures and secondary epilepsy associated with prolonged hyperthermia-induced seizures in developing rats. EEG, HMGB1, HS, pHS
56  2017 Interleukin-1beta and interleukin-1receptor antagonist polymorphisms in Egyptian children with febrile seizures: A case-control study. CI, ELISA, IL-1beta, IL-1ra, OR, PCR-RFLP, SNPs
57  2017 Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with childhood febrile seizure. MTS-TLE
58  2017 National trend survey of hospitalized patients with febrile seizure in the United States. ---
59  2017 Prenatal stress potentiates febrile seizure and leads to long-lasting increase in cortisol blood levels in children under 2years old. PSS
60  2017 Relationship between iron deficiency anemia and febrile seizures in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, IDA, MCV, OR
61  2017 The risk of subsequent epilepsy in children with febrile seizure after 5 years of age. EEGs, MRI
62  2017 The semiology of febrile seizures: Focal features are frequent. ---
63  2017 [Evaluating a child after a febrile seizure: Insights on three important issues]. ---
64  2017 [Study on mosaicism of SCN1A gene mutation in parents of children with Dravet syndrome]. ddPCR, DS, PGM
65  2016 Confounding effect of EEG implantation surgery: Inadequacy of surgical control in a two hit model of temporal lobe epilepsy. GFP, KA-SZ
66  2016 Contribution of GABRG2 Polymorphisms to Risk of Epilepsy and Febrile Seizure: a Multicenter Cohort Study and Meta-analysis. GABA-A, SE
67  2016 Distinguishing Acute Encephalopathy with Biphasic Seizures and Late Reduced Diffusion from Prolonged Febrile Seizures by Acute Phase EEG Spectrum Analysis. EEG, ES, MERS
68  2016 Effect of magnesium sulfate on hyperthermia and pentylen-tetrazol-induced seizure in developing rats. HT, i.p, MHP, PTZ, SHP
69  2016 Evaluation of Risk Factors Associated with First Episode Febrile Seizure. MCH, RBC, RDW, URI
70  2016 Experimental febrile seizures increase dendritic complexity of newborn dentate granule cells. DG, DGCs, EGFP, NT
71  2016 Experimental febrile seizures induce age-dependent structural plasticity and improve memory in mice. DGCs, HT, LMTs
72  2016 Febrile Seizure Risk After Vaccination in Children 6 to 23 Months. CI, DTaP, IRR, PCV
73  2016 Identification of a Premature Termination Mutation in the Proline-Rich Transmembrane Protein 2 Gene in a Chinese Family with Febrile Seizures. PRRT2
74  2016 Long-term metabolic alterations in a febrile seizure model. CPT-1, HP, PEPCK, PPARalpha, WT
75  2016 Mapping of a FEB3 homologous febrile seizure locus on mouse chromosome 2 containing candidate genes Scn1a and Scn3a. CSS, CSS2, eFS
76  2016 Postnatal Steroids and Febrile Seizure Susceptibility in Preterm Children. ---
77  2016 Prevalence of Febrile Seizures, Epilepsy, and Other Paroxysmal Attacks in a Swedish Cohort of 4-Year-Old Children. ---
78  2016 Reduced AKT phosphorylation contributes to endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated hippocampal neuronal apoptosis in rat recurrent febrile seizure. CHOP, ERS, GRP78, SD, TRIB3, TUNEL
79  2016 Risk factors for subsequent febrile seizures in the FEBSTAT study. FSE, HR, MRI, SFS
80  2016 Serum and CSF adiponectin, leptin, and interleukin 6 levels as adipocytokines in Egyptian children with febrile seizures: a cross-sectional study. CFS, CSF, ELISA, HC, IL-6, SFS
81  2016 SerumTrace Elements in Febrile Seizure: A Case-Control Study. ---
82  2016 The Association Between Plasma Ferritin Level and Simple Febrile Seizures in Children. ID, SFS
83  2016 The Effects of Amiloride on Seizure Activity, Cognitive Deficits and Seizure-Induced Neurogenesis in a Novel Rat Model of Febrile Seizures. ---
84  2016 The manufacturing process should remain the focus for severe febrile reactions in children administered an Australian inactivated influenza vaccine during 2010. TIVs, WBA
85  2016 The Role of Human Coronaviruses in Children Hospitalized for Acute Bronchiolitis, Acute Gastroenteritis, and Febrile Seizures: A 2-Year Prospective Study. AB, AGE, HCoVs, NP
86  2016 Transient increase of interleukin-1beta after prolonged febrile seizures promotes adult epileptogenesis through long-lasting upregulating endocannabinoid signaling. CB1R, IL-1beta, IL-1ra
87  2016 TRPV1 deletion exacerbates hyperthermic seizures in an age-dependent manner in mice. TRPV1
88  2016 Urinary kidney injury molecules in children with febrile seizures. Cr, eGFR, L-FABP, NAG, NGAL
89  2015 Association between iron deficiency and febrile seizures. TIBC
90  2015 Association of TGFB, but not IL10, single nucleotide polymorphisms with febrile seizures. SNPs
91  2015 Comparison of Serum Zinc Levels among Children with Simple Febrile Seizure and Control Group: A Systematic Review. Zn
92  2015 Cortical alterations in a model for absence epilepsy and febrile seizures: in vivo findings in mice carrying a human GABA(A)R gamma2 subunit mutation. CAE, EC, PTZ, VPM, VSDI, WC
93  2015 Diurnal and Seasonal Occurrence of Febrile Seizures. ---
94  2015 Efficacy of zinc sulfate supplement on febrile seizure recurrence prevention in children with normal serum zinc level: A randomised clinical trial. CI
95  2015 Febrile Seizures After 2010-2011 Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine. CI, DTaP, IRR, TIV
96  2015 Febrile seizures following measles and varicella vaccines in young children in Australia. ACIR, ED, MMR1, PAEDS, RI, SCCS
97  2015 Incidence of febrile seizure in patients with Down syndrome. DS
98  2015 Lipopolysaccharide potentiates hyperthermia-induced seizures. HT, LPS
99  2015 Long-term neurocognitive outcome and auditory event-related potentials after complex febrile seizures in children. AFS, FSIQ, WISC
100  2015 Loss of synaptic Zn2+ transporter function increases risk of febrile seizures. ZNT3