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Abbreviation : FTIR
Long Form : Fourier transform IR
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A novel electrochemical sensor based on ion imprinted polymer and gold nanomaterials for nitrite ion analysis in exhaled breath condensate. 2-ATP, AFM, CV, DPV, EBC, EIS, GA, IIP, NIIP, PVA, SEM-EDS
2020 Biomineralization of poly-l-lactide spongy bone scaffolds obtained by freeze-extraction method. CaP, SEM
2020 Report on a novel emerging class of highly potent benzimidazole NPS opioids: Chemical and in vitro functional characterization of isotonitazene. GC-MS, LC-QTOF-MS, MOR
2020 Synthesis and characterization of butyl acrylate-co-poly (ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate obtained by microemulsion polymerization. BA, DLS, DSC, PEGDMA, TGA
2019 Citrate-capped gold nanoparticles as a sensing probe for determination of cetyltrimethylammonium surfactant using FTIR spectroscopy and colorimetry. ---
2019 Crystal structure and pale-yellow emitting properties of K3Gd1-xDyxB6O12 solid solutions. UV-vis
2019 Denoising influence on discrete frequency classification results for quantum cascade laser based infrared microscopy. DF, MNF, PCA, QCL IR
2019 Development of coordination polyureas derived from amine terminated polyurea and metal ions having 'd5', 'd7', 'd8' and 'd10' orbitals: From synthesis to applications. ATPUa, CPa, ED, TDI, XRD
2019 Differential ATR FTIR spectroscopy of membrane fouling: Contributions of the substrate/fouling films and correlations with transmembrane pressure. ATR, PES, TMP
10  2019 Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction for Infrared Microspectroscopy of Heterogeneous Samples with Cylindrical Domains. EMSC, IR
11  2019 Genetic parameters of milk fatty acid profile in sheep: comparison between gas chromatographic measurements and Fourier-transform IR spectroscopy predictions. FA, FAGC
12  2019 Infrared Polariscopy Imaging of Linear Polymeric Patterns with a Focal Plane Array. FPA, IR
13  2019 Mesoporous electromagnetic composite particles: Electric current responsive release of biologically active molecules and antibacterial properties. AL, PANI, pAP, TG, TR, XPS
14  2019 Synthesis, crystal structures and characterizations of three new copper(II) complexes including anti-inflammatory diclofenac. DTA, EPR, TG
15  2018 Bio-synthesis of Barleria gibsoni leaf extract mediated zinc oxide nanoparticles and their formulation gel for wound therapy in nursing care of infants and children. B. gibsoni, DLS, nano-ZnO, PL, TEM, TG-DTA, UV-DRS, X-RD
16  2018 Effect of cabergoline alginate nanocomposite on the transgenic Drosophila melanogaster model of Parkinson's disease. CANC, GST, PD, TEM
17  2018 Mixotrophic and heterotrophic production of lipids and carbohydrates by a locally isolated microalga using wastewater as a growth medium. MCR-ALS
18  2018 Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled inorganic-organic hybrid arsenotungstates. POMs, PXRD, SCXRD, TGA
19  2017 An amperometric H2O2 biosensor based on hemoglobin nanoparticles immobilized on to a gold electrode. AuE, CV, CV, EIS, Hb, NPs, PB, SEM, TEM
20  2017 Application of FTIR spectroscopy for traumatic axonal injury: a possible tool for estimating injury interval. CC, HCA, PLS, TAI, TBI
21  2017 Development of Novel Photoinitiators as Substitutes of Camphorquinone for the LED Induced Polymerization of Methacrylates: A Bis-Silyl Ketone. BSK, ESR
22  2017 Dielectric Sphere Clusters as a Model to Understand Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging Data Recorded from Complex Samples. IR, PMMA
23  2017 Growth, crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface, optical, piezoelectric, dielectric and mechanical properties of bis(L-asparaginium hydrogensquarate) single crystal. BASQ, SCXRD
24  2017 New synthesis of poly ortho-methoxyaniline nanostructures and its application to construct modified multi-wall carbon nanotube/graphite paste electrode for simultaneous determination of uric acid and folic acid. CV, FA, LSV, POMANS, TEM, UA
25  2017 Photochemistry of coronene in cosmic water ice analogs at different concentrations. UV
26  2016 Vasorelaxation Study and Tri-Step Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Malaysian Local Herbs. IR, SD-IR
27  2015 Extracting Infrared Spectra of Protein Secondary Structures Using a Library of Protein Spectra and the Ramachandran Plot. IR
28  2015 Measurements of metal alkylamide density during atomic layer deposition using a mid-infrared light-emitting diode (LED) source. ALD, DMA, LED, NDIR, TDMAT
29  2015 Obtaining information about protein secondary structures in aqueous solution using Fourier transform IR spectroscopy. ---
30  2015 Structure determination and modeling of monoclinic trioctylphosphine oxide. TOPO
31  2015 Synthesis, characterization and applications of N-quaternized chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels. GA, NQC, PVA, SBF, SEM, TGA, XRD
32  2015 Vibrational spectroscopic image analysis of biological material using multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (MCR-ALS). GUI, MCR-ALS, PCA
33  2014 Biomimetic nanocomposites of carboxymethyl cellulose-hydroxyapatite: novel three dimensional load bearing bone grafts. AFM, BMSC, CMC, SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD
34  2014 New advances in the use of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the characterization of heterogeneous catalytic reactions. DRIFTS, RAIRS, TIR, UHV
35  2014 Supramolecular structures and physicochemical properties of norfloxacin salts. DSC, DVS, HSM, PXRD, TGA
36  2013 Ag nanoparticles and vancomycin comodified layered double hydroxides for simultaneous capture and disinfection of bacteria. E. coli, EDS, HRTEM, S. aureus
37  2013 Chemically stable multilayered covalent organic nanosheets from covalent organic frameworks via mechanical delamination. COFs, CONs, PXRD
38  2013 Hydroxyapatite hierarchically nanostructured porous hollow microspheres: rapid, sustainable microwave-hydrothermal synthesis by using creatine phosphate as an organic phosphorus source and application in drug delivery and protein adsorption. BET, DLS, HAP, Hb, TGA, XRD
39  2013 Nano-hydroxyapatite surfaces grafted with electroactive aniline tetramers for bone-tissue engineering. AT, HA, SEM, TGA, XPS
40  2013 Positively charged polymeric nanoparticle reservoirs of terbinafine hydrochloride: preclinical implications for controlled drug delivery in the aqueous humor of rabbits. NPs, T HCl, XRD
41  2013 Thermoplastic polyurethanes from undecylenic acid-based soft segments: structural features and release properties. HS, SEC, TGA
42  2013 Use of FT-IR Spectra and PCA to the Bulk Characterization of Cell Wall Residues of Fruits and Vegetables Along a Fraction Process. PCA
43  2013 Vibrational analysis, electronic structure and nonlinear optical properties of levofloxacin by density functional theory. DFT, MESP, NBO
44  2012 Angular acceptance analysis of an infrared focal plane array with a built-in stationary Fourier transform spectrometer. FPA
45  2012 Controlled fabrication of flower-like nickel oxide hierarchical structures and their application in water treatment. SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD
46  2012 Isolating stem cells in the inter-follicular epidermis employing synchrotron radiation-based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and focal plane array imaging. FPA, IR, SCs
47  2012 Isolation and identification of a novel polysaccharide-peptide complex with antioxidant, anti-proliferative and hypoglycaemic activities from the abalone mushroom. RT
48  2012 Synthesis of silver nanorods using Coscinium fenestratum extracts and its cytotoxic activity against Hep-2 cell line. ---
49  2011 A biospectroscopic interrogation of fine needle aspirates points towards segregation between graded categories: an initial study towards diagnostic screening. FNAs, IR
50  2011 Chemical characterization and Ameliorating effect of polysaccharide from Chinese jujube on intestine oxidative injury by ischemia and reperfusion. I/R, IR
51  2011 Immunoregulatory and anti-HIV-1 enzyme activities of antioxidant components from lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) rhizome. IL-2, RT
52  2011 Kidney stones in a Mediterranean population from the south of Spain. AUA, CA, COD, COM, UAD
53  2011 Quantification of polyacetylenes in apiaceous plants by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with diode array detection. ---
54  2011 Structural stabilization of protein 4.1R FERM domain upon binding to apo-calmodulin: novel insights into the biological significance of the calcium-independent binding of calmodulin to protein 4.1R. ---
55  2010 A new FT-IR method combined with multivariate analysis for the classification of vinegars from different raw materials and production processes. PCA, PLS-DA, SLDA
56  2010 A new salen base 5-(phenylazo)-N-(2-amino pyridine) salicyliden Schiff base ligand: synthesis, experimental and density functional studies on its crystal structure, FTIR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectra. DFT
57  2010 Application of chemical and thermal analysis methods for studying cellulose ester plastics. DLTMA, DMA, DSC, TG
58  2010 Conformations of phenylalanine in the tripeptides AFA and GFG probed by combining MD simulations with NMR, FTIR, polarized Raman, and VCD spectroscopy. beta, MD, NMR, PPII, VCD
59  2010 Evidence for a stem-cell lineage in corneal squamous cell carcinoma using synchrotron-based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and multivariate analysis. IR, LDA, PCA, SCC, SCs, SRS, TA, TD
60  2010 High-frequency, magnetic-field-responsive drug release from magnetic nanoparticle/organic hybrid based on hyperthermic effect. AC, CD, FA, HFMF, MNPs, SAR, XPS
61  2010 Oriented gold nanoparticle-polyaniline nanorods with nanofibers of controlled density on their surface. C-AFM, NDR, PANI, SAED, SEM, TEM, XRD
62  2010 Preparation, characterization and evaluation of a biopolymeric gold nanocomposite with antimicrobial activity. AFM, MIC
63  2010 Structure analysis of water-soluble polysaccharide CPPS3 isolated from Codonopsis pilosula. ---
64  2010 Syrian hamster embryo (SHE) assay (pH 6.7) coupled with infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics towards toxicological assessment. ATR, IR, SHE
65  2010 Theory of midinfrared absorption microspectroscopy: I. Homogeneous samples. ---
66  2009 Catalytic ozonation of rhodamine B over CuO catalyst confined in multiwalled carbon nanotubes: An experimental and theoretical account. BET, CNTs, DFT, EPR, HRTEM, MD, RhB, TEM, TG, XPS, XRD
67  2009 Influence of atmospheric fluorine plasma treatment on thermal and dielectric properties of polyimide film. XPS
68  2009 Nanosecond time-resolved and steady-state infrared studies of photoinduced decomposition of TATB at ambient and elevated pressure. TATB
69  2009 Palladacycles catalyse the oxidation of critical thiols of the mitochondrial membrane proteins and lead to mitochondrial permeabilization and cytochrome c release associated with apoptosis. HTC, NEM, RLM
70  2008 Decrease of droplet size of the reverse microemulsion 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate/Triton X-100/cyclohexane by addition of water. DLS, IL, ITC, NOE
71  2008 Polysugar-stabilized Pd nanoparticles exhibiting high catalytic activities for hydrodechlorination of environmentally deleterious trichloroethylene. CMC, obs, TCE
72  2008 Time-resolved FTIR study of CO recombination with horseradish peroxidase. ---
73  2007 A vehicle emissions system using a car simulator and a geographical information system: Part 1--System description and testing. ---
74  2007 Raman microspectroscopy for non-invasive biochemical analysis of single cells. ---
75  2007 Three-dimensional cell culture of chondrocytes on modified di-phenylalanine scaffolds. TEM
76  2006 Fabrication of a phospholipid membrane-mimetic film on the luminal surface of an ePTFE vascular graft. PBS, PEM, SEM
77  2006 Immobilization of Pycnoporus sanguineus laccase on copper tetra-aminophthalocyanine-Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticle composite. FESEM
78  2006 Protein-GAG interactions: new surface-based techniques, spectroscopies and nanotechnology probes. DPI, QCM-D
79  2006 Rate coefficients for the gas-phase reaction of OH radicals with dimethyl sulfide: temperature and O2 partial pressure dependence. ---
80  2006 Redox infrared markers of the heme and axial ligands in microperoxidase: Bases for the analysis of c-type cytochromes. MP8, red
81  2006 Study on the binding of Arsenazo-TB to human serum albumin by Rayleigh light scattering technique and FT-IR. HSA, RLS
82  2005 Condensed DNA in lipid microcompartments. CD, psi
83  2005 Effects of bacterial adhesion with respect to the type of material, structure and design of intraocular lenses. SEM
84  2005 pH-Responsive shrinkage/swelling of a supramolecular hydrogel composed of two small amphiphilic molecules. CLSM, TEM, SEM, XRD
85  2005 The in situ observation of the temperature and pressure stability of recombinant Aspergillus aculeatus pectin methylesterase with Fourier transform IR spectroscopy reveals an unusual pressure stability of beta-helices. PME
86  2004 Abnormal IR effects of Pt nanostructured surfaces upon CO chemisorption due to interaction and electron-hole damping. AIREs, Pt
87  2004 Freeze-drying of proteins: some emerging concerns. ---
88  2004 Measured infrared optical cross sections for a variety of chemical and biological aerosol simulants. ---
89  2004 Spectroscopic studies of autofluorescence substances existing in human tissue: influences of lactic acid and porphyrins. AF
90  2004 Two-dimensional IR correlation spectroscopy of mutants of the beta-glycosidase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus identifies the mechanism of quaternary structure stabilization and unravels the sequence of thermal unfolding events. ---
91  2004 [Spectral studies of nanosized LnVO4:Eu (Ln = La, Gd, Y)]. UV, XRD
92  2003 Fourier transform IR spectroscopy study for new insights into molecular properties and activation mechanisms of visual pigment rhodopsin. ---
93  2003 Pressure- and temperature-induced unfolding and aggregation of recombinant human interferon-gamma: a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy study. rhIFN-gamma
94  2003 Time-resolved, light scattering measurements of cartilage and cornea denaturation due to free electron laser radiation. ATR, FEL, IR
95  2002 Changes in protein conformation and dynamics upon complex formation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and its receptor: investigation by isotope-edited Fourier transform IR spectroscopy. BDNF
96  2002 Effects of Er:YAG laser irradiation on human dentin: polarizing microscopic, light microscopic and microradiographic observations, and FT-IR analysis. ---
97  2002 Fiber-optical and microscopic detection of malignant tissue by use of infrared spectrometry. IR
98  2002 Spatially resolved IR microspectroscopy of single cells. ---
99  2002 The two histidine axial ligands of the primary electron donor chlorophylls (P700) in photosystem I are similarly perturbed upon P700+ formation. Chl, IR, PSI
100  2000 Pharmacologic application of fourier transform IR spectroscopy: in vivo toxicity of carbon tetrachloride on rat liver. ---