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Abbreviation : FasL
Long Form : Fas ligand
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Alpha-Lipoic Acid Attenuates Cadmium- and Lead-Induced Neurotoxicity by Inhibiting Both Endoplasmic-Reticulum Stress and Activation of Fas/FasL and Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pathways in Rat Cerebral Cortex. alpha-LA, Cd, ER
2021 Assessment of Placental Extracellular Vesicles-Associated Fas Ligand and TNF-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand in Pregnancies Complicated by Early and Late Onset Preeclampsia. EV, PE, TRAIL
2021 Association of Plasma Levels of Fas Ligand with Severity and Outcome of Sepsis. RIPK3
2021 Characterization and Activation of Fas Ligand-Producing Mouse B Cells and Their Killer Exosomes. Th
2021 Complement Factor C5a Inhibits Apoptosis of Neutrophils-A Mechanism in Polytrauma? C5aR1, FasR
2021 Components of apoptotic pathways modulate HIV-1 latency in Jurkat cells. HIV-1
2021 Cord blood soluble Fas ligand linked to allergic rhinitis and lung function in seven-year-old children. FeNO, OR
2021 Descriptive and functional characterization of epidermal growth factor‑like domain 8 in mouse cortical thymic epithelial cells by integrated analysis of gene expression signatures and networks. Angptl1, CCL20, CD74, CDK1, cTECs, CXCL5, EGFL8, IRF7, NRP-1, TECs, THBS1
2021 Discovery and Mechanistic Characterization of a Select Modulator of AhR-regulated Transcription (SMAhRT) with Anti-cancer Effects. AhR, SMAhRT, SMAhRTs
10  2021 Down-regulation of PR/SET domain 10 underlies natural killer cell dysfunction in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, IFN, NK, NKG2D, PRDM10, TIGIT, TNF
11  2021 Elevated Foxo3a and Fas-ligand expression in human periapical granulomas as a potential treatment target. IL
12  2021 Expression of proapoptotic receptors Fas/Fas-L on sperm cells and levels of their soluble forms in seminal fluid from patients with varicocele. ELISA, sFas, sFasL
13  2021 Expression profiling of genes in rheumatoid fibroblast-like synoviocytes regulated by Fas ligand via cDNA microarray analysis. RA, RA-FLS
14  2021 Fas/FasL mediates NF-κBp65/PUMA-modulated hepatocytes apoptosis via autophagy to drive liver fibrosis. HSCs, PUMA, PUMA-KO
15  2021 Fas/FasL of pacific cod mediated apoptosis. dph, EPC, NNV, PcFADD, PcFas
16  2021 FasL Is Required for Osseous Healing in Extraction Sockets in Mice. BV/TV, KO, TNF, WT
17  2021 FasL regulatory B-cells during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and TB disease. Mtb, TB
18  2021 High Glucose Enhances Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte-Mediated Cytotoxicity. CTLs, LG
19  2021 Impact of FasL Stimulation on Sclerostin Expression and Osteogenic Profile in IDG-SW3 Osteocytes. ---
20  2021 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Cell Apoptotic Pathways in Patients with HTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy/Tropical Spastic Paraparesis: A Systematic Review. FADD, TRAIL
21  2021 LncRNA LINC00324 is upregulated in intervertebral disk degeneration and upregulates FasL in nucleus pulposus cells. IDD, NP
22  2021 Lysionotin induces apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via caspase-3 mediated mitochondrial pathway. MMP, ROS
23  2021 Natural Killer T Cells in Various Mouse Models of Hepatitis. NKT
24  2021 NF-κB regulation in maternal immunity during normal and IUGR pregnancies. IUGR, NF-kappaB p65
25  2021 PI3K/AKT activation attenuates acute kidney injury following liver transplantation by inducing FoxO3a nuclear export and deacetylation. AKI, AOLT, Bim, SIRT1
26  2021 Pivotal Role of Signal-Transducing Adaptor Protein-2 in Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Hepatitis. Con A, IFN-gamma, KO, STAP-2, WT
27  2021 Preventive cancer vaccination with P5 HER-2/neo-derived peptide-pulsed peripheral blood mononuclear cells in a mouse model of breast cancer. DCs, FOXP3, PBMCs
28  2021 Protective immune response against P32 oncogenic peptide-pulsed PBMCs in mouse models of breast cancer. FOXP3, IFN-gamma
29  2021 T cell-depleting nanoparticles ameliorate bone loss by reducing activated T cells and regulating the Treg/Th17 balance. ApoEVs, BMMSCs, MCP-1, TDNs
30  2021 The FasLane to ocular pathology-metalloproteinase cleavage of membrane-bound FasL determines FasL function. mFasL, sFasL
31  2021 TIPE Regulates DcR3 Expression and Function by Activating the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway in CRC. CRC, DcR3, LPS, TIPE
32  2021 Upregulation of miR‑128 inhibits neuronal cell apoptosis following spinal cord injury via FasL downregulation by repressing ULK1. BBB, miR, SCI, ULK1
33  2020 Adrenomedullin and truncated peptide adrenomedullin(22-52) affect chondrocyte response to apoptotis in vitro: downregulation of FAS protects chondrocyte from cell death. AM, BACs, CLR, HIF-1alpha, RAMP
34  2020 Analysis of Serum Markers with Regard to Treatment Procedures in Advanced Stage Prostate Cancer Patients. BPH, Cas8, Cas9, cfDNA, TNF-alpha, TRIAL
35  2020 Associations of serum soluble Fas and Fas ligand (FasL) with outcomes in systemic lupus erythematosus. HC, sFas, sFasL
36  2020 Brief ex vivo Fas-ligand incubation attenuates GvHD without compromising stem cell graft performance. APCs, GVHD, GVL, HSCT, MPBC
37  2020 Combined proinflammatory cytokine and cognate activation of invariant natural killer T cells enhances anti-DNA antibody responses. alpha-GalCer, GC, IL-18, iNKT, iNKTFH
38  2020 Effect of resveratrol treatment on apoptosis and apoptotic pathways during boar semen freezing. ATP, Bax, Bcl-2, MnSOD, mRNA, ROS, RT-PCR, TdT, TNF-alpha
39  2020 Efficient recruitment of c-FLIPL to the death-inducing signaling complex leads to Fas resistance in natural killer-cell lymphoma. AICD, c-FLIP, DISC, ENKL, FLICE, NK
40  2020 Engineered Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles: Potentials in Cancer Immunotherapy. EV, PGE2, TEX, TGF-beta, TME
41  2020 Epigenetic Mechanisms Underlying HIV-Infection Induced Susceptibility of CD4+ T Cells to Enhanced Activation-Induced FasL Expression and Cell Death. H3K4Me3, H3K9ac, H3K9Me3, PLWH
42  2020 Examination of Fas-Induced Apoptosis of Murine Thymocytes in Thymic Tissue Slices Reveals That Fas Is Dispensable for Negative Selection. ---
43  2020 Exogenous Ghrelin Could Not Ameliorate 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-induced Acute Liver Injury in The Rat: Involved Mechanisms. AST
44  2020 Fas Ligand (FasL) in Association with Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Early Stage Cervical Cancer. OR, TILs
45  2020 Fas Ligand Enhances Apoptosis of Human Lung Cancer Cells Cotreated with RIG-I-like Receptor Agonist and Radiation. IR, RIG-I
46  2020 Fas ligand neutralization attenuates hypertension, endothelin-1, and placental inflammation in an animal model of HELLP syndrome. GD, HELLP
47  2020 Fluoride resistance in fibroblasts is conferred via reduced susceptibility to oxidative stress and apoptosis. FR, ROS
48  2020 IL-17 aggravates renal injury by promoting podocyte injury in children with primary nephrotic syndrome. FSGS, MCNS, MsPGN, PNS, RT-qPCR
49  2020 Immuno-suppressive hydrogels enhance allogeneic MSC survival after transplantation in the injured brain. MSC, TBI
50  2020 Inhibition of Bcl2L12 Attenuates Eosinophilia-Related Inflammation in the Heart. Bcl2L12, EOS, Mcd, MyHCalpha
51  2020 Lactobacillus plantarum And Inulin: Therapeutic Agents to Enhance Cardiac Ob Receptor Expression and Suppress Cardiac Apoptosis in Type 2 Diabetic Rats. GPx, L. plantarum, MDA, ob-R, SOD, T2DM, TAC, TNF-alpha
52  2020 LncRNA MAGI2-AS3 is down-regulated in intervertebral disc degeneration and participates in the regulation of FasL expression in nucleus pulposus cells. IDD, NP, qRT-PCR
53  2020 Long noncoding RNA LINC00324 exerts protumorigenic effects on liver cancer stem cells by upregulating fas ligand via PU box binding protein. HCC, LCSC, lncRNAs
54  2020 MiR-7e-5p downregulation promotes transformation of low-grade follicular lymphoma to aggressive lymphoma by modulating an immunosuppressive stroma through the upregulation of FasL in M1 macrophages. ChIP, DLBCL, FL, miRNA, tFL
55  2020 Obesity-Associated Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Promote Apoptosis of Tumor-Infiltrating CD8 T Cells and Immunotherapy Resistance in Breast Cancer. G-MDSCs, TILs
56  2020 Ophiopogonin D' induces RIPK1‑dependent necroptosis in androgen‑dependent LNCaP prostate cancer cells. MLKL, PCa, RIPK1
57  2020 Ovariectomy Activates Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation Mediated by Memory T Cells, Which Promotes Osteoporosis in Mice. DCs, TMEM
58  2020 Polymyxin-Induced Cell Death of Human Macrophage-Like THP-1 and Neutrophil-Like HL-60 Cells Associated with the Activation of Apoptotic Pathways. CI
59  2020 Restoration of Mal overcomes the defects of apoptosis in lung cancer cells. LC, LPS, NC, TLR
60  2020 Resveratrol as an Enhancer of Apoptosis in Cancer: A Mechanistic Review. COX-2, NF-kappaB, PI3K
61  2020 Serum levels of soluble Fas and Fas ligand in pregnant women who smoke. sFas, sFasL
62  2020 Silencing of soluble epoxide hydrolase 2 gene reduces H2O2-induced oxidative damage in rat intestinal epithelial IEC-6 cells via activating PI3K/Akt/GSK3β signaling pathway. Bax, Bcl-2, CCK-8, EPHX2, Fas, GSK-3beta, LDH, MDA, MMP, PI3K, qRT-PCR, ROS, SOD
63  2020 TCDD attenuates EAE through induction of FasL on B cells and inhibition of IgG production. EAE, FO, MS, MZ, PBMCs, TCDD
64  2020 The cleft palate candidate gene BAG6 supports FoxO1 acetylation to promote FasL-mediated apoptosis during palate fusion. BAG6, FOXO1, MEE, WES
65  2020 The Fas/FasL Signaling Pathway: Its Role in the Metastatic Process and as a Target for Treating Osteosarcoma Lung Metastases. GCB, OS
66  2020 The role of the miR-21-5p-mediated inflammatory pathway in ulcerative colitis. ICAM-1, IL-6, LPS, miR, RT-qPCR, UC
67  2020 The therapeutic effect of Interleukin-18 on hypertrophic scar through inducing Fas ligand expression. IL-18, rhIL-18, SEI, VAS
68  2020 Therapeutic Potential of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells for Liver Regeneration. GVHD
69  2020 [Anti-tumor effect and its related mechanisms of cinobufotalin combined with cisplatin on H22 liver cancer mice]. p-Akt
70  2020 [Effects of melatonin on oxidative stress and apoptosis-related gene signaling pathways following testicular torsion in rats]. FCM, MDA, MPO, qRT-PCR, T-AOC
71  2019 Acetylsalicylic acid rescues the immunomodulation of inflamed gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells via upregulating FasL in mice. ASA, GMSCs, Th17, Treg
72  2019 Alteration in inflammatory mediators in seriously eye-injured war veterans, long-term after sulfur mustard exposure. GM-CSF, IL, MGD, SM, TNF
73  2019 Ameliorative Effect and Mechanism of the Purified Anthraquinone-Glycoside Preparation from Rheum Palmatum L. on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. cyt c, FBG, GSH-Px, MET, MID, SOD, STZ, T2DM, TC, TG
74  2019 Apoptosis and proliferation during human salivary gland development. Bcl-2, FAS, MUC1, Par-4, PHLDA1, SG, SPARC
75  2019 AT1R knockdown confers cardioprotection against sepsis-induced myocardial injury by inhibiting the MAPK signaling pathway in rats. AT1R, CK-MB, cTnI, EF, MAPK, TnT
76  2019 Autoimmune response in lung cancer patients with neurological paraneoplastic syndromes. PBMCs, PNS
77  2019 Bcells and their regulatory functions during Tuberculosis: Latency and active disease. Mtb, TB
78  2019 Boolean network modeling of beta-cell apoptosis and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus. ER, IL-6, T2DM, TNF-alpha
79  2019 CD8+ Tcells stimulated by exosomes derived from RenCa cells mediate specific immune responses through the FasL/Fas signaling pathway and, combined with GM‑CSF and IL‑12, enhance the anti‑renal cortical adenocarcinoma effect. RCC, RDE, TAAs, TEXs
80  2019 Circulating Apoptotic Signals During Acute and Chronic Exposure to High Altitude in Kyrgyz Population. ASs, CASs, HA, HAPH, PASMCs, PH
81  2019 Current Agents and Related Therapeutic Targets for Inflammation After Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury. IL, iNOS, NF, SCI, TNF
82  2019 Cytotoxic Pathways in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. allo-HCT, GVHD, GVT
83  2019 Disruption of the FasL/Fas axis protects against inflammation-derived tumorigenesis in chronic liver disease. ---
84  2019 Ear atresia: Is there a role of apoptosis-regulating miRNAs? FAS, miRNAs, PTEN, TP53
85  2019 Effects of hypoxia ischemia on caspase-3 expression and neuronal apoptosis in the brain of neonatal mice. mRNA, NHIE, RT-PCR, TUNEL
86  2019 Effects of IL-10- and FasL-overexpressing dendritic cells on liver transplantation tolerance in a heterotopic liver transplantation rat model. AST, IL, imDCs, LT, MHC-II, RAI, TBIL
87  2019 Fas ligand and nitric oxide combination to control smooth muscle growth while sparing endothelium. DES, ECs, EVAc, NO, SMC
88  2019 Fas/FasL signaling is critical for the survival of exhausted antigen-specific CD8+ T cells during tumor immune response. ---
89  2019 FasL on decidual macrophages mediates trophoblast apoptosis: A potential cause of recurrent miscarriage. RM
90  2019 Identification of a miR-146b-Fas ligand axis in the development of neutropenia in T large granular lymphocyte leukemia. T-LGLL, T-LGLs
91  2019 IL-1beta and TNFalpha Differentially Influence NF-kappaB Activity and FasL-Induced Apoptosis in Primary Murine Hepatocytes During LPS-Induced Inflammation. BMDMs
92  2019 Imbalance between CD8+CD28+ and CD8+CD28- T-cell subsets and its clinical significance in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. CTLA-4, IL, SLE, SLEDAI
93  2019 Inhibition of Tet1- and Tet2-mediated DNA demethylation promotes immunomodulation of periodontal ligament stem cells. MSCs, PDLSCs, TET
94  2019 LncRNA MEG3 inhibits trophoblast invasion and trophoblast-mediated VSMC loss in uterine spiral artery remodeling. EVTs, MEG3, TNF-alpha, TRAIL, VSMC
95  2019 MicroRNA Let-7f-1-3p attenuates smoke-induced apoptosis in bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells in vitro by targeting FOXO1. Bcl-2, FOXO1, HPAEpiC, HSAEC, miRNA, TRAIL
96  2019 Mouse CD8+NKT-like cells exert dual cytotoxicity against mouse tumor cells and myeloid-derived suppressor cells. CTLs, MDSCs, NKT, TRAIL
97  2019 Myelin-specific CD8+ T cells exacerbate brain inflammation in CNS autoimmunity. EAE, MBP, MS
98  2019 Overexpression of microRNA-204-5p alleviates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice through blockage of Fas/FasL pathway. BUN, DEGs, GEO, GSH-Px, MDA, miR-204-5p, RIRI, SCr, SOD
99  2019 Penehyclidine hydrochloride exerts protective effects in rats with acute lung injury via the Fas/FasL signaling pathway. ALI, IL, PHC, T/HS
100  2019 Placenta derived factors involved in the pathogenesis of the liver in the syndrome of haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets (HELLP): A review. ADMA, ET-1, Gal-1, HELLP, HSP70, LSEC, sEng, SOS, VEGFR