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Abbreviation : Fgfs
Long Form : Fibroblast growth factors
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Role of FGF10/FGFR2b Signaling in Mouse Digestive Tract Development, Repair and Regeneration Following Injury. FGF10, Fgfr2b, SBR
2018 LHX2 Mediates the FGF-to-SHH Regulatory Loop during Limb Development. AER, Shh, ZPA
2016 Fgf regulates dedifferentiation during skeletal muscle regeneration in adult zebrafish. EOM, p-ERK
2016 Mechanism of FGF receptor dimerization and activation. TM
2016 Sonic hedgehog protein regulates fibroblast growth factor 8 expression in metanephric explant culture from BALB/c mice: Possible mechanisms associated with renal morphogenesis. SHH
2015 Attenuating endogenous Fgfr2b ligands during bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis does not compromise murine lung repair. Dox, DTG, PN, STG
2015 Control of hepatocyte proliferation and survival by Fgf receptors is essential for liver regeneration in mice. Fgfr
2015 Expression of Fgf23 in activated dendritic cells and macrophages in response to immunological stimuli in mice. NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha
2015 Fgf signaling controls the telencephalic distribution of Fgf-expressing progenitors generated in the rostral patterning center. RPC
10  2015 Fgf-signaling-dependent Sox9a and Atoh1a regulate otic neural development in zebrafish. SAG
11  2014 Distal expression of sprouty (spry) genes during Xenopus laevis limb development and regeneration. AER, Spry, spry
12  2014 Fgfr signaling is required as the early eye field forms to promote later patterning and morphogenesis of the eye. POM
13  2014 Fgfr1 inactivation in the mouse telencephalon results in impaired maturation of interneurons expressing parvalbumin. GE, GFP, MGE
14  2013 Angiotensin II-induced cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis are promoted in mice lacking Fgf16. ---
15  2013 Fgf3 and Fgf10a work in concert to promote maturation of the epibranchial placodes in zebrafish. EB
16  2013 Tbx2 terminates shh/fgf signaling in the developing mouse limb bud by direct repression of gremlin1. BMP, GREM1, Shh
17  2012 Spry1 and spry2 are essential for development of the temporomandibular joint. RTK, Spry, TMJ
18  2011 Expression of fibroblast growth factors (Fgfs) in murine tooth development. ---
19  2011 Role of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling in kidney development. MM, UB
20  2011 Role of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling in kidney development. Fgfrl1, MM, UB
21  2011 The physical basis of FGFR3 response to fgf1 and fgf2. FGFRs
22  2011 The role of fibroblast growth factors on the differentiation of vaginal epithelium of neonatal mice. Fgfr2IIIb, KRT14, Trp63
23  2010 Evolution of developmental regulation in the vertebrate FgfD subfamily. CNEs
24  2010 Hormone-like (endocrine) Fgfs: their evolutionary history and roles in development, metabolism, and disease. Fgfr
25  2009 Fgf receptor 3 activation promotes selective growth and expansion of occipitotemporal cortex. Fgfr3
26  2009 Fibroblast growth factor 21 regulates lipolysis in white adipose tissue but is not required for ketogenesis and triglyceride clearance in liver. KO
27  2009 Loss of connexin43-mediated gap junctional coupling in the mesenchyme of limb buds leads to altered expression of morphogens in mice. BMP2, Cx43, ODDD, Shh
28  2008 Regulated addition of new myocardial and epicardial cells fosters homeostatic cardiac growth and maintenance in adult zebrafish. ---
29  2007 Complex regulation of cyp26a1 creates a robust retinoic acid gradient in the zebrafish embryo. RA
30  2007 Expression of chick Fgf19 and mouse Fgf15 orthologs is regulated in the developing brain by Fgf8 and Shh. ZLI
31  2007 Fgf-dependent otic induction requires competence provided by Foxi1 and Dlx3b. ---
32  2007 Fgf19 expression patterns in the developing chick inner ear. ---
33  2007 Patterning the dorsal telencephalon: a role for sonic hedgehog? Gli3R, Shh
34  2007 Role of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling in kidney development. ---
35  2007 The Fgf families in humans, mice, and zebrafish: their evolutional processes and roles in development, metabolism, and disease. Fgfr
36  2006 Fgf16 is essential for pectoral fin bud formation in zebrafish. AER, SHH, ZPA
37  2006 Fgf21 is essential for haematopoiesis in zebrafish. ---
38  2006 Stomach development is dependent on fibroblast growth factor 10/fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b-mediated signaling. ---
39  2005 Comprehensive expression atlas of fibroblast growth factors and their receptors generated by a novel robotic in situ hybridization platform. ISH
40  2005 Fgf8 drives myogenic progression of a novel lateral fast muscle fibre population in zebrafish. ---
41  2005 Fibroblast growth factor signaling in tumorigenesis. ---
42  2005 Stimulation of cell motility by a viral fibroblast growth factor homolog: proposal for a role in viral pathogenesis. AcMNPV, RNA
43  2004 A crucial role for fibroblast growth factor signaling in embryonic mammary gland development. ---
44  2004 Evolution of the Fgf and Fgfr gene families. ---
45  2004 Fgf and Bmp signals repress the expression of Bapx1 in the mandibular mesenchyme and control the position of the developing jaw joint. BMPs, RAP
46  2004 Fgf signaling induces posterior neuroectoderm independently of Bmp signaling inhibition. BMPs
47  2004 fgf17b, a novel member of Fgf family, helps patterning zebrafish embryos. chd, lft1
48  2003 Fibroblast growth factors (FGFS) increase breast tumor growth rate, metastases, blood flow, and oxygenation without significant change in vascular density. ---
49  2003 The IIIb isoform of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 is required for proper growth and branching of pancreatic ductal epithelium but not for differentiation of exocrine or endocrine cells. Fgfr2b
50  2002 Fgf8 and Fgf3 are required for zebrafish ear placode induction, maintenance and inner ear patterning. ace
51  2002 Transforming growth factor-beta3 (Tgf-beta3) down-regulates Tgf-beta3 receptor type I (Tbetar-I) during rescue of cranial sutures from osseous obliteration. BMPs, Tbetar-I, Tgf-beta3, TGF-betas
52  2001 Fibroblast growth factor signalling in mouse mammary gland development. ---
53  2001 Fibroblast growth factors in regenerating limbs of Ambystoma: cloning and semi-quantitative RT-PCR expression studies. ---
54  2001 Misexpression of Fgf-4 in the chick limb inhibits myogenesis by down-regulating Frek expression. mFgf-4
55  2000 Ace/Fgf8 is required for forebrain commissure formation and patterning of the telencephalon. CNS
56  2000 Roles for Fgf signaling during zebrafish fin regeneration. FGFR1
57  1999 A subset of fibroblast growth factors (Fgfs) promote survival, but Fgf-8b specifically promotes astroglial differentiation of rat cortical precursor cells. ---