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Abbreviation : GC
Long Form : glassy carbon
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Electrochemical quantification of piperine in black pepper. ---
2020 Facile Ratiometric Electrochemical Sensor for In Vivo/Online Repetitive Measurements of Cerebral Ascorbic Acid in Brain Microdiaysate. AA, AAOx, ECD, ECSs, GO, MB, R-ECS
2020 Molecularly imprinted polymer modified glassy carbon electrodes for the electrochemical analysis of isoproturon in water. LOD, MIP, NIP
2019 Biologically friendly room temperature ionic liquids and nanomaterials for the development of innovative enzymatic biosensors: Part II. ADH, Aea, EVOO, MWCNTs, RTILs, SPE
2019 Direct Plasmon-Enhanced Electrochemistry for Enabling Ultrasensitive and Label-Free Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in Blood. AA, CTCs, DPEE, LSPR
2019 Electrocatalytic Reduction of Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Detection Using Silver Nanoparticles Anchored on Reduced Graphene Oxide. CV, LSV, rGO
2019 Electrochemical Characterization and Surface Analysis of Activated Glassy Carbon Neural Electrodes. CSC, XPS
2019 Electrochemical Detection for Uric Acid Based on beta-Lactoglobulin-Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis with PtNPs Nanocomposite. BLG, BSA, MWCNTs, PtNPs, UA, UOX
2019 Electrodeposition of MoSx Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts from Sulfur-Rich Precursors. HER
10  2019 Exfoliation of graphite rods via pulses of current for graphene synthesis: Sensitive detection of 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine. 8-OHdG
11  2019 Glassy carbon microelectrodes minimize induced voltages, mechanical vibrations, and artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging. MRI, Pt
12  2019 Hierarchically structured 3D carbon nanotube electrodes for electrocatalytic applications. CNTs, CVD
13  2019 High Yield Controlled Synthesis of Nano-Graphene Oxide by Water Electrolytic Oxidation of Glassy Carbon for Metal-Free Catalysis. NGO
14  2019 Improved performance Air bio-battery based on efficient oxygen supply with a gas/liquid highly-porous diaphragm cell. ---
15  2019 Improved Solid-Contact Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes Based on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) as an Ion-to-Electron Transducer. ISE, ISM, MWCNTs
16  2019 Influence of sulfuric acid concentration in the simultaneous voltammetric determination of uranium and plutonium in nuclear fuels. PEDOT, Pu
17  2019 Lanthanum Thin Film on Boron-Doped Diamond, Glassy Carbon and Platinum Electrodes-An Electrochemical Approach. BDD, EDS, La, Pt, SEM, TEMAMS
18  2019 Micro-Nano Carbon Structures with Platelet, Glassy and Tube-Like Morphologies. CNTs, FG, GNPs, PF, TRM
19  2019 Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Gold Nanoparticles Hybrid Electrodes for Enzyme-Free Electrochemical Glucose Sensor. MAA, MPA, MSA, MWCNTs
20  2019 Peroxide Electrochemical Sensor and Biosensor Based on Nanocomposite of TiO2 Nanoparticle/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode. CNTs, CV, DMF, fCNTs, FTIR, HRP, LD, LQ, PB, SDS, TEM, XRD
21  2019 Self-Limited Grafting of Sub-Monolayers via Diels-Alder Reaction on Glassy Carbon Electrodes: An Electrochemical Insight. ---
22  2019 Voltammetric determination of cadmium(II), lead(II) and copper(II) with a glassy carbon electrode modified with silver nanoparticles deposited on poly(1,8-diaminonaphthalene). ASV, CV, p-1,8-DAN, SWV
23  2018 3D Graphene-Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes Network Modified Electrode as Sensing Materials for the Determination of Urapidil. AFM, G-NCNTs, GO-NCNTs, PPM, SEM
24  2018 A new and simple method for the simultaneous determination of amoxicillin and nimesulide using carbon black within a dihexadecylphosphate film as electrochemical sensor. CB, DHP
25  2018 Accurate Determination of Catalyst Loading on Glassy Carbon Disk and Its Impact on Thin Film Rotating Disk Electrode for Oxygen Reduction Reaction. ORR, TF-RDE, XRF
26  2018 Amplified detection of streptomycin using aptamer-conjugated palladium nanoparticles decorated on chitosan-carbon nanotube. EDS, EIS, Rct, SEM, WDX
27  2018 Construction of Multiple Switchable Sensors and Logic Gates Based on Carboxylated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Poly(N,N-Diethylacrylamide). CV
28  2018 Direct Metal Forming of a Microdome Structure with a Glassy Carbon Mold for Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer. Al, DMF
29  2018 Electrochemical Determination of TNT, DNT, RDX, and HMX with Gold Nanoparticles/Poly(Carbazole-Aniline) Film-Modified Glassy Carbon Sensor Electrodes Imprinted for Molecular Recognition of Nitroaromatics and Nitramines. DNT, TNT
30  2018 Electrochemical sensing platform based on kelp-derived hierarchical meso-macroporous carbons. AA, DA, EP, K-dHMMCs, Tyr, UA
31  2018 Facile Synthesis of beta-Lactoglobulin-Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide and Trimetallic PtAuPd Nanocomposite for Electrochemical Sensing. BLG, rGO
32  2018 Flower-like Bi2S3 nanostructures grown on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical determination of hydrogen peroxide. ---
33  2018 Glassy Carbon Electrocorticography Electrodes on Ultra-Thin and Finger-Like Polyimide Substrate: Performance Evaluation Based on Different Electrode Diameters. ECoG, PEDOT
34  2018 Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on chitosan/2D layered double hydroxide composite for the determination of H2O2. CMC, HRP, LDH
35  2018 In Vivo Dopamine Detection and Single Unit Recordings Using Intracortical Glassy Carbon Microelectrode Arrays. DA, FSCV
36  2018 Mechanisms of Enhanced Hemoglobin Electroactivity on Carbon Electrodes upon Exposure to a Water-Miscible Primary Alcohol. Hb
37  2018 MoSx-coated NbS2 nanoflakes grown on glass carbon: an advanced electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction. CVD, DFT, HER, TMDC
38  2018 Nafion-coated cadmium pentacyanonitrosylferrate-modified glassy carbon electrode for detection of dopamine in biological samples. AA, CdPCNF, CNS, DA, LOD, NTs, UA
39  2018 Nano/Mesoporous Carbon from Rice Starch for Voltammetric Detection of Ascorbic Acid. AA
40  2018 Nanoscale electrochemical movies and synchronous topographical mapping of electrocatalytic materials. AuNCs, HER, SECCM, SEPM
41  2018 On the Preparation and Testing of Fuel Cell Catalysts Using the Thin Film Rotating Disk Electrode Method. Hupd, NPs, PEMFC, TF-RDE
42  2018 Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Poly(styrenesulfonate)-Coated Glassy-Carbon Electrode for Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Uranium and Plutonium in Fast-Breeder-Test-Reactor Fuel. FBTR, PEDOT, Pu
43  2018 Potentiodynamic formation of diaminobenzene films on an electrochemically reduced graphene oxide surface: Determination of nitrite in water samples. ERGO, p-DAB, XPS
44  2018 Sensitive detection of hydroquinone using exfoliated graphene-Au/glassy carbon modified electrode. BPA, CAT, HQ
45  2018 Synthesis and characterization of a novel electron conducting biocomposite as biofuel cell anode. FRT, GO, GOx, LbL, PPy
46  2018 Ultra-Capacitive Carbon Neural Probe Allows Simultaneous Long-Term Electrical Stimulations and High-Resolution Neurotransmitter Detection. CSC
47  2018 Ultrafast Tailoring of Carbon Surfaces via Electrochemically Attached Triazolinediones. TAD
48  2018 Variations in Surface Morphologies, Properties, and Electrochemical Responses to Nitro-Analyte by Controlled Electropolymerization of Thiophene Derivatives. CMP
49  2017 A double-mediator based whole cell electrochemical biosensor for acute biotoxicity assessment of wastewater. BND
50  2017 A selective naked-eye chemosensor derived from 2-methoxybenzylamine and 2,3-dihydroxybenzaldehyde - synthesis, spectral characterization and electrochemistry of its bis-bidentates Schiff bases metal complexes. AN, CV, DC, DMF, DMSO, MeOH, Pt, THF
51  2017 A Third Generation Glucose Biosensor Based on Cellobiose Dehydrogenase Immobilized on a Glassy Carbon Electrode Decorated with Electrodeposited Gold Nanoparticles: Characterization and Application in Human Saliva. 4-APh, 4-MBA, DET, GA
52  2017 Advantages of an Electrochemical Method Compared to the Spectrophotometric Kinetic Study of Peroxidase Inhibition by Boroxine Derivative. HRP
53  2017 Aligned cobalt-based Co@CoOx nanostructures for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation. ---
54  2017 An Amperometric Flow Injection Analysis of Dissolved Hydrogen Molecule Using Tightly Immobilized Electrodeposited Platinum Particles on Nitrogen-containing Functional Groups Introduced Glassy Carbon Electrodes. FIA, Pt-NGC
55  2017 An improved amperometric creatinine biosensor based on nanoparticles of creatininase, creatinase and sarcosine oxidase. CA, CI, CV, CV, EIS, ENPs, FTIR, LOD, NPs, SEM, SOX, TEM
56  2017 Aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor by using Au-Pt nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and acriflavine platform. ACF, Au-PtNPs, BPA, DPV
57  2017 beta-Cyclodextrin carbon nanotube-enhanced sensor for ciprofloxacin detection. beta-CD, MWCNT
58  2017 Comparison of fast electron transfer kinetics at platinum, gold, glassy carbon and diamond electrodes using Fourier-transformed AC voltammetry and scanning electrochemical microscopy. ET, FTACV, pBDD, SECM, TCNQ, TTF
59  2017 Design of titanium nitride- and wolfram carbide-doped RGO/GC electrodes for determination of gallic acid. ---
60  2017 Early Stage Anodic Instability of Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Propylene Carbonate Solvent Containing Lithium Hexafluorophosphate. AFM, CV, PC
61  2017 Effect of Carbon in Fabrication Al-SiC Nanocomposites for Tribological Application. CNTs, Gr
62  2017 Electrochemical Evaluation of trans-Resveratrol Levels in Red Wine Based on the Interaction between Resveratrol and Graphene. ERGO
63  2017 Electrochemical sensor for detection of hydrogen peroxide modified with prussian blue electrodeposition on nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur co-doped porous carbons-chitosan. CS, PB
64  2017 Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Ni–Fe Alloy Coatings Based on 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium-Hydrogen Sulfate Ionic Liquid. EDS, fcc, IL, SEM, XRD
65  2017 Electroreduction of Viologen Phenyl Diazonium Salts as a Strategy To Control Viologen Coverage on Electrodes. CV
66  2017 Fabrication of nitrogen-doped carbon dots for screening the purine metabolic disorder in human fluids. AP, N-CDs, Try, UA
67  2017 Graphene Quantum Dots Electrochemistry and Sensitive Electrocatalytic Glucose Sensor Development. GOx, GQDs
68  2017 Hierarchical Co(OH)F Superstructure Built by Low-Dimensional Substructures for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation. OER
69  2017 Highly Stable Glassy Carbon Interfaces for Long-Term Neural Stimulation and Low-Noise Recording of Brain Activity. PEDOT-PSS, Pt, SEP, SNR
70  2017 Multilayer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-dexamethasone and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-polystyrene sulfonate-carbon nanotubes coatings on glassy carbon microelectrode arrays for controlled drug release. PEDOT, PSS
71  2017 Poly arginine-graphene quantum dots as a biocompatible and non-toxic nanocomposite: Layer-by-layer electrochemical preparation, characterization and non-invasive malondialdehyde sensory application in exhaled breath condensate. CHA, CV, DPV, EBC, LLOQ, LSV, MDA, PARG-GQDs, SEM, SWV
72  2017 Probing Electrode Heterogeneity Using Fourier-Transformed Alternating Current Voltammetry: Application to a Dual-Electrode Configuration. BDD, FTACV
73  2017 Propitious Dendritic Cu2O-Pt Nanostructured Anodes for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells. CO, DFAFCs, FA, nano-Pt
74  2017 Semi-conducting single-walled carbon nanotubes are detrimental when compared to metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes for electrochemical applications. s-SWCNTs, s-SWCNTs, SWCNTs
75  2017 Sensitive electrochemical assay of alkaline phosphatase activity based on TdT-mediated hemin/G-quadruplex DNAzyme nanowires for signal amplification. AP, dsDNA, TdT, Thi
76  2017 Sonochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles anchored reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for selective and sensitive detection of glutathione. AA, AFM, DA, FT-IR, TEM, UA, XPS, XRD
77  2017 Stabilizer-free silver nanoparticles as efficient catalysts for electrochemical reduction of oxygen. ORR
78  2017 Synthesis of Pb nanowires-Au nanoparticles nanostructure decorated with reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical sensing. TEM, XRD
79  2017 Validated electrochemical and chromatographic quantifications of some antibiotic residues in pharmaceutical industrial waste water. AMX, CPLX, HPLC, ISEs, NFLX, PVC, SPE, TLC, TMP
80  2017 Voltammetric and spectroscopic study of ferrocene and hexacyanoferrate and the suitability of their redox couples as internal standards in ionic liquids. Pt
81  2017 [High sensitive non-derivative determination of cyclovirobuxin D by high-performance liquid chromatography-electrochemical determination]. BDD, CVB-D, HPLC-ECD, MS, RSD, UV
82  2016 2D Hexagonal Boron Nitride (2D-hBN) Explored for the Electrochemical Sensing of Dopamine. 2D-hBN, AA, BDD, DA, SPEs, UA
83  2016 2D molybdenum disulphide (2D-MoS2) modified electrodes explored towards the oxygen reduction reaction. BDD, EPPG, HER, ORR, SPE
84  2016 A highly sensitive electrochemical biosensor for catechol using conducting polymer reduced graphene oxide-metal oxide enzyme modified electrode. DPV, Ea, GO
85  2016 A novel and label-free biosensors for uracil-DNA glycosylase activity based on the electrochemical oxidation of guanine bases at the graphene modified electrode. UDG
86  2016 A novel impedimetric aptasensor, based on functionalized carbon nanotubes and prussian blue as labels. BPA, PB
87  2016 Au nanoparticles/poly(caffeic acid) composite modified glassy carbon electrode for voltammetric determination of acetaminophen. AP
88  2016 Bifunctional impedimetric sensors based on azodicarboxamide supported on modified graphene nanosheets. ACA, CV, EIS, SEM
89  2016 Carbon dots-decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites as a high-performance electrochemical sensor for detection of H2O2 in living cells. CDs, MWCNTs
90  2016 Design and characterization of electrochemical dopamine-aptamer as convenient and integrated sensing platform. Au-PtNPs, DA, MB
91  2016 Electrocatalysis by Mass-Selected Ptn Clusters. ITO, UHV
92  2016 Electrochemical detection of nanomolar dopamine in the presence of neurophysiological concentration of ascorbic acid and uric acid using charge-coated carbon nanotubes via facile and green preparation. AA, CA, CV, DA, DPV, LOD, MWCNTs, PEI, UA
93  2016 Electrografting of thionine diazonium cation onto the graphene edges and decorating with Au nano-dendrites or glucose oxidase: Characterization and electrocatalytic applications. GNs, GOx, LOD, TH
94  2016 Enhanced chemiluminescence-based detection on gold substrate after electrografting of diazonium precursor-coated gold nanoparticles. ITO
95  2016 Evaluation of a nitrogen-incorporated tetrahedral amorphous carbon thin film for the detection of tryptophan and tyrosine using flow injection analysis with amperometric detection. BDD
96  2016 Facile fabrication of Pt-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide for highly sensitive non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensing. EDX, FT-IR, TEM, XRD
97  2016 Ionic liquid based polymeric liposomes: A stable and biocompatible soft platform for bioelectrochemistry. HRP
98  2016 Nano-assemblies consisting of Pd/Pt nanodendrites and poly (diallyldimethylammonium chloride)-coated reduced graphene oxide on glassy carbon electrode for hydrogen peroxide sensors. Pd, Pt, rGO
99  2016 Nanoshaping field emitters from glassy carbon sheets: a new functionality induced by H-plasma etching. FE
100  2016 Real-time direct electrochemical sensing of ascorbic acid over rat liver tissues using RuO2 nanowires on electrospun TiO2 nanofibers. AA, AP, DA, UA