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Abbreviation : GC
Long Form : guanylate cyclase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Constitutive Activation of Guanylate Cyclase by the G86R GCAP1 Variant Is Due to "Locking" Cation-pi Interactions that Impair the Activator-to-Inhibitor Structural Transition. GCAP1
2020 Stabilization of Perivascular Mast Cells by Endothelial CNP (C-Type Natriuretic Peptide). CNP, MCs, VASP
2019 Acetaldehyde Induces an Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation of Superior Mesenteric Artery: Potential Role in Postprandial Hyperemia. AA, ALDH, EtOH, NOS, PE, SMA
2019 BAY 41-2272 inhibits human neutrophil functions. sGC
2019 Evidence that dopamine is involved in neuroendocrine regulation, gill intracellular signaling pathways and ion regulation in Litopenaeus vannamei. ACTH, cAMP, cGMP, CHH, CREB, CRH, DA, DAG, NKA, PKA, PKC, PKG, VAMP
2019 Formaldehyde Induces Mesenteric Artery Relaxation via a Sensitive Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin-1 (TRPA1) and Endothelium-Dependent Mechanism: Potential Role in Postprandial Hyperemia. FA, L-NAME, PE, SMA, TRPA1
2019 Incorporating phototransduction proteins in zebrafish green cone with pressure-polished patch pipettes. ---
2019 Low guanylyl cyclase activity in Weddell seals: implications for peripheral vasoconstriction and perfusion of the brain during diving. NO
2019 Molecular basis for GTP recognition by light-activated guanylate cyclase RhGC. AC, cGMP, NCs, RhGC
10  2019 Multiplicity of Nitric Oxide and Natriuretic Peptide Signalling in Heart Failure. cGMP, HF, NO, NP, PDEs
11  2019 NMDAR and JNK Activation in the Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus Caudalis Contributes to Masseter Hyperalgesia Induced by Stress. JNK, NMDARs, nNOS
12  2019 Phosphatidic acid governs natural egress in Toxoplasma gondii via a guanylate cyclase receptor platform. ---
13  2019 The virtually mature B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP1-32) is a precursor for the more effective BNP1-30. ---
14  2019 Vanillic acid in Panax ginseng root extract inhibits melanogenesis in B16F10 cells via inhibition of the NO/PKG signaling pathway. CREB, GRE, MITF, NO, PKG
15  2018 A novel p.(Glu111Val) missense mutation in GUCA1A associated with cone-rod dystrophy leads to impaired calcium sensing and perturbed second messenger homeostasis in photoreceptors. cGMP, GCAP1, WT
16  2018 Adenylate Cyclases of Trypanosoma brucei, Environmental Sensors and Controllers of Host Innate Immune Response. AC, CARPs, PKA
17  2018 Bisphenol A decreases the spontaneous contractions of rat uterus in vitro through a nitrergic mechanism. BPA, L-NAME, NO
18  2018 Essential cGMP Signaling in Toxoplasma Is Initiated by a Hybrid P-Type ATPase-Guanylate Cyclase. ---
19  2018 GCPred: a web tool for guanylyl cyclase functional centre prediction from amino acid sequence. GCCs
20  2018 Guanylyl cyclase-G is an alarm pheromone receptor in mice. APs, GG, SBT
21  2018 Intramolecular crosstalk between catalytic activities of receptor kinases. ---
22  2018 Phosphodiesterase 2 inhibition preferentially promotes NO/guanylyl cyclase/cGMP signaling to reverse the development of heart failure. cGMP, HF, NO, PDE
23  2018 Relaxin influences ileal muscular activity through a dual signaling pathway in mice. 9CPA, AC, RLX, SMC
24  2018 Timolol effects on erythrocyte deformability and nitric oxide metabolism. AC, ACh, AChE, ED, NO, PTP, RBCs
25  2017 A Glutamate-Substituted Mutant Mimics the Phosphorylated and Active Form of Guanylyl Cyclase-A. NPs, Vmax, WT
26  2017 Dysregulation of Cerebellar Adrenomedullin Signaling During Hypertension. AC, AM, AM1, Ang II, cAMP, CAT, cGMP, CGRP1, ERK, GPx, NO, ROS, SHR, SOD, WKY
27  2017 Neurotoxicity of cGMP in the vertebrate retina: from the initial research on rd mutant mice to zebrafish genetic approaches. PDE6, RD
28  2017 Nitric Oxide Regulates Skeletal Muscle Fatigue, Fiber Type, Microtubule Organization, and Mitochondrial ATP Synthesis Efficiency Through cGMP-Dependent Mechanisms. ATP, NO-cGMP
29  2017 Retinal Degeneration Protein 3 (RD3) in normal human tissues: Novel insights. RD3
30  2017 Sensitivity to Sevoflurane anesthesia is decreased in mice with a congenital deletion of Guanylyl Cyclase-1 alpha. cGMP, NO, WT
31  2017 The Ability of Nitric Oxide to Lower Intraocular Pressure Is Dependent on Guanylyl Cyclase. AqH, IOP, NO, ppm
32  2016 Advances in pharmacotherapy for erectile dysfunction and associated cardiac impact. CVD, ED, PDE5Is
33  2016 Allosteric communication pathways routed by Ca2+/Mg2+ exchange in GCAP1 selectively switch target regulation modes. ---
34  2016 An emerging role of cGMP in the treatment of schizophrenia: A review. cGMP, NMDAR, NO, PDE
35  2016 Angiotensin II-Induced Hypertension Is Attenuated by Reduction of Sympathetic Output in NO-Sensitive Guanylyl Cyclase 1 Knockout Mice. Ang II, KO, NE, NO, NO-GC1, WT
36  2016 C-type natriuretic peptide ameliorates pulmonary fibrosis by acting on lung fibroblasts in mice. BLM, CNP, IL
37  2016 cGMP/cGMP-dependent protein kinase pathway modulates nicotine-induced currents through the activation of alpha-bungarotoxin-insensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors from insect neurosecretory cells. AC, cAMP, cGMP, nAChR, PKA
38  2016 CHHBP: a newly identified receptor of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone. CHH, CHHBP
39  2016 Constitutive cyclic GMP accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana compromises systemic acquired resistance induced by an avirulent pathogen by modulating local signals. ---
40  2016 Differential expression and regulation of anti-hypertrophic genes Npr1 and Npr2 during beta-adrenergic receptor activation-induced hypertrophic growth in rats. beta-AR, ISO, LV, LVH
41  2016 Electrophysiological effects of natriuretic peptides in the heart are mediated by multiple receptor subtypes. AC, ANP, BNP, CNP, DNP, Gi, NPs, PDE2, PDE3, PKG
42  2016 Importance of Endogenous Atrial and Brain Natriuretic Peptides in Murine Embryonic Vascular and Organ Development. ANP, BNP, HF
43  2016 Mechanisms Underlying Activation of alpha₁-Adrenergic Receptor-Induced Trafficking of AQP5 in Rat Parotid Acinar Cells under Isotonic or Hypotonic Conditions. APM, AQP5, AR, cGMP, LPM, NO, PK
44  2015 7-NI and ODQ Disturbs Memory in the Elevated Plus Maze, Morris Water Maze, and Radial Arm Maze Tests in Mice. 7-NI, mEPM, MWM, NO, NOS, RAM
45  2015 Angiotensin II down-regulates natriuretic peptide receptor-A expression and guanylyl cyclase activity in H9c2 (2-1) cardiac myoblast cells: Role of ROS and NF-kappaB. Ang II, ANP, NAC, NPR-A, PDTC, ROS
46  2015 Chronic fluoxetine treatment increases NO bioavailability and calcium-sensitive potassium channels activation in rat mesenteric resistance arteries. KCa, NO, SSRI
47  2015 FABP4 is secreted from adipocytes by adenyl cyclase-PKA- and guanylyl cyclase-PKG-dependent lipolytic mechanisms. AC, FABP4, OGTT, PKG
48  2015 Inhibition of Heat-Stable Toxin-Induced Intestinal Salt and Water Secretion by a Novel Class of Guanylyl Cyclase C Inhibitors. cGMP
49  2015 Methylene blue treatment for cytokine release syndrome-associated vasoplegia following a renal transplant with rATG infusion: A case report and literature review. CRS, iNOS, MB, NE, rATG, SIRS, VP, VS
50  2015 Molecular mechanisms underlying oxytocin-induced cardiomyocyte protection from simulated ischemia-reperfusion. IR, OT, OTR, ROS
51  2015 Nicorandil directly and cyclic GMP-dependently opens K+ channels in human bypass grafts. HIMA, HSV, KATP, KV
52  2015 Platelet-derived HMGB1 is a critical mediator of thrombosis. cGKI, HMGB1
53  2015 Protective effects of C-type natriuretic peptide on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in mice. CNP
54  2015 Two retinal dystrophy-associated missense mutations in GUCA1A with distinct molecular properties result in a similar aberrant regulation of the retinal guanylate cyclase. ---
56  2014 Adenosine prevents TNFalpha-induced decrease in endothelial mitochondrial mass via activation of eNOS-PGC-1alpha regulatory axis. cGMP, eNOS, NO
57  2014 Atrial natriuretic peptide locally counteracts the deleterious effects of cardiomyocyte mineralocorticoid receptor activation. ANP, MR
58  2014 Calcium is the switch in the moonlighting dual function of the ligand-activated receptor kinase phytosulfokine receptor 1. PSKR1
59  2014 Comparison of moonlighting guanylate cyclases: roles in signal direction? IRAK3, PSKR1
60  2014 Effects of 7-NI and ODQ on memory in the passive avoidance, novel object recognition, and social transmission of food preference tests in mice. 7-NI, NO, NOR, NOS, PA, STFP
61  2014 Multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4/ABCC4) regulates thrombus formation in vitro and in vivo. AC, LTD4, MRP4
62  2014 Mutational analysis gives insight into substrate preferences of a nucleotidyl cyclase from Mycobacterium avium. AC
63  2013 A human skeletal overgrowth mutation increases maximal velocity and blocks desensitization of guanylyl cyclase-B. CNP, WT
64  2013 Atrial natriuretic peptide genetic variant rs5065 and risk for cardiovascular disease in the general community: a 9-year follow-up study. ANP, RFUs
65  2013 Central and peripheral antinociceptive effects of ellagic acid in different animal models of pain. EA, NO
66  2013 Cyclic guanosine monophosphate and the dependent protein kinase regulate lymphatic contractility in rat thoracic duct. cGMP, NO, TD
67  2013 Natriuretic peptides in developing medaka embryos: implications in cardiac development by loss-of-function studies. ANP, BNP, CNP3, NPs, OLGC
68  2013 Portal pressure regulation following Kupffer cell activation: control of prostaglandin production by heme oxygenases. CO, HO, KC, L-NAME, NO, PP
69  2013 Role of nitric oxide and cGMP in the modulation of vascular contraction induced by angiotensin II and Bay K8644 during ischemia/reperfusion. Ang II, I/R, NO, SNP
70  2013 Ropivacaine-induced contraction is attenuated by both endothelial nitric oxide and voltage-dependent potassium channels in isolated rat aortae. 4-AP, eNOS, NOS, TEA
71  2013 The role of heat shock protein 70 in the protective effect of YC-1 on beta-amyloid-induced toxicity in differentiated PC12 cells. AD, HSP70
72  2013 [Functional activity of adenylyl and guanylyl cyclases in human spermatozoa with different motility]. AC, cAC, mAC
73  2013 [Regulatory properties of adenylyl and guanylyl cyclases in human spermatozoa]. AC, ANP, CNP, ES, FS
74  2012 A functional screen provides evidence for a conserved, regulatory, juxtamembrane phosphorylation site in guanylyl cyclase a and B. KHD, WT
75  2012 AG490 promotes HIF-1alpha accumulation by inhibiting its hydroxylation. EGFR, HIF, JAK, VHL
76  2012 CD-NP: a novel engineered dual guanylyl cyclase activator with anti-fibrotic actions in the heart. NPs
77  2012 cGMP-phosphodiesterase inhibition enhances photic responses and synchronization of the biological circadian clock in rodents. LD, PDE, SCN
78  2012 Demonstration of expression of a neuropeptide-encoding gene in crustacean hemocytes. CHH, ELISA, HC, SGC
79  2012 Endothelial nitric oxide and 15-lipoxygenase-1 metabolites independently mediate relaxation of the rabbit aorta. AA, ACh, DPTA, HEETA, L-NA, LO, NDGA, NO, THETA
80  2012 Expression of nitric oxide synthase and guanylate cyclase in the human ciliary body and trabecular meshwork. eNOS, iNOS, nNOS, NO, NPE, PE
81  2012 Guanylyl cyclase (GC)-A and GC-B activities in ventricles and cardiomyocytes from failed and non-failed human hearts: GC-A is inactive in the failed cardiomyocyte. ANP
82  2012 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 is a novel cellular target of atrial natriuretic peptide signaling in renal epithelial cells. ANP, GC-A, hnRNP A1, NO, NOGC
83  2012 Inorganic nitrite stimulates pancreatic islet blood flow and insulin secretion. NO
84  2012 Linking ligand perception by PEPR pattern recognition receptors to cytosolic Ca2+ elevation and downstream immune signaling in plants. ETI, FLS2, HR, PDF1.2, Peps, PRRs
85  2012 Mechanisms underlying the augmentation of phenylbiguanide and capsaicin induced cardiorespiratory reflexes by Mesobuthus tamulus venom. PBG
86  2012 Moonlighting kinases with guanylate cyclase activity can tune regulatory signal networks. ---
87  2012 Nitric oxide participates in cold-inhibited Camellia sinensis pollen germination and tube growth partly via cGMP in vitro. NO, PDE, Pro
88  2012 Regulation of mitochondrial processes by protein S-nitrosylation. mPTP, NO, ROS
89  2012 Salvianolic acid B possesses vasodilation potential through NO and its related signals in rabbit thoracic aortic rings. l-Arg, NO
90  2012 The C-type natriuretic peptide induces thermal hyperalgesia through a noncanonical Gbetagamma-dependent modulation of TRPV1 channel. CNP, DRG, NPs, PKCepsilon, PLCbeta, TRPV1
91  2012 The regulatory role of the NO/cGMP signal transduction cascade during larval attachment and metamorphosis of the barnacle Balanus (=Amphibalanus) amphitrite. AGH, cGMP, NO, NOS, sGC, SMIS, SNP
92  2012 [The study of molecular mechanisms of action of natural amino acids and serotonin on adenylyl and guanylyl cyclases of the ciliates]. AC
93  2011 A cardiac pathway of cyclic GMP-independent signaling of guanylyl cyclase A, the receptor for atrial natriuretic peptide. ANP
94  2011 Agents increasing cyclic GMP amplify 5-HT4-elicited positive inotropic response in failing rat cardiac ventricle. NO, PDE
95  2011 Altered Regulation of Renal Nitric Oxide and Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Systems in Lipopolysaccharide-induced Kidney Injury. ANP, cGMP, LPS, NEP, NO, NPR, SNP
96  2011 ATP potentiates competitive inhibition of guanylyl cyclase A and B by the staurosporine analog, Go6976: reciprocal regulation of ATP and GTP binding. ---
97  2011 Biphasic effects of nitric oxide on calcium influx in human platelets. cG-PK, NO, SNP, STIM1
98  2011 Cyclic-nucleotide signalling in protozoa. ACs, PDEs
99  2011 Guanylin peptide family: history, interactions with ANP, and new pharmacological perspectives. ANP, ST
100  2011 Honokiol, a phytochemical from Magnolia spp., inhibits breast cancer cell migration by targeting nitric oxide and cyclooxygenase-2. cGMP, COX-2, L-NAME, NF-kappaB, NO, PG