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Abbreviation : GDT
Long Form : Game of Dice Task
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bad Choices Make Good Stories: The Impaired Decision-Making Process and Skin Conductance Response in Subjects With Smartphone Addiction. IGT, SA, SCR
2019 Decision support in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease. mAD
2019 Decision-Making as a Latent Construct and its Measurement Invariance in a Large Sample of Adolescent Cannabis Users. DIF, DM, IGT, MNLFA
2019 Psychopathy and Decision-Making: Antisocial Factor Associated With Risky Decision-Making in Offenders. IGT
2019 The Effectiveness of the Game of Dice Task in Predicting At-Risk and Problem Gambling Among Adolescents: The Contribution of the Neural Networks. NNs
2018 Approximate Number Processing Skills Contribute to Decision Making Under Objective Risk: Interactions With Executive Functions and Objective Numeracy. ANP
2018 Cognitive and behavioural dispositions in offspring at high risk for alcoholism. IGT
2018 Decision making under risk and under ambiguity in depressed suicide attempters, depressed non-attempters and healthy controls. DM, IGT
2018 Response inhibition and impulsive decision-making in sexual offenders against children. IGT
10  2018 Test-Retest Reliability of Common Behavioral Decision Making Tasks. BART, CCT, IGT
11  2017 Decision-making Impairments in Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma Patients. EPQ, PACG
12  2017 Determinants of risk-taking in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. HAND, PCA
13  2017 Dissociation between decision-making under risk and decision-making under ambiguity in premanifest and manifest Huntington's disease. DM-UA, DM-UR, HD, IGT
14  2017 Does Gender Matter in the Relationship between Anxiety and Decision-Making? IGT
15  2017 Impaired decision making under risky conditions in the acute phase of Graves' thyroitoxicosis. HAM-D
16  2017 Response inhibition, set shifting, and complex executive function in patients with chronic lower back pain. ---
17  2017 Risky decision-making under risk in schizophrenia: A deliberate choice? IGT
18  2017 Selective impairment of decision making under ambiguity in alexithymia. IGT
19  2016 A multidimensional approach to impulsivity in Parkinson's disease: measurement and structural invariance of the UPPS Impulsive Behaviour Scale. ICDs, PD, UPPS
20  2016 Neuroimaging supports behavioral personality assessment: Overlapping activations during reflective and impulsive risk taking. BART
21  2016 The Effects of Age, Priming, and Working Memory on Decision-Making. DOSPERT
22  2015 Decision making under explicit risk is impaired in individuals with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV
23  2015 Decision-making under explicit risk is impaired in multiple sclerosis: relationships with ventricular width and disease disability. RR
24  2015 Developmental changes in decision making under risk: The role of executive functions and reasoning abilities in 8- to 19-year-old decision makers. ---
25  2015 Dissociation of decision making under ambiguity and decision making under risk: a neurocognitive endophenotype candidate for obsessive-compulsive disorder. CS, IGT, OCD, UFDR
26  2015 Further evidence of a dissociation between decision-making under ambiguity and decision-making under risk in obsessive-compulsive disorder. IGT, OCD
27  2015 Impaired decision making under ambiguity but not under risk in individuals with pathological buying-behavioral and psychophysiological evidence. IGT, PB, SCR
28  2015 Self-reported strategies in decisions under risk: role of feedback, reasoning abilities, executive functions, short-term-memory, and working memory. ---
29  2015 Similarities and Differences in Decision-Making Impairments between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia. ASD, IGT, SCH
30  2015 Trait Anxiety Has Effect on Decision Making under Ambiguity but Not Decision Making under Risk. HTA, IGT, LTA, MTA, TA
31  2015 Trait-related decision making impairment in obsessive-compulsive disorder: evidence from decision making under ambiguity but not decision making under risk. IGT, mOCD, nmOCD, rOCD
32  2014 Among three different executive functions, general executive control ability is a key predictor of decision making under objective risk. ---
33  2014 Decision-making impairments in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifen. IGT, TAM
34  2014 Decision-making under risk is improved by both dopaminergic medication and subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease. DBS, MED, PD, STN
35  2014 Failure to utilize feedback causes decision-making deficits among excessive Internet gamers. EIGs, IGA, OIGs
36  2014 Modulation of risky choices in recently abstinent dependent cocaine users: a transcranial direct-current stimulation study. BART, DLPFC
37  2014 Performing a secondary executive task with affective stimuli interferes with decision making under risk conditions. ---
38  2014 Stress and decision making: neural correlates of the interaction between stress, executive functions, and decision making under risk. MRI, SG
39  2013 A further evaluation of decision-making under risk and under ambiguity in schizophrenia. IGT
40  2013 Dissociation of decision making under ambiguity and decision making under risk in breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy: a neuropsychological study. IGT
41  2013 Effect of psychostimulants on impulsivity and risk taking in narcolepsy with cataplexy. IGT, NC
42  2013 Interactions of age and cognitive functions in predicting decision making under risky conditions over the life span. ---
43  2013 Paradoxical effects of stress and an executive task on decisions under risk. TSST
44  2013 Stress and decision making: a few minutes make all the difference. TSST
45  2013 Stress effects on framed decisions: there are differences for gains and losses. EVs, p-TSST, TSST
46  2012 Risky decision making in adults with ADHD. ADHD
47  2012 Risky decision-making in borderline personality disorder. BPD
48  2012 Translation and cultural adaptation of the Game Dice Task to Brazilian population. TBI
49  2011 Decision making in narcolepsy with cataplexy. IGT, NC
50  2011 Decision-making under risk conditions is susceptible to interference by a secondary executive task. ---
51  2011 Delayed transition from ambiguous to risky decision making in alcohol dependence during Iowa Gambling Task. IGT, WCST
52  2011 Do facets of self-reported impulsivity predict decision-making under ambiguity and risk? Evidence from a community sample. IGT
53  2011 Excessive Internet gaming and decision making: do excessive World of Warcraft players have problems in decision making under risky conditions? CG, EIG
54  2011 Executive functions, categorization of probabilities, and learning from feedback: what does really matter for decision making under explicit risk conditions? IGT, PAG
55  2010 Decision making under risk condition in patients with Parkinson's disease: a behavioural and fMRI study. PD
56  2010 Decision-making impairments in women with binge eating disorder. BED, HC
57  2010 Dissociation of decisions in ambiguous and risky situations in obsessive-compulsive disorder. IGT, OCD
58  2010 The influence of high-normal testosterone levels on risk-taking in healthy males in a 1-week letrozole administration study. BART, IGT
59  2009 Decision making with and without feedback: the role of intelligence, strategies, executive functions, and cognitive styles. ---
60  2009 Dissociation of decision-making under ambiguity and decision-making under risk in patients with Parkinson's disease: a neuropsychological and psychophysiological study. EDRs, IGT, PD
61  2009 Do amnesic patients with Korsakoff's syndrome use feedback when making decisions under risky conditions? An experimental investigation with the Game of Dice Task with and without feedback. KS
62  2009 Skin conductance responses during decisions in ambiguous and risky situations in obsessive-compulsive disorder. IGT, OCD, SCRs
63  2008 Anticipatory stress influences decision making under explicit risk conditions. ---
64  2008 Executive functions and risky decision-making in patients with opiate dependence. ---
65  2007 Decisions under ambiguity and decisions under risk: correlations with executive functions and comparisons of two different gambling tasks with implicit and explicit rules. IGT
66  2007 Dissociation of emotional decision-making from cognitive decision-making in chronic schizophrenia. IGT, SRLT, WCST
67  2006 Neuropsychological correlates of decision-making in ambiguous and risky situations. IGT