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Abbreviation : GLI
Long Form : glioma-associated oncogene
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Aberrant Activation Of Hedgehog Signalling Promotes Cell Migration And Invasion Via Matrix Metalloproteinase-7 In Ovarian Cancer Cells. Hh, IB, IHC, MMP-7, OS, PFS, qRT-PCR
2019 Cryo-EM structure of oxysterol-bound human Smoothened coupled to a heterotrimeric Gi. class-F, GPCR, PTCH1, Smo
2019 Direct repression of anoctamin 1 (ANO1) gene transcription by Gli proteins. ANO1, HEK293
2019 Gli signaling pathway modulates fibroblast activation and facilitates scar formation in pulmonary fibrosis. ECM, HIF1A, KLF4
2019 Hedgehog Signaling: An Achilles' Heel in Cancer. PTCH, Smo, Sufu
2019 The Hedgehog Signaling Pathway: A Viable Target in Breast Cancer? Hh, Smo, TNBC
2019 The Loss of SMAD4/DPC4 Expression Associated with a Strongly Activated Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Predicts Poor Prognosis in Resected Pancreatic Cancer. HR, OS, PDAC, RFS, Shh, Smo
2018 Cross-Talk between Wnt and Hh Signaling Pathways in the Pathology of Basal Cell Carcinoma. BCC, Hh, IGF2BP1
2018 Current trends in Hedgehog signaling pathway inhibition by small molecules. Hh, SMO
10  2018 GLI2 promotes cell proliferation and migration through transcriptional activation of ARHGEF16 in human glioma cells. CKAP5, Hh
11  2018 Molecular differences between mature and immature dental pulp cells: Bioinformatics and preliminary results. BMP, DPCs, DPSCs, SHH
12  2018 Targeting GLI Transcription Factors in Cancer. BCC, Hh, Smo
13  2018 The role of the Hedgehog signaling pathway in cancer: A comprehensive review. cAMP, DHh, Hh, Ihh, PKA, Shh, Smo, Sufu
14  2017 Anti-cancer stem cell activity of a hedgehog inhibitor GANT61 in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells. CSC, ER, Hh
15  2017 Anti-cell growth and anti-cancer stem cell activities of the non-canonical hedgehog inhibitor GANT61 in triple-negative breast cancer cells. CSCs, Hh, TNBC
16  2017 GLI2 Is a Regulator of beta-Catenin and Is Associated with Loss of E-Cadherin, Cell Invasiveness, and Long-Term Epidermal Regeneration. GLI2, Hh
17  2017 Inhibition of the Hedgehog signaling pathway suppresses cell proliferation by regulating the Gli2/miR-124/AURKA axis in human glioma cells. Hh
18  2017 Metformin suppresses the expression of Sonic hedgehog in gastric cancer cells. AMPK, Shh, Smo
19  2016 A sesquiterpene lactone from Siegesbeckia glabrescens suppresses Hedgehog/Gli-mediated transcription in pancreatic cancer cells. Gli1, GSL, Hh, Shh
20  2016 Glioma-associated Oncogene 2 Is Essential for Trophoblastic Fusion by Forming a Transcriptional Complex with Glial Cell Missing-a. ---
21  2016 In vitro and in vivo inhibition of breast cancer cell growth by targeting the Hedgehog/GLI pathway with SMO (GDC-0449) or GLI (GANT-61) inhibitors. Hh, Shh, Smo
22  2016 Small hepatocyte-like progenitor cells may be a Hedgehog signaling pathway-controlled subgroup of liver stem cells. HH, Ihh, PCR, PH, PTCH, SHPCs
23  2016 Up-regulation of 11beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 2 Expression by Hedgehog Ligand Contributes to the Conversion of Cortisol Into Cortisone. Hh
24  2015 Targeting GLI factors to inhibit the Hedgehog pathway. Hh, Smo
25  2014 Gli3 silencing enhances cyclopamine suppressive effects on ovarian cancer. ---
26  2014 Perifosine inhibits S6K1-Gli1 signaling and enhances gemcitabine-induced anti-pancreatic cancer efficiency. PTCH1
27  2013 Expression of glioma-associated oncogene 2 (Gli 2) is correlated with poor prognosis in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing hepatectomy. GLI2, HCC
28  2013 Hedgehog related protein expression in breast cancer: gli-2 is associated with poor overall survival. Hh, Ptch, Shh, Smo
29  2013 Imiquimod directly inhibits Hedgehog signalling by stimulating adenosine receptor/protein kinase A-mediated GLI phosphorylation. BCC, Hh, IMQ, PKA
30  2013 Inhibition of ErbB receptors, Hedgehog and NF-kappaB signaling by polyphenols in cancer. Hh
31  2013 Significance of sonic hedgehog signaling after massive hepatectomy in a rat. PCNA, Shh
32  2012 Dual function of suppressor of fused in Hh pathway activation and mouse spinal cord patterning. Hh, Sufu
33  2012 Nuclear localization of GLI1 and elevated expression of FOXC2 in breast cancer is associated with the basal-like phenotype. ER, FOXC2, GLI1, IBC, SHH
34  2011 Mechanisms of Hedgehog signalling in cancer. Hh
35  2011 Myofibroblast-derived PDGF-BB promotes Hedgehog survival signaling in cholangiocarcinoma cells. CCA, Hh, MFBs, PDGF, Smo, TRAIL
36  2011 Suppression of amphiregulin/epidermal growth factor receptor signals contributes to the protective effects of quercetin in cirrhotic rats. CBDL, COX, EGFR, PDGF
37  2010 Frequent deregulations in the hedgehog signaling network and cross-talks with the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway involved in cancer progression and targeted therapies. EGFR, Hh, TGF-beta
38  2010 Nuclear accumulation of glioma-associated oncogene 2 protein and enhanced expression of forkhead-box transcription factor M1 protein in human hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, Hh
39  2007 Chromatin regulation and sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans. ---
40  2007 De-regulation of the sonic hedgehog pathway in the InsGas mouse model of gastric carcinogenesis. H. felis, IL-8, INS-GAS, Shh
41  2007 Selective down-regulation of glioma-associated oncogene 2 inhibits the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells. ASO, HCC, Shh, Smo