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Abbreviation : GLUT
Long Form : glutamate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Cortical endogenous opioids and their role in facilitating repetitive behaviors in deer mice. ASD, CMS, DA, DOPAC, Dyn A, FC, OCB, PFC, TS, VMS
2020 Glutamate Supply Reactivates Ovarian Function while Increases Serum Insulin and Triiodothyronine Concentrations in Criollo x Saanen-Alpine Yearlings' Goats during the Anestrous Season. BCS, INS, LW
2019 Distribution of excitatory and inhibitory axon terminals on the rat hypoglossal motoneurons. GG, Gly
2019 Interplay of dopamine and GABA in substantia nigra for the regulation of rapid eye movement sleep in rats. DA, LC, NA, PPT, REMS, SN
2019 Protective role of melatonin on retinal ganglionar cell: In vitro an in vivo evidences. BSO, MEL, RGCs
2017 Astrocyte-Mediated Neuronal Synchronization Properties Revealed by False Gliotransmitter Release. D-Asp, GT, GTs, SICs
2013 Glutamatergic input to the lateral hypothalamus stimulates ethanol intake: role of orexin and melanin-concentrating hormone. AMPA, EtOH, ISH, LH, MCH, NMDA, OX, PF, ZI
2013 N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated axonal injury in adult rat corpus callosum. betaAPP, CAPs, CC, NMDARs, OL
2012 Development of gamma-aminobutyric acid-, glycine-, and glutamate-immunopositive boutons on rat jaw-opening motoneurons. GABA, JC, JO
10  2012 Implantable Microprobe with Arrayed Microsensors for Combined Amperometric Monitoring of the Neurotransmitters, Glutamate and Dopamine. AA, DA, UA
11  2009 MK801 blocks hypoxic blood-brain-barrier disruption and leukocyte adhesion. BBB, BEC, ER, NMDAR, ROS, TEER
12  2007 Differential involvement of ventral tegmental GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptors in the regulation of the nucleus accumbens dopamine response to stress. DA, NAcc, PFC, VTA
13  2005 Mitochondrial tissue specificity of substrates utilization in rat cardiac and skeletal muscles. G3P, GAS, Lact, LV, Mal, Palm-C, Pyr, SOL
14  1999 NMDA receptor-mediated control of GABA release from neurointermediate lobes of female and male rats. NIL, NMDA
15  1994 In vivo release of glutamate in nucleus tractus solitarii of the rat during hypoxia. CSN, Dox, NMDA, NTS
16  1993 Correlative study of behavior and synaptic events during halothane anesthesia in the lamprey. EPSP
17  1993 On the mechanism of rectification of the isoproterenol-activated chloride current in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes. ---
18  1991 A comparison of neurotransmitter-specific and neuropeptide-specific neuronal cell types present in the dorsal cortex in turtles with those present in the isocortex in mammals: implications for the evolution of isocortex. CCK-8, NPY, SP, SS, VIP
19  1991 Cerebral type 2 astroglia are heterogeneous with respect to their ability to respond to neuroligands linked to calcium mobilization. 2MT-ATP, BK, CARB, Hist, NE
20  1989 Evidence for excitatory amino acid transmission between mesencephalic nucleus of V afferents and jaw-closer motoneurons in the guinea pig. APB, APV, Asp, DGG, KYN, Mes V, NMDA
21  1988 Cholinergic excitation of supraoptic neurons in hypothalamic slices of rat. ACh, Carb, dTC, HEX, NIC
22  1987 Glutamate-induced ionic currents in cultured neurons from the rat superior colliculus. APV, NMDA, QUIS
23  1987 Locally applied progesterone metabolites alter neuronal responsiveness in the cerebellum. ---
24  1987 Sex steroid effects on extrahypothalamic CNS. II. Progesterone, alone and in combination with estrogen, modulates cerebellar responses to amino acid neurotransmitters. GABA
25  1985 Dipeptides of glutamate and aspartate may be endogenous neuroexcitants in the rat hippocampal slice. AG, NAAG
26  1985 Estrogen effects on neuronal responsiveness to electrical and neurotransmitter stimulation: an in vitro study on the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus. 5-HT, ACh, DA, GABA, NE, VMN
27  1983 The ionic mechanism of the excitatory action of glutamate upon the membranes of motoneurones of the frog. ---
28  1982 Unit study in cat claustrum of the effects of iontophoretic neurotransmitters and correlations with the effects of activation of some afferent pathways. ACh, DA
29  1980 On the postsynaptic action of glutamate in frog spinal motoneurons. MNs, MP
30  1978 The effect of ovariectomy on the responsiveness of preoptic-septal neurons to microelectrophoresed estrogen. 17betaE2S, ACh, CS, MPOA-S
31  1975 Tuberoinfundibular neurons: dopaminergic and norepinephrinergic sensitivity. ARC, DA, NE