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Abbreviation : GLUT
Long Form : glutaraldehyde
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel anticalcification treatment strategy for bioprosthetic valves and review of the literature. BSF, Ca, CT
2019 EGCG and enzymatic cross-linking combined treatments for improving elastin stability and reducing calcification in bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, EDC, EGCG, HPA, HRP, NHS
2019 Enzyme-oxidative-polymerization method for improving glycosaminoglycans stability and reducing calcification in bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, GAGs, HPA, HRP, NT, TRA
2019 Exogenous hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate crosslinking treatment for increasing the amount and stability of glycosaminoglycans in bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, CS, GAGs, HA, STP
2018 A systematic approach of chitosan nanoparticle preparation via emulsion crosslinking as potential adsorbent in wastewater treatment. CBZ, CHI, DCL, MW
2018 Characterization of PVA/glutaraldehyde hydrogels obtained using Central Composite Rotatable Design (CCRD). CCRD, PVA
2018 Effect of selected biocides on microbiologically influenced corrosion caused by Desulfovibrio ferrophilus IS5. BAC, THPS
2018 Elastin Stabilization Through Polyphenol and Ferric Chloride Combined Treatment for the Enhancement of Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Anticalcification. BHVs, EGCG, TA
2018 Immobilization of CALB on lysine-modified magnetic nanoparticles: influence of the immobilization protocol. ---
10  2018 Radical polymerization-crosslinking method for improving extracellular matrix stability in bioprosthetic heart valves with reduced potential for calcification and inflammatory response. BHVs, PP, RPC, TAVI
11  2018 The tropoelastin and lysyl oxidase treatments increased the content of insoluble elastin in bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, EGCG, LOXL, TE
12  2018 Use of carbon steel ball bearings to determine the effect of biocides and corrosion inhibitors on microbiologically influenced corrosion under flow conditions. BAC, BBs, THPS
13  2017 Quantification of immobilized Candida antarctica lipase B (CALB) using ICP-AES combined with Bradford method. AE-ICP, APTS, CALB, CalB, CHIT, CHN
14  2016 Biomechanical Comparison of Glutaraldehyde-Crosslinked Gelatin Fibrinogen Electrospun Scaffolds to Porcine Coronary Arteries. ATM, CABG, CVD, LADC, MOD, TEVG
15  2016 Computationally Optimizing the Compliance of a Biopolymer Based Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft. CABG, LADC, TEVGs
16  2015 Control of Microbial Sulfide Production with Biocides and Nitrate in Oil Reservoir Simulating Bioreactors. BAC, PV, RT
17  2014 Pharmacologic alternatives to riboflavin photochemical corneal cross-linking: a comparison study of cell toxicity thresholds. Glyc, GP
18  2013 A comparative study of the sperm nuclear morphometry in cattle, goat, sheep, and pigs using a new computer-assisted method (CASMA-F). ISAS
19  2013 Biomimetic acellular detoxified glutaraldehyde cross-linked bovine pericardium for tissue engineering. EPCs, NBP-G-CA-ET
20  2013 Use of Relief Contrast() objective to improve sperm morphometric analysis by Isas() casa system in the ram. DRY, HEM, MET, SB
21  2012 Automatic evaluation of ram sperm morphometry. MET
22  2011 Neomycin enhances extracellular matrix stability of glutaraldehyde crosslinked bioprosthetic heart valves. NG
23  2011 The effects of glutaraldehyde on the control of single and dual biofilms of Bacillus cereus and Pseudomonas fluorescens. ---
24  2010 Effects of biocides on gene expression in the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough. BAC, DvH, SRB
25  2010 Neomycin fixation followed by ethanol pretreatment leads to reduced buckling and inhibition of calcification in bioprosthetic valves. BHVs, GAGs
26  2010 Substrate stiffness and contractile behaviour modulate the functional maturation of osteoblasts on a collagen-GAG scaffold. CG, DHT
27  2009 Modeling microbial survival in buildup biofilm for complex medical devices. AHP, BBF, CFU, HLD, MBEC, TBF
28  2009 Neomycin binding preserves extracellular matrix in bioprosthetic heart valves during in vitro cyclic fatigue and storage. BHV, GAGs
29  2009 Species association increases biofilm resistance to chemical and mechanical treatments. CTAB
30  2009 [Effect of tannic acid treatment on the physico-chemical properties of glutaraldehyde-fixed bovine jugular vein]. BJV, TA
31  2008 Mitigated calcification of glutaraldehyde-fixed bovine pericardium by tannic acid in rats. BP, TA
32  2007 Glycosaminoglycan-targeted fixation for improved bioprosthetic heart valve stabilization. BHVs, GAGs
33  2007 Mechanisms of the in vivo inhibition of calcification of bioprosthetic porcine aortic valve cusps and aortic wall with triglycidylamine/mercapto bisphosphonate. ALP, MABP, TGA
34  2007 Neomycin prevents enzyme-mediated glycosaminoglycan degradation in bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, DSC, ENG, GAGs
35  2006 Confocal laser scanning microscopy of whole mouse ovaries: excellent morphology, apoptosis detection, and spectroscopy. BABB, LT, MeOH, PF
36  2006 Stability and function of glycosaminoglycans in porcine bioprosthetic heart valves. BHVs, GAGs
37  2006 Structural requirements for stabilization of vascular elastin by polyphenolic tannins. AcTA, Gall, Glc, PGG, TA
38  2005 Tannic acid treatment enhances biostability and reduces calcification of glutaraldehyde fixed aortic wall. TA
39  2005 Triglycidylamine crosslinking of porcine aortic valve cusps or bovine pericardium results in improved biocompatibility, biomechanics, and calcification resistance: chemical and biological mechanisms. MMPs, TGA
40  2004 Divergent immunological responses following glutaraldehyde exposure. LLNA, MEST
41  2004 Elastin stabilization in cardiovascular implants: improved resistance to enzymatic degradation by treatment with tannic acid. TA
42  2000 Improvement of Schwann cell attachment and proliferation on modified hyaluronic acid strands by polylysine. HyA, SCs
43  1999 Founder's Award, 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials, perspectives. Providence, RI, April 28-May 2, 1999. Tissue heart valves: current challenges and future research perspectives. BPV, ECM, PAV
44  1998 Mechanical modifications to human pericardium after a brief immersion in 0.625% glutaraldehyde. UTS
45  1998 Preservative tolerance and resistance. BIT, DBCB, DMDMH, FA, IPBC, MCI/MI, MIC, OMP
46  1997 Immunochemical assay for recognition of 2-S-glutathionyl acetate, a glutathione conjugate derived from 1,1-dichloroethylene-epoxide. BSA, DCE, ELISA, GAG, GLY-GLUT-BSA, GTA, GTA-EDC-BSA, GTA-GLUT-OVB
47  1992 Induction of polyclonal antibodies to the S1 subunit of pertussis toxin by synthetic peptides coupled to PPD: effect of conjugation method, adjuvant, priming and animal species. PPD, PT, SMCC, SPDP
48  1990 Active immunization of beef heifers against luteinizing hormone: II. Evaluation of conjugation technique on antigenicity of LH. LH, MBS, Oval
49  1989 Covalent binding of aminopropanehydroxydiphosphonate to glutaraldehyde residues in pericardial bioprosthetic tissue: stability and calcification inhibition studies. APDP, BPV
50  1988 Alkaline phosphatase activity of glutaraldehyde-treated bovine pericardium used in bioprosthetic cardiac valves. AP
51  1988 Aminodiphosphonate or AI preincubation inhibits calcification of aortic homografts in the rat subdermal model. AI, APDP, CALC
52  1988 Intraneuronal dopamine in the primate substantia nigra. AC, Cl, Cr, DA, EDS, SN
53  1988 Phosphatase enzyme activity is retained in glutaraldehyde treated bioprosthetic heart valves. AP
54  1987 Immobilization of cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes on inorganic supports. CMC
55  1987 The role of glutaraldehyde-induced cross-links in calcification of bovine pericardium used in cardiac valve bioprostheses. aa
56  1986 An antibody-desferrioxamine conjugate labelled with 67Ga. DFO