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Abbreviation : GLUTs
Long Form : glucose transporters
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Connexin 30 mediated rewiring of glucose metabolism in rat C6 xenograft and grades of glioma. Cx30, PDK 1
2020 Differential Expression of Glucose Transporters and Hexokinases in Prostate Cancer with a Neuroendocrine Gene Signature: A Mechanistic Perspective for 18F-FDG Imaging of PSMA-Suppressed Tumors. AR, NELPC, PC, PSMA
2020 Discovery and Optimization of Glucose Uptake Inhibitors. ---
2020 Does hyperglycemia downregulate glucose transporters in the brain? ---
2020 Effect of high altitude on human placental amino acid transport. HA, LA, MVM
2020 Emerging roles of aerobic glycolysis in breast cancer. AMPK, BC, HK, mTOR, PFK, PK
2020 Expression of glut2 in response to glucose load, insulin and glucagon in grass carp (Ctenophcuyngodon idellus). GTT
2020 Glucose transporter GLUT1 influences Plasmodium berghei infection in Anopheles stephensi. ---
2020 Glucose transporters in adipose tissue, liver, and skeletal muscle in metabolic health and disease. ---
10  2020 Glucose transporters in pancreatic islets. SGLTs
11  2020 GLUT1 is an AR target contributing to tumor growth and glycolysis in castration-resistant and enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancers. AR, CRPC
12  2020 Ligand-based design of GLUT inhibitors as potential antitumor agents. ---
13  2020 Metabolic Heterogeneity of Cancer Cells: An Interplay between HIF-1, GLUTs, and AMPK. AMPK, HIF-1, LKB1, OXPHOS, PI3K, PKB, ROS
14  2020 Small-Molecule Inhibition of Glucose Transporters GLUT-1-4. ---
15  2020 Structure guided design and synthesis of furyl thiazolidinedione derivatives as inhibitors of GLUT 1 and GLUT 4, and evaluation of their anti-leukemic potential. TZDs
16  2020 The molecular basis for sugar import in malaria parasites. ---
17  2019 A glucose-insulin-potassium solution improves glucose intake in hypoxic cardiomyocytes by a differential expression of glucose transporters in a metabolic syndrome model. ---
18  2019 Dapagliflozin Prevents NOX- and SGLT2-Dependent Oxidative Stress in Lens Cells Exposed to Fructose-Induced Diabetes Mellitus. DM, LECs, NADPH, RAGE, ROS, SGLT2
19  2019 Development of a platform for activatable fluorescent substrates of glucose transporters (GLUTs). PET
20  2019 Effective glucose metabolism maintains low intracellular glucose in airway epithelial cells after exposure to hyperglycemia. ---
21  2019 Endogenous SHBG levels correlate with that of glucose transporters in insulin resistance model cells. GDM, SHBG
22  2019 Expressions of Carbohydrate Response Element Binding Protein and Glucose Transporters in Liver Cancer and Clinical Significance. ChREBP, HCC
23  2019 Fructose reabsorption by rat proximal tubules: role of Na+-linked cotransporters and the effect of dietary fructose. Fru, SGLTs
24  2019 Genome-wide identification and characterization of glucose transporter (glut) genes in spotted sea bass (Lateolabrax maculatus) and their regulated hepatic expression during short-term starvation. GLUT
25  2019 Ginsenoside compound K ameliorates Alzheimer's disease in HT22 cells by adjusting energy metabolism. AD, CK
26  2019 Glucose transporter 1 critically controls microglial activation through facilitating glycolysis. ECAR, OCR
27  2019 Glucose transporter 1 in health and disease. ---
28  2019 Glucose-conjugated platinum(IV) complexes as tumor-targeting agents: design, synthesis and biological evaluation. ---
29  2019 Hyperandrogenic Milieu Dysregulates the Expression of Insulin Signaling Factors and Glucose Transporters in the Endometrium of Patients With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. DHT, HESCs, IR, IRS, mRNA, PCOS
30  2019 Immunohistochemical expressionof sodium-dependent glucose transporter - 2 (SGLT-2) in clear cell renal carcinoma: possible prognostic implications. RCC, SGLT2, SGLTs
31  2019 Insulin-dependent, glucose transporter 1 mediated glucose uptake and tube formation in the human placental first trimester trophoblast cells. cyt-B, VCAM1
32  2019 Key Factors in Conformation Transformation of an Important Neuronic Protein Glucose Transport 3 Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. ---
33  2019 New insight into the classification and evolution of glucose transporters in the Metazoa. SSNs, TMHs
34  2019 Regular Exercise Enhances Cognitive Function and Intracephalic GLUT Expression in Alzheimer's Disease Model Mice. AD, CNS, RE
35  2019 The increased expression of glucose transporters in human full-term placentas from assisted reproductive technology without changes of mTOR signaling. ART
36  2019 Uptake of 18F-FDG in Adrenal Adenomas Is Associated With Unenhanced CT Value and Constituent Cells. CCR
37  2018 Adverse Metabolic Effects of Diltiazem Treatment During Diabetic Cardiomyopathy. ---
38  2018 Conformational Effects in the Transport of Glucose through a Cyclic Peptide Nanotube: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study. AAMD, CPN
39  2018 Decrease in glucose transporter 1 levels and translocation of glucose transporter 3 in the dentate gyrus of C57BL/6 mice and gerbils with aging. ---
40  2018 Dysregulation of insulin-sensitive glucose transporters during insulin resistance-induced atrial fibrillation. AF, AGEs, IR
41  2018 Evaluating the Efficacy of GLUT Inhibitors Using a Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer. ECAR, OCR, OXPHOS
42  2018 Expression of glucose transporters SLC2A1, SLC2A8, and SLC2A12 in different chicken muscles during ontogenesis. PM
43  2018 Expression profile of glucose transport-related genes under chronic and acute exposure to growth hormone in zebrafish. GH
44  2018 Gibbs Free-Energy Gradient along the Path of Glucose Transport through Human Glucose Transporter 3. ---
45  2018 Glucose Transporters in Diabetic Kidney Disease-Friends or Foes? DKD, GCVs, PI3K
46  2018 GLUT Characterization Using Frog Xenopus laevis Oocytes. ---
47  2018 GLUT1 protects prostate cancer cells from glucose deprivation-induced oxidative stress. AR, PCa
48  2018 Inhibition of GLUTs by WZB117 mediates apoptosis in blood-stage Plasmodium parasites by breaking redox balance. GLUT1, GLUT4, iRBCs, RBCs, ROS
49  2018 Metabolic and Cardiac Adaptation to Chronic Pharmacologic Blockade of Facilitative Glucose Transport in Murine Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Myocardial Ischemia. BNP, LV, PPARalpha, RBP4
50  2018 Mismatch between GLUTs and glucose levels causes neuronal damage during glucose fluctuations. ---
51  2018 Mitochondrial Uptake and Accumulation of Vitamin C: What Can We Learn from Cell Culture Studies? AA, DHA, SVCT2
52  2018 Nicotine and electronic cigarette (E-Cig) exposure decreases brain glucose utilization in ischemic stroke. e-cig, nAChR
53  2018 Protected and De-protected Platinum(IV) Glycoconjugates With GLUT1 and OCT2-Mediated Selective Cancer Targeting: Demonstrated Enhanced Transporter-Mediated Cytotoxic Properties in vitro and in vivo. EDG, GLUT1, OCT2
54  2018 Quantification of Cell-Surface Glucose Transporters in the Heart Using a Biotinylated Photolabeling Assay. ---
55  2018 Sodium-glucose cotransporters: new targets of cancer therapy? 2-FDG, Me-4FDG, PET, SGLTs
56  2018 Targeting Key Transporters in Tumor Glycolysis as a Novel Anticancer Strategy. ---
57  2018 The apple polyphenol phloretin inhibits breast cancer cell migration and proliferation via inhibition of signals by type 2 glucose transporter. alpha-SMA, Ph, TNBC
58  2018 The dark side of glucose transporters in prostate cancer: Are they a new feature to characterize carcinomas? CRPC, PCa
59  2018 Understanding intestinal glucose transporter expression in obese compared to non-obese subjects. RYGB
60  2018 [Regulation mechanism of HIFs, PPARs and AMPK in hypoxic training-induced reduction of body weight]. ALDA, AMPK, HIFs, LDHA, PPARs
61  2017 Abnormal O-GlcNAcylation of Pax3 Occurring from Hyperglycemia-Induced Neural Tube Defects Is Ameliorated by Carnosine But Not Folic Acid in Chicken Embryos. NTDs
62  2017 Affinity and path of binding xylopyranose unto E.coli xylose permease. MD, XylE, XYP
63  2017 Amyloid-beta oligomers transiently inhibit AMP-activated kinase and cause metabolic defects in hippocampal neurons. AbetaOs, AD, AMPK, NMDA
64  2017 Chemical Transport Knockout for Oxidized Vitamin C, Dehydroascorbic Acid, Reveals Its Functions in vivo. RBC
65  2017 Effects of first exogenous nutrients on the mRNA levels of atrogin-1/MAFbx and GLUT1 in the skeletal muscles of newly hatched chicks. ---
66  2017 EsGLUT4 and CHHBP are involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis in the crustacean Eriocheir sinensis. CHH, CHHBP, MFS
67  2017 Glial Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters and Glucose Incorporation. EAATs
68  2017 Glucose transporter 4 promotes head and neck squamous cell carcinoma metastasis through the TRIM24-DDX58 axis. HNSCC, IPA, TRIM24
69  2017 Glucose Transporters at the Blood-Brain Barrier: Function, Regulation and Gateways for Drug Delivery. ---
70  2017 Glucose Transporters in Brain: In Health and in Alzheimer's Disease. ---
71  2017 GLUT1, MCT1/4 and CD147 overexpression supports the metabolic reprogramming in papillary renal cell carcinoma. MCTs, PRCC
72  2017 GLUT1-mediated selective tumor targeting with fluorine containing platinum(II) glycoconjugates. Pt-GG
73  2017 Glutamine Transport and Mitochondrial Metabolism in Cancer Cell Growth. ---
74  2017 Glycosylated Platinum(IV) Complexes as Substrates for Glucose Transporters (GLUTs) and Organic Cation Transporters (OCTs) Exhibited Cancer Targeting and Human Serum Albumin Binding Properties for Drug Delivery. HSA, OCTs
75  2017 Immunohistochemical localization of glucose transporter 1 and 3 in the scrotal and abdominal testes of a dog. ---
76  2017 Mechanistic and biological characteristics of different sugar conjugated 2-methyl malonatoplatinum(II) complexes as new tumor targeting agents. 5'-GMP
77  2017 Natural Products as Lead Compounds for Sodium Glucose Cotransporter (SGLT) Inhibitors. SGLT, SGLTs
78  2017 Organic chromium modifies the expression of orexin and glucose transporters of ovarian in heat-stressed laying hens. Cr, HS, HSPs
79  2017 Poly((D,L)lactic-glycolic)acid-star glucose nanoparticles for glucose transporter and hypoglycemia-mediated tumor targeting. DCT, NPs, PLGA-Glc
80  2017 Predictive value of glucose transporter-1 and glucose transporter-3 for survival of cancer patients: A meta-analysis. ---
81  2017 Role of long non-coding RNAs in glucose metabolism in cancer. lncRNAs
82  2017 Thermoresponsive microgels containing trehalose as soft matrices for 3D cell culture. ---
83  2017 Transient Congenital Hypothyroidism Alters Gene Expression of Glucose Transporters and Impairs Glucose Sensing Apparatus in Young and Aged Offspring Rats. GCK, TCH
84  2017 Vitamin C Transporters in Cancer: Current Understanding and Gaps in Knowledge. DHA, SVCTs
85  2017 [The roles of sodium-glucose transporters in tumor cell energy metabolism]. SGLTs
86  2016 A glucose-centric perspective of hyperglycemia. ---
87  2016 A microphysiological model of the human placental barrier. ---
88  2016 Apple Polyphenol Phloretin Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Cell Growth via Inhibition of the Type 2 Glucose Transporter and Activation of p53-Mediated Signaling. HNF6, Ph
89  2016 Cyanine-based 1-amino-1-deoxyglucose as fluorescent probes for glucose transporter mediated bioimaging. ---
90  2016 D-Allose Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth by Reducing GLUT1 Expression. TXNIP
91  2016 Design, Synthesis of Novel Platinum(II) Glycoconjugates, and Evaluation of Their Antitumor Effects. ---
92  2016 Effects of inorganic arsenic exposure on glucose transporters and insulin receptor in the hippocampus of C57BL/6 male mice. DW, iAs, INSR, IR
93  2016 Epigenetic regulation of placental glucose transporters mediates maternal cadmium-induced fetal growth restriction. Cd, DNMT, FGR
94  2016 Expression Profiling of Ascorbic Acid-Related Transporters in Human and Mouse Eyes. AsA, DHA, LECs, NPE, PE, qPCR
95  2016 FGT-1-mediated glucose uptake is defective in insulin/IGF-like signaling mutants in Caenorhabditis elegans. C. elegans, IIS
96  2016 Galactose conjugated platinum(II) complex targeting the Warburg effect for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer and colon cancer. MTD
97  2016 Glucose Transporter Regulation in Cancer: A Profile and the Loops. PI3K
98  2016 Hypoxia optimises tumour growth by controlling nutrient import and acidic metabolite export. CAs, HIFs, MCTs
99  2016 Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Glucose Transporter Type 1 in Epithelial Dysplasia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. OED, OSCC
100  2016 Insulin signaling disruption in male mice due to perinatal bisphenol A exposure: Role of insulin signaling in the brain. APP, BPA, IR, p-Akt, p-ERK, p-GSK3beta, p-tau