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Abbreviation : GMD
Long Form : geometric mean diameter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Effect of low-level gallium aluminum arsenide laser therapy on the chewing performance and pain perception of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A randomized controlled clinical trial. CP, LLLT, PI, SLE, TMD, VAS
2021 Effects of limestone particle size, phytate, calcium source, and phytase on standardized ileal calcium and phosphorus digestibility in broilers. LM, SBM, SID, TRT
2021 Effects of long-term afforestation and natural grassland recovery on soil properties and quality in Loess Plateau (China). MWD, RB, SMC, SQI
2021 Physical properties of parboiled milled local rice varieties marketed in South-East Nigeria. AMD, SMD
2021 Relation between Feed Particle Size Distribution and Plumage Condition in Laying Hens on Commercial Farms. CH
2021 Soil organic carbon and soil aggregate stability associated with aggregate fractions in a chronosequence of citrus orchards plantations. MWD, SOC
2021 [Changes of the concentrations and stoichiometry of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in soil aggregates along different altitudes of Helan Mountains, Northwest China.] MWD
2021 [Effects of long-term straw returning on distribution of aggregates and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in paddy]. AK, AN, AP, MWD, TK, TN
2021 [Stability of Soil Aggregates at Different Altitudes in Qinling Mountains and Its Coupling Relationship with Soil Enzyme Activities]. MWD
10  2020 Artificial soil nutrient, aggregate stability and soil quality index of restored cut slopes along altitude gradient in southwest China. AN, AP, CAT, DeltaS, IUA, MWD, PCA, PR, SC, SQI, UR
11  2020 Coarse corn particles cause a negative effect on eggshell quality of semi-heavy laying hens. ---
12  2020 Effects of Biochar Combined with Nitrogen Fertilizer Reduction on Rapeseed Yield and Soil Aggregate Stability in Upland of Purple Soils. MWD, TOC
13  2020 From nano to micrometer size particles - A characterization of airborne cement particles during construction activities. PAS, SEM-EDX, SMPS, TEM
14  2020 Sea spray aerosol formation: Results on the role of different parameters and organic concentrations from bubble bursting experiments. MA, SSA
15  2020 Soil aggregates stability and storage of soil organic carbon respond to cropping systems on Black Soils of Northeast China. CC, CS, FC, FS, MSAs, MWD, PAD, SC, SOC, WSAR, WSAs
16  2020 Soil aggregation and soil aggregate stability regulate organic carbon and nitrogen storage in a red soil of southern China. MWD, SOC, TN
17  2020 [Effects of interplanting on soil aggregate distribution and stability in economic orchard at hilly slope red soil of southern China]. HV, MWD, PSP
18  2020 [Effects of plantation on aggregate distribution and stability of lateritic red soil in south subtropical China]. ASI, FW, LB, MWD, PAD, SW, WS
19  2020 [Effects of tillage alternation pattern with subsoiling on soil physical and chemical properties and spring maize yield in the Loess Plateau, China]. MWD, ST/CT
20  2019 A number-based inventory of size-resolved black carbon particle emissions by global civil aviation. BC, GSD
21  2019 Effects of rotational grazing methods on soil aggregates and organic carbon characteristics in desert steppe. ---
22  2019 Growth performance and intestinal morphology of Hyline chickens fed diets with different diet particle sizes. ADFI, ADG, CG, EG, FCR, SEM
23  2019 Long fallows allow soil regeneration in slash-and-burn agriculture. ---
24  2019 Size distribution and chemical composition of primary particles emitted during open biomass burning processes: Impacts on cloud condensation nuclei activation. CCN, CCN/CN, WSC
25  2019 Water stable aggregates and the associated active and recalcitrant carbon in soil under rubber plantation. MWD, NF
26  2019 [Distribution of Organic Carbon in Soil Aggregates from Four Kinds of Forest Vegetation on Jinyun Mountain]. MWD
27  2019 [Effects of tillage types on soil aggregate distribution and stability in irrigated sierozem of Gansu Yellow River irrigation area, China]. CT, CT-NT, MWD, NT, PAD, RT
28  2019 [Impact of Land Use Type on the Stability and Organic Carbon Content of Soil Aggregates in the Weibei Dryland]. MWD
29  2018 Comparison of measurement methods for the characterization of the black carbon emissions from a T63 turboshaft engine burning conventional and Fischer-Tropsch fuels. BC, EC, LII, MSS, NIOSH
30  2018 Nitrogen addition increases the contents of glomalin-related soil protein and soil organic carbon but retains aggregate stability in a Pinus tabulaeformis forest. EE-GRSP, GRSP, MWD, SOC, T-GRSP
31  2018 Particle size affects short-term preference behavior of brown-egg laying hens fed diets based on corn or barley. ---
32  2018 Structure characteristics of soil and canopy and their relationships in wheat field under different tillage and application of organic fertilizer. DT, LAI, NT, Pn, ST
33  2018 [Effects of Straw and Biochar Return in Soil on Soil Aggregate and Carbon Sequestration]. BC, MWD
34  2017 Comparing on-road real-time simultaneous in-cabin and outdoor particulate and gaseous concentrations for a range of ventilation scenarios. ---
35  2017 Development and validation of equations to predict the metabolizable energy value of corn for pigs. ---
36  2016 Effects of iron-aluminium oxides and organic carbon on aggregate stability of bauxite residues. MWD, PAD
37  2016 Impact of Amendments on the Physical Properties of Soil under Tropical Long-Term No Till Conditions. MWD, TOC
38  2016 Physicochemical Characterization of Aerosol Generated in the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Stainless Steel. Cr, GTAW, Mn, Ni, SS
39  2016 Symbiosis of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Robinia pseudoacacia L. Improves Root Tensile Strength and Soil Aggregate Stability. AM, GRSP, MWD, WSA
40  2016 Tailpipe emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI) and port fuel injection (PFI) vehicles at both low and high ambient temperatures. CPC, GDI, GDI, PFI, PM, PMP, PN, THC
41  2015 [Impact of land use type on stability and organic carbon of soil aggregates in Jinyun Mountain]. MWD
42  2014 Comparison of nanoparticle exposures between fumed and sol-gel nano-silica manufacturing facilities. GM, NC, SNPs, SS
43  2014 Oral health, temporomandibular disorder, and masticatory performance in patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2. CG, CMT2, DMFT, TMD
44  2014 The relationship between corn particle size and thermoregulation of laying hens in an equatorial semi-arid environment. ANOVA, RR, Ta, Tr, Ts
45  2014 [Effects of tillage rotation and fertilization on soil aggregates and organic carbon content in corn field in Weibei Highland]. CT-NT, ST-CT
46  2014 [Stability and organic carbon characteristics of soil aggregates under different ecosystems in karst canyon region]. MMD
47  2012 Cellular dose of partly soluble Cu particle aerosols at the air-liquid interface using an in vitro lung cell exposure system. ALI, GSD
48  2012 Evaluation of low-level laser therapy effectiveness on the pain and masticatory performance of patients with myofascial pain. LLLT, MP, PPT, VAS
49  2012 Physiochemical characterization of briquettes made from different feedstocks. ---
50  2009 Effect of main cereal of the diet and particle size of the cereal on productive performance and egg quality of brown egg-laying hens in early phase of production. ---
51  2006 Experimental study of environmental tobacco smoke particles under actual indoor environment. ETS
52  2004 Microencapsulation of a hydrophilic drug into a hydrophobic matrix using a salting-out procedure. II. Effects of adsorbents on microsphere properties. AR, CI, DR, LE, SEM
53  1994 Effect of grain particle size on performance. 2. Grain texture interactions. GSD
54  1994 Effect of particle size on performance. 1. Corn. GSD
55  1993 Influence of schedule and mode of administration on effectiveness of podofilox treatment of papillomas. ---
56  1987 Generation and characterization of respirable metallic oxide aerosols for pulmonary clearance studies in calves. GSD
57  1985 [Transplantation model of human hepatocellular carcinoma in nude mice. II. Establishment of the LTNM2 human liver cancer model in nude mice and observation on the growth of the transplanted tumor]. HCC