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Abbreviation : GP
Long Form : ganglionated plexi
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Changes in heart rate variability in patients with atrial fibrillation after pulmonary vein isolation and ganglionated plexus ablation. HRV, LF, PAF, PVI, PVI
2019 Hybrid solid-state SPECT/CT left atrial innervation imaging for identification of left atrial ganglionated plexi: Technique and validation in patients with atrial fibrillation. 123I-MIBG, AF, HFS, LA, LAII, PVI
2019 Selective ablation of atrial ganglionated plexus attenuates vasovagal reflex in a canine model. ARGP, BP, HR, IRGP
2018 A potential relationship between gut microbes and atrial fibrillation: Trimethylamine N-oxide, a gut microbe-derived metabolite, facilitates the progression of atrial fibrillation. AF, ANS, ARGP, RAP, TMAO
2018 Effect of 28-mm Cryoballoon Ablation onMajor Atrial Ganglionated Plexi. AF, ARGP, CB, ILGP, IQR, RR
2018 Epicardial adipose tissue and atrial fibrillation: pathophysiological mechanisms, clinical implications, and potential therapies. AF, EAT
2018 Regulation of the NRG1/ErbB4 Pathway in the Intrinsic Cardiac Nervous System Is a Potential Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation. AF, ARGP, ERP, RAP, WOV
2018 Targeted Ganglionated Plexi Denervation Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Carrying Calcium Chloride Payload. Ca-MNP
2017 Atrial Ganglionated Plexus Modification: A Novel Approach to Treat Symptomatic SinusBradycardia. SB, SR
10  2017 Cardiac autonomic ganglia ablation suppresses atrial fibrillation in a canine model of acute intermittent hypoxia. AF, ANS, BP, ERP, HF, HR, LF, WOV
11  2017 Efficacy of ganglionated plexi ablation in addition to pulmonary vein isolation for paroxysmal versus persistent atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials. AF, AT, PV, RCTs
12  2017 Ganglionated Plexi Ablation: Physiology and Clinical Applications. ---
13  2017 Heart rate variability after radiofrequency ablation of epicardial ganglionated plexuses on the ovine left atrium. AF, ANS, HF, HRV, LA, LF, RFA, SDNN, TI
14  2017 Increase of Autonomic Nerve Factors in Epicardial Ganglionated Plexi During Rapid Atrial Pacing Induced Acute Atrial Fibrillation. ---
15  2017 Integrity of the Ganglionated Plexi Is Essential to Parasympathetic Innervation of the Atrioventricular Node by the Right Vagus Nerve. AVN, HFS
16  2017 Partial left superior pulmonary vein potential elimination by an inferior ganglionated plexus ablation. AF, PV
17  2017 Spatial relationship of organized rotational and focal sources in human atrial fibrillation to autonomic ganglionated plexi. AF
18  2017 The absence of effect of ganglionated plexi ablation on heart rate variability parameters in patients after thoracoscopic ablation for atrial fibrillation. AF, CA, ECG, HRV, LF, PVI, TA, VR
19  2017 Transvenous Before Surgical Hybrid Procedure. CTI, LSPeAF, PeAF
20  2016 Atrial Substrate Modification in Atrial Fibrillation: Targeting GP or CFAE? Evidence from Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials. AF, AT/AFL, CFAE, PVI
21  2016 Effect of vagotomy on the activity of cardiac autonomic ganglia: Insight from left atrial high density frequency mapping. AF, DF, LA, SVC-Ao
22  2016 Inducibility of human atrial fibrillation in an in silico model reflecting local acetylcholine distribution and concentration. ACh, AF
23  2016 Novel Percutaneous Epicardial Autonomic Modulation in the Canine for Atrial Fibrillation: Results of an Efficacy and Safety Study. AF, DC
24  2015 Features of intrinsic ganglionated plexi in both atria after extensive pulmonary isolation and their clinical significance after catheter ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation. AF, PVI
25  2015 Intermittent low-level vagosympathetic nerve trunk stimulation inhibits ganglionated plexi activity to prevent atrial fibrillation. AF, ARGP, C-VNS, CANS, ChAT, ERP, I-VNS, LL-VNS, MAP, RAP, TH
26  2015 Is ganglionated plexi ablation during Maze IV procedure beneficial for postoperative long-term stable sinus rhythm? AF, NSR
27  2015 Long-Term Effects of Atrial Ganglionated Plexi Ablation on Function and Structure of Sinoatrial and Atrioventricular Node in Canine. ARGP, AVN, Cx, IRGP, SAN, SNRT
28  2015 Low-intensity atrial ganglionated plexi stimulation decreases the serum level of inflammatory factors in canine. ACh, CRP, HMGB1, IL-6
29  2015 Low-Level Electrical Stimulation of AorticRoot Ventricular Ganglionated PlexiAttenuates Autonomic Nervous System-Mediated Atrial Fibrillation. AF, ERPs, PVs
30  2015 The influence of cardiac autonomic nerve plexus on the electrophysiological properties in canines with atrial fibrillation. APD90, ERP, RAP
31  2014 Ablation of epicardial ganglionated plexi increases atrial vulnerability to arrhythmias in dogs. ---
32  2014 Active ganglionated plexi is a predictor of atrial fibrillation recurrence after minimally invasive surgical ablation. AF
33  2014 Additional benefit of cryoballoon-based atrial fibrillation ablation beyond pulmonary vein isolation: modification of ganglionated plexi. AF, PVI
34  2014 Atrial fibrillation increases sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons in the intrinsic cardiac nervous system. AF, TH
35  2014 Cardiac Autonomic Denervation for Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation. AF, ANS
36  2014 Nav1.8 channels in ganglionated plexi modulate atrial fibrillation inducibility. VNS
37  2014 Role of neural modulation in the pathophysiology of atrial fibrillation. AF
38  2014 Spinal cord stimulation suppresses focal rapid firing-induced atrial fibrillation by inhibiting atrial ganglionated plexus activity. AF, HFS, PV, SCS
39  2014 Sudden asystole during radiofrequency ablation: a case report and literature review. RF
40  2014 The independent role of the aortic root ganglionated plexi intheinitiation of atrial fibrillation: An experimental study. AF
41  2013 Atrial ganglionated plexi stimulation may be an effective therapeutic tool for the treatment of heart failure. ---
42  2013 Autonomic denervation added to pulmonary vein isolation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: a randomized clinical trial. AF, AT, PAF, PVI
43  2013 Bilateral atrial ganglionated plexus involvement in atrial responses to left-sided plexus stimulation in canines. LA, RA, SCL, VgN
44  2013 Characterization of the left atrial neural network and its impact on autonomic modification procedures. LA, PV
45  2013 Cryo-Balloon Ablation of the Right Superior Pulmonary Vein Involving the Anterior Right Ganglionated Plexus for Speech and Breathing Induced Atrial Tachycardia. AF, ARGP, AT, PFO, RSPV, SVC
46  2013 Effects of ganglionated plexi ablation on ventricular electrophysiological properties in normal hearts and after acute myocardial ischemia. AF, AMI, ERP, SG, VFT
47  2013 Effects of low-intensity atrial ganglionated plexi stimulation on ventricular electrophysiology and arrhythmogenesis. AMI, APD, ERP, GPS
48  2013 Ganglionated plexus ablation vs linear ablation in patients undergoing pulmonary vein isolation for persistent/long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation: a randomized comparison. AF, LL, PVI, SR
49  2013 Inducibility of atrial fibrillation after GP ablations and "autonomic blockade": evidence for the pathophysiological role of the nonadrenergic and noncholinergic neurotransmitters. AA, AF, CAB, ERP, VIP, VNS, WOV
50  2013 Inhibition of atrial fibrillation by low-level vagus nerve stimulation: the role of the nitric oxide signaling pathway. AF, L-NAME, LLVNS, NO, PI3K, RAP, WOV
51  2013 Long-term results of a minimally invasive surgical pulmonary vein isolation and ganglionic plexi ablation for atrial fibrillation. AF, CI, HR, PVI
52  2013 Paradoxical long-term proarrhythmic effects after ablating the "head station" ganglionated plexi of the vagal innervation to the heart. AF, AF/AT, ERP, RAA, SVC-Ao GP
53  2013 Temporal stability of atrial electrogram fractionation in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AF, DFs, LA
54  2013 The effect of fat pad modification during ablation of atrial fibrillation: late gadolinium enhancement MRI analysis. AF, FPs, LA, LGE, MRI, PVA, SDNN
55  2013 The effects of atrial ganglionated plexi stimulation on ventricular electrophysiology in a normal canine heart. APD, ERP, GPS
56  2013 The Role of the Atrial Neural Network In Atrial Fibrillation: The Metastatic Progression Hypothesis. AF, PVI
57  2013 [Electrophysiological study in atrial fibrillation]. CFAE
58  2012 Antiarrhythmic effects of vasostatin-1 in a canine model of atrial fibrillation. AA, AF, AR, IR, RAP, WOV
59  2012 Catheter ablation of right atrial ganglionated plexi in patients with vagal paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AF, RA
60  2012 Efficacy of cardiac autonomic denervation for atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis. CAD, CCRT, CFAE, PVI
61  2012 Endocardial autonomic denervation of the left atrium to treat vasovagal syncope: an early experience in humans. LA, VVS
62  2012 Ganglionated plexi ablation directed by high-frequency stimulation and complex fractionated atrial electrograms for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AF, CFAE, HFS, PAF
63  2012 Low-level ganglionated plexus stimulation facilitates atrial fibrillation: in vivo and in vitro studies. AF, LL-GPS, LSPV
64  2012 Pharmacological prevention and termination of focal atrial fibrillation. AA, AF, PVs
65  2012 Regional ganglionated plexus ablation eliminated rapid firing in an electrically isolated pulmonary vein. AF, ATP, ISP, PV
66  2012 The atrial neural network as a substrate for atrial fibrillation. AA, AF
67  2012 The intrinsic autonomic nervous system in atrial fibrillation: a review. AF, PVs
68  2011 A meta-analysis of the comparative efficacy of ablation for atrial fibrillation with and without ablation of the ganglionated plexi. AF, early recurrence, PVI
69  2011 Acute effects of ganglionated plexi ablation on sinoatrial nodal and atrioventricular nodal functions. AF, AVB, AVN, CLs, SAN, SNRT
70  2011 Autonomic denervation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. AF, ANS
71  2011 Autonomic modulation of complex fractionated atrial electrograms in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. ACI, AF, CFAE, HFS, ICL
72  2011 Effects of autonomic interventions on atrial restitution properties. AF, APD, VNS
73  2011 Inflammation abnormalities and inducibility of atrial fibrillation after epicardial ganglionated plexi ablation. AERP, TNF-alpha
74  2011 Intrinsic cardiac autonomic stimulation induces pulmonary vein ectopy and triggers atrial fibrillation in humans. AF, ANS, CS, HFS, HRA, PV
75  2011 Outcome of anatomic ganglionated plexi ablation to treat paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: a 3-year follow-up study. AF, CPVI, PV
76  2011 Rapid pulmonary vein isolation combined with autonomic ganglia modification: a randomized study. AF, PV
77  2011 Spectral characteristics of atrial electrograms in sinus rhythm correlates with sites of ganglionated plexuses in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AE, AF, HFS, SR
78  2011 Stimulation of the intrinsic cardiac autonomic nervous system results in a gradient of fibrillatory cycle length shortening across the atria during atrial fibrillation in humans. AF, AFCLs, ANS, CS, HFS, HRA, PV
79  2011 Transesophageal echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary veins and left atrium in patients undergoing atrial fibrillation ablation. AF, PV, TEE
80  2010 Atrial autonomic innervation remodelling and atrial fibrillation inducibility after epicardial ganglionic plexi ablation. AF, ANP, RA
81  2010 Autonomic denervation with magnetic nanoparticles. ARGP, IRGP, NIPA-M
82  2010 Ganglionated plexi ablation for longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation. AF, PV
83  2010 Left atrial ablation at the anatomic areas of ganglionated plexi for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AF
84  2010 Short-term autonomic denervation of the atria using botulinum toxin. AF, LA-IVC, RA-PV, VS
85  2009 An acute experimental model demonstrating 2 different forms of sustained atrial tachyarrhythmias. AF
86  2009 Autonomic mechanism for initiation of rapid firing from atria and pulmonary veins: evidence by ablation of ganglionated plexi. AF, HFS, LOM, PV
87  2009 Complex fractionated atrial electrograms at anatomic sites of ganglionated plexi in atrial fibrillation. AF, CFAEs, LA
88  2009 Linear left atrial lesions in minimally invasive surgical ablation of persistent atrial fibrillation: techniques for assessing conduction block across surgical lesions. CCB, LA, MIS, P-LSP, PV
89  2009 Localization of left atrial ganglionated plexi in patients with atrial fibrillation. AF, HFS, ICANS
90  2009 Pathophysiologic basis of autonomic ganglionated plexus ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation. AF, FAP, PV
91  2009 Selective ganglionated plexi ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. AF, PAF
92  2009 The Autonomic Nervous System and Atrial Fibrillation:The Roles of Pulmonary Vein Isolation and Ganglionated Plexi Ablation. AF, AFL, ICANS, PVI, PVs
93  2009 The role of ganglionated plexi in apnea-related atrial fibrillation. AF, RPA
94  2008 An acute model for atrial fibrillation arising from a peripheral atrial site: evidence for primary and secondary triggers. AA, ACh, AF, CFAE, MAP, PV
95  2008 Atrial fibrillation begets atrial fibrillation: autonomic mechanism for atrial electrical remodeling induced by short-term rapid atrial pacing. AF, ERP, TH
96  2008 Autonomic mechanism for complex fractionated atrial electrograms: evidence by fast fourier transform analysis. AA, CFAE
97  2008 Combined effect of pulmonary vein isolation and ablation of cardiac autonomic nerves for atrial fibrillation. AF, LI, LS, PV, PVI, RI, RS
98  2007 Autonomic ganglionated plexi: characterization and effect of epicardial microwave ablation in a canine model of vagally induced acute atrial fibrillation. AF, HFS, IVC-MPV, LOM, RPV
99  2007 Ganglionated plexi modulate extrinsic cardiac autonomic nerve input: effects on sinus rate, atrioventricular conduction, refractoriness, and inducibility of atrial fibrillation. AF, ANS, ARGP, IRGP, SLGP, SR, VR
100  2007 Preliminary results of a limited thoracotomy: new approach to treat atrial fibrillation. AF, PV, RF