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Abbreviation : GRIP1
Long Form : glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Possible involvement of the competition for the transcriptional coactivator glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 in the inflammatory signal-dependent suppression of PXR-mediated CYP3A induction invitro. AP-1, NF-kappaB, PXR
2018 Cigarette Smoke Extract Disrupts Transcriptional Activities Mediated by Thyroid Hormones and Its Receptors. CSE, PBS, SRC1, TH, TRs
2016 LXRalpha represses LPS-induced inflammatory responses by competing with IRF3 for GRIP1 in Kupffer cells. AST, IFN-beta, IL-10, IL-1beta, IRF3, LXRs, TLR4, TNF-alpha
2015 Novel CARM1-Interacting Protein, DZIP3, Is a Transcriptional Coactivator of Estrogen Receptor-alpha. CARM1, ER
2013 Dual roles for lysine 490 of promyelocytic leukemia protein in the transactivation of glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1. PML
2010 Glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation modulates transcription efficacy through GRIP-1 recruitment. ChIP, DEX, GILZ, GREs
2010 GRIP1 enhances estrogen receptor alpha-dependent extracellular matrix gene expression in chondrogenic cells. ER, ERE, GAG, MAPK, PCs, RT-PCR, siRNA, TGF
2010 Hakai acts as a coregulator of estrogen receptor alpha in breast cancer cells. ER, SRC-1
2009 GAS, a new glutamate-rich protein, interacts differentially with SRCs and is involved in oestrogen receptor function. AIB1, ERalpha, SRCs
10  2009 [Liver X receptor alpha inhibits LPS-induced inflammation by down-regulating IFR3 and GRIP1 in mouse Kupffer cells]. ELISA, IFN-beta, IL-1beta, IRF3, KCs, LPS, LXRalpha, TNF-alpha
11  2008 Molecular characterization of a B-ring unsaturated estrogen: implications for conjugated equine estrogen components of premarin. CEEs, HRT
12  2008 Recruitment of coactivator glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein 1 to an estrogen receptor transcription complex is regulated by the 3',5'-cyclic adenosine 5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase. ER, NRs, PKA, SRCs
13  2007 Estrogen-related receptor alpha1 transcriptional activities are regulated in part via the ErbB2/HER2 signaling pathway. ER, ERRalpha1, MAPK
14  2007 Orphan nuclear receptor TR2, a mediator of preadipocyte proliferation, is differentially regulated by RA through exchange of coactivator PCAF with corepressor RIP140 on a platform molecule GRIP1. RA, RIP140
15  2007 Physical and functional interactions of human papillomavirus E2 protein with nuclear receptor coactivators. HPV, NRs
16  2007 Surface-scanning mutational analysis of protein arginine methyltransferase 1: roles of specific amino acids in methyltransferase substrate specificity, oligomerization, and coactivator function. PRMT1
17  2006 AKT regulation of estrogen receptor beta transcriptional activity in breast cancer. AF-2, ER, PI3K, SRC1
18  2006 Identification of ligands with bicyclic scaffolds provides insights into mechanisms of estrogen receptor subtype selectivity. ERalpha, LBD
19  2006 Modulation of glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 (GRIP1) transactivation and co-activation activities through its C-terminal repression and self-association domains. CARM1
20  2006 p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase stimulates estrogen-mediated transcription and proliferation through the phosphorylation and potentiation of the p160 coactivator glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1. ERs
21  2006 Transcriptional intermediary factor 1alpha mediates physical interaction and functional synergy between the coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1 and glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 nuclear receptor coactivators. AD, CARM1, NRs, TIF1alpha
22  2005 Enhanced coactivator binding and transcriptional activation of mutant vitamin D receptors from patients with hereditary 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-resistant rickets by phosphorylation and vitamin D analogs. CBP, ChIP, GST, OA, VDR, WT
23  2005 From an enhanceosome to a repressosome: molecular antagonism between glucocorticoids and EGF leads to inhibition of wound healing. EGF, GC, MAPK, RA, SRC-1
24  2005 Interaction of beta-catenin and TIF2/GRIP1 in transcriptional activation by the androgen receptor. AR, TIF2
25  2005 Structural determinants of constitutive androstane receptor required for its glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein-1-mediated nuclear accumulation. CAR, mCAR, PB, XRS
26  2005 The human glucocorticoid receptor (hGR) beta isoform suppresses the transcriptional activity of hGRalpha by interfering with formation of active coactivator complexes. AF, hGR
27  2005 Transcriptional regulation of human UGT1A1 gene expression: activated glucocorticoid receptor enhances constitutive androstane receptor/pregnane X receptor-mediated UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 regulation with glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1. bp, CAR, GR, GRE, PXR, UGT
28  2004 Analysis of two CBP (cAMP-response-element-binding protein-binding protein) interacting sites in GRIP1 (glucocorticoid-receptor-interacting protein), and their importance for the function of GRIP1. AR, CARM1, CBP, SRC1
29  2004 Concerted activation of ETS protein ER81 by p160 coactivators, the acetyltransferase p300 and the receptor tyrosine kinase HER2/Neu. ACTR
30  2004 Coregulator recruitment and histone modifications in transcriptional regulation by the androgen receptor. AR, ChIP, CPA, NCoR, Pol II
31  2004 Estrogen response element-dependent regulation of transcriptional activation of estrogen receptors alpha and beta by coactivators and corepressors. AIB1, CARM1, CBP, ERalpha and ERbeta, EREs, NCoR, PRMT1, SMRT, SRA, SRC-1
32  2004 Molecular mechanisms involved in the growth stimulation of breast cancer cells by leptin. AIB1, ERK, SRC, STAT3
33  2004 The enhancement of nuclear receptor transcriptional activation by a mouse actin-binding protein, alpha actinin 2. mACTN2, NR
34  2003 Cellular context of coregulator and adaptor proteins regulates human adenovirus 5 early region 1A-dependent gene activation by the thyroid hormone receptor. E1A, NCoR, SNF, SWI, TH, TR
35  2003 Identification of a novel glucocorticoid receptor mutation in budesonide-resistant human bronchial epithelial cells. GR
36  2003 Receptor-interacting protein 140 binds c-Jun and inhibits estradiol-induced activator protein-1 activity by reversing glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 effect. AP-1, ERalpha, RIP140
37  2003 Tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor- and Fas-associated FLASH inhibit transcriptional activity of the glucocorticoid receptor by binding to and interfering with its interaction with p160 type nuclear receptor coactivators. FLASH, GR, NF-kappaB, NRB, TNF-alpha
38  2002 Developmentally regulated N-terminal variants of the nuclear receptor hepatocyte nuclear factor 4alpha mediate multiple interactions through coactivator and corepressor-histone deacetylase complexes. AF, CBP, HDAC, HNF, NR, SMRT
39  2002 Glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 mediates ligand-independent nuclear translocation and activation of constitutive androstane receptor in vivo. CAR, GST, PB
40  2002 Inhibitory cross-talk between estrogen receptor (ER) and constitutively activated androstane receptor (CAR). CAR inhibits ER-mediated signaling pathway by squelching p160 coactivators. CAR, ER, ERE
41  2002 p300 Modulates the BRCA1 inhibition of estrogen receptor activity. CBP
42  2001 DNA binding-independent transcriptional activation by the androgen receptor through triggering of coactivators. AR
43  2001 Glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein-1 and receptor-associated coactivator-3 differentially interact with the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and regulate VDR-retinoid X receptor transcriptional cross-talk. RAC3, VDR
44  2001 Isoform-specific transcriptional regulation by thyroid hormone receptors: hormone-independent activation operates through a steroid receptor mode of co-activator interaction. SRC-1
45  2001 Localization of glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein 1 in murine tissues using two novel polyclonal antibodies. ---
46  2001 Potentiation of estrogen receptor activation function 1 (AF-1) by Src/JNK through a serine 118-independent pathway. AF-1, CBP, ER
47  2001 The glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein 1 (GRIP1) localizes in discrete nuclear foci that associate with ND10 bodies and are enriched in components of the 26S proteasome. CBP, GFP, SRC
48  2000 Desethylamiodarone interferes with the binding of co-activator GRIP-1 to the beta 1-thyroid hormone receptor. DEA
49  2000 GCN5 and ADA adaptor proteins regulate triiodothyronine/GRIP1 and SRC-1 coactivator-dependent gene activation by the human thyroid hormone receptor. BRD, GCN5, HAT, hTRbeta1, NR, SRC-1
50  2000 Regulation of ligand-induced heterodimerization and coactivator interaction by the activation function-2 domain of the vitamin D receptor. AF-2, GST, ivtVDR, SRC-1
51  2000 Synergistic, p160 coactivator-dependent enhancement of estrogen receptor function by CARM1 and p300. ACTR, CARM1, CBP, ER, SRC-1
52  2000 Temporally distinct and ligand-specific recruitment of nuclear receptor-interacting peptides and cofactors to subnuclear domains containing the estrogen receptor. BFP, ER, GFP
53  1999 Coactivators for the orphan nuclear receptor RORalpha. PPAR
54  1999 Constitutive activation of transcription and binding of coactivator by estrogen-related receptors 1 and 2. ERE, GRE, SRC-1
55  1999 Hormone-independent transcriptional activation and coactivator binding by novel orphan nuclear receptor ERR3. ERR3
56  1999 Multiple signal input and output domains of the 160-kilodalton nuclear receptor coactivator proteins. AR, CBP, NR, SRC-1a
57  1999 Regulation of estrogen receptor activation of the prolactin enhancer/promoter by antagonistic activation function-2-interacting proteins. AF-2, ER, SRC-1a
58  1999 The estrogen receptor enhances AP-1 activity by two distinct mechanisms with different requirements for receptor transactivation functions. EREs
59  1999 Titration by estrogen receptor activation function-2 of targets that are downstream from coactivators. CBP, TR
60  1998 A novel natural mutation in the thyroid hormone receptor defines a dual functional domain that exchanges nuclear receptor corepressors and coactivators. CoAs, CoRs, NCoR, RTH
61  1998 Hormone-dependent coactivator binding to a hydrophobic cleft on nuclear receptors. SRC-1
62  1998 Nuclear receptor-binding sites of coactivators glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein 1 (GRIP1) and steroid receptor coactivator 1 (SRC-1): multiple motifs with different binding specificities. NR, SRC-1, TIF2
63  1997 GRIP1, a transcriptional coactivator for the AF-2 transactivation domain of steroid, thyroid, retinoid, and vitamin D receptors. HBDs, SRC-1, TIF2
64  1996 GRIP1, a novel mouse protein that serves as a transcriptional coactivator in yeast for the hormone binding domains of steroid receptors. HBD