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Abbreviation : Gel
Long Form : gelatin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 3D-Printing Biodegradable PU/PAAM/Gel Hydrogel Scaffold with High Flexibility and Self-Adaptibility to Irregular Defects for Nonload-Bearing Bone Regeneration. AAm, PAAm, PU, UV
2021 A hierarchical scaffold with a highly pore-interconnective 3D printed PLGA/n-HA framework and an extracellular matrix like gelatin network filler for bone regeneration. ECM, nHA, PH, PLGA
2021 A structure-supporting, self-healing, and high permeating hydrogel bioink for establishment of diverse homogeneous tissue-like constructs. AHA, CMC, PEG-SG, TSHSP
2021 Alginate, gelatin, and carboxymethyl cellulose coated nonwoven fabrics containing antimicrobial AgNPs for skin wound healing in rats. ALG, CMCS
2021 Alternative method for oral administration of insoluble toxins to rats. A prenatal study of L-mimosine. CO
2021 Biofabrication of skin tissue constructs using alginate, gelatin and diethylaminoethyl cellulose bioink. ALG, DCEL
2021 Bismuth subsalicylate incorporated in polycaprolactone-gelatin membranes by electrospinning to prevent bacterial colonization. BSS, GTR, PCL
2021 Characteristics of Nutraceutical Chewing Candy Formulations Based on Fermented Milk Permeate, Psyllium Husk, and Apple By-Products. App, CCN, CIT, EMs, GOS, LAB, MP, OA, PH, XY
2021 Cold-atmospheric plasma augments functionalities of hybrid polymeric carriers regenerating chronic wounds: In vivo experiments. CAP, HA, HSP, NIR, PPs
10  2021 Constructing a biomimetic nanocomposite with the in situ deposition of spherical hydroxyapatite nanoparticles to induce bone regeneration. BMSCs, HA, Sr
11  2021 Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate-Enhanced Calvarial Regeneration by Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on a Hydroxyapatite/Gelatin Scaffold. cAMP, HA, rBMSCs
12  2021 Delivery of Bioactive Gene Particles via Gelatin-Collagen-PEG-Based Electrospun Matrices. BMP-2, Col, GFP, pDNA, PEG, PEI
13  2021 Design and characterization of small-diameter tissue-engineered blood vessels constructed by electrospun polyurethane-core and gelatin-shell coaxial fiber. DMSO, FCS, HE, MEM, MES, NHS, PBS, PCL, PLA, PU
14  2021 Design of green coating material of combining rigid and flexible properties for the extraction of aminoglycosides residues. PVA
15  2021 Development of Cephradine-Loaded Gelatin/Polyvinyl Alcohol Electrospun Nanofibers for Effective Diabetic Wound Healing: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Assessments. Ceph, EE, FTIR, LC, LNFs, NFs, PVA, SEM, TGA, UV-vis
16  2021 Development of Gelatin-Silk Sericin Incorporated with Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel-Based Nanocomposite for Articular Cartilage Defects in Rat Knee Joint Repair. SS
17  2021 Effects of hydroxyethyl starch and gelatin on the risk of acute kidney injury following orthotopic liver transplantation: A multicenter retrospective comparative clinical study. CI, HES, OR
18  2021 Electrospun ethyl cellulose/poly caprolactone/gelatin nanofibers: The investigation of mechanical, antioxidant, and antifungal properties for food packaging. ECL, PCL, ZEO, ZnO
19  2021 Exploration of collagen cavitation based on peptide electrolysis. GlyGl
20  2021 Fabrication and characterization of electrospun biopolyester/gelatin nanofibers. PDL-CL
21  2021 Fabrication and in vitro evaluation of thermally cross-linked gelatin nanofibers for drug delivery applications. DOX, FT-IR
22  2021 Fabrication of Multiresponsive Magnetic Nanocomposite Double-Network Hydrogels for Controlled Release Applications. ncDN hydrogels, PDA
23  2021 Fabrication of nanocomposite/nanofibrous functionally graded biomimetic scaffolds for osteochondral tissue regeneration. CS, nHA, PCL, PVA
24  2021 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles/gelatin hydrogel system for bone regeneration and fracture treatment. HRTEM, UV-Vis
25  2021 Facile engineering of ECM-mimetic injectable dual crosslinking hydrogels with excellent mechanical resilience, tissue adhesion, and biocompatibility. CS, DC, ECM, hMSCs, PEG, SC
26  2021 Harnessing biocompatible nanofibers and silver nanoparticles for wound healing: Sandwich wound dressing versus commercial silver sulfadiazine dressing. PCL
27  2021 Hybrid Methacrylated Gelatin and Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Scaffolds. Preparation and Systematic Characterization for Prospective Tissue Engineering Applications. HA
28  2021 Impact of Protein-Enriched Plant Food Items on the Bioaccessibility and Cellular Uptake of Carotenoids. SC, SPI
29  2021 In Situ Synthesized Selenium Nanoparticles-Decorated Bacterial Cellulose/Gelatin Hydrogel with Enhanced Antibacterial, Antioxidant, and Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities for Facilitating Skin Wound Healing. BC, SeNPs
30  2021 In-vitro Characterization of a Hernia Mesh Featuring a Nanostructured Coating. PCL, PP
31  2021 Ionically and Enzymatically Dual Cross-Linked Oxidized Alginate Gelatin Hydrogels with Tunable Stiffness and Degradation Behavior for Tissue Engineering. ADA, HUVEC
32  2021 IR780 loaded gelatin-PEG coated gold core silica shell nanorods for cancer-targeted photothermal/photodynamic therapy. ---
33  2021 JK-2 loaded electrospun membrane for promoting bone regeneration. PCL
34  2021 Microstructured titanium functionalized by naringin inserted multilayers for promoting osteogenesis and inhibiting osteoclastogenesis. ALP, CHI, Col I, CTSK, Micro-Ti, NA, NFAT, OCN, OPG, OPN, TRAP, VATP
35  2021 MOFs-Based Nitric Oxide Therapy for Tendon Regeneration. MOFs, NO, PCL
36  2021 Multifunctional Electrospun Nanofibers Based on Biopolymer Blends and Magnetic Tubular Halloysite for Medical Applications. EDX, MHNT, PCL
37  2021 Novel fabrication and biological characterizations of AgNPs-decorated PEEK with gelatin functional nanocomposite to improve superior biomedical applications. ALP, PEEK
38  2021 Osteogenic Effect of a Biodegradable BMP-2 Hydrogel Injected into a Cannulated Mg Screw. BMPs
39  2021 Photocrosslinkable gelatin/collagen based bioinspired polyurethane-acrylate bone adhesives with biocompatibility and biodegradability. Col, IPDI
40  2021 Physico-mechanical and biological evaluation of an injectable m-TG cross-linked thrombin loaded amended gelatin hemostat to heal liver trauma. MTG, TB
41  2021 Porous Composite Granules with Potential Function of Bone Substitute and Simvastatin Releasing System: A Preliminary Study. CaPs, SA, Se-HA, SEM, Zn-DCPD
42  2021 Propolis-Based Nanofiber Patches to Repair Corneal Microbial Keratitis. MSCs, Ps, PVA
43  2021 Raman spectroscopy assisted biochemical evaluation of L929 fibroblast cells on differentially crosslinked gelatin hydrogels. GTA
44  2021 Synthesis and experimental/computational characterization of sorghum procyanidins-gelatin nanoparticles. PB1, PCs, SEM, TEAC, TEM
45  2021 Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of curcumin-loaded endodontic reparative material. CUR, hDPSCs, PCL, TGA
46  2021 The potential utility of hybrid photo-crosslinked hydrogels with non-immunogenic component for cartilage repair. ALP, DCM, HA
47  2021 Thermoplastic cassava starch blend with polyethylene-grafted-maleic anhydride and gelatin core-shell structure compatibilizer. PEMAH, TPS
48  2021 Three-dimensional-poly(lactic acid) scaffolds coated with gelatin/magnesium-doped nano-hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering. mMSCs, nHAp, PLA
49  2021 Water Uptake as a Crucial Factor on the Properties of Cryogels of Gelatine Cross-Linked by Dextran Dialdehyde. BET, CLSM, DDA, DVS, GAB, NLSF
50  2020 3D Printed Polycaprolactone/Gelatin/Bacterial Cellulose/Hydroxyapatite Composite Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering. BC, HA, PCL
51  2020 3D printing and characterization of human nasoseptal chondrocytes laden dual crosslinked oxidized alginate-gelatin hydrogels for cartilage repair approaches. ADA, MTG
52  2020 3D Printing of Cytocompatible Graphene/Alginate Scaffolds for Mimetic Tissue Constructs. ADSC, ALG, GO
53  2020 3D-poly (lactic acid) scaffolds coated with gelatin and mucic acid for bone tissue engineering. CAD, MA
54  2020 A bio-inspired magnetic natural hydrogel containing gelatin and alginate as a drug delivery system for cancer chemotherapy. ALG, DDS, DOX, MNPs, SEM, TEM
55  2020 Antibacterial composite membranes of polycaprolactone/gelatin loaded with zinc oxide nanoparticles for guided tissue regeneration. GTR, PCL
56  2020 Antibiotic-loaded chitosan-gelatin scaffolds for infected seawater immersion wound healing. CS, GMs-CIP
57  2020 Biomimetic Composite Scaffold Based on Naturally Derived Biomaterials. AFSC, BA, CS, ESM, HAP
58  2020 Biopolymer surface modification of PLGA fibers enhances interfacial shear strength and supports immobilization of rhGDF-5 in fiber-reinforced brushite cement. BMPs, CHI, CPCs, HA, LbL, PEMs
59  2020 Biopolymeric films as delivery vehicles for controlled release of hydrocortisone: Promising devices to treat chronic skin diseases. AD, DNCB, HC
60  2020 Blending Gelatin and Cellulose Nanofibrils: Biocomposites with Tunable Degradability and Mechanical Behavior. CNFs, DHT, hMSCs
61  2020 Dual spinneret electrospun nanofibrous/gel structure of chitosan-gelatin/chitosan-hyaluronic acid as a wound dressing: In-vitro and in-vivo studies. ATR-FTIR, CS, ECM, HA, TGA
62  2020 Effect of electrical stimulation on chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells cultured in hyaluronic acid - Gelatin injectable hydrogels. ES, HA, MSCs
63  2020 Effect of flotation and vegetal fining agents on the aromatic characteristics of Malvasia del Lazio (Vitis vinifera L.) wine. LEGCHIT, LEGYEAST, VOCs
64  2020 Effects of Hyaluronan Molecular Weight on the Lubrication of Cartilage-Emulating Boundary Layers. AFM, COF, HHA, HSPC, LHA, MHA, MW, SFB
65  2020 Electrospinning of bioactive polycaprolactone-gelatin nanofibres with increased pore size for cartilage tissue engineering applications. PCL, PEG
66  2020 Fabrication and characterization of PVA/CS-PCL/gel multi-scale electrospun scaffold: simulating extracellular matrix for enhanced cellular infiltration and proliferation. CS, MSCs, SEM
67  2020 Fluid Therapy With Gelatin May Have Deleterious Effects on Kidney Function: An Observational Trial. AKI, HES, OR, RRT
68  2020 Freeze-Dried Matrices for Buccal Administration of Propranolol in Children: Physico-Chemical and Functional Characterization. CH, CH/HPMC, GT, HA, HPMC, PEC
69  2020 Gelatin grafted poly(D,L-lactide) as an inhibitor of protein aggregation: An in vitro case study. AD, AFM, BSA, CD, ss-pLG
70  2020 Glioblastoma cell adhesion properties through bacterial cellulose nanocrystals in polycaprolactone/gelatin electrospun nanofibers. BCNC, GBM, PCL
71  2020 Hierarchical patterning via dynamic sacrificial printing of stimuli-responsive hydrogels. CHIT
72  2020 Hybrid gelatin/oxidized chondroitin sulfate hydrogels incorporating bioactive glass nanoparticles with enhanced mechanical properties, mineralization, and osteogenic differentiation. MBGNs, OCS
73  2020 In Vivo Imaging of Composite Hydrogel Scaffold Degradation Using CEST MRI and Two-Color NIR Imaging. CEST MRI, HA
74  2020 Influence of soy and whey protein, gelatin and sodium caseinate on carotenoid bioaccessibility. GI, RDA, SC, SPI
75  2020 Material-Dependent Formation and Degradation of Bone Matrix-Comparison of Two Cryogels. M-CSF, OPG, PRP
76  2020 Mechanical strength improvement of chitosan/hydroxyapatite scaffolds by coating and cross-linking. CS/HA, GA, IR, SEM, XRD
77  2020 Mimicking Natural Microenvironments: Design of 3D-Aligned Hybrid Scaffold for Dentin Regeneration. CHIT, DHT, HA, MgHA
78  2020 Physicochemical and In Vitro Degradation Behaviors of Fibrous Membranes with Different Polycaprolactone and Gelatin Proportions. GTR/GBR, P1G9, PCL
79  2020 Polycaprolactone/Gelatin/Hyaluronic Acid Electrospun Scaffolds to Mimic Glioblastoma Extracellular Matrix. DSC, ECM, FTIR, GBM, HA, PCL
80  2020 Polysaccharide/gelatin blend films as carriers of ascorbyl palmitate - A comparative study. AP, GAR, OSA, WSSP
81  2020 Substance P-embedded multilayer on titanium substrates promotes local osseointegration via MSC recruitment. CHI, LbL, MSC, SP, Ti
82  2020 Synthesis and characterization of thermosensitive hydrogel based on quaternized chitosan for intranasal delivery of insulin. ---
83  2020 Ternary hydrogels with tunable mechanical and self-healing properties based on the synergistic effects of multiple dynamic bonds. OSA, PVA
84  2020 The performance of 3D bioscaffolding based on a human periodontal ligament stem cell printing technique. hPDLSCs, na-HA, SA
85  2019 3D Bio-Printing of CS/Gel/HA/Gr Hybrid Osteochondral Scaffolds. BMSCs, CS, Gr, HA
86  2019 3D printing of silk fibroin-based hybrid scaffold treated with platelet rich plasma for bone tissue engineering. ALP, HA, HADMSC, PRP, SF, TCP
87  2019 3D-Printing of Microfibrous Porous Scaffolds Based on Hybrid Approaches for Bone Tissue Engineering. ALP, Col I, nHA, OC, PLGA
88  2019 Biomimetic synthesis of Mg-substituted hydroxyapatite nanocomposites and three-dimensional printing of composite scaffolds for bone regeneration. ALP, CA, CHI, OCN
89  2019 Building polyphenol and gelatin films as implant coating, evaluating from in vitro and in vivo performances. ROS, TA
90  2019 Chitosan and gelatin-based electrospun fibers for bone tissue engineering. BTE, CS
91  2019 Coaxial Extrusion of Tubular Tissue Constructs Using a Gelatin/GelMA Blend Bioink. GelMA
92  2019 Development of 3D Biofabricated Cell Laden Hydrogel Vessels and a Low-Cost Desktop Printed Perfusion Chamber for In Vitro Vessel Maturation. ADA, NHDF, PC
93  2019 Development of a Novel Electroactive Cardiac Patch Based on Carbon Nanofibers and Gelatin Encouraging Vascularization. CNFs, SEM
94  2019 Dynamics of hydration water in gelatin and hyaluronic acid hydrogels. BDS, HA
95  2019 Electrospun PCL/Gel-aligned scaffolds enhance the biomechanical strength in tendon repair. PCL
96  2019 Enteric-Coated Sodium Bicarbonate Attenuates Gastrointestinal Side-Effects. DEL, ENT, GI
97  2019 Enzymatically gellable gelatin improves nano-hydroxyapatite-alginate microcapsule characteristics for modular bone tissue formation. Alg-Gel, ALP, nHA, Ph
98  2019 Fabrication of polycaprolactone tubular scaffolds with an orthogonal-bilayer structure for smooth muscle cells. ATR-FTIR, PCL
99  2019 Gelatin-stabilized composites of silver nanoparticles and curcumin: characterization, antibacterial and antioxidant study. CUR
100  2019 Investigation of interference from synthetic colloids on the performance of a canine neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin immunoassay. HES, NGAL