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Abbreviation : Gfi1
Long Form : growth factor independence 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Epigenetic Regulation of Gfi1 in Endocrine-Related Cancers: a Role Regulating Tumor Growth. AAT, ACT
2020 Evaluation of growth factor independence 1 expression in patients with de novo acute myeloid leukemia. AML, APL, MPO
2020 GFI-1 Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Responses and Apoptosis by Inhibition of the NF-kappaB/TNF-alpha Pathway in H9c2 Cells. LPS
2019 Gfi1-GCE inducible Cre line for hair cell-specific gene manipulation in mouse inner ear. Gfi1-GCE
2019 Growth Factor-Independent 1 Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Colorectal Cancer. ---
2019 MiR-650 regulates the proliferation, migration and invasion of human oral cancer by targeting growth factor independent 1 (Gfi1). ---
2019 Reduced expression but not deficiency of GFI1 causes a fatal myeloproliferative disease in mice. KD
2019 Role of GFI1 in Epigenetic Regulation of MDS and AML Pathogenesis: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications. AML, MDS, SNP
2018 Growth factor independence 1 expression in myeloma cells enhances their growth, survival, and osteoclastogenesis. BMSCs, MM
10  2018 LSD1 inhibitors disrupt the GFI1 transcription repressor complex. ---
11  2017 Enforced GFI1 expression impedes human and murine leukemic cell growth. AML, HSCs, TFs
12  2017 Gfi1-Foxo1 axis controls the fidelity of effector gene expression and developmental maturation of thymocytes. DP, FOXO1, SP, TCR
13  2017 Neutrophil Elastase Regulates Emergency Myelopoiesis Preceding Systemic Inflammation in Diet-induced Obesity. HFD, NE
14  2017 Prognostic significance of high GFI1 expression in AML of normal karyotype and its association with a FLT3-ITD signature. AML, MDS
15  2017 Terminally Differentiating Eosinophils Express Neutrophil Primary Granule Proteins as well as Eosinophil-specific Granule Proteins in a Temporal Manner. C/EBPA, CB, CD, CTSG, ESGPs, MBP-1, NPGPs
16  2017 The role of the transcriptional repressor growth factor independent 1 in the formation of myeloid cells. ---
17  2017 Transcription Factor GFI1B in Health and Disease. HSCs, TFs
18  2016 AMPK promotes osteogenesis and inhibits adipogenesis through AMPK-Gfi1-OPN axis. AMPK, BMSC, OPN
19  2016 Epigenetic therapy as a novel approach for GFI136N-associated murine/human AML. AML
20  2016 GFI1 functions in transcriptional control and cell fate determination require SNAG domain methylation to recruit LSD1. ---
21  2016 GFI1(36N) as a therapeutic and prognostic marker for myelodysplastic syndrome. HSC
22  2016 Sudden infant death syndrome: exposure to cigarette smoke leads to hypomethylation upstream of the growth factor independent 1 (GFI1) gene promoter. SIDS
23  2016 SUMOylation Regulates Growth Factor Independence 1 in Transcriptional Control and Hematopoiesis. ---
24  2016 The transcriptional repressor Gfi1 prevents lupus autoimmunity by restraining TLR7 signaling. ABCs, DCs, GC, SLE
25  2015 Growth Factor Independence-1 (Gfi1) Is Required for Pancreatic Acinar Unit Formation and Centroacinar Cell Differentiation. CACs
26  2015 The transcriptional corepressor MTGR1 regulates intestinal secretory lineage allocation. GSI, MTGR1
27  2014 Classification of DNA minor and major grooves binding proteins according to the NLSs by data analysis methods. CENP-B, MSE, NLSs, Oct, PseAAC
28  2014 Gfi-1 regulates the erythroid transcription factor network through Id2 repression in murine hematopoietic progenitor cells. BMCs, CMPs, HPCs, HSCs, Id2
29  2014 Multicolor analysis of cell surface marker of human leukemia cell lines using flow cytometry. CEBPalpha, FOG-1, GATA2, NOTCH1
30  2014 Regulation of histamine synthesis and tryptase expression through transcription factors, growth factor independent 1 (Gfi1) and Gfi1b, in murine cultured mast cells. SCF
31  2014 Systems approach to phagocyte production and activation: neutrophils and monocytes. G-CSF
32  2014 Therapeutic antagonists of microRNAs deplete leukemia-initiating cell activity. AML, HOX
33  2014 [Complicated effects of Gfi-1 on proliferation and apoptosis of murine 32D cells]. STAT3
34  2014 [Myeloma bone disease]. MM
36  2013 Growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1) as a regulator of p53 activity and a new therapeutical target for ALL. ALL
37  2013 Growth factor independence 1 antagonizes a p53-induced DNA damage response pathway in lymphoblastic leukemia. ALL
38  2013 Growth factor independent-1 maintains Notch1-dependent transcriptional programming of lymphoid precursors. ETP, LMPP, T-ALL
39  2013 Inhibitory role of the transcription repressor Gfi1 in the generation of thymus-derived regulatory T cells. reg, reg
40  2013 Potential roles for Gfi1 in the pathogenesis and proliferation of glioma. FPS, GBM, OS, TMZ
41  2012 A hypomorphic mutation in the Gfi1 transcriptional repressor results in a novel form of neutropenia. BM
42  2012 CD8 lineage-specific regulation of interleukin-7 receptor expression by the transcriptional repressor Gfi1. BAC, IL-7Ralpha
43  2012 Growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1) regulates cell-fate decision of a bipotential granulocytic-monocytic precursor defined by expression of Gfi1 and CD48. ---
44  2012 The human GFI136N variant induces epigenetic changes at the Hoxa9 locus and accelerates K-RAS driven myeloproliferative disorder in mice. AML
45  2011 Growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1) as a regulator of lymphocyte development and activation. ---
46  2011 Growth factor independence 1 protects hematopoietic stem cells against apoptosis but also prevents the development of a myeloproliferative-like disease. HSCs, WT
47  2010 A role of Miz-1 in Gfi-1-mediated transcriptional repression of CDKN1A. Cip1, TGF-beta, ZF
48  2010 A variant allele of Growth Factor Independence 1 (GFI1) is associated with acute myeloid leukemia. AML
49  2010 Altered functional balance of Gfi-1 and Gfi-1b as an alternative cause of reticular dysgenesis? AK2, RD, SCID
50  2010 Coordination of IL-7 receptor and T-cell receptor signaling by cell-division cycle 42 in T-cell homeostasis. Cdc42, IL-7R, PAK1, TCR
51  2010 Gfi1 and Gfi1b: key regulators of hematopoiesis. ---
52  2010 Gfi1 expression is controlled by five distinct regulatory regions spread over 100 kilobases, with Scl/Tal1, Gata2, PU.1, Erg, Meis1, and Runx1 acting as upstream regulators in early hematopoietic cells. HSC
53  2010 Gfi1-cells and circuits: unraveling transcriptional networks of development and disease. ---
54  2010 Identification of Zfp521/ZNF521 as a cooperative gene for E2A-HLF to develop acute B-lineage leukemia. ALL, iKI, Zfp521
55  2010 Repression of Id2 expression by Gfi-1 is required for B-cell and myeloid development. ---
56  2010 The growth factor independence-1 (Gfi1) is overexpressed in chronic myelogenous leukemia. CML
57  2010 The transcription factor Gfi1 regulates G-CSF signaling and neutrophil development through the Ras activator RasGRP1. G-CSF, RasGRP1, STAT1
58  2010 Up-regulation of growth factor independence 1 in endotoxin tolerant macrophages with low secretion of TNF-alpha and IL-6. LPS
59  2010 [Expression of growth-factor independence 1 in patients with leukemia and its significance]. ALL, AML, CML, IDA, qRT-PCR, RT-PCR
60  2009 Down-regulation of Gfi-1 expression by TGF-beta is important for differentiation of Th17 and CD103+ inducible regulatory T cells. IL, iTreg
61  2009 Gfi1 integrates progenitor versus granulocytic transcriptional programming. SCN
62  2009 Gfi1 negatively regulates T(h)17 differentiation by inhibiting RORgammat activity. iTreg
63  2009 Gfi1 regulates miR-21 and miR-196b to control myelopoiesis. G-CSF, SCN
64  2009 Loss of function genetic screens reveal MTGR1 as an intracellular repressor of beta1 integrin-dependent neurite outgrowth. GSEs, MTG8, MTGR1
65  2009 Loss of MicroRNA targets in the 3' untranslated region as a mechanism of retroviral insertional activation of growth factor independence 1. 3'UTR
66  2008 Ajuba functions as a histone deacetylase-dependent co-repressor for autoregulation of the growth factor-independent-1 transcription factor. ---
67  2008 Gfi1.1 regulates hematopoietic lineage differentiation during zebrafish embryogenesis. hbae1, HSCs, MO
68  2008 Mutations in growth factor independent-1 associated with human neutropenia block murine granulopoiesis through colony stimulating factor-1. ELA2, SCN
69  2007 Cooperative interaction between ETS1 and GFI1 transcription factors in the repression of Bax gene expression. Luc
70  2007 Gfi1 ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation is inhibited by the ubiquitin ligase Triad1. ---
71  2007 Growth factor independence-1 (Gfi-1) plays a role in mediating specific granule deficiency (SGD) in a patient lacking a gene-inactivating mutation in the C/EBPepsilon gene. SGD, SGD, SGP
72  2007 HOXA10 is a critical regulator for hematopoietic stem cells and erythroid/megakaryocyte development. DKK1, HLF, HOX, HSCs
73  2007 Loss of GFI1 impairs pulmonary neuroendorine cell proliferation, but the neuroendocrine phenotype has limited impact on post-naphthalene airway repair. NE, PNEC, SCLC
74  2007 Molecular mechanism of upregulation of survivin transcription by the AT-rich DNA-binding ligand, Hoechst33342: evidence for survivin involvement in drug resistance. EMSA
75  2007 Role of oncoprotein growth factor independent-1 (GFI1) in repression of 25-hydroxyvitamin D 1alpha-hydroxylase (CYP27B1): a comparative analysis in human prostate cancer and kidney cells. ---
76  2007 Transcription factor Gfi-1 induced by G-CSF is a negative regulator of CXCR4 in myeloid cells. G-CSF
77  2006 Age and vitamin E-induced changes in gene expression profiles of T cells. ---
78  2006 Altered IL-7Ralpha expression with aging and the potential implications of IL-7 therapy on CD8+ T-cell immune responses. GABPalpha, IL-7R, TCR
79  2006 Gfi-1 plays an important role in IL-2-mediated Th2 cell expansion. ---
80  2006 The growth factor independence-1 transcription factor: new functions and new insights. SCN
81  2006 ZNF652, a novel zinc finger protein, interacts with the putative breast tumor suppressor CBFA2T3 to repress transcription. ---
82  2005 Gfi-1 takes center stage in hematopoietic stem cells. HSCs
83  2005 Gfi1 coordinates epigenetic repression of p21Cip/WAF1 by recruitment of histone lysine methyltransferase G9a and histone deacetylase 1. HDAC1
84  2005 Identification of growth factor independent-1 (GFI1) as a repressor of 25-hydroxyvitamin D 1-alpha hydroxylase (CYP27B1) gene expression in human prostate cancer cells. ---
85  2005 Periodontal status in two siblings with severe congenital neutropenia: diagnosis and mutational analysis of the cases. SCN
86  2005 The zinc finger transcription factor Growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1). ---
87  2004 Gfi1:green fluorescent protein knock-in mutant reveals differential expression and autoregulation of the growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1) gene during lymphocyte development. GFP
88  2004 Growth factor independence-1 is expressed in primary human neuroendocrine lung carcinomas and mediates the differentiation of murine pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. ASH1
89  2004 Parapineal specific expression of gfi1 in the zebrafish epithalamus. ---
90  2004 Targeted transcriptional repression of Gfi1 by GFI1 and GFI1B in lymphoid cells. ---
91  2004 Transcription profiling of inner ears from Pou4f3(ddl/ddl) identifies Gfi1 as a target of the Pou4f3 deafness gene. ---
92  2003 CCAAT-binding factor regulates expression of the beta1 subunit of soluble guanylyl cyclase gene in the BE2 human neuroblastoma cell line. CBF, cGMP, EMSA, NO, sGC
93  2003 Growth factor independence-1B expression leads to defects in T cell activation, IL-7 receptor alpha expression, and T cell lineage commitment. ---
94  2002 Growth factor independent-1 induced by IL-4 regulates Th2 cell proliferation. ---
95  2000 Cloning and characterization of the TATA-less promoter from the human GFI1 proto-oncogene. ---
96  1993 Progression of interleukin-2 (IL-2)-dependent rat T cell lymphoma lines to IL-2-independent growth following activation of a gene (Gfi-1) encoding a novel zinc finger protein. IL-2, IL-2i, Mo-MuLV