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Abbreviation : GuHCl
Long Form : guanidinium hydrochloride
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Identification of prolargin expression in articular cartilage and its significance in rheumatoid arthritis pathology. 2DE, CPC, OA, RA
2016 Residual structures in the unfolded state of starch-binding domain of glucoamylase revealed by near-UV circular dichroism and protein engineering techniques. SBD
2013 Histological characterization of bone marrow in ectopic bone, induced by devitalized Saos-2 human osteosarcoma cells. ---
2011 Structural stability as a probe for molecular evolution of homologous albumins studied by spectroscopy and bioinformatics. PSA, RSA
2010 Monitoring local unfolding of bovine serum albumin during denaturation using steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. ANS, BSA
2008 Formation of a molten globule like state in bovine serum albumin at alkaline pH. ANS
2008 Native and unfolded cytochrome c--comparison of dynamics using 2D-IR vibrational echo spectroscopy. CD, h-cyt c
2008 Using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to study conformational changes in denatured proteins. AK, FCS
2006 Effect of denaturants on the structure and activity of 3-hydroxybenzoate-6-hydroxylase. SDS
10  2006 Protein stabilization by specific binding of guanidinium to a functional arginine-binding surface on an SH3 domain. ---
11  2005 Normal labor associated with changes in uterine heparan sulfate proteoglycan expression and localization. DEAE, ECM, HS, HSPGs, SDS-PAGE, TFMS
12  2005 Trehalose and 6-aminohexanoic acid stabilize and renature glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase inactivated by glycation and by guanidinium hydrochloride. AHA, G6PD
13  2004 Partial characterisation of high-molecular weight glycoconjugates in the trail mucus of the freshwater pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis. ---
14  2003 In vitro unfolding, refolding, and polymerization of human gammaD crystallin, a protein involved in cataract formation. HgammaD-Crys
15  2003 The role of a putative microfibrillar protein (80 kDa) in abdominal aortic aneurysm disease. AAA, Ig, PBS
16  2002 Guanidinium chloride induced unfolding of a hemocyanin subunit from Carcinus aestuarii. II. Holo form. ANS, far UV CD, Hc, LS
17  2002 The denaturation of circular enterocin AS-48 by urea and guanidinium hydrochloride. ---
18  1999 Conformationally changed cytochrome c-mediated fusion of enzyme- and substrate-containing liposomes. ILC, POPC
19  1999 Extremely high thermal stability of streptavidin and avidin upon biotin binding. AVD, STV
20  1999 Oxidative refolding of Denatured/Reduced lysozyme utilizing the chaperone-like function of liposomes and immobilized liposome chromatography ILC, POPC, SUVs
21  1999 Pressure-jump studies of the folding/unfolding of trp repressor. ANS
22  1998 Immobilized liposome chromatography for studies of protein-membrane interactions and refolding of denatured bovine carbonic anhydrase. CAB, SUVs
23  1997 Preliminary characterization of bovine beta-lactoglobulin after its conjugation to polyethylene glycol. beta-LG, FTIR
24  1996 Disulfide bonds are necessary for structure and activity in Aspergillus ficuum phytase. ---
25  1996 Immunological discrimination of diverse forms of human alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor. alpha 1-PI, RSL
26  1996 Molten globule intermediate of recombinant human growth hormone: stabilization with surfactants. 1,8-ANS, EPR, rhGH
27  1995 Probing local secondary structure by fluorescence: time-resolved and circular dichroism studies of highly purified neurotoxins. TRFS, Trp
28  1993 Morphological and biochemical analyses of amyloid plaque core proteins purified from Alzheimer disease brain tissue. ---
29  1993 Partially purified reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) bone morphogenetic protein has a high bone-forming activity compared with some other artiodactyls. BMP
30  1992 Bone-inducing agent (BIA) from cultured human Saos-2 osteosarcoma cells. BIA, BIA
31  1991 Lipoxygenases from soybeans and rabbit reticulocytes: inactivation and iron release. ---
32  1991 Synthesis of abnormal articular cartilage proteoglycans in rapidly destructive arthropathy (osteoarthritis). DS, GAG, HA, RDA
33  1990 Chondrogenic stimulation of embryonic chick limb mesenchymal cells by factors in bovine and human dentine extracts. ---
34  1990 Evidence for an inhibitor of osteoclast attachment in dentinal matrix. ---
35  1984 A second component in bovine AA amyloid fibrils not identical with protein AA is essential for AA amyloid fibrillogenesis. ---
36  1983 The effects of postoperative joint immobilization on articular cartilage degeneration following meniscectomy. PG
37  1979 Studies on guinea-pig macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF). II. Purification of MIF after treatment with reducing and denaturing agents. 2-ME, MIF, mol. wt, PAGE, SDS