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Abbreviation : HAstVs
Long Form : Human astroviruses
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Human Astrovirus VA1 Encephalitis in Pediatric Patients With Cancer: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature. ---
2021 Prevalence of astrovirus, adenovirus, and sapovirus infections among Iranian children with acute gastroenteritis. SaVs
2021 Protein Disulfide Isomerase A4 Is Involved in Genome Uncoating during Human Astrovirus Cell Entry. PDIA4
2020 Complete genome of a novel recombinant human astrovirus and its quasispecies in patients following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. allo-HSCT
2020 Epidemiology and Genetic Characterization of Classical Human Astrovirus Infection in Shanghai, 2015-2016. ---
2019 Development of a novel DNA based reverse genetics system for classic human astroviruses. ---
2019 Molecular Epidemiology of Human Astrovirus in Stool Samples From Patients With Acute Gastroenteritis in Korea, 2013-2017. ---
2019 Upregulation of CHOP participates in caspase activation and virus release in human astrovirus-infected cells. ATF4, CHOP, ds, eIF2alpha, ER, PKR, RC, UPR
2018 Epidemiology of human astroviruses among children younger than 5 years: Prospective hospital-based sentinel surveillance in South Africa, 2009-2014. aOR, HIV
10  2018 Isolation of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies to Human Astrovirus and Characterization of Virus Variants That Escape Neutralization. Nt-MAbs
11  2017 Structural Basis for Escape of Human Astrovirus from Antibody Neutralization: Broad Implications for Rational Vaccine Design. HAstV-2, MAb PL-2
12  2016 Complete genome sequencing of a recombinant strain between human astrovirus antigen types 2 and 8 isolated from South Korea. ORFs
13  2016 Molecular characterization of classic human astrovirus in eastern China, as revealed by environmental sewage surveillance. RT-PCR
14  2016 Structure of a Human Astrovirus Capsid-Antibody Complex and Mechanistic Insights into Virus Neutralization. ---
15  2016 Temporal variation in the distribution of type-1 human astrovirus lineages in a settled population over 14years. ---
16  2016 Viral metagenomics of fecal samples from non-human primates revealed human astrovirus in a chimpanzee, China. NHPs
17  2015 Genetic heterogeneity and recombination in type-3 human astroviruses. ---
18  2015 Structural, Mechanistic, and Antigenic Characterization of the Human Astrovirus Capsid. CP
19  2015 Type I interferon response is delayed in human astrovirus infections. IFN
20  2015 Wastewater Analysis Indicates that Genetically Diverse Astroviruses, Including Strains Belonging to Novel Clades MLB and VA, Are Circulating within Japanese Populations. AstV, RT-PCR
21  2014 Analysis of the ORF2 of human astroviruses reveals lineage diversification, recombination and rearrangement and provides the basis for a novel sub-classification system. ---
22  2014 Environmental surveillance for human astrovirus in Shandong Province, China in 2013. RT-PCR
23  2013 Epidemiology and genetic diversity of human astrovirus infection among hospitalized patients with acute diarrhea in Bangladesh from 2010 to 2012. ---
24  2013 Lineage diversification and recombination in type-4 human astroviruses. ---
25  2013 Novel human astrovirus strains showing multiple recombinations within highly conserved ORF1b detected from hospitalized acute watery diarrhea cases in Kolkata, India. ---
26  2012 Emerging trends in the epidemiology of human astrovirus infection among infants, children and adults hospitalized with acute watery diarrhea in Kolkata, India. AGE
27  2012 Immature and mature human astrovirus: structure, conformational changes, and similarities to hepatitis E virus. HEV
28  2012 Nationwide surveillance study of human astrovirus infections in an Italian paediatric population. ---
29  2011 Astrovirus MLB1 is not associated with diarrhea in a cohort of Indian children. ---
30  2010 Complete genome sequence of human astrovirus genotype 6. ---
31  2010 Development of real-time and nested RT-PCR to detect astrovirus and one-year survey of astrovirus in Jiangmen City, China. AGE
32  2010 Molecular characterization of astrovirus infection in children with diarrhea in Beijing, 2005-2007. ---
33  2010 Molecular characterization of partial-open reading frames 1a and 2 of the human astroviruses in South Korea. ORF
34  2009 Human astrovirus coat protein binds C1q and MBL and inhibits the classical and lectin pathways of complement activation. C1s-C1r-C1r-C1s, CP
35  2007 Human astrovirus coat protein inhibits serum complement activation via C1, the first component of the classical pathway. CP, HAstV-1
36  2007 Identification of human astrovirus infections among children with acute gastroenteritis in the Southern Part of Vietnam during 2005-2006. ---
37  2006 Characterization of an astrovirus genotype 2 strain causing an extensive outbreak of gastroenteritis among Maxakali Indians, Southeast Brazil. ---
38  2006 Human astroviruses in raw sewage samples in Hungary. RT-PCR
39  2006 Quantitation of human astrovirus by real-time reverse-transcription-polymerase chain reaction to examine correlation with clinical illness. ---
40  2003 Molecular characterization and sequence analysis of human astroviruses circulating in Hungary. ---
41  2003 Prevalence and characterization of astroviruses in Argentinean children with acute gastroenteritis. EIA, RT-PCR
42  2001 Molecular epidemiology of human astrovirus diarrhea among children from a periurban community of Mexico City. RT-PCR
43  2001 Molecular epidemiology of human astroviruses. ---
44  1997 Propagation of human astrovirus in the PLC/PRF/5 hepatoma cell line. ---