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Abbreviation : HBP
Long Form : hepatobiliary phase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Ascites relative enhancement during hepatobiliary phase after Gd-BOPTA administration: a new promising tool for characterising abdominal free fluid of unknown origin. NRE, NSI
2019 Consensus report from the 8th International Forum for Liver Magnetic Resonance Imaging. HCC, MRI
2019 Differentiating between hepatocellular carcinoma and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma using contrast-enhanced MRI features: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CIs, DORs, HCC, IHCC, MRI
2019 Doughnut-like hyperintense nodules on hepatobiliary phase without arterial-phase hyperenhancement in cirrhotic liver: imaging and clinicopathological features. APHE
2019 Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma ablative margins using fused pre- and post-ablation hepatobiliary phase images. HCCs, LTP, RFA
2019 Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced Hepatobiliary-Phase Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid-Induced Hepatic Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome and Association with Liver Function. HSOS, mild, MRI, PAs, SWI
2019 Gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI as a predictor of recurrence of HCC after liver transplantation. CI, DFS, HCC, HR, LDLT, LT, MVI
2019 Hepatobiliary phase hypointense nodule without arterial phase hyperenhancement as a risk factor for late recurrence (>1 year) of hepatocellular carcinoma after surgery. APHE, DFS, HCC, MRE, MRI
2019 Hepatobiliary phase in cirrhotic patients with different Model for End-stage Liver Disease score: comparison of the performance of gadoxetic acid to gadobenate dimeglumine. MELD
10  2019 Hepatocellular carcinoma grading and recurrence prediction using T1 mapping on gadolinium-ethoxybenzyl diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Gd-EOB-DTPA, HCC, MRI
11  2019 Hepatocellular carcinoma: preoperative gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR imaging can predict early recurrence after curative resection using image features and texture analysis. MVI
12  2019 High Acceleration Three-Dimensional T1-Weighted Dual Echo Dixon Hepatobiliary Phase Imaging Using Compressed Sensing-Sensitivity Encoding: Comparison of Image Quality and Solid Lesion Detectability with the Standard T1-Weighted Sequence. AF, CS, FLLs, GRE, JAFROC, SENSE
13  2019 Hyperintense nodule-in-nodule on hepatobiliary phase arising within hypovascular hypointense nodule: Outcome and rate of hypervascular transformation. APHE, HCC, PVP
14  2019 Imaging biomarkers for well and moderate hepatocellular carcinoma: preoperative magnetic resonance image and histopathological correlation. ADCs, HCC, MRI, ROC
15  2019 Inter- and intra-reader agreement for gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI parameter readings in patients with chronic liver diseases. ALBI, CLD, CTP, CUI, GA, HUI, ICC, LSI, MELD, RLE
16  2019 Intrapatient Comparison of the Hepatobiliary Phase of Gd-BOPTA and Gd-EOB-DTPA in the Differentiation of Hepatocellular Adenoma From Focal Nodular Hyperplasia. FNH, HCA
17  2019 Lesion detection performance of an abbreviated gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI protocol for colorectal liver metastasis surveillance. AUCs, CRLM, DWI, IRB, SE, T1W, T2W
18  2019 LI-RADS v2014 categorization of hepatocellular carcinoma: Intraindividual comparison between gadopentetate dimeglumine-enhanced MRI and gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI. Gd-DTPA-MRI, HCCs, LI-RADS, LI-RADS-DTPA, TP
19  2019 Liver imaging reporting and data system (LI-RADS) v2018: comparison between computed tomography and gadoxetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. HCC, LI-RADS
20  2019 MRI-based risk factors of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic liver disease: A prospective observational study. APHE, HCC
21  2019 Non-hypervascular hepatobiliary phase hypointense nodules on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR can help determine the treatment method for HCC. HCC, HR, RFA, RFS
22  2019 OATPB1/B3 and MRP3 expression in hepatocellular adenoma predicts Gd-EOB-DTPA uptake and correlates with risk of malignancy. FNH, HCA, IHC, MRI
23  2019 Predicting Patients With Insufficient Liver Enhancement in the Hepatobiliary Phase Before the Injection of Gadoxetic Acid: A Practical Approach Using the Bayesian Method. MRE, OR
24  2019 Prospective evaluation of gadoxetic acid magnetic resonance for the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in newly detected nodules ≤2cm in cirrhosis. ECCE-MR, HCC, US
25  2019 Pseudo-random Trajectory Scanning Suppresses Motion Artifacts on Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced Hepatobiliary-phase Magnetic Resonance Images. ROI
26  2019 Retrospective validation of a new diagnostic criterion for hepatocellular carcinoma on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI: can hypointensity on the hepatobiliary phase be used as an alternative to washout with the aid of ancillary features? APHE, HCC, LI-RADS, PVP, TP
27  2019 T1 mapping for liver function evaluation in gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR imaging: comparison of look-locker inversion recovery and B1 inhomogeneity-corrected variable flip angle method. AIC, CLD, LLIR
28  2019 Texture analysis of multi-phase MRI images to detect expression of Ki67 in hepatocellular carcinoma. AP, HCC, MRI, PCA, PVP, T2WI
29  2019 Utility of Stack-of-stars Acquisition for Hepatobiliary Phase Imaging without Breath-holding. LAVA
30  2019 Value of gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI and diffusion-weighted imaging in the differentiation of hypervascular hyperplastic nodule from small (<3 cm) hypervascular hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis: A retrospective case-control study. ALC, DWI, HCC, hHCC, HHNs, OR, PVP, SI, TP
31  2019 Value of Texture Analysis on Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MRI for Differentiating Hepatocellular Adenoma From Focal Nodular Hyperplasia. AUROC, FNH, HAP, HCA, TA, TexRAD
32  2018 Efficacy comparison of multi-phase CT and hepatotropic contrast-enhanced MRI in the differential diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia: a prospective cohort study. FLLs, FNH, HAP
33  2018 Efficacy of dynamic enhancement effects on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI for estimation of liver function assessed by 13C- Methacetin breath test. 13C-MBT, MRI, RE, SI, VIBE
34  2018 Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced Hepatobiliary-Phase Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Delineation of Focal Nodular Hyperplasia: Superiority of High-Flip-Angle Imaging. FA, FNH
35  2018 Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced T1rho imaging vs diffusion metrics for assessment liver inflammation and early stage fibrosis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in rabbits. ADC, AUCs, IVIM, MR, NAFLD, NASH
36  2018 Hepatobiliary MRI as novel selection criteria in liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma. CI, HCC, HR, LT, MRI
37  2018 Hepatocellular carcinoma with central scar on gadoxetic acid-enhanced and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. DWI, HCC, MRI, T2W
38  2018 Hypovascular hypointense nodules in hepatobiliary phase without T2 hyperintensity: long-term outcomes and added value of DWI in predicting hypervascular transformation. HCC, MR
39  2018 Imaging Features of Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced and Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging for Identifying Cytokeratin 19-positive Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Retrospective Observational Study. ADC, CK19, HCC, MR, SI
40  2018 Intra-individual comparison of hepatocellular carcinoma imaging features on contrast-enhanced computed tomography, gadopentetate dimeglumine-enhanced MRI, and gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI. CT, Gd-DTPA-MRI, HCC, PVP, TLCR
41  2018 Liver function correlates with liver-to-portal vein contrast ratio during the hepatobiliary phase with Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR at 3 Tesla. Gd-EOB-DTPA, HBV, LPC, ROC
42  2018 Management of subcentimetre arterially enhancing and hepatobiliary hypointense lesions on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI in patients at risk for HCC. HCC, MRI, SAELs
43  2018 Peritoneal and pleural fluids may appear hyperintense on hepatobiliary phase using hepatobiliary MR contrast agents. HBCA, RE
44  2018 Predicting chemotherapeutic response for colorectal liver metastases using relative tumor enhancement of gadoxetic acid disodium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. CLM, PFS, RTE
45  2018 Prediction of high-stage liver fibrosis using ADC value on diffusion-weighted imaging and quantitative enhancement ratio at the hepatobiliary phase of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI at 1.5 T. ADC, CEI, DWI, LMR, LSR, MRI
46  2018 Quantitative correlation between uptake of Gd-BOPTA on hepatobiliary phase and tumor molecular features in patients with benign hepatocellular lesions. IHC, LLCER, LLCER
47  2018 The capsule appearance of hepatocellular carcinoma in gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR imaging: Correlation with pathology and dynamic CT. CT, DP, GAeMR, HCC, PP, pre, TP
48  2018 Visual criterion for evaluating hepatobiliary phase image acquisition of gadolinium-ethoxybenzyl-diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid-enhanced MRI. LP, MRI, PV, Q-LPC, Q-LSC
49  2017 Aberrant expression of OATP1B3 in colorectal cancer liver metastases and its clinical implication on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI. CRLM, MRI, OATP1B3, RER, RIRpost
50  2017 Added value of smooth hypointense rim in the hepatobiliary phase of gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI in identifying tumour capsule and diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC
51  2017 Change in Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System Characterization of Focal Liver Lesions Using Gadoxetate Disodium Magnetic Resonance Imaging Compared With Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography. CT, LI-RADS, MRI
52  2017 Comparison of 10- and 20-min hepatobiliary phase images on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI T1 mapping for liver function assessment in clinic. LCA, NLF, rrT1rt, T1rt
53  2017 Development and validation of a predictor of insufficient enhancement during the hepatobiliary phase of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. AUC, CPS, HBP-ET, MELD, MRI, RER, ROC, TBIL
54  2017 Diagnostic Accuracy of Split-Bolus Single-Phase Contrast-Enhanced Cone-Beam CT for the Detection of Liver Tumors before Transarterial Chemoembolization. HCC
55  2017 Diagnostic Value of Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MR Imaging to Distinguish HCA and Its Subtype from FNH: A Systematic Review. FNH, HCA, SI
56  2017 Diagnostic value of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR cholangiography in non-invasive detection of postoperative bile leakage. DP, Gd-EOB-DTPA, MRC, T1W, T2W
57  2017 Differentiation between cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma with target sign on diffusion-weighted imaging and hepatobiliary phase gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR imaging: Classification tree analysis applying capsule and septum. CTA, DWI, HCC, ICC
58  2017 Differentiation of hypointense nodules on gadoxetic acid-enhanced hepatobiliary-phase MRI using T2 enhanced spin-echo imaging with the time-reversed gradient echo sequence: An initial experience. FA, SNR
59  2017 Evaluating segmental liver function using T1 mapping on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI with a 3.0 Tesla. AUCs, LCA, LCB, LCC, NLF
60  2017 Feasibility and reproducibility of liver surface nodularity quantification for the assessment of liver cirrhosis using CT and MRI. CECT, CV, ICC, LSN, NCT, T1W, T2W
61  2017 Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI T1 mapping for assessment of liver function in rabbit fibrosis model: comparison of hepatobiliary phase images obtained at 10 and 20min. rrT1rt, T1rt
62  2017 Hepatocellular carcinoma detection: diagnostic performance of a simulated abbreviated MRI protocol combining diffusion-weighted and T1-weighted imaging at the delayed phase post gadoxetic acid. AMRI, CE, DWI, HCC, NPV, T1W
63  2017 How to Differentiate Borderline Hepatic Nodules in Hepatocarcinogenesis: Emphasis on Imaging Diagnosis. DN, HCC
64  2017 Impact of hepatobiliary phase liver MRI versus Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound after an inconclusive extracellular gadolinium-based contrast-enhanced MRI for the diagnosis of benign hepatocellular tumors. BHT, CE-MRI, CEUS, FNH, HCA, Se, SPE
65  2017 Limitations of GD-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI: can clinical parameters predict suboptimal hepatobiliary phase? ALP, APTT, DB, INR, LI-RADS, MELD, MRI, ROC, SGOT, SGPT, TB
66  2017 Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System on CT and gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI with diffusion-weighted imaging. DWI, LI-RADS, ROC
67  2017 Peritumoral decreased uptake area of gadoxetic acid enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and tumor recurrence after surgical resection in hepatocellular carcinoma: A STROBE-compliant article. CI, HCC, HR, MRI, OR, PDUA
68  2017 Preoperative gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI for predicting microvascular invasion in patients with single hepatocellular carcinoma. CI, HCC, MR, MVI, OR
69  2017 Superparamagnetic iron oxide-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging is useful in predicting malignant potential of vascular transformation of hypointense hypovascular nodules on gadoxetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. MRI, SPIO
70  2017 T1 mapping combined with Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in predicting the pathologic grading of hepatocellular carcinoma. AUC, HCC, ROC, T1p
71  2017 The value of paradoxical uptake of hepatocellular carcinoma on the hepatobiliary phase of gadoxetic acid-enhanced liver magnetic resonance imaging for the prediction of lipiodol uptake after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization. AER, CT, HCC, HCCdef, MRI, SI, TACE
72  2017 Washout appearance in Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging: A differentiating feature between hepatocellular carcinoma with paradoxical uptake on the hepatobiliary phase and focal nodular hyperplasia-like nodules. DWI, FNH, HCCpara, PVP, SI, TP
73  2016 A novel method for evaluating enhancement using gadolinium-ethoxybenzyl-diethylenetriamine penta-acetic acid in the hepatobiliary phase of magnetic resonance imaging. Q-LPC, Q-LSC
74  2016 Comparison of gadoxetic acid to gadobenate dimeglumine for assessment of biliary anatomy of potential liver donors. CS, IQ, T1 MRC, T2 MRC
75  2016 Differentiation of intrahepatic mass-forming cholangiocarcinoma from hepatocellular carcinoma on gadoxetic acid-enhanced liver MR imaging. HCC, IMCC, MRI
76  2016 Does hepatobiliary phase sequence qualitatively outperform unenhanced T1-weighted imaging in assessment of the ablation margin 24 hours after thermal ablation of hepatocellular carcinomas? AM, AX, COR, HCC, LTCR, MZ, uT1wI
77  2016 Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance (MR) Biomarkers for Assessment of Response With Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors: Comparison of the Measurements of Neuroendocrine Tumor Liver Metastases (NETLM) With Various MR Sequences and at Multiple Phases of Contrast Administration. Gd-EOB-DTPA, IP, MR, NETLM, OOP
78  2016 Hepatobiliary phase images using gadolinium-ethoxybenzyl-diethylenetriamine penta-acetic acid-enhanced MRI as an imaging surrogate for the albumin-bilirubin grading system. ALBI, CP, Gd-EOB-DTPA, Q-LSC
79  2016 Hypovascular hepatic nodules at gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI: whole-lesion hepatobiliary phase histogram metrics for prediction of progression to arterial-enhancing hepatocellular carcinoma. AUC, CV, FA, HCC, SD
80  2016 Hypovascular hypointense nodules on hepatobiliary phase without T2 hyperintensity on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR images in patients with chronic liver disease: long-term outcomes and risk factors for hypervascular transformation. HCC, HR, MR
81  2016 Inter-observer agreement on the assessment of relative liver lesion signal intensity on hepatobiliary phase imaging with gadoxetate (Gd-EOB-DTPA). ICC, ROI
82  2016 Intrahepatic mass-forming cholangiocarcinoma: prognostic value of preoperative gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI. IMCCs, TTR
83  2016 Is there an added value of a hepatobiliary phase with gadoxetate disodium following conventional MRI with an extracellular gadolinium agent in a single imaging session for detection of primary hepatic malignancies? GBCA, HCC
84  2016 MR-imaging features of hepatocellular carcinoma capsule appearance in cirrhotic liver: comparison of gadoxetic acid and gadobenate dimeglumine. HCC, PVP
85  2016 Recent Advances in the Imaging Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Value of Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MRI. Gd-EOB-DPTA, HCC, MRI
86  2016 Usefulness of breath-hold inversion recovery-prepared T1-weighted two-dimensional gradient echo sequence for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging. HCC, MRI
87  2015 Assessing liver function in patients with HBV-related HCC: a comparison of T₁ mapping on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging with DWI. ADC, AUCs, DWI, HBV, HCC, MELD, MRI
88  2015 Comparison of gadoxetic acid and gadopentetate dimeglumine-enhanced MRI for HCC detection: prospective crossover study at 3 T. GBCAs, HCC, MRI
89  2015 Correcting for respiratory motion in liver PET/MRI: preliminary evaluation of the utility of bellows and navigated hepatobiliary phase imaging. ---
90  2015 Diagnostic Accuracy of Preoperative Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced 3-T MR Imaging for Malignant Liver Lesions by Using Ex Vivo MR Imaging-matched Pathologic Findings as the Reference Standard. MR, PPV
91  2015 Differentiation of focal nodular hyperplasia from hepatocellular adenoma: Role of the quantitative analysis of gadobenate dimeglumine-enhanced hepatobiliary phase MRI. FNH, HCA, LLCER, MRI, ROC, SIR, VIBE
92  2015 Differentiation of lipid poor angiomyolipoma from hepatocellular carcinoma on gadoxetic acid-enhanced liver MR imaging. AML, HCC, MR
93  2015 Hepatobiliary agents and their role in LI-RADS. HBAs, LI-RADS
94  2015 Improved parenchymal liver enhancement with extended delay on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI in patients with parenchymal liver disease: associated clinical and imaging factors. ALP, ALT, AST, LPI, LRE, LSI, MELD, MRI, PLD, PT, PTT
95  2015 Intrahepatic mass-forming cholangiocarcinoma: enhancement pattern on Gd-BOPTA-MRI with emphasis of hepatobiliary phase. IMCs
96  2015 Liver fibrosis staging using T1 mapping on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI compared with DW imaging. ADC, AUC, DWI, MRI
97  2015 Morphologic and Molecular Features of Hepatocellular Adenoma with Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced MR Imaging. HCA, MR
98  2015 Navigated three-dimensional T1-weighted gradient-echo sequence for gadoxetic acid liver magnetic resonance imaging in patients with limited breath-holding capacity. BH, BH-LAVA, FLLs, JAFROC, MRI
99  2015 Noninvasive diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma on gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI: can hypointensity on the hepatobiliary phase be used as an alternative to washout? HCC, PVP, TP
100  2015 Potential of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging for evaluation of bile duct ligation-induced liver injury in rabbits. BDL