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Abbreviation : HCD
Long Form : high-carbohydrate diet
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Ligularia fischeri Extract in Mice Fed a High-Carbohydrate Diet. ELF
2019 Dietary macronutrients modulate hypertrophy and contractility of the detrusor in an experimental model of bladder obstruction. BOO, MLCK, ROK
2019 Dietary salmon milt extracts attenuate hepatosteatosis and liver dysfunction in diet-induced fatty liver model. SME
2019 Multigenerational effects of dietary macronutrient intake on the metabolic phenotype of male Wistar rats. HFD
2018 Activation of AMPK-Regulated CRH Neurons in the PVH is Sufficient and Necessary to Induce Dietary Preference for Carbohydrate over Fat. AMPK, CPT1c, CRH, HFD, PVH
2018 Brain Fatty Acid Composition and Inflammation in Mice Fed with High-Carbohydrate Diet or High-Fat Diet. AIF1, COX-2, FA, HFD, IMI, iNOS, MUFA, PUFA, SFA, TNF-alpha
2018 Dietary macronutrient content affects inflammatory and fibrotic factors in normal and obstructed bladders. CTGF, HIF-1alpha, NGF, PDGF-A, TGF-beta
2018 Effects of Providing High-Fat versus High-Carbohydrate Meals on Daily and Postprandial Physical Activity and Glucose Patterns: a Randomised Controlled Trial. CGMS, EI, HFD
2018 Hyper-hippocampal glycogen induced by glycogen loading with exhaustive exercise. EE, GL
10  2018 Inhibition of Serotonin Synthesis Induces Negative Hepatic Lipid Balance. HFD, PCPA
11  2018 Inhibition of Serotonin Synthesis Induces Negative Hepatic Lipid Balance. HFD, PCPA
12  2018 Interleukin-12 as a biomarker of the beneficial effects of food restriction in mice receiving high fat diet or high carbohydrate diet. FR, HFD, HFD, IL-1 alpha
13  2018 Leptin Selectively Regulates Nutrients Metabolism in Nile Tilapia Fed on High Carbohydrate or High Fat Diet. DIO, HFD, LR, SCAT
14  2018 Metabolite and gene expression profiles suggest a putative mechanism through which high dietary carbohydrates reduce the content of hepatic betaine in Megalobrama amblycephala. SBD
15  2017 A long-lasting dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor, teneligliptin, as a preventive drug for the development of hepatic steatosis in high-fructose diet-fed ob/ob mice. DPP-4, FFA, NAFLD, T2DM, TG
16  2017 Effects of Dietary Macronutrient Composition on FNDC5 and Irisin in Mice Skeletal Muscle. FNDC5, HFD, HPD, qRT-PCR, SD
17  2017 High carbohydrate diet induces nonalcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH) in a desert gerbil. ER, NAFLD, NASH
18  2017 Lipid Emulsion Added to a Liquid High-Carbohydrate Diet and Voluntary Running Exercise Reduce Lipogenesis and Ameliorate Early-Stage Hepatic Steatosis in Mice. EXE, FAs, FASN, LE, SCD1, SFP, TG
19  2017 Low-Carbohydrate Diet Impairs the Effect of Glucagon in the Treatment of Insulin-Induced Mild Hypoglycemia: A Randomized Crossover Study. LCD, PG
20  2017 Short-term effects of a low carbohydrate diet on glycaemic variables and cardiovascular risk markers in patients with type 1 diabetes: A randomized open-label crossover trial. LCD
21  2016 Liver Fatty Acid Composition and Inflammation in Mice Fed with High-Carbohydrate Diet or High-Fat Diet. ACC1, DNL, FA, HFD, IL, MUFAs, NO, PUFAs, SCD-1, SFAs, TNF-alpha
22  2015 Isocaloric Pair-Fed High-Carbohydrate Diet Induced More Hepatic Steatosis and Inflammation than High-Fat Diet Mediated by miR-34a/SIRT1 Axis in Mice. DNL, HFD, NAMPT, SIRT1
23  2015 Pharmacological Blockade of Cannabinoid CB1 Receptors in Diet-Induced Obesity Regulates Mitochondrial Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase in Muscle. DLD, GLO1, GPI, ldhA, TCA, TPI
24  2015 Sitagliptin can inhibit the development of hepatic steatosis in high-fructose diet-fed ob/ob mice. ChREBP, SREBP
25  2014 Effects of nutrient composition of dinner on sleep architecture and energy metabolism during sleep. ---
26  2014 Food intake and energy expenditure are increased in high-fat-sensitive but not in high-carbohydrate-sensitive obesity-prone rats. CI, CR, CS, EE, FR, FS, HFD, OP, RQ
27  2014 High-refined-carbohydrate and high-fat diets induce comparable hepatic tumorigenesis in male mice. ER, HFD, PERK
28  2013 A metabolomic analysis of two intravenous lipid emulsions in a murine model. FO, PN, SO
29  2013 Diet-dependent alterations of hepatic Scd1 expression are accompanied by differences in promoter methylation. GWAS, HFD, SCD1, SREBF1
30  2013 The carbohydrate sensitive rat as a model of obesity. CR, FR, HFD
31  2012 1H NMR-based metabolite profiling of diet-induced obesity in a mouse mode. HFD
32  2012 A high-fat diet enhances proliferation of prostate cancer cells and activates MCP-1/CCR2 signaling. CCR2, CD, HFD, MCP-1
33  2012 Combination of apolipoprotein E4 and high carbohydrate diet reduces hippocampal BDNF and arc levels and impairs memory in young mice. AD, APOE, Arc, BDNF
34  2012 Effects of increased dietary cholesterol with carbohydrate restriction on hepatic lipid metabolism in Guinea pigs. LCD, NAFLD
35  2012 Influence of tumour necrosis factor alpha on the outcome of ischaemic postconditioning in the presence of obesity and diabetes. IPostC, TNF-alpha
36  2012 Intestinal fatty acid infusion modulates food preference as well as calorie intake via the vagal nerve and midbrain-hypothalamic neural pathways in rats. AR, HFD
37  2011 ATF4 deficiency protects mice from high-carbohydrate-diet-induced liver steatosis. ATF4, SCD1
38  2011 Both liver-X receptor (LXR) isoforms control energy expenditure by regulating brown adipose tissue activity. BAT, EE, LXR, LXRs, ND, TG, UCP1
39  2011 Identification of behavioral and metabolic factors predicting adiposity sensitivity to both high fat and high carbohydrate diets in rats. BW, HFD
40  2011 Liver X receptors regulate de novo lipogenesis in a tissue-specific manner in C57BL/6 female mice. DNL, GL, LXRs, ND, WT
41  2011 Long term effects of high fat or high carbohydrate diets on glucose tolerance in mice with heterozygous carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1a (CPT-1a) deficiency: Diet influences on CPT1a deficient mice. CPT-1a, HFD
42  2011 Low carbohydrate ketogenic diet prevents the induction of diabetes using streptozotocin in rats. LCKD, ND, STZ
43  2009 Serum adiponectin and resistin in rats under three isocaloric diets: The effect of sibutramine. HFD, HPD
44  2008 Effect of sibutramine on regional fat pads and leptin levels in rats fed with three isocaloric diets. HFD, HPD
45  2008 Metabolic and behavioral responses to high-fat feeding in mice selectively bred for high wheel-running activity. DEE, HFD, RMR
46  2008 Short day-length increases sucrose consumption and adiposity in rats fed a high-fat diet. HFD, HFD
47  2008 [Influence of short-term high-fat diet on glucose and lipid metabolism in male Han Chinese with type 2 diabetes mellitus]. AIRg, GLG, HFD, IVGTT, NEFA, T2DM
48  2007 Low carbohydrate ketogenic diet enhances cardiac tolerance to global ischaemia. LCKD, ND
49  2006 Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases increases PPAR-alpha and IL-6 and prevents dietary-induced hepatic steatosis and injury in a murine model. MMP, PPAR-alpha, TACE
50  2006 Trafficking of dietary fat in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats. AT, HFD, OP, OR, SM
51  2005 Different forms of obesity as a function of diet composition. GAL, HADH, HFD, MFD, NEFA, PVN, TG
52  2002 Effect of macronutrient composition of the diet on the regulation of lipolysis in adipose tissue at rest and during exercise: microdialysis study. AUC, BMI, EGC, HFD
53  2000 Dietary carbohydrate, muscle glycogen content, and endurance performance in well-trained women. MD
54  1999 Glycaemic control, muscle glycogen and exercise performance in IDDM athletes on diets of varying carbohydrate content. NMD
55  1998 Diet can manipulate the metabolism of EPA and GLA in erythrocyte membrane and plasma. CE, EMB, EPA, GLA, PC, PE, TAG, TC, WAD
56  1996 Essential fatty acids and modern lifestyle: a reappraisal. AA, DGLA, EPA, FO, GLA, WAD
57  1995 Effect of diet and training on muscle glycogen storage and utilization in sled dogs. HFD, TMG
58  1994 High-fat diet reduces glucose transporter responses to both insulin and exercise. EX, HFD, Ins
59  1993 Pyruvate dehydrogenase activity and acetyl group accumulation during exercise after different diets. LCD, PDHa
60  1993 [Effects of high-carbohydrate diet on VLDL-, HDL-, and apolipoprotein CII-receptor activities on liver parenchymal and non-parenchymal cells in rats]. apo, HTG, NPC, TG
61  1989 The relationship between lactic acid and work load: a measure for endurance capacity or an indicator of carbohydrate deficiency? Lac, LCD, TR, UT, WL
62  1988 Low density lipoprotein kinetics in African Green monkeys showing variable cholesterolaemic responses to diets realistic for westernised people. FCR, LDL, PD, SR, WD
63  1987 Diets realistic for westernized people significantly effect lipoproteins, calcium, zinc, vitamins C, E, B6 and haematology in vervet monkeys. PD, RV, WD