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Abbreviation : HFO
Long Form : high-frequency oscillation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Automatic detection of high-frequency-oscillations and their sub-groups co-occurring with interictal-epileptic-spikes. IES, isol-IES, SVM
2019 Continuous ictal discharges with high frequency oscillations confined to the non-sclerotic hippocampus in an epileptic patient with radiation-induced cavernoma in the lateral temporal lobe. iECoG
2019 Decision Support System for Seizure Onset Zone Localization Based on Channel Ranking and High-Frequency EEG Activity. SOZ
2019 High-frequency oscillations and spikes running down after SEEG-guided thermocoagulations in the epileptogenic network of periventricular nodular heterotopia. EZ, PNH
2019 Pharmaco-electroencephalographic responses in the rat differ between active and inactive locomotor states. ---
2019 Preliminary Effectiveness and Safety of High Frequency Oscillation in Addition to Mechanical Insufflation and Exsufflation for Intratracheal Mucus Removal in Patients With Neuromuscular Disease: Protocol for a Prospective Study. IRRID, MI-E, NMDs
2019 Simultaneously recorded intracranial and scalp high frequency oscillations help identify patients with poor postsurgical seizure outcome. ---
2019 Synchronised spiking activity underlies phase amplitude coupling in the subthalamic nucleus of Parkinson's disease patients. DBS, LFPs, PAC, PD
2019 When high viscosity of pancreatic cysts precludes effective EUS-FNA: a benchtop comparison of negative pressure devices. PCLs
10  2018 "Low-" versus "high"-frequency oscillation and right ventricular function in ARDS. A randomized crossover study. ARDS, CV, HFO-TGI, mPaw, PEEP, RV, TEE
11  2018 Generalizability of High Frequency Oscillation Evaluations in the Ripple Band. ---
12  2018 High Frequency Oscillations in the Ripple Band (80-250Hz) in Scalp EEG: Higher Density of Electrodes Allows for Better Localization of the Seizure Onset Zone. 10-20-EEG, SOZ
13  2018 Ictal networks of temporal lobe epilepsy: views from high-frequency oscillations in stereoelectroencephalography. SEEG, TLE
14  2018 On the origin of epileptic High Frequency Oscillations observed on clinical electrodes. HFA, HFOs, PSPs
15  2018 Power and coherence of cortical high-frequency oscillations during wakefulness and sleep. ---
16  2018 Spatial variation in high-frequency oscillation rates and amplitudes in intracranial EEG. iEEG, SOZ
17  2017 Frequency-independent characteristics of high-frequency oscillations in epileptic and non-epileptic regions. FR, IZ, SOZ
18  2017 High frequency oscillatory ventilation versus conventional mechanical ventilation in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome: A randomized controlled study. CMV, LOS, MODS, OI, PARDS
19  2017 High frequency somatosensory stimulation increases sensori-motor inhibition and leads to perceptual improvement in healthy subjects. HF-RSS, pp-SEP, SICI, STDT
20  2017 Local NMDA receptor hypofunction evokes generalized effects on gamma and high-frequency oscillations and behavior. NMDAR
21  2017 Localization of beta and high-frequency oscillations within the subthalamic nucleus region. PAC
22  2017 The effect of NMDA-R antagonism on simultaneously acquired local field potentials and tissue oxygen levels in the brains of freely-moving rats. LFP
23  2017 Time-dependent evolution of seizures in a model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. HYP, LVF, MTLE, SE
24  2017 What are the assets and weaknesses of HFO detectors? A benchmark framework based on realistic simulations. ---
25  2016 Detectability of the somatosensory evoked high frequency oscillation (HFO) co-recorded by scalp EEG and ECoG under propofol. SEP, SNR
26  2016 Effect of High-Frequency Oscillations on Cough Peak Flows Generated by Mechanical In-Exsufflation in Medically Stable Subjects With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS, MI-E
27  2016 Effects of pudendal neuromodulation on bladder function in chronic spinal cord-injured rats. ES, EUS, IVP, SCI, UPP, VE
28  2016 High-frequency oscillatory ventilation versus conventional ventilation for acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, CENTRAL, CI, RCTs, RR
29  2016 Multi-channel algorithms for epileptic high-frequency oscillation detection. iEEG
30  2016 Resection of ictal high frequency oscillations is associated with favorable surgical outcome in pediatric drug resistant epilepsy secondary to tuberous sclerosis complex. EZ
31  2016 Somatosensory Temporal Discrimination Threshold Involves Inhibitory Mechanisms in the Primary Somatosensory Area. cTBS, SEP, STDT
32  2016 Sound Environments Surrounding Preterm Infants Within an Occupied Closed Incubator. nasal-DPAP, NICU, SPL
33  2016 Synchronized mechanical ventilation for respiratory support in newborn infants. ACV, BPD, CI, HFPPV, MD, PIE, PMA, PRVCV, PS, PSV, RR, SIMV
34  2016 Synchronized mechanical ventilation for respiratory support in newborn infants. ACV, BPD, CI, HFPPV, MD, PIE, PMA, PRVCV, PS, PSV, RR, SIMV
35  2016 The morphology of high frequency oscillations (HFO) does not improve delineating the epileptogenic zone. HFOs, SOZ
36  2015 A PK-PD model of ketamine-induced high-frequency oscillations. ECoG, NMDAR, PK-PDs
37  2015 Aberrant high frequency oscillations recorded in the rat nucleus accumbens in the methylazoxymethanol acetate neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia. MAM, NAc, NMDAR, spHFO
38  2015 Characteristics and Outcomes of Eligible Nonenrolled Patients in a Mechanical Ventilation Trial of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. CV, ENE
39  2015 Connectivity of epileptic brain regions in wake and sleep. SOZ
40  2015 Coupling in the cortico-basal ganglia circuit is aberrant in the ketamine model of schizophrenia. CFC
41  2015 Effects of NMDA receptor antagonists and antipsychotics on high frequency oscillations recorded in the nucleus accumbens of freely moving mice. NMDA
42  2015 Gap Junctions as Common Cause of High-Frequency Oscillations and Epileptic Seizures in a Computational Cascade of Neuronal Mass and Compartmental Modeling. NMM, SOZ
43  2015 Identification of seizure onset zone and preictal state based on characteristics of high frequency oscillations. SOZ
44  2015 Less invasive ventilation in extremely low birth weight infants from 1997 to 2011: survey versus evidence. ELBW, IPPV, NICUs, NIV, SIMV, SIPPV
45  2015 Serotonin (5-HT)2A/2C receptor agonist (2,5-dimethoxy-4-idophenyl)-2-aminopropane hydrochloride (DOI) improves voiding efficiency in the diabetic rat. CMG, DM, DOI, PVR
46  2014 Airway pressure and transpulmonary pressure during high-frequency oscillation for acute respiratory distress syndrome. mPaw, Pes, Ppl
47  2014 Etomidate activates epileptic high frequency oscillations. SOZ
48  2014 Low- and high-frequency oscillations reveal distinct absence seizure networks. OR
49  2014 Persistent pulmonary arterial hypertension in the newborn (PPHN): a frequent manifestation of TMEM70 defective patients. 3-MGA, HCMP, NO, PPHN, PPHN
50  2014 The effect of the 5-HT7 serotonin receptor agonist, LP44, on micturition in rats with chronic spinal cord injury. EUS, SCI
51  2014 United Kingdom Oscillation Study: long-term outcomes of a randomised trial of two modes of neonatal ventilation. CI, CV, FEV1, SDQ
52  2013 High-frequency oscillation and tracheal gas insufflation in patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome and traumatic brain injury: an interventional physiological study. ARDS, CMV, CPP, FiO2, ICP, SD, TBI, TGI
53  2013 High-frequency ventilation versus conventional ventilation for treatment of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome. ALI, ARDS
54  2013 Intracerebrally recorded high frequency oscillations: simple visual assessment versus automated detection. FR, SEEG
55  2013 Ketamine alters oscillatory coupling in the hippocampus. ---
56  2013 Pathological and physiological high-frequency oscillations in focal human epilepsy. ---
57  2013 Small cerebellar hemorrhage in preterm infants: perinatal and postnatal factors and outcome. CBH, IVH
58  2013 [Use of venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in 14 months old child with acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia]. A-aDO, ECLS
59  2012 Clinical utility of interictal high-frequency oscillations recorded with subdural macroelectrodes in partial epilepsy. EDM, FR, SOZ
60  2012 Intermittent recruitment with high-frequency oscillation/tracheal gas insufflation in acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, CMV, RMs, TGI
61  2012 Mechanisms of physiological and epileptic HFO generation. ---
62  2012 Quantification of spontaneous and evoked HFO's in SEEG recording and prospective for pre-surgical diagnostics. Case study. rPCI, SEEG, SOZ
63  2012 Recording and analysis techniques for high-frequency oscillations. ---
64  2012 Seizure localization using broadband EEG: comparison of conventional frequency activity, high-frequency oscillations, and infraslow activity. ---
65  2011 Clinical significance of ictal high frequency oscillations in medial temporal lobe epilepsy. HS, MTLE
66  2011 Design and control of a demand flow system assuring spontaneous breathing of a patient connected to an HFO ventilator. DFS, HFOV, MAP
67  2011 Ellen R. Grass lecture: Back to the future: from grass roots to microchips. ABRET, ASET, CNP, EEG, ICU
68  2011 High frequency oscillations evoked by peripheral magnetic stimulation. LFC, SEP
69  2011 Ictal wideband ECoG: direct comparison between ictal slow shifts and high frequency oscillations. ECoG, EEG
70  2011 Invasive ventilation modes in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. LOV, PC, PS, VDR, VS
71  2011 Scanographic comparison of high frequency oscillation with versus without tracheal gas insufflation in acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, CMV, CT, TGI, tr
72  2011 Symmetrical-waveform high-frequency oscillation increases artificial mucus flow without changing basal mucus transport in in vitro ovine trachea. ---
73  2011 The impact of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation on survival in pediatric patients with respiratory and heart failure: review of our experience. ECMO
74  2011 Understanding the physical mechanism of transition to epileptic seizures. ---
75  2011 [The leading edge of epilepsy research]. ADLTE, DC, HA, PDS, TLE
76  2010 Comparison of high-frequency oscillation and tracheal gas insufflation versus standard high-frequency oscillation at two levels of tracheal pressure. ALI, ARDS, SEM, TGI, tr, tr
77  2010 Exploring high-frequency oscillation as a marker of brain ischemia using S-transform. ITC, SSEP, ST
78  2010 High-frequency oscillation and surfactant treatment in an acid aspiration model. ARDS, CMV
79  2010 Interictal high-frequency oscillations indicate seizure onset zone in patients with focal cortical dysplasia. SEEG, SOZ
80  2010 Spontaneous breathing during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation improves regional lung characteristics in experimental lung injury. CF, DF, EELV, EIT
81  2010 The effect of dopamine receptor blockade in the rodent nucleus accumbens on local field potential oscillations and motor activity in response to ketamine. NAc, NMDAR
82  2010 Very high frequency oscillations (over 1000 Hz) in human epilepsy. VHFO
83  2009 Comparisons of different mean airway pressure settings during high-frequency oscillation in inflammatory response to oleic acid-induced lung injury in rabbits. ALI, CMV, MAP, PEEP, RR
84  2009 Demand flow facilitates spontaneous breathing during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in a pig model. CF, DFS, PTP
85  2009 MEG's ability to localise accurately weak transient neural sources. ---
86  2009 State-dependent changes in high-frequency oscillations recorded in the rat nucleus accumbens. NAc, REM, SWS
87  2009 Substance use underlying behavior: investigation of theta and high frequency oscillations in emotionally relevant situations. BAS, BIS/BAS, SU
88  2009 Synchronization of GABAergic inputs to CA3 pyramidal cells precedes seizure-like event onset in juvenile rat hippocampal slices. SLEs
89  2008 External urethral sphincter activity in diabetic rats. CMGs, EMG, EUS
90  2008 High-frequency oscillations in human temporal lobe: simultaneous microwire and clinical macroelectrode recordings. iEEG
91  2008 Modulation of high-frequency oscillations associated with NMDA receptor hypofunction in the rodent nucleus accumbens by lamotrigine. LFPs, NAc
92  2008 Physiologic predictors for the need for patch closure in neonatal congenital diaphragmatic hernia. PC, PR
93  2007 A review of high frequency oscillation ventilation in the neonate. ---
94  2007 Acute effects of combined high-frequency oscillation and tracheal gas insufflation in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, CMV, HFO-TGI, TGI
95  2007 Continuous negative extrathoracic pressure combined with high-frequency oscillation improves oxygenation with less impact on blood pressure than high-frequency oscillation alone in a rabbit model of surfactant depletion. CNEP, MAP
96  2007 High-frequency oscillation (HFO) prevents activation of NF-kappaB found with conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) in surfactant-depleted rabbit lung. CMV, EMSA, NF-kappaB
97  2007 NF-kappaB in the lungs of premature rabbits during mechanical ventilation--comparison between conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) and high-frequency oscillation (HFO). CMV, NF-kappaB
98  2007 Optimizing high-frequency-oscillation ventilation using acoustic parameters of the newborn lung: a feasibility study. MAP
99  2007 Risk factors for sensorineural hearing loss in survivors with severe congenital diaphragmatic hernia. CDH, PB, SNHL, Vb
100  2007 Temperature and state dependence of dynamic phrenic oscillations in the decerebrate juvenile rat. PH