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Abbreviation : HFV
Long Form : high-frequency ventilation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Predictors of Respiratory Improvement 1 Week after Ligation of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Infants. MAP, PDA
2019 Regional distribution of chest wall displacements in infants during high-frequency ventilation. AB, RC
2019 Rescue high frequency ventilation for congenital diaphragmatic hernia. CDH, CV, Paw
2017 The use of high-frequency ventilation during general anaesthesia: an update. ---
2016 Diagnostic accuracy of capnography during high-frequency ventilation in neonatal intensive care units. dCap, GA, ROC
2016 High frequency jet ventilation versus high frequency oscillatory ventilation for pulmonary dysfunction in preterm infants. CENTRAL, CINAHL, CLD, CMV, GA, HFJV, HFOV, NNTB, NNTH, RDS, RDs, RRs, VT
2016 High-Frequency Ventilation as a Mode of Noninvasive Respiratory Support. NIHFV, NRS
2016 Individualized lung recruitment during high-frequency ventilation in preterm infants is not associated with lung hyperinflation and air leaks. CXR, RDS
2016 Ventilator-induced pulse pressure variation in neonates. PPV, SIMV
10  2015 The temperature change in an endotracheal tube during high frequency ventilation using an artificial neonatal lung model with Babylog 8000 plus. ETT, ETT, IPPV
11  2014 Bringing back the old: time to reevaluate the high-frequency ventilation strategy. PVI
12  2014 Low-amplitude high frequency vibration down-regulates myostatin and atrogin-1 expression, two components of the atrophy pathway in muscle cells. WBV
13  2013 High-Frequency Vibration Treatment of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Increases Differentiation toward Bone Tissue. BMSCs
14  2012 Comparing sound measurements in the single-family room with open-unit design neonatal intensive care unit: the impact of equipment noise. NICU, OU, SFR
15  2012 Functional lung imaging during HFV in preterm rabbits. fps
16  2011 Comparison of two ventilator circuits for Drager Babylog high-frequency ventilation. ---
17  2011 Early functional echocardiogram and inhaled nitric oxide: usefulness in managing neonates born following extreme preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM). BW, fECHO, GA, iNO, NICU, PPHN, PPROM
18  2011 Lung-protective ventilation in neonatology. BPD, PPV, VILI
19  2011 Reduced respiratory neural activity elicits phrenic motor facilitation. iPMF
20  2009 Airway humidification with a heated wire humidifier during high-frequency ventilation using Babylog 8000 plus in neonates. AH, HC, IPPV, RH
21  2009 Correlation of echocardiographic markers and therapy in persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. ECMO, iNO, PPHN
22  2009 Effect of closed endotracheal suction in high-frequency ventilated premature infants measured with electrical impedance tomography. ETT, RDS
23  2009 Effect of lung recruitment on pulmonary, systemic, and ductal blood flow in preterm infants. CDP, DA, RVO, SVC
24  2009 Feasibility of weaning and direct extubation from open lung high-frequency ventilation in preterm infants. CDP
25  2009 Influence of ventilation mode on neonatal cerebral blood flow and volume. CBF, CPAP, SIMV
26  2009 Reactive oxygen species and inflammatory mediators enhance muscle spindles mechanosensitivity in rats. MS, ROS, SOD
27  2009 The effects of inspiratory to expiratory ratio on ventilation and oxygenation during high frequency partial liquid ventilation in a rabbit model of acute lung injury. HFJV, HFPLV, PLV
28  2009 The outcome in newborns with congenital diaphragmatic hernia in a Norwegian region. CDH, iNO
29  2009 What (not) to do at and after delivery? Prevention and management of meconium aspiration syndrome. MAS, MSAF, NO, RCTs
30  2008 Factors effecting adoption of new neonatal and pediatric respiratory technologies. nCPAP
31  2008 Nasal high-frequency ventilation for premature infants. CPAP, VLBW
32  2008 [Treatment of inhalation injury with high frequency ventilation]. HFJV
33  2007 Meta-regression analysis of high-frequency ventilation vs conventional ventilation in infant respiratory distress syndrome. CLD, CMV
34  2007 The role of high-frequency ventilation in neonates: evidence-based recommendations. CMV
35  2007 Trends in use and outcome of newborn infants treated with high frequency ventilation in Australia and New Zealand, 1996-2003. CMV
36  2007 Use of the Duotron transporter high frequency ventilator during neonatal transport. ---
37  2007 [Current and future strategy in the treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia]. CDH, ECMO
38  2007 [High-frequency ventilation in children and adolescents with acute respiratory distress syndrome (impact on the use of ECMO)]. ARDS, CMV, ECMO
39  2006 Association of putative concave protein-binding sites with the fluctuation behavior of residues. ---
40  2006 Neonatal extracorporeal life support: impact of new therapies on survival. ECLS, ELSO, NO
41  2005 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in infants with meconium aspiration syndrome: a decade of experience with venovenous ECMO. ECMO, MAS, NO, VA
42  2005 System-based strategy for the management of meconium aspiration syndrome: 198 consecutive cases observations. CHD, CPAP, ECMO, HFO, IMV, iNO, MAS, OI, PPHN
43  2005 Ventilation strategies and outcome in randomised trials of high frequency ventilation. CMV, OR
44  2005 [The efficacy of high frequency ventilation in severe neonatal respiratory failure]. ---
45  2004 High-frequency ventilation in the management of very-low-birth-weight infants with pulmonary hemorrhage. MPH, OI, PIP, VLBW
46  2004 Servo-controlled pneumatic pressure oscillator for respiratory impedance measurements and high-frequency ventilation. ---
47  2003 Early use of high frequency ventilation in the premature neonate. BPD, CLD, CPAP, CV, ICH, NEC, NICU, PDA, PVL, ROP
48  2003 High frequency percussive ventilation (HFPV). Principles and technique. CMV, HFPV
49  2002 Pediatric extracorporeal life support after high frequency ventilation: predictors of survival. ---
50  2002 Setting the frequency-tidal volume pattern. PEEP
51  2001 One-sided high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in the management of an acquired neonatal lobar emphysema: a case report and review. ALPE, CV, HFOV
52  2001 The preclinical history of high-frequency ventilation. ---
53  2000 Do we need new indications for ECMO in neonates pretreated with high-frequency ventilation and/or inhaled nitric oxide? iNO, OI
54  2000 High frequency ventilation in five different neonatal pathologies. ---
55  2000 High frequency ventilation. ---
56  2000 High frequency ventilation: basic concepts and clinical application. ---
57  2000 High-frequency ventilation for acute lung injury and ARDS. ALI, CV, EELVs
58  2000 High-frequency ventilation in neonates. CLD, CMV
59  2000 High-frequency ventilation. ---
60  2000 Potential role of high-frequency ventilation in the treatment of severe congenital pleural effusion. CMV
61  2000 Surfactant and partial liquid ventilation via conventional and high-frequency techniques in an animal model of respiratory distress syndrome. CV, FRC, PLV
62  2000 [High-frequency ventilation in neonates with pulmonary hemorrhage]. MPH
63  1999 Combined effects of high-frequency ventilation and surfactant treatment in experimental meconium aspiration syndrome. CV
64  1999 Comparison of one-lung ventilation and high-frequency ventilation in thoracoscopic surgery. ---
65  1999 Randomized comparison of high-frequency ventilation with high-rate intermittent positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants with respiratory failure. IPPV
66  1999 [High-frequency oscillatory ventilation as salvage strategy in the newborn infant. Spanish multicenter study. I]. CMV, OI
67  1998 A comparison of underwater bubble continuous positive airway pressure with ventilator-derived continuous positive airway pressure in premature neonates ready for extubation. CPAP
68  1998 Has high-frequency ventilation been inappropriately discarded in adult acute respiratory distress syndrome? ARDS
69  1998 High-frequency ventilation augments the effect of inhaled nitric oxide in persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. iNO, PPHN
70  1998 Surfactant nebulization versus instillation during high frequency ventilation in surfactant-deficient rabbits. ---
71  1998 Treatment of respiratory failure with inhaled nitric oxide and high- frequency ventilation in an infant with respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. iNO, RSV
72  1997 High frequency ventilation. CMV
73  1997 Partial liquid ventilation: a comparison using conventional and high-frequency techniques in an animal model of acute respiratory failure. IMV, PLV
74  1997 Relief of protracted hypercarbia by high-frequency oscillatory ventilator in a young infant with bronchopulmonary dysplasia. BPD, HFOV
75  1997 [High frequency oscillatory ventilation in the preterm newborn infants with respiratory distress syndrome]. CNV, OI, RDS
76  1997 [Reversal of a right-left shunt and permanent improvement of oxygenation by inhalation of nitrogen monoxide in a premature infant with lung hypoplasia and asphyxia]. OI
77  1996 Comparison of different modes of high-frequency ventilation in surfactant-deficient rabbits. CHFV, HFO, HPPV, P/V, VT
78  1996 Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage in infancy. Clinical features and management with high frequency ventilation. ---
79  1996 Intraventricular hemorrhage and high-frequency ventilation: a meta-analysis of prospective clinical trials. IVH, PVL
80  1996 [Cardiovascular and hemodynamic changes after artificial pulmonary ventilation]. AV, LV, PEEP
81  1996 [Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: an analysis of the results and prognostic factors prior to the development of an ECMO program]. CDH, ECMO, OI, PI
82  1995 Comparative study of intra-airway gas transport by alternative modes of ventilation. CFV, Deff, Dmol, HFVV
83  1995 [High frequency jet ventilation combined with conventional mechanical ventilation in the treatment of adult respiratory distress syndrome]. MV, P/V, VT
84  1994 Can anesthesia ventilators provide high-frequency ventilation? ARDS, VT
85  1994 [High frequency oscillation ventilation after surfactant use in hyaline membrane disease. Outcome of ventilation parameters]. HMD
86  1994 [Results of high frequency ventilation in the very low birth weight premature infant]. ---
87  1993 Cardiorespiratory effects of conventional and high frequency ventilation in rabbits with bilateral pneumothoraces and surfactant depleted lungs. CMV, PEEP
88  1993 Comparative effects of ischemia and acute hypoxemia on muscle afferents from tibialis anterior in cats. LA
89  1993 Decreased pulmonary damage in primates with inhalation injury treated with high-frequency ventilation. CON, HFFI, HFO
90  1993 Effects of high-frequency ventilation and PEEP on carotid baroreceptor reflexes. CMV, CSP, HR, MAP, PEEP, PSRs
91  1993 High-frequency ventilation for acute pediatric respiratory failure. OI, PEEP, SIMV
92  1993 High-frequency ventilation in newborn lambs after intra-uterine creation of diaphragmatic hernia. CDH, CV
93  1993 Optimal application of high-frequency ventilation in infants: a theoretical study. CMV
94  1993 Regional coupling between chest wall and lung expansion during HFV: a positron imaging study. ---
95  1992 Aerosol tracer study of gas convective transport to 0.1-cm airways by high-frequency ventilation in a human lung airway cast. ---
96  1992 Distribution of surfactant, lung compliance, and aeration of preterm rabbit lungs after surfactant therapy and conventional and high-frequency oscillatory ventilation. CV
97  1992 Quantitative evaluation of pulmonary stretch receptor activity during high-frequency ventilation. CMV, PSRs
98  1992 [High frequency ventilation in the newborn. Study of 27 cases]. BDP, TBN
99  1991 Design and calibration of a high-frequency oscillatory ventilator. ---
100  1991 Longitudinal dispersion in model of central airways during high-frequency ventilation. ---