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Abbreviation : HFV
Long Form : human foamy virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Is there any relationship between human foamy virus infections and familial Mediterranean fever? FMF, SG1, SG2, SG3
2017 The Novel Landscape of Long Non-Coding RNAs in Response to Human Foamy Virus Infection Characterized by RNA-Seq. GO, GOTM, IL-8, KEGG, lncRNAs
2008 A novel human foamy virus mediated gene transfer of GAD67 reduces neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury. DRG, GABA, GAD, SCI
2007 Effective inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication by small interfering RNAs expressed from human foamy virus vectors. HBV, PCR, RNAi, siRNA
2007 Recombinant human foamy virus, a novel vector for neurological disorders gene therapy, drives production of GAD in cultured astrocytes. EGFP, GABA, GAD, PD
2006 Effect of mutations on the dimer stability and the pH optimum of the human foamy virus protease. HIV-1, PR
2006 Human foamy virus bel1 sequence in patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases. PBMC, PSS, RA, RT-PCR, SLE
2006 Improved purification protocol for wild-type and mutant human foamy virus proteases. ---
2005 Efficient therapeutic gene expression in cultured rat hippocampal neurons mediated by human foamy virus vectors: a potential for the treatment of neurological diseases. EGFP, GABA, GAD, HNs
10  2004 A potential live vector, foamy virus, directed intra-cellular expression of ovine interferon-tau exhibited the resistance to HIV infection. HIV-1, IFN-tau, oIFN-tau
11  2004 Absence of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I and human foamy virus in thymoma. ELISA, HTLV-I
12  2004 Cell-cycle dependence of foamy virus vectors. HIV-1, MLV, PFV
13  2002 A new indicator cell line to monitor human foamy virus infection and stability in vitro. BHK, EGFP, FAE
14  2002 Further characterization of equine foamy virus reveals unusual features among the foamy viruses. EFV, FVs
15  2002 Human foamy virus integrase fails to catalyse the integration of a circular DNA molecule containing an LTR junction sequence. EGFP, IN, LTR
16  2002 Intra- and intercellular trafficking of the foamy virus auxiliary bet protein. FVs
17  2001 A quantitative assay for measuring human foamy virus using an established indicator cell line. FAL
18  2001 Efficacy of dideoxynucleosides against human foamy virus and relationship to its reverse transcriptase amino acid sequence and structure. ddI, HIV-1, RT
19  2001 Gene transfer into murine hematopoietic stem cells with helper-free foamy virus vectors. HSCs
20  2001 Human foamy virus capsid formation requires an interaction domain in the N terminus of Gag. ---
21  2001 Isolation and sequencing of infectious clones of feline foamy virus and a human/feline foamy virus Env chimera. CRFK, FFVs
22  2001 Palindromic sequence plays a critical role in human foamy virus dimerization. ---
23  2001 PML mediates the interferon-induced antiviral state against a complex retrovirus via its association with the viral transactivator. IFN, NBs, PML
24  2001 Specific interaction of a novel foamy virus Env leader protein with the N-terminal Gag domain. FFV
25  2001 The R region found in the human foamy virus long terminal repeat is critical for both Gag and Pol protein expression. ---
26  2000 Characterization of the R572T point mutant of a putative cleavage site in human foamy virus Env. Env, FAB
27  2000 Human foamy virus Bel 1 transactivator/estrogen receptor fusion proteins allow inducible transactivation of both human foamy virus promoters. ER
28  2000 Induction of cellular genes is mediated by the Bel1 transactivator in foamy virus-infected human cells. IGF-II
29  2000 Multiple integrations of human foamy virus in persistently infected human erythroleukemia cells. ---
30  1999 Comparison of enzymatic activities of the HIV-1 and HFV integrases to their U5 LTR substrates. HIV-1
31  1999 Evidence that the human foamy virus genome is DNA. AZT
32  1999 Foamy virus capsids require the cognate envelope protein for particle export. CyD, Env, MSD, MuLV
33  1999 Properties of human foamy virus relevant to its development as a vector for gene therapy. ---
34  1999 Proteolytic activity, the carboxy terminus of Gag, and the primer binding site are not required for Pol incorporation into foamy virus particles. HBV
35  1998 An evolutionarily conserved splice generates a secreted env-Bet fusion protein during human foamy virus infection. ---
36  1998 Cells expressing the human foamy virus (HFV) accessory Bet protein are resistant to productive HFV superinfection. FFV, FV
37  1998 Degeneration of the cerebellar granule cell layer in transgenic mice expressing genes of human foamy virus. ---
38  1998 Foamy virus particle formation. ---
39  1998 Helper-free foamy virus vectors. CMV, LTR, RCR
40  1998 Identification and functional characterization of a high-affinity Bel-1 DNA binding site located in the human foamy virus internal promoter. LTR
41  1998 Importance of basic residues in the nucleocapsid sequence for retrovirus Gag assembly and complementation rescue. HIV, MLV, NC, RSV
42  1998 Molecular characterization of proteolytic processing of the Pol proteins of human foamy virus reveals novel features of the viral protease. ---
43  1998 Prevalence of human foamy virus-related sequences in the Korean population. GD
44  1998 Sequences in pol are required for transfer of human foamy virus-based vectors. ---
45  1998 Study of human foamy virus proviral integration in chronically infected murine cells. LTRs
46  1998 The carboxy-terminal p3Gag domain of the human foamy virus Gag precursor is required for efficient virus infectivity. ---
47  1998 The nucleotide sequence and spliced pol mRNA levels of the nonprimate spumavirus bovine foamy virus. BFV, IN, NC
48  1998 The roles of Pol and Env in the assembly pathway of human foamy virus. HBV
49  1997 Characterization of human foamy virus proteins expressed by recombinant vaccinia viruses. VVs
50  1997 Deletion analysis of both the long terminal repeat and the internal promoters of the human foamy virus. IP, LTR
51  1997 Efficient pseudotyping of murine leukemia virus particles with chimeric human foamy virus envelope proteins. MuLV
52  1997 Expression and molecular characterization of an enzymatically active recombinant human spumaretrovirus protease. PR
53  1997 Gene transfer using replication-defective human foamy virus vectors. ---
54  1997 Identification of sites that act together to direct dimerization of human foamy virus RNA in vitro. DLS
55  1997 Long terminal repeat U3 length polymorphism of human foamy virus. LTR
56  1997 Long-term persistent infection of domestic rabbits by the human foamy virus. ---
57  1997 Mouse model to study the replication of primate foamy viruses. ---
58  1997 Non-random deletions in human foamy virus long terminal repeat during viral infection. LTR
59  1997 Nuclear targeting of incoming human foamy virus Gag proteins involves a centriolar step. ---
60  1997 Protein composition and morphology of human foamy virus intracellular cores and extracellular particles. ---
61  1997 Regulation of gene expression by human foamy virus and potentials of foamy viral vectors. ---
62  1996 Analysis of the determinants of neurotropism and neurotoxicity of HFV in transgenic mice. IP
63  1996 Analysis of west African hunters for foamy virus infections. PCR, RIPAs, SFV
64  1996 Expression of human foamy virus reverse transcriptase involves a spliced pol mRNA. ---
65  1996 Foamy virus vectors. ---
66  1996 Human foamy virus genome in the thymus of myasthenia gravis patients. bp, PCR
67  1996 Human foamy virus replication: a pathway distinct from that of retroviruses and hepadnaviruses. ---
68  1996 In vitro infection of primary and retrovirus-infected human leukocytes by human foamy virus. ---
69  1996 In vitro studies on interferon-inducing capacity and sensitivity to IFN of human foamy virus. IFN
70  1996 Inhibition of the in vitro infectivity and cytopathic effect of human foamy virus by dideoxynucleosides. AZT, ddC, ddI, RT
71  1996 Isolation and characterization of infectious full-length DNA clones of chimpanzee foamy viruses SFV6 and SFV7: evidence for a Taf-dependent internal promoter. ---
72  1996 No evidence of antibody to human foamy virus in widespread human populations. ---
73  1996 The carboxyl terminus of the human foamy virus Gag protein contains separable nucleic acid binding and nuclear transport domains. NC
74  1996 The human foamy virus Bel-1 transcription factor is a sequence-specific DNA binding protein. INT, LTR
75  1996 The human foamy virus pol gene is expressed as a Pro-Pol polyprotein and not as a Gag-Pol fusion protein. ---
76  1996 Transduction of hematopoietic cells by foamy virus vectors. AP
77  1995 Activation of HIV transcription by human foamy virus in transgenic mice. ---
78  1995 Human foamy virus DNA forms and expression in persistently infected Dami megakaryocytic cells. ---
79  1995 Human foamy virus infection activates class I major histocompatibility complex antigen expression. HLA
80  1995 Molecular biological characterization of the human foamy virus reverse transcriptase and ribonuclease H domains. RT
81  1995 Phylogenetic analysis of primate foamy viruses by comparison of pol sequences. SFV
82  1995 Recent insights into the biology of the human foamy virus. ---
83  1994 Identification and characterization of the Bel 3 protein of human foamy virus. ---
84  1994 Isolation, cloning, and sequencing of simian foamy viruses from chimpanzees (SFVcpz): high homology to human foamy virus (HFV). bp, LTRs, SFV, SFV-6, SFVcpz
85  1994 Reactivity of primate sera to foamy virus Gag and Bet proteins. ---
86  1994 Retroviral synthetic peptide serum antibodies in human sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, ELISA, Env, HSRV
87  1994 The Bel1 protein of human foamy virus contains one positive and two negative control regions which regulate a distinct activation domain of 30 amino acids. ---
88  1994 The gene expression of human foamy virus does not require a post-transcriptional transactivator. ---
89  1994 [Neurotoxicity of human foamy virus in transgenic mice]. ---
90  1993 A defective human foamy provirus generated by pregenome splicing. ---
91  1993 Analysis of the role of the bel and bet open reading frames of human foamy virus by using a new quantitative assay. beta-Gal, FAB
92  1993 BEL-1 transactivator responsive sequences in the long terminal repeat of human foamy virus. LTR
93  1993 Endonucleolytic cleavages and DNA-joining activities of the integration protein of human foamy virus. ---
94  1993 Expression of the human foamy virus bel-1 transactivator in insect cells. ---
95  1993 Foamy viruses. LTRs
96  1993 Functional analysis of human foamy virus accessory reading frames. ---
97  1993 Human foamy virus polypeptides: identification of env and bel gene products. ---
98  1993 Human foamy virus proteins accumulate in neurons and induce multinucleated giant cells in the brain of transgenic mice. ---
99  1993 Multiple positive and negative cis-acting elements that mediate transactivation by bel1 in the long terminal repeat of human foamy virus. BRE, LTR
100  1993 Possible role of human foamy virus in Graves' disease. ---