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Abbreviation : HGF
Long Form : Hereditary gingival fibromatosis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Generalized hereditary gingival fibromatosis in a child: clinical, histopathological and therapeutic aspects. ---
2020 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis associated with the missense mutation of the KCNK4 gene. ---
2020 Son of Sevenless-1 genetic status in an Indian family with nonsyndromic hereditary gingival fibromatosis. SOS-1
2020 Unusual clinical and histologic findings in a child with mixed dentition with hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a case report. ---
2020 [Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a three-generation case report]. ---
2019 Antifibrotic Potential of MiR-335-3p in Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis. miRNAs, NHGFs
2019 Exomic and transcriptomic alterations of hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
2019 Fibroblasts from recurrent fibrotic overgrowths reveal high rate of proliferation in vitro - findings from the study of hereditary and idiopathic gingival fibromatosis. BrdU, IGF
2018 Expression of CD163 in hereditary gingival fibromatosis: A possible association with TGF-beta1. ---
10  2018 Gene expression profiling and bioinformatics analysis of hereditary gingival fibromatosis. DEGs, GEO, PPI
11  2018 Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: a Case Report with Seven-Year Follow-up. ---
12  2018 Nonsyndromic Gingival Fibromatosis: A Rare Case Report. ---
13  2018 TIMP-1 association with collagen type I overproduction in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. CTGF, HSP47, MMP-1, TGF-beta1, TIMP-1
14  2017 Genetic analysis of hereditary gingival fibromatosis using whole exome sequencing and bioinformatics. GSEA, HPO, WES
15  2017 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: Characteristics and treatment approach. DGJ
16  2017 Modeling RASopathies with Genetically Modified Mouse Models. CFC, CM-AVM, CS, NF1, NS
17  2017 REST Final-Exon-Truncating Mutations Cause Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis. REST, WES
18  2016 Diode Laser Versus Scalpel in the Treatment of Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis in a 6-Year Old Boy. ---
19  2016 Genomic analysis of gum disease and hypertrichosis in foxes. HHG
20  2016 The Autosomal Dominant Inheritance of Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: A Case Report. ---
21  2016 Ultrastructural evaluation of gingival connective tissue in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. NG
22  2015 Gingival Fibromatosis with Distinctive Facies - A Three Generation Case Report. ---
23  2015 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: clinical and ultrastructural features of a new family. ---
24  2015 Management of hereditary gingival fibromatosis: A 2 years follow-up case report. ---
25  2015 Resection of Gingival Fibromatosis with High-power Laser. ---
26  2014 Genome-wide expression analysis of hereditary hyperplastic gingivitis in silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes) using canine microarrays. HHG, SOS1
27  2014 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis and its management: 2-year follow-up. ---
28  2014 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
29  2014 Management of traumatic dental injury after periodontal surgery in patient with hereditary gingival fibromatosis: case report. TDI
30  2014 Non-syndromic hereditary gingival fibromatosis in three Chinese families is not due to SOS1 gene mutations. SOS1
31  2014 Sequence analysis of the Ras-MAPK pathway genes SOS1, EGFR & GRB2 in silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes): candidate genes for hereditary hyperplastic gingivitis. EGFR, GRB2, HHG, SOS1
32  2013 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a review and a report of a rare case. ---
33  2013 Hereditary nonsyndromic gingival fibromatosis: report of family case series. ---
34  2013 Linkage analysis confirms heterogeneity of hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
35  2013 The autosomal recessive inheritance of hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
36  2012 Amelogenesis imperfecta and generalized gingival overgrowth resembling hereditary gingival fibromatosis in siblings: a case report. AI
37  2012 Extensive Gingival Enlargement in Siblings: A case report. ---
38  2012 Gummy smile: could it be genetic? Hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
39  2012 Gummy smile: could it be genetic? Hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
40  2012 Hereditary gingival hyperplasia associated with amelogenesis imperfecta: a case report. AI
41  2011 Diagnosis and treatment of a hereditary gingival fibromatosis case. ---
42  2011 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a three-generation case and pathogenic mechanism research on progress of the disease. ---
43  2011 Smad7 blocks transforming growth factor-beta1-induced gingival fibroblast-myofibroblast transition via inhibitory regulation of Smad2 and connective tissue growth factor. alpha-SMA, CTGF, TGF-beta1
44  2011 [Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a case report]. ---
45  2010 Differences in the expression of glycosaminoglycans in human fibroblasts derived from gingival overgrowths is related to TGF-beta up-regulation. GAGs, HA, NG, NGc
46  2010 Refinement of the GINGF3 locus for hereditary gingival fibromatosis. adHGF, GINGF1
47  2009 Early onset of hereditary gingival fibromatosis in a 28-month-old. ---
48  2009 Expression of metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in gingiva affected by hereditary gingival fibromatosis: analysis of three cases within a family. MMPs
49  2009 Further evidence of genetic heterogeneity segregating with hereditary gingival fibromatosis. LOD, NPL
50  2009 Increased expression of integrin alpha2 and abnormal response to TGF-beta1 in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. TGF-beta1
51  2008 Clinical and histomorphometric characteristics of three different families with hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
52  2008 Keratinocytes modify fibroblast metabolism in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ECM, RT-PCR
53  2007 A novel locus for maternally inherited human gingival fibromatosis at chromosome 11p15. CDKN1C, HBB, HBD, KCNQ1DN
54  2007 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis--a review. ---
55  2007 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: characteristics and novel putative pathogenic mechanisms. ---
56  2007 Increased expression of collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylases in Chinese patients with hereditary gingival fibromatosis. P4H
57  2007 Long-term uncontrolled hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a case report. ---
58  2007 Opposite effects of TGF-beta1 and IFN-gamma on transdifferentiation of myofibroblast in human gingival cell cultures. ELISA, IFN-gamma, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
59  2007 The phenotypic overlap of syndromes associated with hereditary gingival fibromatosis: follow-up of a family for five years. ---
60  2006 Characterization of fibroblasts with Son of Sevenless-1 mutation. SOS1
61  2006 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: a systematic review. ---
62  2006 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: aggressive 2-stage surgical resection in lieu of traditional therapy. ---
63  2006 Heterogeneous presence of myofibroblasts in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. CTGF, NG, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
64  2005 A novel locus for autosomal dominant hereditary gingival fibromatosis, GINGF3, maps to chromosome 2p22.3-p23.3. LOD
65  2005 Gingival overgrowth in children: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and complications. A literature review. ---
66  2005 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis: report of a five-generation family using cellular proliferation analysis. NG, PCNA
67  2005 Proliferation of fibroblasts cultured from normal gingiva and hereditary gingival fibromatosis is dependent on fatty acid synthase activity. AR, FAS, NG, PCNA
68  2004 Role of the c-myc proto-oncogene in the proliferation of hereditary gingival fibromatosis fibroblasts. ELISA, FN, GN, ODN, PCR, TGF
69  2003 Effect of transforming growth factor-beta1, interleukin-6, and interferon-gamma on the expression of type I collagen, heat shock protein 47, matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-1 and MMP-2 by fibroblasts from normal gingiva and hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ELISA, HSP, IFN-gamma, IL-6, MMP, NG, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
70  2003 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis (HGF) with hypertrichosis is unlinked to the HGF1 and HGF2 loci. ---
71  2003 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis and expression of Ki-67 antigen: a case report. ---
72  2003 Histomorphometric characteristics and expression of epidermal growth factor and its receptor by epithelial cells of normal gingiva and hereditary gingival fibromatosis. EGF, NG, PCNA
73  2002 A mutation in the SOS1 gene causes hereditary gingival fibromatosis type 1. HGF1, SOS1
74  2002 A study of the ultrastructure and gene location of hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
75  2002 Testosterone stimulates proliferation and inhibits interleukin-6 production of normal and hereditary gingival fibromatosis fibroblasts. ELISA, IL-6, NG, RT-PCR
76  2001 Hereditary gingival fibromatosis and growth retardation. ACTH
77  2001 Transforming growth factor-beta1 autocrine stimulation regulates fibroblast proliferation in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. TGF-beta1
78  2001 Ultrastructural aspects of connective tissue in hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
79  2000 Evidence of genetic heterogeneity for hereditary gingival fibromatosis. ---
80  1999 Alteration in expression of MMP-1 and MMP-2 but not TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 in hereditary gingival fibromatosis is mediated by TGF-beta 1 autocrine stimulation. ECM, MMPs, NG, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1, TIMPs
81  1998 Autocrine transforming growth factor beta stimulation of extracellular matrix production by fibroblasts from fibrotic human gingiva. ECM, FN, GN, TGF-beta
82  1998 Differential proliferation of fibroblasts cultured from hereditary gingival fibromatosis and normal gingiva. NG
83  1998 Genetic linkage of hereditary gingival fibromatosis to chromosome 2p21. ---
84  1997 Increased proliferation, collagen, and fibronectin production by hereditary gingival fibromatosis fibroblasts. ECM, FN, GN