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Abbreviation : HP
Long Form : hairpin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Label-free detection of microRNA: two-stage signal enhancement with hairpin assisted cascade isothermal amplification and light-up DNA-silver nanoclusters. ---
2019 Bio-analytical applications of nicking endonucleases assisted signal-amplification strategies for detection of cancer biomarkers -DNA methyl transferase and microRNA. miRNA, NEases, NESA, RCA, SDA
2019 Exploring the effects of cosolutes and crowding on the volumetric and kinetic profile of the conformational dynamics of a poly dA loop DNA hairpin: a single-molecule FRET study. ---
2019 Highly sensitive electrochemical analysis of telomerase activity based on magnetic bead separation and exonuclease III-aided target recycling amplification. MB
2018 Amplified electrochemiluminescence detection of DNA based on novel quantum dots signal probe by multiple cycling amplification strategy. ECL, GNPs, QDs
2018 Antagonistic effects of natural osmolyte mixtures and hydrostatic pressure on the conformational dynamics of a DNA hairpin probed at the single-molecule level. smFRET
2017 Osmolyte Effects on the Conformational Dynamics of a DNA Hairpin at Ambient and Extreme Environmental Conditions. TMAO
2017 The Borrelia burgdorferi telomere resolvase, ResT, possesses ATP-dependent DNA unwinding activity. ---
2015 Construction and gene expression analysis of a single-stranded DNA minivector based on an inverted terminal repeat of adeno-associated virus. AAV, dsDNA, ITR, ssDNA
10  2015 Coupling a universal DNA circuit with graphene sheets/polyaniline/AuNPs nanocomposites for the detection of BCR/ABL fusion gene. CHA, CML
11  2015 Homogeneous electrochemical strategy for human telomerase activity assay at single-cell level based on T7 exonuclease-aided target recycling amplification. MB
12  2015 pH-dependent vesicle fusion induced by the ectodomain of the human immunodeficiency virus membrane fusion protein gp41: Two kinetically distinct processes and fully-membrane-associated gp41 with predominant beta sheet fusion peptide conformation. CHR, FP, FP-HP, HIV, NHR, SSNMR
13  2014 Analysis of the A-U rich hairpin from the intergenic region of tospovirus S RNA as target and inducer of RNA silencing. Dm, GFP-HP, IGR, TSWV, TYRV, vsiRNAs
14  2012 Construction of hairpin RNA-expressing vectors for RNA-mediated gene silencing in fungi. ---
15  2012 Use of hairpin RNA constructs for engineering plant virus resistance. ds, si
16  2011 Crowding promotes the switch from hairpin to pseudoknot conformation in human telomerase RNA. PK
17  2011 Initiation of translation of the FMR1 mRNA Occurs predominantly through 5'-end-dependent ribosomal scanning. 5'UTR, FMR1
18  2011 RNA interference-based resistance against a legume mastrevirus. CpCDPKV, RNAi
19  2008 Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, with virus-derived hairpin RNA constructs confers resistance to Poinsettia mosaic virus. DAS-ELISA, PnMV, si
20  2007 pSAT RNA interference vectors: a modular series for multiple gene down-regulation in plants. RNAi
21  2005 Simple, robust strategies for generating DNA-directed RNA interference constructs. ddRNAi, LRC, OA
22  2003 A novel procedure for the localization of viral RNAs in protoplasts and whole plants. CPMS2, GFP, NLS
23  2003 Constructs and methods for high-throughput gene silencing in plants. ---
24  2002 hpRNA-mediated targeting of the Arabidopsis FAD2 gene gives highly efficient and stable silencing. CS, iHP
25  2002 Ribosomal scanning on the highly structured insulin-like growth factor II-leader 1. IGF, IRES, nt, ORF
26  2000 A single copy of a virus-derived transgene encoding hairpin RNA gives immunity to barley yellow dwarf virus. BYDV-PAV, CYDV-RPV
27  1998 Inhibition of HPV-16 E6/E7 immortalization of normal keratinocytes by hairpin ribozymes. ---
28  1997 Adeno-associated virus type 2 DNA replication in vivo: mutation analyses of the D sequence in viral inverted terminal repeats. D-BP, ITRs
29  1997 Regulation of cytokine-induced iNOS expression by a hairpin oligonucleotide in murine cerebral endothelial cells. IFN-gamma, iNOS, MCECs, TNF-alpha
30  1996 Rescue and replication of adeno-associated virus type 2 as well as vector DNA sequences from recombinant plasmids containing deletions in the viral inverted terminal repeats: selective encapsidation of viral genomes in progeny virions. D-BP, ITRs