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Abbreviation : HP
Long Form : holding potential
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Dehydroepiandrosterone inhibits ICa,L and its window current in voltage-dependent and -independent mechanisms in arterial smooth muscle cells. 6-AN, DHEA, DHEAS, G6PD, VDI, VIDI
2012 A null mutation of the neuronal sodium channel NaV1.6 disrupts action potential propagation and excitation-contraction coupling in the mouse heart. CV, E-C
2012 The distribution of low-threshold TTX-resistant Na⁺ currents in rat trigeminal ganglion cells. AC, TPs, TTX-r
2011 Enhancing effects of salicylate on quinidine-induced block of human wild type and LQT3 related mutant cardiac Na+ channels. ---
2011 Ranolazine block of human Na v 1.4 sodium channels and paramyotonia congenita mutants. UDB
2010 Serotonin upregulates low- and high-threshold tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channels in the same subpopulation of rat nociceptors. DRG, TPs
2006 Carbamazepine interacts with a slow inactivation state of NaV1.8-like sodium channels. DRG, TTX-R-currents
2006 Mechanism of rat mesenteric arterial KATP channel activation by 14,15-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid. 11,12-EET, 14,15-EEZE, ATP, TP
2005 Melanotrope cells of Xenopus laevis express multiple types of high-voltage-activated Ca2+ channels. HVA
10  2004 Different flecainide sensitivity of hNav1.4 channels and myotonic mutants explained by state-dependent block. WT
11  2003 Classification of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels in trigeminal ganglion neurons from neonatal rats. HVA, LVA, TG
12  2002 Analysis of moricizine block of sodium current in isolated guinea-pig atrial myocytes. Atrioventricular difference of moricizine block. ---
13  2002 Stoichiometry of Na+-Ca2+ exchange is 3:1 in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes. ---
14  2002 [Inhibitory action of CPU86035 on L-type calcium current in single ventricular myocyte of guinea pig]. Ca.L
15  2001 Differences in K+ current components in mesenteric artery myocytes from WKY and SHR. IbTX, SHR, TEA, WKY
16  2001 Effects of depolarization and low intracellular pH on charge movement currents of frog skeletal muscle fibers. T-tubule
17  2001 Gating of myotonic Na channel mutants defines the response to mexiletine and a potent derivative. WT
18  2000 Facilitation of the L-type calcium current in rabbit sino-atrial cells: effect on cardiac automaticity. AP
19  2000 Inhibitory action of troglitazone, an insulin-sensitizing agent, on the calcium current in cardiac ventricular cells of guinea pig. ---
20  2000 Reexpression of T-type Ca2+ channel gene and current in post-infarction remodeled rat left ventricle. LV, MI, RPA, TTX
21  1999 Barium inhibition of the collapse of the Shaker K(+) conductance in zero K(+). ---
22  1999 Ca(2+) influx inhibits voltage-dependent and augments Ca(2+)-dependent K(+) currents in arterial myocytes. ---
23  1999 Effects of amlodipine on native cardiac Na+ channels and cloned alpha-subunits of cardiac Na+ channels. ---
24  1999 Mechanism of inhibition of the Na current by tocainide in guinea-pig isolated ventricular cells. ---
25  1998 The sensitivity of the human Kv1.3 (hKv1.3) lymphocyte K+ channel to regulation by PKA and PKC is partially lost in HEK 293 host cells. HEK, hKv1.3
26  1997 1,5-benzothiazepine binding domain is located on the extracellular side of the cardiac L-type Ca2+ channel. ---
27  1997 Cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase regulates the L-type calcium current in rat ventricular myocytes. cAMP, cGMP
28  1997 Cyclic nucleotides regulate the activity of L-type calcium channels in smooth muscle cells from rat portal vein. VSM
29  1997 Preferential interaction of omega-conotoxins with inactivated N-type Ca2+ channels. ---
30  1996 ATP receptor activation potentiates a voltage-dependent Ca channel in hippocampal neurons. ATP, ICa, TP
31  1996 Comparison of K+ channel properties in freshly isolated myocytes from thoracic aorta of WKY and SHR. SHR, WKY
32  1996 Electrophysiological characterization of non-NMDA glutamate receptors on cultured intermediate lobe cells of the rat pituitary. AMPA, IL
33  1996 Inactivation of the calcium current is involved in overdrive suppression of rabbit sinoatrial node cells. SA
34  1995 Ca2+ currents in human colonic smooth muscle cells. ---
35  1995 Indirect stimulation of Ca(2+)-activated Cl- current by Na+/Ca2+ exchange in rabbit portal vein smooth muscle. TEA
36  1995 Variation in serotonergic inhibition of calcium channel currents in four types of rat sensory neurons differentiated by membrane properties. AP, DRG
37  1995 Voltage-dependence of Ca2+ agonist effect of YC-170 on cardiac L-type Ca2+ channels. DHP
38  1995 [Characterization of outward current in mouse ventricular myocytes]. Iout
39  1994 Oxytocin induces an inward current in pregnant rat myometrial cells. OT
40  1994 Variation in IH, IIR, and ILEAK between acutely isolated adult rat dorsal root ganglion neurons of different size. DRG, IIR
41  1993 The effect of Agauria salicifolia leaf extract on the sodium current of tetrodotoxin-treated frog skeletal muscle fibres. AS, TTX
42  1992 Alteration of the L-type calcium current in guinea-pig single ventricular myocytes by heptaminol hydrochloride. ---
43  1992 Novel isoform of Ca2+ channel in rat fetal cardiomyocytes. DHP
44  1991 Bicuculline blocks nicotinic acetylcholine response in isolated intermediate lobe cells of the pig. ACh, IL, TBPS
45  1991 Distribution of dihydropyridine and omega-conotoxin-sensitive calcium currents in acutely isolated rat and frog sensory neuron somata: diameter-dependent L channel expression in frog. omega-CgTx
46  1987 Kinetic and pharmacological properties distinguishing three types of calcium currents in chick sensory neurones. DRG
47  1982 Distribution and kinetics of membrane dielectric polarization. 1. Long-term inactivation of gating currents. ---
48  1982 Distribution and kinetics of membrane dielectric polarization. II. Frequency domain studies of gating currents. ---