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Abbreviation : HRMS
Long Form : high-resolution mass spectrometry
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A large-Stokes-shift fluorescent probe for Zn2+ based on AIE, and application in live cell imaging. AIE, DPA, NMR
2020 A machine learning approach for handling big data produced by high resolution mass spectrometry after data independent acquisition of small molecules - Proof of concept study using an artificial neural network for sample classification. DIA
2020 A Microwave-Assisted Direct Heteroarylation of Ketones Using Transition Metal Catalysis. ---
2020 A near-infrared phosphorescent iridium(iii) complex for fast and time-resolved detection of cysteine and homocysteine. Cys, DFT, Hcy, NIR, TRES
2020 A Porous and Stable Porphyrin Metal-Organic Framework as an Efficient Catalyst towards Visible-Light-Mediated Aerobic Cross-Dehydrogenative-Coupling Reactions. EPR, PMOFs, TON
2020 A rapid high-performance liquid chromatography separation of a new anthocyanin from Nitraria tangutorum. ---
2020 A sensitive and rapid "off-on" fluorescent probe for the detection of esterase and its application in evaluating cell status and discrimination of living cells and dead cells. ---
2020 A triazole-based fluorescence probe for detecting Hg2+ ions and its biological application. NMR
2020 Accurate determination of drug-to-antibody ratio of interchain cysteine-linked antibody-drug conjugates by LC-HRMS. ADCs, DAR, LC-HRMS, RSD
10  2020 An estimation of sulfur concentrations released by three algae (Chlorella vulgaris, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Scenedesmus obliquus) in response to variable growth photoperiods. DPCSV, RSS
11  2020 Analysis of complex mixtures of polyglycerol fatty esters using liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry: Retention, structural and relative composition study. PGEs, XICs
12  2020 Analysis of Tryptophan Metabolites in Serum Using Wide-Isolation Strategies for UHPLC-HRMS/MS. UHPLC
13  2020 Annotation and quantification of N-acyl homoserine lactones implied in bacterial quorum sensing by supercritical-fluid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry. AHLs, SFC
14  2020 Antimicrobial mechanism of strictinin isomers extracted from the root of Rosa roxburghii Tratt (Ci Li Gen). HPLC, MIC, NMR, SDS-PAGE, SEM
15  2020 Application of the fentanyl analog screening kit toward the identification of emerging synthetic opioids in human plasma and urine by LC-QTOF. FAS, LC-QTOF
16  2020 Caffeine content in newborn hair correlates with maternal dietary intake. KuBiCo
17  2020 Characterization of organic matter by HRMS in surface waters: Effects of chlorination on molecular fingerprints and correlation with DBP formation potential. DBPs, DOM, KMD, THMs, VK
18  2020 Chiral Derivatives of 2-Aminotribenzotriquinacene: Synthesis and Optical Resolution. ECD, TDDFT
19  2020 Chromatographic behavior and characterization of polydisperse surfactants using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography hyphenated to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry. HILIC, RPLC
20  2020 Comparison of data acquisition modes with Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry for targeted and non-targeted residue screening in aquacultured eel. AIF, dd-MS2, mDIA or vDIA, PRM
21  2020 Cyclic Tripeptide-based Potent and Selective Human SIRT5 Inhibitors. Fmoc, MBHA, RP-HPLC, SPPS
22  2020 Degradation mechanism study of fluoroquinolones in UV/Fe2+/peroxydisulfate by on-line mass spectrometry. AOPs, FQs
23  2020 Design, synthesis, and biological activity evaluation of a series of pleuromutilin derivatives with novel C14 side chains. NMR
24  2020 Dibenzofuran/Dibenzothiophene-Embedded Dithia-bis(calix)-sapphyrins. DBF, DBT, DFT
25  2020 Dibenzoylbenzodipyrroles: Key Precursors for the Synthesis of Fused Meso-Aryl Sapphyrins. DFT
26  2020 Diffusible and volatile organic compounds produced by avocado rhizobacteria exhibit antifungal effects against Fusarium kuroshium. FD, GC-MS, SPME, UPLC, VOCs
27  2020 Distinction and valorization of 30 root extracts of five goldenrod (Solidago) species. AChE, BChE, HPTLC
28  2020 Diversity of complexes based on p-nitrobenzoylhydrazide, benzoylformic acid and diorganotin halides or oxides self-assemble: Cytotoxicity, the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells and DNA-binding properties. FT-IR
29  2020 Efficient degradation of Fipronil in water by microwave-induced argon plasma: Mechanism and degradation pathways. DFT, MIP, OES
30  2020 Experimental and in silico assessment of fate and effects of the UV filter 2-phenylbenzimidazole 5-sulfonic acid and its phototransformation products in aquatic solutions. GW, LBT, PBSA, PTPs, QSAR
31  2020 Ferrate(VI) pretreatment before disinfection: An effective approach to controlling unsaturated and aromatic halo-disinfection byproducts in chlorinated and chloraminated drinking waters. DBPs
32  2020 Glycan-mediated technology for obtaining homogeneous site-specific conjugated antibody-drug conjugates: synthesis and analytical characterization by using complementary middle-up LC/HRMS analysis. ADC, DAR, HILIC, RPLC
33  2020 High Resolution GC-Orbitrap-MS Metabolomics Using Both Electron Ionization and Chemical Ionization for Analysis of Human Plasma. CI, EI, GC-MS, MSI, NCI, PCI
34  2020 HPLC, quantitative NMR and HRMS spectroscopic data of nusbiarylins as a new class of antimicrobial agents. HPLC, qNMR
35  2020 Human Biomonitoring of Mycotoxins in Blood, Plasma and Serum in Recent Years: A Review. AFB1-lys, HBM, LC, MS/MS, OTA
36  2020 Hybrids of Quinoline and Anilinopyrimidine: Novel EGFRT790M Inhibitors with Antiproliferative Activity against Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines. EGFR, NMR, NSCLC, TKIs
37  2020 Identification and quantification of myo-inositol hexakisphosphate in complex environmental matrices using ion chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry in comparison to 31P NMR spectroscopy. ESI, IC, LOD, LOQ
38  2020 Identification of adjuvants in plant protection products applying a suspect screening workflow based on orthogonal techniques. GC, NMR, PPPs, UHPLC
39  2020 Identification of Rosellinia species as producers of cyclodepsipeptide PF1022 A and resurrection of the genus Dematophora as inferred from polythetic taxonomy. ITS, LSU, NMR
40  2020 Identification of unknowns in industrial wastewater using offline 2D chromatography and non-target screening. LC, TrOC, UV, WWTP
41  2020 In silico MS/MS spectra for identifying unknowns: a critical examination using CFM-ID algorithms and ENTACT mixture samples. CFM-ID, DSSTox, ENTACT, EPA, FPRs, TPR
42  2020 In vitro characterization of glycyrol metabolites in human liver microsomes using HR-resolution MS spectrometer coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. HLM, UGTs
43  2020 Input of an Off-Line, Comprehensive, Three-Dimensional Method (CPCSFC/HRMS) to Quantify Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Vacuum Gas Oils. CPC, HPAHs, PAHs, SFC, VGOs
44  2020 Integration of target analyses, non-target screening and effect-based monitoring to assess OMP related water quality changes in drinking water treatment. NTS, OMPs
45  2020 Intrinsic alterations in peripheral neutrophils from cystic fibrosis newborn piglets. CF, ICM-MS, ROS
46  2020 Isolation and identification of a new sildenafil analogue, hydroxycarbodenafil, found as an adulterant in a health supplement. NMR
47  2020 Liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of short-chain chlorinated paraffins in mixed plastic wastes. GC, LC-ESI-MSMS, LPC, SCCPs
48  2020 Mathematical chromatography deciphers the molecular fingerprints of dissolved organic matter. DOM, HPLC, PARAFAC, PCA
49  2020 Molecular hybrid design, synthesis, in vitro and in vivo anticancer evaluation, and mechanism of action of N-acylhydrazone linked, heterobivalent beta-carbolines. CA4P
50  2020 One-pot synthesis of N-confused porphyrin-dipyrrin conjugates and their optical properties. NCTPP
51  2020 Optimization of activity localization of quinoline derivatives: Design, synthesis, and dual evaluation of biological activity for potential antitumor and antibacterial agents. IR, MIC, NMR
52  2020 Parallel reaction monitoring-based quantification of cannabinoids in whole blood. CBD, LC, LLE, ME, PRM, RE, SFSTP, SRM, THC
53  2020 Post-Synthetic Derivatization of Graphitic Carbon Nitride with Methanesulfonyl Chloride: Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalysis. AO7, CN, ExCN, S-CN, UVA
54  2020 Pushing the limits of resolving power and analysis time in on-line comprehensive hydrophilic interaction x reversed phase liquid chromatography for the analysis of complex peptide samples. HILIC, RPLC
55  2020 Quantitative analysis of proanthocyanidins in cocoa using cysteamine-induced thiolysis and reversed-phase UPLC. PDA
56  2020 Radiation induced oxidation of [18F]fluorothia fatty acids under cGMP manufacturing conditions. LC-MS
57  2020 Rapid detection and structural characterization of verapamil metabolites in rats by UPLC-MSE and UNIFI platform. LC/HRMS
58  2020 Reactivity of unactivated peroxymonosulfate with nitrogenous compounds. AOPs, PMS
59  2020 Recent progresses in analytical GC and LC mass spectrometric based-methods for the detection of emerging chlorinated and brominated contaminants and their transformation products in aquatic environment. ---
60  2020 Retrospective screening of high-resolution mass spectrometry archived digital samples can improve environmental risk assessment of emerging contaminants: A case study on antifungal azoles. ---
61  2020 Selection of universal peptide biomarkers for the detection of the allergen hazelnut in food trough a comprehensive, high resolution mass spectrometric (HRMS) based approach. ---
62  2020 Skyline for Small Molecules: A Unifying Software Package for Quantitative Metabolomics. SRM
63  2020 Sonochemical degradation of benzenesulfonic acid in aqueous medium. BSA, TOC
64  2020 Strategies for Drawing Quantitative Conclusions from Nontargeted Liquid Chromatography-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Analysis. ESI, LC, MS
65  2020 Structural annotation of electro- and photochemically generated transformation products of moxidectin using high-resolution mass spectrometry. EC, MOX, PC, TPs
66  2020 Structural Determination of a New Peptidolipid Family from Rhodococcus opacus and the Pathogen Rhodococcus equi by Multiple Stage Mass Spectrometry. LIT MSn, R. equi, R. opacus
67  2020 Studies on the novel pyridine sulfide containing SDH based heterocyclic amide fungicide. SDH, SDHI
68  2020 Suspect and non-targeted screening of chemicals of emerging concern for human biomonitoring, environmental health studies and support to risk assessment: From promises to challenges and harmonisation issues. CECs
69  2020 Synthesis and fouling resistance of capsaicin derivatives containing amide groups. C. curvisetus, IR, MP, P. tricornutum, S. costatum
70  2020 Targeted Isolation of Lignans from Trachelospermum asiaticum Using Molecular Networking and Hierarchical Clustering Analysis. DDA, GNPS, HCA
71  2020 Targeted metabolomics of CSF in healthy individuals and patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis using high-resolution mass spectrometry. ADMA, CSF, CV, LC-HRMS, SPMS
72  2020 The characterization of isobaric product ions of fentanyl using multi-stage mass spectrometry, high-resolution mass spectrometry and isotopic labeling. ---
73  2020 The influence of chemical modifications on the fragmentation behavior of fentanyl and fentanyl-related compounds in electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. FRCs
74  2020 The periodic table of urea derivative: small molecules of zinc(II) and nickel(II) of diverse antimicrobial and antiproliferative applications. BZIMU, E. coli, HeLa
75  2020 Tracing Urban Wastewater Contaminants into the Atlantic Ocean by Nontarget Screening. NTS
76  2020 Trichothecene and tremulane sesquiterpenes from a hallucinogenic mushroom Gymnopilus junonius and their cytotoxicity. COSY, ECD, HMBC, HSQC, NMR
77  2020 Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography Coupled to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of ADCs. HIC, HILIC, IEX, MS, RPLC, SEC
78  2020 Ultra-high performance supercritical fluid chromatography combined with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the characterization of pentaerythritol fatty acid esters. ---
79  2019 A comprehensive approach to detecting multitudinous bioactive peptides in equine plasma and urine using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry. HILIC, LOD, SPE
80  2019 A Comprehensive Review of Bioactive Peptides from Marine Fungi and Their Biological Significance. ---
81  2019 A Data-Independent Methodology for the Structural Characterization of Microcystins and Anabaenopeptins Leading to the Identification of Four New Congeners. DIA, SPE-UHPLC
82  2019 A microanalytical capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry assay for quantifying angiotensin peptides in the brain. Ang, CE, nanoESI, RAS
83  2019 A multi-analytical platform based on pressurized-liquid extraction, in vitro assays and liquid chromatography/gas chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry for food by-products valorisation. Part 2: Characterization of bioactive compounds from goldenberry (Physalis peruviana L.) calyx extracts using hyphenated techniques. ESI, GC-q-TOF-MS, PLE
84  2019 A multidimensional analytical approach based on time-decoupled online comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with ion mobility quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the analysis of ginsenosides from white and red ginsengs. CCS, IM, RG, UHPLC, WG
85  2019 A New Red-Emitting Fluorescence Probe for Rapid and Effective Visualization of Bisulfite in Food Samples and Live Animals. ---
86  2019 A Redox-Switchable Colorimetric Probe for "Naked-Eye" Detection of Hypochlorous Acid and Glutathione. HOCl, PBS
87  2019 A Refined Nontarget Workflow for the Investigation of Metabolites through the Prioritization by in Silico Prediction Tools. CCS, IMS, LC, PM, RT
88  2019 A scoring approach for multi-platform acquisition in metabolomics. ---
89  2019 A sensitive method detecting trace levels of levonorgestrel using LC-HRMS. IUD, LC, LLOD, LLOQ, LNG
90  2019 A Triple Quadrupole and a Hybrid Quadrupole Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer in Comparison for Polyphenol Quantitation. LRMS
91  2019 Advanced oxidation of antihypertensives losartan and valsartan by photo-electro-Fenton at near-neutral pH using natural organic acids and a dimensional stable anode-gas diffusion electrode (DSA-GDE) system under light emission diode (LED) lighting. ARA II, DSA-GDE, ECs, EF, LED, LOS, PEF, QTOF, VAL
92  2019 Alpha-Glucosidase and Alpha-Amylase Inhibitory Activities of Novel Abietane Diterpenes from Salvia africana-lutea. IR, SA, UV
93  2019 Alternative mass spectrometry techniques for the validation of the fragmentation pattern of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin. CID, DART, EI, GC/MS, LS
94  2019 Analysis of impurities of cannabidiol from hemp. Isolation, characterization and synthesis of cannabidibutol, the novel cannabidiol butyl analog. CBD, CBDB, CBDV
95  2019 Anticancer effects of alloxanthoxyletin and fatty acids esters - In vitro study on cancer HTB-140 and A549 cells. 13C NMR, HaCaT, HaCaT, LDH
96  2019 Application of Nontarget High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data to Quantitative Source Apportionment. ---
97  2019 Application of quadrupole-Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry in rapid screening and identification of synthetic dyes in herbal medicines. ---
98  2019 Assessing fish authenticity by direct analysis in real time-high resolution mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis: discrimination between wild-type and farmed salmon. DA, DART, PCA
99  2019 Automated Isotopic Profile Deconvolution for High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Data (APGC-QToF) from Biological Matrices. APGC-QToF, IPDC, PBT
100  2019 Bacterial cellulose membrane associated with red propolis as phytomodulator: Improved healing effects in experimental models of diabetes mellitus. MPO, MPO