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Abbreviation : Hb
Long Form : habenula
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Fully Automated Habenula Segmentation Provides Robust and Reliable Volume Estimation Across Large Magnetic Resonance Imaging Datasets, Suggesting Intriguing Developmental Trajectories in Psychiatric Disease. ---
2020 Habenula deep brain stimulation for intractable schizophrenia: a pilot study. DBS
2020 Habenular Stimulation for Neurosurgery Resistant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Case Report. DBS, OCD
2020 Human decisions about when to act originate within a basal forebrain-nigral circuit. BF, PPN
2020 Imaging patients pre and post deep brain stimulation: Localization of the electrodes and their targets. DBS, GPe, GPi, ME-GRE, QSM, SNR
2020 Inhibition of JNK ameliorates depressive-like behaviors and reduces the activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and the phosphorylation of glucocorticoid receptors at serine 246 induced by neuroinflammation. AMYG, GR, HPA, JNK, LPS, mPFC
2020 Seasonal changes in NRF2 antioxidant pathway regulates winter depression-like behavior. Nrf2
2020 The anterior and medial thalamic nuclei and the human limbic system: tracing the structural connectivity using diffusion-weighted imaging. ANT, MD
2019 A suprachiasmatic-independent circadian clock(s) in the habenula is affected by Per gene mutations and housing light conditions in mice. LHb, PER2, SCN
10  2019 Detailed mapping of human habenula resting-state functional connectivity. BOLD, fMRI
11  2019 Habenular connections with the dopaminergic and serotonergic system and their role in stress-related psychiatric disorders. DR, LHb
12  2019 Habenular connectivity may predict treatment response in depressed psychiatric inpatients. RSFC
13  2019 Increased cocaine self-administration in rats lacking the serotonin transporter: a role for glutamatergic signaling in the habenula. ---
14  2019 Role of Olfactorily Responsive Neurons in the Right Dorsal Habenula-Ventral Interpeduncular Nucleus Pathway in Food-Seeking Behaviors of Larval Zebrafish. dHb, IPN, L-dHb, R-dHb, V-IPN
15  2019 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Mouse Habenula Subnuclei Reveals Reduced Volume and Gene Expression in the Lipopolysaccharide-mediated Depression Model. LPS
16  2018 Effects of Habenular Stimulation Frequencies on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Induced by Stimulation of Insular Cortex. EMG, IC, OSA
17  2018 Imaging Habenula Volume in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. MRI
18  2017 Altered Volume and Functional Connectivity of the Habenula in Schizophrenia. BPRS, HCs, IFG, mPFC, SCH
19  2017 Habenula and interpeduncular nucleus differentially modulate predator odor-induced innate fear behavior in rats. IPN, SPECT
20  2017 Left Habenula Mediates Light-Preference Behavior in Zebrafish via an Asymmetrical Visual Pathway. EmT, RGCs
21  2017 Retrograde inhibition by a specific subset of interpeduncular alpha5 nicotinic neurons regulates nicotine preference. IPN, nAChR, SST
22  2017 The lateral habenula and the serotonergic system. DR, LHb, MnR
23  2017 The role of the habenula in the transition from reward to misery in substance use and mood disorders. IPN, RMTg
24  2017 Translating the Habenula-From Rodents to Humans. ---
25  2017 [The structure and function of habenula]. ---
26  2016 An Evolutionary Hypothesis of Binary Opposition in Functional Incompatibility about Habenular Asymmetry in Vertebrates. ---
27  2016 Resting-state functional connectivity of the human habenula in healthy individuals: Associations with subclinical depression. HCP
28  2015 Effect of low doses of methamphetamine on rat limbic-related neurotensin systems. AMYG, LR, METH, NT, NT-LI, PFC, VTA
29  2015 Integrated miRNA-mRNA analysis in the habenula nuclei of mice intravenously self-administering nicotine. FR, LHb, MHb, miRNAs, mRNA
30  2015 New insights on the role of the insular cortex and habenula in OSA. 5-HT, CNS, fMRI, GG, IC, OSA, RN
31  2015 Volumetric MRI study of the habenula in first episode, recurrent and chronic major depression. MDD, WM
32  2014 Baclofen prevented the changes in c-Fos and brain-derived neutrophic factor expressions during mecamylamine-precipitated nicotine withdrawal in mice. AcbSh, BDNF, BST, CPu, DG, MEC, NIC
33  2014 Habenula functional resting-state connectivity in pediatric CRPS. CRPS, RSFC
34  2013 The habenula governs the attribution of incentive salience to reward predictive cues. FR
35  2012 Evolutionary plasticity of habenular asymmetry with a conserved efferent connectivity pattern. IPN
36  2009 Lack of effect of habenula lesion on heroin self-administration in rats. ---
37  2006 Substance P and neurokinin-1 immunoreactivities in the neural circadian system of the Alaskan northern red-backed vole, Clethrionomys rutilus. DR and MR, IGL, NK-1, RHT, SCN, SP, SPVZ
38  2005 Neurochemical correlates of nicotine neurotoxicity on rat habenulo-interpeduncular cholinergic neurons. ChAT, IPN
39  2004 Habenular and interpeduncularis nuclei: shared components in multiple-function networks. IPN
40  2002 Involvement of rat lateral septum-acetylcholine pressor system in central amygdaloid nucleus-emotional pressor circuit. AC, ACh, CRF, LC, RVL, SL, SP
41  2001 In situ hybridization analysis of preprotachykinin-A mRNA levels in young and old rats. BNST, PPT-A
42  2001 Role of tachykinin receptors in the central processing of afferent input from the acid-threatened rat stomach. AP, CeA, HCl, i.g, i.p, ISH, LPB, mRNA, NTS, Pa, SFO, SO
43  1999 In situ hybridization analysis of preprotachykinin-A mRNA levels in young and old rats. AcbC, BNST, CNS, d-CPu, ICj, MPOA, PPT-A, Tu
44  1998 [Involvement of habenula nucleus in the pathogenesis of stress induced hypertension and the underlying mechanisms]. SIH
45  1997 Cocaine exposure in fetal rhesus monkey: consequences for dopamine D1- and D2-like receptor binding densities. Acb, SN
46  1997 In situ hybridization analysis of preprotachykinin-A and -B mRNA levels in short-term sodium depletion. ARC, BNST, CeL, DMD, FStr, LOT, MPOA, PPT-A, PPT-B, Tu
47  1997 Regulation of preprotachykinin-A mRNA in genetic hypertensive and normotensive rats. BNST, LOT, MPOA, PPT-A, SHR, TKs, Tu, WKY
48  1995 Effect of adrenal steroids on preproneurokinin-A gene expression in discrete regions of the rat brain. BNST, HDB, LOT, MPOA, OT, SHAM
49  1995 In situ hybridization histochemistry of c-erbA alpha 2 mRNA in the hypothalamus and its surrounding structures in the adult male rat. AM, ARC, HIPP, PVN, PVT, VMN
50  1995 [Different effect of L-glutamate microinjection into medial or lateral habenular nucleu on pain threshold]. L-Glu, LHb
51  1994 Tooth pulp stimulation induces c-fos expression in the lateral habenular nucleus of the cat. HbL
52  1993 Demonstration of habenular neurons which receive afferent fibers from the nucleus accumbens and send their axons to the midbrain periaqueductal gray. NA, PAG/DR, PHA-L
53  1992 Action of habenular efferents on ventral tegmental area neurons studied in vitro. EPSPs, FR, IPSPs, VTA
54  1985 Prenatal and postnatal hypothyroidism abolishes lesion-induced noradrenergic sprouting in the adult rat. NA, NE, PTU-induced, SM, TSH
55  1984 Lesion-induced catecholaminergic sprouting in the interpeduncular nucleus. IPN, NA
56  1984 Local changes in cerebral 2-deoxyglucose uptake during alphaxalone anaesthesia with special reference to the habenulo-interpeduncular system. 2-DG, IPN, rma
57  1984 Serotonergic mediation of habenular self-stimulation in the rat. LH, MR
58  1983 Electrophysiological evidence of concurrent dorsal raphe input to caudate, septum, habenula, thalamus hippocampus, cerebellum and olfactory bulb. CB, CN, DR, OB, Pf, Spt, VT
59  1983 Origin and distribution of noradrenergic innervation in the habenula: a neurochemical study. DNB, LHb, MHb, NE
60  1982 A radioautographic and immunocytochemical study of the GABA systems of the habenula complex in the rat. SM
61  1981 Afferent connections of the interpeduncular nucleus and the topographic organization of the habenulo-interpeduncular pathway: an HRP study in the rat. IPN
62  1980 Neurophysiological and thermoregulatory effects of capsaicin. AH, DR, SN