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Abbreviation : Hb
Long Form : hemoglobin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 16alpha-Hydroxyestrone: Mass Spectrometry-Based Methodologies for the Identification of Covalent Adducts Formed with Blood Proteins. HSA, MS
2020 A benchmark of hemoglobin blocking during library preparation for mRNA-Sequencing of human blood samples. ---
2020 A case study of 10 patients administered HBOC-201 in high doses over a prolonged period: outcomes during severe anemia when transfusion is not an option. EA, HBOCs, IND, SAEs
2020 A Cell-Phone-Based Acoustofluidic Platform for Quantitative Point-of-Care Testing. POC
2020 A Chinese Male with Normal Hematological Indices and High Hb A2 Levels in beta-Thalassemia Trait. beta-thal, CBC
2020 A combination of single-balloon enteroscopy-assisted laparoscopy and endoscopic mucosal resection for treating gastrointestinal venous malformations in blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome: a case report. BRBNS, GI, SBE, VCE
2020 A comparative study of combined intravenous and topical administration of tranexamic acid with topical tranexamic acid alone for blood loss reduction after primary uncemented total hip arthroplasty. Hct, THA, TXA
2020 A comparative study to evaluate oral iron and intravenous iron sucrose for treatment of anemia in pregnancy in a poor socioeconomic region of Northeast India. IVIS
2020 A highly sensitive UPLC-MS/MS method for hydroxyurea to assess pharmacokinetic intervention by phytotherapeutics in rats. HESI, HU, RBC, SCA, SRM, USFDA
10  2020 A Japanese Family with the Unstable Hb Sydney (HBB: c.203T>C) Variant and Persistent Low Hemoglobin Oxygen Saturation. ---
11  2020 A multicenter study evaluating the effectiveness and safety of single-dose low molecular weight iron dextran vs single-dose ferumoxytol for the treatment of iron deficiency. AE, Hct, LMWID
12  2020 A new improvement: subperiosteal cocktail application to effectively reduce pain and blood loss after total knee arthroplasty. DVT, TKA, VAS
13  2020 A New Indicator Derived From Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Content for Screening Iron Deficiency in an Area Prevalent for Thalassemia. AUC, ID, IDA, RBC, Ret-He, ROC
14  2020 A Novel beta-Thalassemia Mutation [IVS-I-6 (T>G), HBB: c.92+6T>G] in a Chinese Family. beta-thal
15  2020 A novel SNP rs11759328 on Rho GTPase-activating protein 18 gene is associated with the expression of Hb F in hemoglobin E-related disorders. ---
16  2020 A persistent luminescence-based label-free probe for the ultrasensitive detection of hemoglobin in human serum. LOD, NIR, PLNPs
17  2020 A Phase 3, Multicenter, Randomized, Two-Arm, Open-Label Study of Intermittent Oral Dosing of Roxadustat for the Treatment of Anemia in Japanese Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent-Naive Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Not on Dialysis. CKD, DD, ESA, NDD, RoR
18  2020 A pilot study on secondary anemia in "frailty" patients treated with Ferric Sodium EDTA in combination with vitamin C, folic acid, copper gluconate, zinc gluconate and selenomethionine: safety of treatment explored by HRV non-linear analysis as predictive factor of cardiovascular tolerability. HRV, IDA, NYHA
19  2020 A Pitfall in HbA1c Testing Caused by Hb Long Island Hemoglobin Variant. HPLC, PCR
20  2020 A protocol of situation-dependent transfusion, erythropoietin and tranexamic acid reduces transfusion in fronto-orbital advancement for metopic and coronal craniosynostosis. CVR, EPO, FOA, TXA
21  2020 A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase III Noninferiority Study of the Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Darbepoetin Alfa for Chemotherapy-Induced Anemia in Patients With Advanced NSCLC. CI, HR, OS, PFS
22  2020 A Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Based on Directly Immobilized Hemoglobin and Myoglobin. MAPLE, Mb, SPR
23  2020 A triply modified human adult hemoglobin with low oxygen affinity, rapid autoxidation and high tetramer stability. HbA, OTE, ROS
24  2020 A wealth of genotype-specific proteoforms fine-tunes hemoglobin scavenging by haptoglobin. Hp
25  2020 Accuracy of faecal immunochemical testing in patients with symptomatic colorectal cancer. FIT, ROC
26  2020 Acquired pellicle protein-based engineering protects against erosive demineralization. AEP
27  2020 Acute reductions in haematocrit increase flow-mediated dilatation independent of resting nitric oxide bioavailability in humans. FMD, Hct, NO
28  2020 Additive effects of blood donor smoking and gamma irradiation on outcome measures of red blood cell transfusion. OR, RBC
29  2020 Adjusting Haemoglobin Values for Altitude Maximizes Combined Sensitivity and Specificity to Detect Iron Deficiency among Women of Reproductive Age in Johannesburg, South Africa. ID
30  2020 Age-related and atherosclerosis-related erythropathy in ApoE/LDLR-/- mice. RBCs
31  2020 Ajwa date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in increasing hemoglobin (Hb) level to teenage girl. ---
32  2020 alpha-Globin Genotypes Associated with Hb H Disease: A Report from Oman and a Review of the Literature from the Eastern Mediterranean Region. alpha-thal, MCV
33  2020 Alpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing protein (AHSP): a modulatory factor in beta-thalassemia. AHSP, betaHb
34  2020 Ameliorative effect of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) essential oil on chlorpyrifos toxicity in Cyprinus carpio. AChE, CAT, CPF, GPx, MDA, NBT, TI
35  2020 An evaluation of ten external quality assurance scheme (EQAS) materials for the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) for haemoglobin. CV, EQAS, FIT, IQR
36  2020 An evolutionarily ancient mechanism for regulation of hemoglobin expression in vertebrate red cells. ---
37  2020 An Unusual Compound Heterozygosity for Hb O-Arab (HBB: c.364G>A) and Hb D-Los Angeles (HBB: c.364G>C). CE, HBB, HPLC
38  2020 Anaemia and iron deficiency in pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes in Southern India. AGP, CRP, RR, RR, SF
39  2020 Anaemia in asymptomatic parasite carriers living in urban, rural and peri-urban settings of Gabon. IQR
40  2020 Anaemia prevalence in children newly registered at UNRWA schools: a cross-sectional study. HCs
41  2020 Analysis of Hb levels and degree of anemia in relation to genotype in 615 patients with hemoglobin H disease. HbH
42  2020 Analysis of Myomectomy during Cesarean Section: A Tertiary Center Experience. CS
43  2020 Analysis of phenolic compounds and immunomodulatory activity of areca nut extract from Aceh, Indonesia, against Staphylococcus aureus infection in Sprague-Dawley rats. BW, Hct, HPLC, WBCs
44  2020 Analysis of post-operative efficacy and pharyngeal fistula healing in patients with laryngeal cancer treated with post-operative enteral nutrition support nursing combined with early oral feeding. ALB, LC, LYM, PA, PF, TSF, UAMC
45  2020 Analysis of rare thalassemia caused by HS-40 regulatory site deletion. MLPA, PCR, RDB
46  2020 Analysis of the anti-fatigue activity of polysaccharides from Spirulina platensis: role of central 5-hydroxytryptamine mechanisms. 5-HT, BUN, CK, LA, PSP
47  2020 Analysis of Toll-Like Receptor-2 and 4 Expressions in Peripheral Monocyte Subsets in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. DKA, PRR, T1DM, TLR2
48  2020 Anemia and Erythrocytes: Behavior and Prevalence 1 Year After Kidney Transplant. SD
49  2020 Anemia and Micronutrient Status during Pregnancy, and Their Associations with Obstetric and Infant Outcomes among HIV-Infected Ugandan Women Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy. ART, cART, PI, PIs, SGA, WLHIV
50  2020 Anemia and transfusion requirements among Ugandan children with severe malaria treated with intravenous artesunate. LDH, PADH
51  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in atrophic glossitis patients with or without hyperhomocysteinemia. AG, GPCA
52  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in burning mouth syndrome patients with or without hyperhomocysteinemia. BMS, GPCA
53  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, and hyperhomocysteinemia in gastric parietal cell antibody-positive and -negative burning mouth syndrome patients. BMS, GPCA, GPCA-BMS
54  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in atrophic glossitis patients with iron deficiency. AG, GPCA, IDA, MCV
55  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in atrophic glossitis patients with vitamin B12 deficiency. AG, GPCA, IDA, MCV, PA
56  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in burning mouth syndrome patients with iron deficiency. BMS, GPCA, ID, IDA
57  2020 Anemia, hematinic deficiencies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity in burning mouth syndrome patients with vitamin B12 deficiency. BMS, GPCA, MCV, PA
58  2020 Anemia, iron status, and associated protective and risk factors among children and adolescents aged 3 to 19 years old from four First Nations communities in Quebec. ID, SF
59  2020 Anti-inflammatory effects of haptoglobin on LPS-stimulated macrophages: Role of HMGB1 signaling and implications in chronic wound healing. HMGB1, HO-1, Hp, LPS
60  2020 Apohemoglobin-haptoglobin complex attenuates the pathobiology of circulating acellular hemoglobin and heme. Hp
61  2020 Apohemoglobin-haptoglobin complexes attenuate the hypertensive response to low-molecular-weight polymerized hemoglobin. apoHb, Hp, LMW, PolyHb
62  2020 Are all erythropoiesis-stimulating agents created equal? EPO, ESAs, PHD
63  2020 Assessment of two POC technologies for CD4 count in Morocco. NPV, PPV
64  2020 Assessment of two POC technologies for CD4 count in Morocco. NPV, PPV
65  2020 Association between anemia and hematological indices with mortality among cardiac intensive care unit patients. CICU, MCV, RDW
66  2020 Association between anemia and renal prognosis in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: a retrospective study. ADPKD, CKD
67  2020 Association between C-myc and K-ras gene polymorphisms and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. DNA, LDH, NHL, PCR, PLT, RT-qPCR
68  2020 Association between glycemic control and dietary patterns in patients with type 2 diabetes in a Mexican institute. CI, OR, T2DM
69  2020 Association between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Occurrence of Anemia among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in Kulito Health Center, Halaba Zone, South Ethiopia, 2018. dl, gm, HP, MUAC
70  2020 Association between hemoglobin levels and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with young-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus. BMI, NAFLD, OR, T2DM
71  2020 Association between neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio, and diabetic retinopathy among diabetic patients without a related family history. AUC, DM, DR, IDI, NDR, NLR, NLR, NRI, PLR, T2DM
72  2020 Association between On-Treatment Haemoglobin A1c and All-Cause Mortality in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes: Importance of Personalized Goals and Type of Anti-Hyperglycaemic Treatment. ---
73  2020 Association between Serum Free Thyroxine and Anemia in Euthyroid Adults: A Nationwide Study. OR
74  2020 Association of Hb Shenyang [alpha26(B7)Ala→Glu, GCG>GAG, HBA2: c.80C>A (or HBA1)] with Several Types of alpha-Thalassemia in Thailand. alpha-thal-1, CE, HPLC, HVR, PCR, RBC, RT
75  2020 Association of Lactate Dehydrogenase with In-Hospital Mortality in Patients with Acute Aortic Dissection: A Retrospective Observational Study. AAD, ALB, ALT, AST, BMI, Cr, DBP, LDH, SBP, WBC
76  2020 Associations between piglet umbilical blood hematological criteria, birth order, birth interval, colostrum intake and piglet survival. BE, CumBI, Hct, iCa
77  2020 Associations of cerebral oxygenation with hemoglobin levels evaluated by near-infrared spectroscopy in hemodialysis patients. HD, ln
78  2020 Associations of oxygenated hemoglobin with disease burden and prognosis in stable COPD: Results from COSYCONET. BG, OxyHem
79  2020 Asymptomatic carriage of Plasmodium falciparum by individuals with variant blood groups and haemoglobin genotypes in southern Ghana. ---
80  2020 Asymptomatic Submicroscopic Plasmodium Infection Is Highly Prevalent and Is Associated with Anemia in Children Younger than 5 Years in South Kivu/Democratic Republic of Congo. DRC, LAMP
81  2020 Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in hospitalized patients: 450 patients and their red blood cell transfusions. AIHA, RBCs
82  2020 Automated Measurement of Plasma Cell-Free Hemoglobin Using the Hemolysis Index Check Function. AMR, HI, LLOQ
83  2020 Availability of specific prey types impact pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) nestling health in a moderately lead contaminated environment in northern Sweden. Ca, Zn
84  2020 Balance between oxygen transport and blood rheology during resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock with polymerized bovine hemoglobin. MW, PHB10, PolybHb, TFF
85  2020 Baseline anaemia increases locally advanced rectal cancer mortality in older patients undergoing preoperative chemoradiation. CRT, LARC, OS, RC
86  2020 Baseline quality of life predicts overall survival in patients with mCRPC treated with 223Ra-dichloride. 223Ra, mCRPC, OS, PCA, QOL, tALP
87  2020 beta-Globin Gene Mutations in Pediatric Patients with beta-Thalassemia in the Region of Cukurova, Turkey. ARMS, beta-thal, FSC, gap-PCR, HPLC, PND, RFLP
88  2020 betaCysteine 93 in human hemoglobin: a gateway to oxidative stability in health and disease. NO, RBCs
89  2020 Better Treatment Values in Local Application of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) than Intravenous Application with the Same Dose in Total Hip Arthroplasty. CRP, Hct, IL-6, POD, TXA
90  2020 Bioaccumulation of lead nitrate in tissues and its effects on hematological and biochemical parameters of Clarias gariepinus. AST, Hct, RBCs, WBCs
91  2020 Biodistribution PET/CT Study of Hemoglobin-DFO-89Zr Complex in Healthy and Lung Tumor-Bearing Mice. DFO, PET
92  2020 Bioelectrocatalysis of Hemoglobin on Electrodeposited Ag Nanoflowers toward H2O2 Detection. ITO, PBS
93  2020 Biomimetic Engineering of a Scavenger-Free Nitric Oxide-Generating/Delivering System to Enhance Radiation Therapy. HM, NO, PLGA
94  2020 Bioremediation effect of pomegranate peel on subchronic mercury immunotoxicity on African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). AST, HMs, MDA, PCV, PPs, RBCs
95  2020 Black Phosphorus-Loaded Separable Microneedles as Responsive Oxygen Delivery Carriers for Wound Healing. BP, BPQDs, GelMA, MNs, PVA
96  2020 Bleeding Risk Associated With Hemodynamically Stable Low-Energy Pelvic Fracture. ---
97  2020 Bleeding risk in patients with acute coronary syndrome in a Turkish population: Results from the Turkish Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry (TACSER) study. ACS, DAPT, TACSER
98  2020 Blood lead level (BLL), delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity (ALAD), hemoglobin (Hb) and hematocrit (hct) in primary school-children and adult residents living in smelter rural areas in Kosovo. ALAD, BLL, Hct
99  2020 Blood loss from laboratory testing, anemia, and red blood cell transfusion in the intensive care unit: a retrospective study. ICU, IQR, RBC
100  2020 Blood loss in primary total hip arthroplasty with a short versus conventional cementless stem: a retrospective cohort study. HHS, SD 1.12, THA