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略語 : Hct
展開形 : hemoglobin concentration ((Hb)) and hematocrit
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Pre-acclimation to altitude in young adults: choosing a hypoxic pattern at sea level which provokes significant haematological adaptations. CH, cTnT, IH, RBCc, sIgA
2020 Intermittent not continuous hypoxia provoked haematological adaptations in healthy seniors: hypoxic pattern may hold the key. cTnT, IH, RBCc, sIgA
2018 Effects of 3 Weeks of Oral Low-Dose Cobalt on Hemoglobin Mass and Aerobic Performance. EPO
2018 Relationship between foetal haemoglobin and haematological indices in children with sickle cell anaemia from South Western Nigeria. Hb, MCH, SCA, WBC
2017 Reference Value Profile for Healthy Individuals From the Aljouf region of Saudi Arabia. Hb, LFTs, PLT, RBC, RFT, WBC
2017 Therapeutic Efficacy of Methazolamide Against Intermittent Hypoxia-Induced Excessive Erythrocytosis in Rats. HIF-1alpha, VEGF
2015 Differences in Hematological Traits between High- and Low-Altitude Lizards (Genus Phrynocephalus). RBC
2013 The different mechanisms of hypoxic acclimatization and adaptation in Lizard Phrynocephalus vlangalii living on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. BM, HW, HW/BM, LDH, MCHC, RBC, SDH
2012 Effect of hypercapnia on spleen-related haemoglobin increase during apnea. ---
10  2011 Comparison of the therapeutic efficacy of epoetin beta and epoetin alfa in maintenance phase hemodialysis patients. Hb
11  2011 Development of hematological respiratory variables in late chicken embryos: the relative importance of incubation time and embryo mass. Hb, MCH, MCV, RBCs
12  2010 Anti-sports anaemia effects of verbascoside and martynoside in mice. MCH, MCHC, MDA
13  2009 Exercise performance of sea-level residents at 4300 m after 6 days at 2200 m. HR, RPE, SLR, TT
14  2008 [Changes in blood profiles during Tour de France 2007]. ---
15  2003 Long-term hematological effects in Special Forces trainees. ---
16  2002 Erythropoietin concentrations during 10 days of normobaric hypoxia under controlled environmental circumstances. ---
17  2000 Determination of circulating hemoglobin mass and related quantities by using capillary blood. CO
18  1992 Physiological effects of altitude training on elite male cross-country skiers. BLa
19  1983 Lack of prominent compensatory polycythemia in traditional native Andeans living at 4,200 meters. MCH, MCHC, MCV, RBC