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Abbreviation : ICF
Long Form : inertial confinement fusion
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Development of a gated X-ray imager with multiple views and spectral selectivity for observing plasma evolution in hohlraums. ---
2019 Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in high-energy density settings on the National Ignition Facility. HED, NIF, RT
2019 Self-consistent feedback mechanism for the sudden viscous dissipation of finite-Mach-number compressing turbulence. TKE
2019 Thermonuclear ignition and the onset of propagating burn in inertial fusion implosions. ---
2018 AbInitio Studies on the Stopping Power of Warm Dense Matter with Time-Dependent Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory. DT, TD-OFDFT
2018 An x-ray optic calibration facility for high energy density diagnostics. HED
2018 Area and extraction field analysis of the analogue saturation of 40 mm microchannel plate photomultiplier tubes. MCP, PMTs
2018 Gallium nitride (GaN) devices as a platform technology for radiation hard inertial confinement fusion diagnostics. GaN, LANSCE
2018 ICF target DT-layer refractive index and thickness from iterative analysis. OPD
10  2018 Implementing time resolved electron temperature capability at the NIF using a streak camera. NIF, Te
11  2018 Magnetized fast isochoric laser heating for efficient creation of ultra-high-energy-density states. REB
12  2018 Mitigation of cross-beam energy transfer in inertial-confinement-fusion plasmas with enhanced laser bandwidth. CBET
13  2018 Null interferometric microscope for ICF-capsule surface-defect detection. NIM
14  2018 Rapid measurement and compensation method of eccentricity in automatic profile measurement of the ICF capsule. ---
15  2018 Research on the Relationship between Cutting Force and Machined Surface Quality in Micro Ball End-Milling of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Crystal. FFT, P-V
16  2018 Using time-resolved penumbral imaging to measure low hot spot x-ray emission signals from capsule implosions at the National Ignition Facility. XRTS
17  2017 Development of high resolution dual-energy KBA microscope with large field of view for RT-instability diagnostics at SG-III facility. FOV, RT
18  2017 First Measurements of Deuterium-Tritium and Deuterium-Deuterium Fusion Reaction Yields in Ignition-Scalable Direct-Drive Implosions. DT
19  2017 First-principles equation-of-state table of beryllium based on density-functional theory calculations. DFT, EOS, FPEOS
20  2017 Polarization smoothing for single beam by a nematic liquid crystal scrambler. LC, LPI, PS
21  2016 A high-speed two-frame, 1-2 ns gated X-ray CMOS imager used as a hohlraum diagnostic on the National Ignition Facility (invited). NIF
22  2016 A novel method to recover DD fusion proton CR-39 data corrupted by fast ablator ions at OMEGA and the National Ignition Facility. ---
23  2016 Design calculations for a xenon plasma x-ray shield to protect the NIF optical Thomson scattering diagnostic. NIF, OTS
24  2016 Dissociation along the principal Hugoniot of the Laser Megajoule ablator material. GDP-CH, QMD
25  2016 Evolutionary mechanism of the defects in the fluoride-containing phosphate based glasses induced by gamma radiation. ---
26  2016 First Liquid Layer Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions at the National Ignition Facility. NIF
27  2016 First Measurements of Fuel-Ablator Interface Instability Growth in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on the National Ignition Facility. ---
28  2016 Generation and Beaming of Early Hot Electrons onto the Capsule in Laser-Driven Ignition Hohlraums. LEH
29  2016 Measurement of Hydrodynamic Growth near Peak Velocity in an Inertial Confinement Fusion Capsule Implosion using a Self-Radiography Technique. ---
30  2016 The design of the optical Thomson scattering diagnostic for the National Ignition Facility. NIF, OTS
31  2016 The National Ignition Facility modular Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope. KBM, NIF
32  2016 Time-resolved absolute measurements by electro-optic effect of giant electromagnetic pulses due to laser-plasma interaction in nanosecond regime. EMPs
33  2015 Experimental and ab initio investigations of microscopic properties of laser-shocked Ge-doped ablator. EOS, QMD
34  2015 Experimental investigation of the deformable mirror with bidirectional thermal actuators. TECs
35  2015 First-principles equation of state of polystyrene and its effect on inertial confinement fusion implosions. EOS, FPEOS
36  2015 High direct drive illumination uniformity achieved by multi-parameter optimization approach: a case study of Shenguang III laser facility. ---
37  2015 High-energy krypton fluoride lasers for inertial fusion. KrF
38  2015 Impact of oxygen on the 300-K isotherm of Laser Megajoule ablator using ab initio simulation. AIMD, EOS, GDP
39  2015 Impact of x-ray dose on the response of CR-39 to 1-5.5 MeV alphas. ---
40  2015 Luminescence in the fluoride-containing phosphate-based glasses: a possible origin of their high resistance to nanosecond pulse laser-induced damage. NIF
41  2015 Multibeam seeded brillouin sidescatter in inertial confinement fusion experiments. ---
42  2015 Multibeam Stimulated Raman Scattering in Inertial Confinement Fusion Conditions. EPW
43  2015 Performance and Mix Measurements of Indirect Drive Cu-Doped Be Implosions. ---
44  2015 Radiative ablation with two ionizing fronts when opacity displays a sharp absorption edge. I-front
45  2015 Understanding reliability and some limitations of the images and spectra reconstructed from a multi-monochromatic x-ray imager. MMI
46  2014 2D X-ray radiography of imploding capsules at the national ignition facility. NIF
47  2014 AXIS: an instrument for imaging Compton radiographs using the Advanced Radiography Capability on the NIF. ARC, DQE, NIF
48  2014 Development of multichannel low-energy neutron spectrometer. DSN
49  2014 Empirical assessment of the detection efficiency of CR-39 at high proton fluence and a compact, proton detector for high-fluence applications. ---
50  2014 First-principles opacity table of warm dense deuterium for inertial-confinement-fusion applications. AOT, DT, FPOT, QMD
51  2014 First-principles thermal conductivity of warm-dense deuterium plasmas for inertial confinement fusion applications. DT, NIF, QMD
52  2014 Fusion-neutron-yield, activation measurements at the Z accelerator: design, analysis, and sensitivity. ---
53  2014 Inhibition of turbulence in inertial-confinement-fusion hot spots by viscous dissipation. NIF
54  2014 Measurement of the complex transmittance of large optical elements with Ptychographical Iterative Engine. CPP, PIE
55  2014 Neutron source reconstruction from pinhole imaging at National Ignition Facility. NIF
56  2014 Properties of warm dense polystyrene plasmas along the principal Hugoniot. EOS, QMD
57  2014 Three-dimensional simulation strategy to determine the effects of turbulent mixing on inertial-confinement-fusion capsule performance. ---
58  2014 Topology of megagauss magnetic fields and of heat-carrying electrons produced in a high-power laser-solid interaction. ---
59  2014 Towards modeling of nonlinear laser-plasma interactions with hydrocodes: the thick-ray approach. LPIs, PCGO, RT
60  2013 Characterization of inertial confinement fusion (ICF) targets using PIXE, RBS, and STIM analysis. ---
61  2013 Lead (Pb) hohlraum: target for inertial fusion energy. LIFE, NIF
62  2013 Non-critical phase-matching fourth harmonic generation of a 1053-nm laser in an ADP crystal. FHG, NCPM, SHG, THG
63  2013 Overview of the National Ignition Facility. HED, NIF
64  2013 Parameter space for the collective laser coupling in the laser fusion driver based on the concept of fiber amplification network. FAN
65  2013 Reduced coupled-mode approach to electron-ion energy relaxation. CM, WDM
66  2013 Refraction-enhanced backlit imaging of axially symmetric inertial confinement fusion plasmas. ---
67  2012 Concept to diagnose mix with imaging x-ray Thomson scattering. HED, IXRTS
68  2012 Development of the large neutron imaging system for inertial confinement fusion experiments. DT
69  2012 Drive asymmetry and the origin of turbulence in an ICF implosion. ---
70  2012 Knudsen layer reduction of fusion reactivity. ---
71  2012 Neutron spectrometry--an essential tool for diagnosing implosions at the National Ignition Facility (invited). dsr, MRS, NIF, nTOF, tot
72  2012 The neutron imaging diagnostic at NIF (invited). NIF
73  2012 Using high-intensity laser-generated energetic protons to radiograph directly driven implosions. HED, TNSA
74  2011 A method for fine positioning of diagnostic packages in inertial confinement fusion experiments. IPV
75  2011 Absolute calibration method for laser megajoule neutron yield measurement by activation diagnostics. CEA, LLE, LMJ, NIF
76  2011 Effects of electron-ion temperature equilibration on inertial confinement fusion implosions. NIF
77  2011 Increasing the energy dynamic range of solid-state nuclear track detectors using multiple surfaces. ---
78  2010 Basic hydrodynamics of Richtmyer-Meshkov-type growth and oscillations in the inertial confinement fusion-relevant conditions. RM, RT
79  2010 Development of an x-ray imaging system for the Laser Megajoule (LMJ). DT, LMJ
80  2010 Development of optics for x-ray phase-contrast imaging of high energy density plasmas. ---
81  2010 Strong coupling and degeneracy effects in inertial confinement fusion implosions. EOS, FPEOS
82  2010 The National Ignition Facility neutron time-of-flight system and its initial performance (invited). DT, NIF, nTOF
83  2009 A stable mid-IR, GaSb-based diode laser source for the cryogenic target layering at the Omega Laser Facility. ---
84  2009 Seeding magnetic fields for laser-driven flux compression in high-energy-density plasmas. ---
85  2009 Way of detecting entire beam path aberrations of laser systems based on a phase-retrieval method. HS
86  2009 [Quantitative analysis of the concentration of Br-doping in micro-shell coating with XRF]. XRF
87  2008 2-20 ns interframe time 2-frame 6.151 keV x-ray imaging on the recently upgraded Z Accelerator: a progress report. DT, ZBL
88  2008 An accelerator based fusion-product source for development of inertial confinement fusion nuclear diagnostics. Er, Ti
89  2008 Cherenkov radiation conversion and collection considerations for a gamma bang time/reaction history diagnostic for the NIF. NIF
90  2008 Prompt radiochemistry at the National Ignition Facility (invited). ---
91  2007 Prolate-spheroid ("rugby-shaped") hohlraum for inertial confinement fusion. ---
92  2007 Spectroscopic determination of temperature and density spatial profiles and mix in indirect-drive implosion cores. ---
93  2005 Analytic expressions for optimal inertial-confinement-fusion hohlraum wall density and wall loss. ---
94  2005 Monte Carlo charged-particle tracking and energy deposition on a Lagrangian mesh. DT
95  2005 Theoretical z -pinch scaling relations for thermonuclear-fusion experiments. ---
96  2003 Laser-driven formation of a high-pressure phase in amorphous silica. LIDT
97  2002 Symmetric inertial-confinement-fusion-capsule implosions in a double-z-pinch-driven hohlraum. ---
98  2001 Advanced laser-backlit Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Imaging Systems for Inertial Confinement Fusion Research. I. Design. ---
99  2001 Advanced laser-backlit Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Imaging Systems for Inertial Confinement Fusion Research. II. Tolerance Analysis. ---
100  2001 Fast ignition by intense laser-accelerated proton beams. ---