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Abbreviation : ICF
Long Form : intracortical facilitation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Abnormal cortical facilitation and L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease. I/O, LIDs, PD, SICF, TMS
2019 Acute kinematic and neurophysiological effects of treadmill and overground walking in Parkinson's disease. PD, SICI
2019 Adult-Onset Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: Psychogenic or Organic? The Challenge of Abnormal Neurophysiological Findings. BR-ERC, BR-PPI, GTS, SICI
2019 Antidepressant-resistant depression is characterized by reduced short- and long-interval cortical inhibition. CI, HC, LICI, MDD, ppTMS, SICI, TRD
2019 Changes in motor cortical excitability in schizophrenia following transcranial direct current stimulation. SICI, tDCS
2019 Determining the early corticospinal-motoneuronal responses to strength training: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, LICI, SICI, SMD
2019 Differential Neuroplastic Changes in Fibromyalgia and Depression Indexed by Up-Regulation of Motor Cortex Inhibition and Disinhibition of the Descending Pain System: An Exploratory Study. CI, CPM-test, DPMS, FM, HS, MDD, NPS, SICI, TMS
2019 Effects of eccentric versus concentric contractions of the biceps brachii on intracortical inhibition and facilitation. BB, CON, ECC, LICI, M MAX, MVIC, TMS
2019 Effects of Transcranial Static Magnetic Stimulation on Motor Cortex Evaluated by Different TMS Waveforms and Current Directions. CSP, I/E, MEPs, SICI and LICI, TMS, tSMS
10  2019 Electrical Stimulation of Back Muscles Does Not Prime the Corticospinal Pathway. AMT, DM, EMG, LBP, MEP, PES, TMS
11  2019 Increased facilitation of the primary motor cortex in de novo Parkinson's disease. MEP, PD, SICF, SICI, TMS
12  2019 LTD-like plasticity of the human primary motor cortex can be reversed by gamma-tACS. cTBS, cTBS-beta, LTD, MEPs, SAI, SICI, tACS, TMS
13  2019 No changes in corticospinal excitability, biochemical markers, and working memory after six weeks of high-intensity interval training in sedentary males. BDNF, CRF, CTSB, FDI, HIIT, IGF-1, MEP, pro, SICI, TMS, WM
14  2019 Oral D-Aspartate enhances synaptic plasticity reserve in progressive multiple sclerosis. LTP, MS, TMS
15  2019 Paired Associative Electroacupuncture and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Humans. APB, CBI, EA, ISI, MEP, PAS, PC-6, SICI, SSEP, STDP, TENS, TMS
16  2019 The Effects of Stimulator, Waveform, and Current Direction on Intracortical Inhibition and Facilitation: A TMS Comparison Study. ISIs, SICI, TMS
17  2018 A reappraisal of the mechanisms of action of ketamine to treat complex regional pain syndrome in the light of cortical excitability changes. CRPS, RMT, SICI
18  2018 Aberrant cortical excitability reflects the loss of hand dexterity in musician's dystonia. FTSD, SICI
19  2018 Altered Intracortical Inhibition in Chronic Traumatic Diffuse Axonal Injury. CE, DAI, MEPs, RMT, SIICI, TBI
20  2018 Changes in Intracortical Excitability of Affected and Unaffected Hemispheres After Stroke Evaluated by Paired-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. ICI, MEP, TMS
21  2018 Connecting clinical aspects to corticomotor excitability in restless legs syndrome: a TMS study. LICI, PSG, RLS, SICI, TMS
22  2018 Decrease of motor cortex excitability following exposure to a 20 Hz magnetic field as generated by a rotating permanent magnet. MC, MEP, SICI, tAMF, TMS
23  2018 Duration but not intensity influences transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) after-effects on cortical excitability. SICI, tDCS
24  2018 Evidence for a subcortical contribution to intracortical facilitation. TMS
25  2018 Four-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation using multiple conditioning inputs. Normative MEP responses. ALS, APB, C-T, SC, SICI, TA, TMS
26  2018 Hypericum perforatum extract modulates cortical plasticity in humans. CAMs, CSP, HYP, LTD, MEPs, SICI, tDCS, TMS
27  2018 In Standing, Corticospinal Excitability Is Proportional to COP Velocity Whereas M1 Excitability Is Participant-Specific. BOS, COP, LICI, MEP, ML, PL, SICI, TMS
28  2018 Increasing mediolateral standing sway is associated with increasing corticospinal excitability, and decreasing M1 inhibition and facilitation. COP, MEP, ML, SICI
29  2018 Intervention-Induced Motor Cortex Plasticity in Hemiparetic Children With Perinatal Stroke. AHA, AHA, COPM, MEP, rTMS, SICI, SRC
30  2018 Intracortical facilitation within the migraine motor cortex depends on the stimulation intensity. A paired-pulse TMS study. ISIs, LICI, MEP, MwoA, SICI, TMS, TS
31  2018 Metaplasticity: A Promising Tool to Disentangle Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Differential Diagnosis. DOC, MCS, MEP, SICI, tDCS, UWS
32  2018 Modulation of sensorimotor circuits during retrieval of negative Autobiographical Memories: Exploring the impact of personality dimensions. AM, LAI, MEPs, SAI, SICI, TMS
33  2018 Neural Correlates to the Increase in Maximal Force after Dexamethasone Administration. MVC, SICI, TMS
34  2018 Neurophysiological adaptations in the untrained side in conjunction with cross-education of muscle strength: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CE, EMG, MEP, RCTs, SICI, TMS
35  2018 Neurophysiological Comparison Among Tonic, High Frequency, and Burst Spinal Cord Stimulation: Novel Insights Into Spinal and Brain Mechanisms of Action. CSP, HF, LEPs, RMT, SCS, SICI, TBS
36  2018 Test-retest reliability of short-interval intracortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation in patients with schizophrenia. ISIs, ppTMS, SICI
37  2018 The effect of the anodal transcranial direct current stimulation over the cerebellum on the motor cortex excitability. a-cTDCS, I-O curve, ISIs, RMT, SICF, SICI
38  2018 The effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on short-interval intracortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation: a systematic review and meta-analysis. a-tDCS, c-tDCS, CSE, MEP, PEDro, SICI, tDCS, TMS
39  2018 The Effects of Waveform and Current Direction on the Efficacy and Test-Retest Reliability of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. CSP, MEPs, RMT, SICI and LICI, TMS
40  2018 The minimal number of TMS trials required for the reliable assessment of corticospinal excitability, short interval intracortical inhibition, and intracortical facilitation. CSE, MEPs, SICI, TMS
41  2018 Transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation of the human primary motor cortex. MEP, SICI, TMS
42  2018 Variations in response control within at-risk gamblers and non-gambling controls explained by GABAergic inhibition in the motor cortex. ADHD, SICI, SSRT, TMS
43  2017 Academic stress disrupts cortical plasticity in graduate students. CSP, LTP, MEP, PSS, RMT, SICI, TMS
44  2017 Behavioral inhibition system sensitivity enhances motor cortex suppression when watching fearful body expressions. BIS
45  2017 Caffeinated energy drink intake modulates motor circuits at rest, before and after a movement. CSP, MEP, PAS, PEF, RMT, RT, SAI and LAI, SFED, SICI, TMS
46  2017 Changes in Cortical Plasticity in Relation to a History of Concussion during Adolescence. iTBS, MEP, SICI, TMS
47  2017 Changes in motor cortex excitability for the trained and non-trained hand after long-term unilateral motor training. AAT, APB
48  2017 Characterization of Glutamatergic and GABAA-Mediated Neurotransmission in Motor and Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Using Paired-Pulse TMS-EEG. DLPFC, SICI, TEPs, TMS, TMS-EEG
49  2017 Characterization of the influence of age on GABAA and glutamatergic mediated functions in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex using paired-pulse TMS-EEG. DLPFC, EEG, GABA, SICI, TMS
50  2017 Comparison between adaptive and fixed stimulus paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (ppTMS) in normal subjects. MEPs, ppTMS, ppTMS, RMT
51  2017 Contralesional Corticomotor Neurophysiology in Hemiparetic Children With Perinatal Stroke. IP, MEP, NI, SICI, SRC, TMS
52  2017 Cortical excitability correlates with seizure control and epilepsy duration in chronic epilepsy. AED, AMT, CSP, LICI, RMT, SICI, TMS
53  2017 Cortical inhibitory and excitatory function in drug-naive generalized anxiety disorder. GAD, LICI, ppTMS, SICI
54  2017 Desynchronization does not contribute to intracortical inhibition and facilitation: a paired-pulse paradigm study combined with TST. ISI, PP, SICI, TMS, TST
55  2017 Differential effects of cannabis dependence on cortical inhibition in patients with schizophrenia and non-psychiatric controls. LICI, SICI, TMS
56  2017 Effects of acute resistance training modality on corticospinal excitability, intra-cortical and neuromuscular responses. CON, CSP, HST, HYT, LICI, M MAX, MEP, MVIC, RF, RM, SICI, TMS
57  2017 Greater intracortical inhibition associates with lower quadriceps voluntary activation in individuals with ACL reconstruction. ACLR, CAR, SICI
58  2017 Heavy-resistance exercise-induced increases in jump performance are not explained by changes in neuromuscular function. CMJ, PAP, PE, SICI, TMS, VA
59  2017 Impaired Cerebellum to Primary Motor Cortex Associative Plasticity in Parkinson's Disease and Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3. CB, CBI, CDTC, HC, MEP, PAS, PD, SCA3, SICI, TMS
60  2017 Impairment of triad conditioned facilitation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, CM, MEP, SICI, TCF
61  2017 Modulation of motor cortex excitability by paired peripheral and transcranial magnetic stimulation. ECR, FDI, ISI, MEP, MEPs, PAS, rPMS, SICI
62  2017 Physical activity levels determine exercise-induced changes in brain excitability. AURC, FDI, LOW, MEP, SICI
63  2017 Preliminary Results on Long-Term Potentiation-Like Cortical Plasticity and Cholinergic Dysfunction After Miglustat Treatment in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C. LICI, LTP, NPC, PAS, SAI, SICI, TMS
64  2017 Reduced motor cortical inhibition in migraine: A blinded transcranial magnetic stimulation study. CSP, RMT, SICI, TMS
65  2017 Reproducibility of Single-Pulse, Paired-Pulse, and Intermittent Theta-Burst TMS Measures in Healthy Aging, Type-2 Diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease. BDNF, iTBS, MEPs, SICI, LICI, T2DM, TMS
66  2017 The role of white matter microstructure in inhibitory deficits in patients with schizophrenia. FA, I-E, SICI
67  2016 A Framework for Understanding the Relationship between Descending Pain Modulation, Motor Corticospinal, and Neuroplasticity Regulation Systems in Chronic Myofascial Pain. BDNF, CPM-task, CSP, DRP, HPT, MEP, MPS, muV, SICI, TMS
68  2016 A meta-analysis of the effects of aging on motor cortex neurophysiology assessed by transcranial magnetic stimulation. CI, CSP, PAS, RMT, SAI, SICI, TMS
69  2016 Agreement Between Investigators Using Paired-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Assess Quadriceps Intracortical Excitability. SICI, TMS
70  2016 Altered function of intracortical networks in chronic lateral epicondylalgia. ECRB, LE, LICI
71  2016 An Exploratory Study of Spectroscopic Glutamatergic Correlates of Cortical Excitability in Depressed Adolescents. ACC, CSF, CSP, ISIs, RMT, SICI, TMS
72  2016 Central and peripheral fatigue following non-exhaustive and exhaustive exercise of disparate metabolic demands. CSP, LT, SICI
73  2016 Correlation between Motor Cortex Excitability Changes and Cognitive Impairment in Vascular Depression: Pathophysiological Insights from a Longitudinal TMS Study. TMS, VCI-ND, VD
74  2016 Cortical and spinal excitability in patients with multiple sclerosis and spasticity after oromucosal cannabinoid spray. CSP, MAS, MS, THC
75  2016 Cortical Damage and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis: Relation to Intracortical Inhibition and Facilitation. CSP, LICI, MS, MSFC, MTR, SICI, TMS
76  2016 Electrical Intramuscular Stimulation in Osteoarthritis Enhances the Inhibitory Systems in Pain Processing at Cortical and Cortical Spinal System. a-EIMS, BDNF, CI, CPM, CSP, KOA, MEP, PPT, SICI, VAS
77  2016 Evidence for increased motor cortical facilitation and decreased inhibition in atypical depression. CSP, GABA, MDD, SICI, TMS
78  2016 Increased Inhibition in Non-Primary Motor Areas of String-Instrument Players: A Preliminary Study with Paired-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. ADM, CS, ISI, MEPs, MTs, NPMA, OP, SICI, SMA, TMS
79  2016 Intracortical inhibitory and excitatory circuits in subjects with minimal hepatic encephalopathy: a TMS study. HE, MHE, SICI, TMS
80  2016 Long-Range Temporal Correlations in the amplitude of alpha oscillations predict and reflect strength of intracortical facilitation: Combined TMS and EEG study. EEG, LRTC, ppTMS, SICI, spTMS, TMS
81  2016 Motor Skill Acquisition and Retention after Somatosensory Electrical Stimulation in Healthy Humans. SES, SICI, TMS
82  2016 Multiple measures of corticospinal excitability are associated with clinical features of multiple sclerosis. CSP, DD, EDSS, IO, MEP, MS, SICI, TCI, TMS
83  2016 Neurophysiologic Correlates of Post-stroke Mood and Emotional Control. EEG, ICI, TMS
84  2016 Optimal number of pulses as outcome measures of neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulation. CI, iTBS, MEPs, SICI, TMS
85  2016 Phase Dependency of the Human Primary Motor Cortex and Cholinergic Inhibition Cancelation During Beta tACS. SAI, SICI, tACS, TMS
86  2016 Pre-stimulus Alpha Oscillations and Inter-subject Variability of Motor Evoked Potentials in Single- and Paired-Pulse TMS Paradigms. MEPs, SICI
87  2016 Set Configuration in Resistance Exercise: Muscle Fatigue and Cardiovascular Effects. ISR, LFF, MEP, RPP, SICI, TS, VA
88  2016 Short-interval cortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation during submaximal voluntary contractions changes with fatigue. EMG, MEPs, SICI
89  2016 Short-term immobilization influences use-dependent cortical plasticity and fine motor performance. LICI, MEP, TMS
90  2016 Strength-Duration Relationship in Paired-pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Its Implications for Repetitive TMS. LICI, MEP, PW, rTMS, SICF, SICI, TMS
91  2016 Test-retest reliability of single and paired pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation parameters in healthy subjects. RMT, SICI, TMS, TS
92  2016 The Time-Course of Acute Changes in Corticospinal Excitability, Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation Following a Single-Session Heavy Strength Training of the Biceps Brachii. BB, CON, HST, LICI, M MAX, MEP, MVIC, RM, SICI, TMS
93  2016 Unihemispheric concurrent dual-site cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation: the effects on corticospinal excitability. c-tDCS, DLPFC, SICI
94  2016 Virtual Reality-Guided Motor Imagery Increases Corticomotor Excitability in Healthy Volunteers and Stroke Patients. ECR, ICI, MEPs, MI, VR
95  2015 Cortical Excitability Measured with nTMS and MEG during Stroke Recovery. ERD, ERS, MEG, MT, nTMS, SEFs, SICI, TMS
96  2015 Early changes in corticospinal excitability when seeing fearful body expressions. APB, CSE, FDI, TMS
97  2015 Efficacy and interindividual variability in motor-cortex plasticity following anodal tDCS and paired-associative stimulation. a-tDCS
98  2015 Excitability changes in intracortical neural circuits induced by differentially controlled walking patterns. AW1, AW2, EMG, SICI, SOL, SW, TA, TMS
99  2015 Increase in Short-Interval Intracortical Facilitation of the Motor Cortex after Low-Frequency Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation of the Unaffected Hemisphere in the Subacute Phase after Stroke. RMT, SICI
100  2015 Inhibitory and excitatory motor cortex dysfunction persists in the chronic poststroke recovery phase. ICI