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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Knowledge-enhanced biomedical named entity recognition and normalization: application to proteins and genes. PNER
2017 Global Registration Identifier for Donors (GRID) of Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Road to Automation and Safety. GRID, SEC
2017 NeurotoxicDosesofChronicMethamphetamine TriggerRetrotranspositionoftheIdentifierElement inRatDorsalDentateGyrus. METH, NGS, SINEs
2017 The CompTox Chemistry Dashboard: a community data resource for environmental chemistry. EPA
2016 Stakeholders' Perceptions Regarding the Use of Patient Photographs Integrated with Medical Imaging Studies. ---
2015 The Physician Payments Sunshine Act: data evaluation regarding payments to ophthalmologists. ---
2014 How to design biospecimen identifiers and integrate relevant functionalities into your biospecimen management system. ---
2014 Identifier (ID) elements are not preferentially located to brain-specific genes: high ID element representation in other tissue-specific- and housekeeping genes of the rat. SINEs
2013 Control of myogenesis by rodent SINE-containing lncRNAs. lncRNA, SBS, SINEs, SMD, UTRs
10  2012 Tracking and coordinating an international curation effort for the CCDS Project. CCDS, NMD
11  2011 A comprehensive protein-centric ID mapping service for molecular data integration. ---
12  2007 Determining the global DNA methylation status of rat according to the identifier repetitive elements. gDNA, WGA
13  2005 Characterization of multiple alleles of the T-cell differentiation marker ART2 (RT6) in inbred and wild rats. ARTs, PCR
14  2004 Predicting mammalian SINE subfamily activity from A-tail length. ---
15  2003 Ero1-L, an ischemia-inducible gene from rat brain with homology to global ischemia-induced gene 11 (Giig11), is localized to neuronal dendrites by a dispersed identifier (ID) element-dependent mechanism. GFP, Giig11
16  2002 Independent integration of rodent identifier (ID) elements into orthologous sites of some RT6 alleles of Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus. ---
17  2001 DNA methylation and Z-DNA formation as mediators of quantitative differences in the expression of alleles. ---
18  2001 Genomic organization and chromosomal distribution of rat ID elements. SINEs
19  1997 Mutational analysis reveals that an array of GCAAG/CTTGC motifs between sprit promoter sequences for RNA polymerase III is essential for neural BC1 RNA transcription. Pol III
20  1996 A protocol for maintaining multidatabase referential integrity. DBs
21  1996 Recent amplification of rat ID sequences. ---
22  1995 Differentially expressed genes after peripheral nerve injury. PMP22, PNS
23  1993 Isolation and analysis of the rat genomic sequence encoding Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase. tsp
24  1991 Organization and nucleotide sequence of the rat T cell receptor beta-chain complex. ---
25  1990 Two forms of messenger RNA encoding rat liver mannan-binding protein are generated by differential utilization of polyadenylation sites of one transcript. R-L-MBP
26  1988 Cell-specific expression of transfected brain identifier repetitive DNAs. rGH
27  1988 Description of putative ribosomal RNAs with low abundance, developmental regulation, and the identifier sequence. rRNAs
28  1988 ID sequence-binding protein factor complexed in ribonucleoprotein particles. ---
29  1987 Atypical nucleosome spacing of rat neuronal identifier elements in non-neuronal chromatin. ---
30  1987 Expression of small cytoplasmic transcripts of the rat identifier element in vivo and in cultured cells. ---
31  1987 ID sequences in the genes of three brain-specific proteins. ---
32  1987 Neural BC1 RNA: cDNA clones reveal nonrepetitive sequence content. ---
33  1987 Rat and mouse identifier sequences are preferentially but not exclusively located in cortical neuronal genes expressed postnatally. Pol II, Pol III
34  1986 'Brain-specific' transcription and evolution of the identifier sequence. ---
35  1986 The neuronal identifier element is a cis-acting positive regulator of gene expression. Pol III
36  1985 Brain "identifier sequence" is not restricted to brain: similar abundance in nuclear RNA of other organs. ---
37  1985 Rodent type 2 Alu family, rat identifier sequence, rabbit C family, and bovine or goat 73-bp repeat may have evolved from tRNA genes. ---
38  1984 Brain-specific genes have identifier sequences in their introns. ---
39  1984 Homologies between a brain-specific identifier (ID) sequence and regions of Harvey murine sarcoma virus and Rous sarcoma virus genomes. Putative role of identifier sequences in the tissue specificity of malignant transformation by RNA tumor viruses. ---
40  1983 Structural analysis of gene loci for rat U1 small nuclear RNA. ---