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Abbreviation : IENFD
Long Form : intraepidermal nerve fiber density
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Metabolic Insight Into the Neuroprotective Effect of Jin-Mai-Tong (JMT) Decoction on Diabetic Rats With Peripheral Neuropathy Using Untargeted Metabolomics Strategy. DPN, JMT, JMT-H, JMT-L, SD, SNFD, STZ, TCA
2020 Beneficial effects of combination therapy of canagliflozin and teneligliptin on diabetic polyneuropathy and beta-cell volume density in spontaneously type 2 diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats. DPN, DPP-4i, GK, PN, SGLT2i, T2DM
2020 Central and Peripheral Mechanisms in ApoE4-Driven Diabetic Pathology. AD, APOE, GSK-3beta, HFD, T2DM
2020 Early changes in tests of peripheral nerve function during oxaliplatin treatment and their correlation with chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy symptoms and signs. ---
2020 Evaluation of small nerve fiber dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. IENF, IGT, NCS, NGT, PGP, QST
2020 Neuromuscular ultrasound for taxane peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer. CIPN, CSA, NMUS
2020 Pain-associated Mediators and Axon Pathfinders in Fibromyalgia Skin Cells. EPHA4, FMS, TGF-ss1
2020 Pain-related changes in cutaneous innervation of patients suffering from bortezomib-induced, diabetic or chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy. CIAP, MPQ, PDN, SENFD, UDNFD
2020 Prevalence of denervation in the intrinsic foot muscles in patients with distal predominantly small fiber neuropathy. IFMs, SFN
10  2020 Retinal and Corneal Neurodegeneration and Their Association with Systemic Signs of Peripheral Neuropathy in Type 2 Diabetes. CI, DPN, DR, NPDR, PDR
11  2020 Small fibre pathology in chronic whiplash-associated disorder: A cross-sectional study. WAD, WAD, WAD
12  2020 Statin use and peripheral nerve function-A prospective follow-up study. ---
13  2019 Biopsy-Proven Small-Fiber Neuropathy in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome: Neuropathic Pain Characteristics, Autoantibody Findings, and Histopathologic Features. DRG, SFNs, SS
14  2019 Colocalization of pain and reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density in individuals with HIV-associated sensory neuropathy. CI, HIV-SN
15  2019 Diagnostic criteria for small fibre neuropathy in clinical practice and research. QST
16  2019 Effect of diabetes type on long-term outcome of epidermal axon regeneration. ---
17  2019 Evaluation of the Neuropathic Component of Chronic Low Back Pain. ALBP, CRS, LSS, PDQ, QST
18  2019 Generalized chronic itch induced by small-fibre neuropathy: clinical profile and proposed diagnostic criteria. SFN
19  2019 Hyperglycemia Suppresses Age-Related Increases in Corneal Peripheral Sensory Nerves in Wistar Bon Kobori (WBN/Kob) Rats. ---
20  2019 Increased Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Degeneration and Impaired Regeneration Relate to Symptoms and Deficits in Parkinson's Disease. ADL, DNS, IENF, IETNFL, MAL, PD, SCOPA-AUT, UPDRS-III
21  2019 Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density in Postmortem Skin: A Novel Approach. ---
22  2019 Muscle Fiber Type Changes in Lumbrical Muscles at Early Stages of Chronic Nerve Compression. CNC, FDL, NMJs, PGP 9.5
23  2019 Patient-derived in vitro skin models for investigation of small fiber pathology. CK, SFN
24  2019 Protective effect of ibuprofen in a rat model of chronic oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy. MDT, qPCR, SNCV
25  2019 Reduction of skin innervation is associated with a severe fibromyalgia phenotype. FMS, MD-P
26  2019 Small Fibre Neuropathy in Parkinson's Disease: Comparison of Skin Biopsies from the More Affected and Less Affected Sides. MAL, PD
27  2019 Tissue-Clearing Technique and Cutaneous Nerve Biopsies: Quantification of the Intraepidermal Nerve-Fiber Density Using Active Clarity Technique-Pressure Related Efficient and Stable Transfer of Macromolecules Into Organs. IF, IHC, PHN, SFN
28  2019 Trigeminal nociceptive function and oral somatosensory functional and structural assessment in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. AUC, nBR, NFLD, PHS, QST, RMS, WDT
29  2018 Application of an 8% capsaicin patch normalizes epidermal TRPV1 expression but not the decreased intraepidermal nerve fibre density in patients with brachioradial pruritus. BRP
30  2018 Assessing sudomotor impairment in patients with peripheral neuropathy: Comparison between electrochemical skin conductance and skin biopsy. ESC, SGNFD
31  2018 Asymptomatic loss of intraepidermal nerve fibers with preserved thermal detection thresholds after repeated exposure to severe cold. NCS, QST
32  2018 Bilaterally Reduced Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density in Unilateral CRPS-I. CRPS I, HCs
33  2018 Changes in intraepidermal nerve fiber and Langerhans cell densities in the plantar skin of rats after mercuric chloride exposure. LCs
34  2018 Cutaneous somatic and autonomic nerve TDP-43 deposition in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, MC, MCD, PNFD, SFN-SIQ, SGNFD
35  2018 Extended Duration of Hyperglycemia Result in Human-Like Corneal Nerve Lesions in Mice With Alloxan- and Streptozotocin-Induced Type 1 Diabetes. AL, SBNPD, STZ, TEND
36  2018 Ghrelin agonist HM01 attenuates chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity in rodent models. CIPN, NCV
37  2018 High glucose up-regulates Semaphorin 3A expression via the mTOR signaling pathway in keratinocytes: A potential mechanism and therapeutic target for diabetic small fiber neuropathy. HG, rSema3A, Sema3A, SFN
38  2018 Low Sensitivity of Skin Biopsy in Diagnosing Small Fiber Neuropathy in Chinese Americans. ---
39  2018 Relations between a standardized experimental stressor and cutaneous sensory function in patients with chronic pruritus and healthy controls: an experimental case-control study. CP, HC
40  2018 Skin Biopsy Findings in Patients With CMT1A: Baseline Data From the CLN-PXT3003-01 Study Provide New Insights Into the Pathophysiology of the Disorder. CMT1A, LCs
41  2018 The histopathological evaluation of small fiber neuropathy in patients with vitamin B12 deficiency. SFN
42  2017 An oral form of methylglyoxal-bis-guanylhydrazone reduces monocyte activation and traffic to the dorsal root ganglia in a primate model of HIV-peripheral neuropathy. dpi, DRG, MGBG, PN
43  2017 Clinical Characteristics, Electrophysiology, and Skin Biopsy of 38 Peripheral Neuropathy Cases with Small Fiber Involvement of Various Etiologies. CMAP, IGT, MCV, MS, PN, SFN
44  2017 Comparison of Somatic and Sudomotor Nerve Fibers in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. DPN, QSART, SFN
45  2017 Early skin denervation in hereditary and iatrogenic transthyretin amyloid neuropathy. TTR
46  2017 Intraepidermal nerve fiber density in vulvar lichen sclerosus and normal vulvar tissues. CGRP, IENF, LS, PGP 9.5, VIP
47  2017 mGluR2/3 activation of the SIRT1 axis preserves mitochondrial function in diabetic neuropathy. DPN, DRG, GFAP, LCR, mtDNA, NCV, OXPHOS, SOD2, T1DM
48  2017 Patterns of cutaneous nerve fibre loss and regeneration in type 2 diabetes with painful and painless polyneuropathy. DNFL, GAP-43, PGP 9.5
49  2017 Quantification of small fiber pathology in patients with sarcoidosis and chronic pain using cornea confocal microscopy and skin biopsies. CCM, QST, SFN
50  2017 Quantitative sensory testing and structural assessment of sensory nerve fibres in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. GAP-43, QST
51  2017 Reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density after a sustained increase in insular glutamate: a proof-of-concept study examining the pathogenesis of small fiber pathology in fibromyalgia. FM, PDC
52  2017 There is no functional small-fibre neuropathy in prurigo nodularis despite neuroanatomical alterations. PN
53  2016 Association between small fiber neuropathy and higher skin accumulation of advanced glycation end products in patients with type 1 diabetes. AF, AGEs, DPN, IQR
54  2016 Broadening the spectrum of controls for skin biopsy in painful neuropathies: spondylotic cervical myelopathy patients with painful feet. CSM, QST, SFN
55  2016 Comparison of sensory tests and neuronal quantity of peripheral nerves between streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats and paclitaxel (PAC)-treated rats. CIPN, DPN, PAC, PAC, STZ
56  2016 In Patients with an alpha-Galactosidase A Variant, Small Nerve Fibre Assessment Cannot Confirm a Diagnosis of Fabry Disease. FD, GLA, QST
57  2016 Intraepidermal nerve-fibre density as a biomarker of the course of neuropathy in patients with Type2 diabetes mellitus. IENF
58  2016 Longitudinal Assessment of Small Fiber Neuropathy: Evidence of a Non-Length-Dependent Distal Axonopathy. DM-SFN, I-SFN, IGT-SFN, SNF
59  2016 Peripheral nervous system involvement in primary burning mouth syndrome--results of a pilot study. BMS, PNS
60  2016 Skin biopsy in assessing meralgia paresthetica. LFCN
61  2016 Small and large fiber neuropathy in those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: a 5-year follow-up study. NCS
62  2016 Small Fiber Neuropathy in Children: Two Case Reports Illustrating the Importance of Recognition. SFN
63  2016 Small fiber neuropathy is a common feature of Ehlers-Danlos syndromes. DN4, EDS, NRS, SFN
64  2016 Structural and functional characterization of nerve fibres in polyneuropathy and healthy subjects. DSP
65  2016 The Efficacy of Pregabalin in the Treatment of Prediabetic Neuropathic Pain. NRS, UENS
66  2016 The impairment of small nerve fibers in severe sepsis and septic shock. CIP
67  2016 The relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and intra-epidermal nerve fiber density, PARP activation and foot ulceration in patients with type 2 diabetes. AHI, DFU, MNSI, OSA, PARP
68  2015 Automated Quantification of Neuropad Improves Its Diagnostic Ability in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy. CCM, DB-HRV, DPN, NDS, PMNCV, SNAP
69  2015 Clinical Utility of Skin Biopsy in Differentiating between Parkinson's Disease and Multiple System Atrophy. MSA, PD
70  2015 Clinical, histological, and biochemical predictors of postsurgical neuropathic pain. CPSNP
71  2015 Corneal Confocal Microscopy Identifies Small-Fiber Neuropathy in Subjects With Impaired Glucose Tolerance Who Develop Type 2 Diabetes. CCM, CNFD, IGT, MDL
72  2015 Effects of exenatide on measures of diabetic neuropathy in subjects with type 2 diabetes: results from an 18-month proof-of-concept open-label randomized study. CAN, CCN, DPN, GLP-1, T2D
73  2015 Epidermal axonal swellings in painful and painless diabetic peripheral neuropathy. DPN, NeP
74  2015 Epidermal innervation morphometry by immunofluorescence and bright-field microscopy. BFI, IF, ROC, SFN
75  2015 Increased gene expression of growth associated protein-43 in skin of patients with early-stage peripheral neuropathies. GAP-43, PGP 9.5
76  2015 Loss of intraepidermal nerve fiber density during SIV peripheral neuropathy is mediated by monocyte activation and elevated monocyte chemotactic proteins. DRG, HIV, MCP-1, PN, RANTES, SIV
77  2015 Mitochondrial transcription factor A regulation of mitochondrial degeneration in experimental diabetic neuropathy. DRG, hTFAM, mtDNA, TFAM Tg
78  2015 Monocyte Traffic, Dorsal Root Ganglion Histopathology, and Loss of Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density in SIV Peripheral Neuropathy. BrdU, DRG
79  2015 Peripheral Nerve Ultrasound in Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. BMI, CSA, SFN, US
80  2015 Quantitative and morphological study of intraepidermal nerve fibre in healthy individuals. IENF
81  2015 Side and time variability of intraepidermal nerve fiber density. HVs, SFN
82  2015 Small fiber neuropathy in Parkinson's disease: A clinical, pathological and corneal confocal microscopy study. CCM, CNBD, CNFD, CNFL, DB-HRV, PD
83  2015 Small nerve fiber quantification in the diagnosis of diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy: comparing corneal confocal microscopy with intraepidermal nerve fiber density. CCM, CNFD, DSPN
84  2015 Small-nerve-fiber pathology in critical illness documented by serial skin biopsies. ---
85  2015 Supervised exercise improves cutaneous reinnervation capacity in metabolic syndrome patients. ---
86  2015 [Painful ischemic neuropathy]. PAD, QST, SCS
87  2014 A capsaicin (8%) patch in the treatment of severe persistent inguinal postherniorrhaphy pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. SPIDs
88  2014 Autonomic evaluation is independent of somatic evaluation for small fiber neuropathy. ARS, CASS, QSART, QST, SFN
89  2014 Early detection of nerve fiber loss by corneal confocal microscopy and skin biopsy in recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes. AFTs, CCM, CNCP, MNF, NCS, QST
90  2014 Local and systemic cytokine expression in patients with postherpetic neuralgia. IL, PHN, TNF
91  2014 Pronounced reduction of cutaneous Langerhans cell density in recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes. LCs
92  2014 Reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density in patients with chronic ischemic pain in peripheral arterial disease. CI, CLI, CLI, PAD, QST
93  2014 Reduction of Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density (IENFD) in the skin biopsies of patients with fibromyalgia: a controlled study. APCs, FM, NPSI, SFSN
94  2014 Sensory, psychological, and metabolic dysfunction in HIV-associated peripheral neuropathy: A cross-sectional deep profiling study. BPI, BPNS, DAPOS, HIV-SN, ISI, NPSI, PASS-20, PCS, QST, TCSS, UENS
95  2014 Sural sensory nerve action potential, epidermal nerve fiber density, and quantitative sudomotor axon reflex in the healthy elderly. LLN, QSART, SNAP
96  2014 The diagnostic utility of Sudoscan for distal symmetric peripheral neuropathy. DSP, ESC, NCS, QSART, UENS
97  2014 The neuroprotective benefit from pioglitazone (PIO) addition on the alpha lipoic acid (ALA)-based treatment in experimental diabetic rats. ALA, PIO
98  2014 Up-regulation of the receptor for advanced glycation end products in the skin biopsy specimens of patients with severe diabetic neuropathy. RAGE
99  2014 Use of a novel high-resolution magnetic resonance neurography protocol to detect abnormal dorsal root Ganglia in Sjogren patients with neuropathic pain: case series of 10 patients and review of the literature. DRG, IVIG, MRN, SS
100  2014 [Clinical, electrophysiological and skin biopsy studies of peripheral neuropathy with small fibers involvement: a report of 34 cases]. SFN, SFN-SIQ