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Abbreviation : IPGTT
Long Form : intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Biased agonists with less glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor-mediated endocytosis prolong hypoglycaemic effects. cAMP, GLP-1
2021 Effects of Subacute Exposure of Dibutyl Phthalate on the Homeostatic Model Assessment, Thyroid Function, and Redox Status in Rats. HOMA
2021 Gamma-aminobutyric acid attenuates insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic patients and reduces the risk of insulin resistance in their offspring. GABA, HbA1c, IR, T2D
2021 HGF can reduce accumulation of inflammation and regulate glucose homeostasis in T2D mice. HGF, HGF-Tg, IPITT, ND
2021 Kaempferide improves glycolipid metabolism disorder by activating PPARγ in high-fat-diet-fed mice. HFD
2021 Rational design and evaluation of GLP-1 derivative for treating hyperglycemia combined with overexercise-induced myocardial injury. GLP-1, ITC
2021 Studying host genetic background effects on multimorbidity of intestinal cancer development, type 2 diabetes and obesity in response to oral bacterial infection and high-fat diet using the collaborative cross (CC) lines. AUC, BW, CC, HFD, IC, T2D
2021 The disappearance of IPO in myocardium of diabetes mellitus rats is associated with the increase of succinate dehydrogenase-flavin protein. CPB, CTnI, DM, IPO, MI, OGTT, SDHA
2021 [Effect of electroacupuncture on Leptin in energy-regulated signaling of obese rats with insulin resistance]. EA, IPITT, TC, TG
10  2020 A Long-Term Pilot Study on Sex and Spinal Cord Injury Shows Sexual Dimorphism in Functional Recovery and Cardio-Metabolic Responses. DEXA, ITT, LVIDs, PI, SCI, SD
11  2020 Acupuncture Targeting SIRT1 in the Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus Can Improve Obesity in High-Fat-Diet-Induced Rats with Insulin Resistance via an Anorectic Effect. Ac-FOXO1, ARC, BW, CNS, EA, HFDI, IPITT, IR, NPY, POMC
12  2020 An Inducible Diabetes Mellitus Murine Model Based on MafB Conditional Knockout under MafA-Deficient Condition. ---
13  2020 Anti-Diabetic Effects of Allulose in Diet-Induced Obese Mice via Regulation of mRNA Expression and Alteration of the Microbiome Composition. AUC, FBG, HFD, HOMA-IR, ND, T2DM
14  2020 Anti-Obesity and Antidiabetic Effects of Nelumbinis Semen Powder in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese C57BL/6 Mice. AUC, HFD, HOMA-IR
15  2020 Autoimmune activation of the GnRH receptor induces insulin resistance independent of obesity in a female rat model. AAb, CON group, GnRHR, IMM group, IR, ITT, LH, PCOS
16  2020 Correlation between 12alpha-hydroxylated bile acids and insulin secretion during glucose tolerance tests in rats fed a high-fat and high-sucrose diet. 12alphaOH, BA, GTTs, OGTT
17  2020 Efficacy of insulin targeted gene therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus: A systematic review and meta-analysis of rodent studies. DM
18  2020 Evaluation of Multi-Layered Pancreatic Islets and Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Sheets Transplanted on Various Sites for Diabetes Treatment. ADSCs
19  2020 Fenofibrate impairs liver function and structure more pronounced in old than young rats. FN
20  2020 High-fat diet-induced adipose tissue expansion occurs prior to insulin resistance in C57BL/6J mice. AUC, CD, eWAT, HFD, IPITT, MCP-1
21  2020 Insulin-Regulated Aminopeptidase Inhibition Ameliorates Metabolism in Obese Zucker Rats. AUC, IRAP
22  2020 Metabolic and Cognitive Effects of Ranolazine in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Data from an in vivo Model. HFD, NCD, NMR, STZ, T2DM
23  2020 MicroRNA-17-92 Regulates Beta-Cell Restoration After Streptozotocin Treatment. RBG
24  2020 Notch1 Has an Important Role in β-Cell Mass Determination and Development of Diabetes. GSIS
25  2020 Red rice koji extract alleviates hyperglycemia by increasing glucose uptake and glucose transporter type 4 levels in skeletal muscle in two diabetic mouse models. BG, BW, GLUT2, GLUT4, HFD, ITT, RRK, STZ
26  2020 Single-Anastomosis Duodenal Jejunal Bypass Improve Glucose Metabolism by Regulating Gut Microbiota and Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Goto-Kakisaki Rats. DJB-sa, FBG, FSI, GK, GLP-1, GPR109A, GPR41, GPR43, SCFAs
27  2020 The anti-insulin resistance effect of scutellarin may be related to antioxidant stress and AMPKα activation in diabetic mice. HFD, IPITT, IR, SC
28  2020 VEGF-Modified PVA/Silicone Nanofibers Enhance Islet Function Transplanted in Subcutaneous Site Followed by Device-Less Procedure. BGL, DL, EMT, PVA, VEGF
29  2019 A high-fat diet induces rapid changes in the mouse hypothalamic proteome. DRP-2, HFD, LFD, OA, PA
30  2019 Circadian misalignment alters insulin sensitivity during the light phase and shifts glucose tolerance rhythms in female mice. FOXO1, GSIS, IPITT, ZT
31  2019 Decreased Insulin Secretion but Unchanged Glucose Homeostasis in Cadmium-Exposed Male C57BL/6 Mice. AUC, Cd, FBG, FSI, IPITT, IR
32  2019 Early postnatal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity and reduced insulin sensitivity in adult rats. HPA
33  2019 Exposure to maternal obesity during suckling outweighs in utero exposure in programming for post-weaning adiposity and insulin resistance in rats. ---
34  2019 Fibroblast growth factor 21 ameliorates pancreatic fibrogenesis via regulating polarization of macrophages. CP, FGF21
35  2019 Hepcidin as a key iron regulator mediates glucotoxicity-induced pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction. DMT1, FBG, FINS, TfR1
36  2019 Light at night exacerbates metabolic dysfunction in a polygenic mouse model of type 2 diabetes mellitus. IPITT, LAN, T2DM, TH
37  2019 Protective role of nano-selenium-enriched Bifidobacterium longum in delaying the onset of streptozotocin-induced diabetes. B. longum, BUN, Se
38  2019 Resveratrol reduces liver endoplasmic reticulum stress and improves insulin sensitivity in vivo and in vitro. ERS, HFD, PA
39  2019 Selective inhibition of intestinal 5-HT improves neurobehavioral abnormalities caused by high-fat diet mice. BZ, FST, HFD, OFT, SIM, SPT, TC, TG, TST
40  2019 Sphingosine-1-phosphate induces islet beta-cell proliferation and decreases cell apoptosis in high-fat diet/streptozotocin diabetic mice. DC, HOMA-IR, S1P
41  2019 Trehalose Protects against Insulin Resistance-Induced Tissue Injury and Excessive Autophagy in Skeletal Muscles and Kidney. ---
42  2019 Upregulation Of Renal GLUT2 And SGLT2 Is Involved In High-Fat Diet-Induced Gestational Diabetes In Mice. GDM, GLUT2, HFD, SGLT2, T2DM
43  2019 [Effect of EPO on PRDM16, FGF21 expression and STAT phosphorylation of brown adipose tissue in HFD mice]. BAT, EPO, FGF21, HFD, HFD-Con, p-STAT3, PRDM16
44  2019 [Electroacupuncture improves inflammatory reaction and insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant obese rats]. CRP, EA, GIR, INS, IPITT, MCP-1, OIR
45  2018 Antidiabetic and Antiobesity Effects of Artemether in db/db Mice. AUCs
46  2018 At similar weight loss, dietary composition determines the degree of glycemic improvement in diet-induced obese C57BL/6 mice. eWAT, R-NC
47  2018 Berberine Improves Cognitive Deficiency and Muscular Dysfunction via Activation of the AMPK/SIRT1/PGC-1a Pathway in Skeletal Muscle from Naturally Aging Rats. HE, ROS
48  2018 Central and peripheral effects of physical exercise without weight reduction in obese and lean mice. DIO, IPITT
49  2018 Comparative Study of Liraglutide and Insulin Glargine on Glycemic Control and Pancreatic beta-Cell Function in db/db Mice. AUC, GG, GLP-1, HLG, LLG, MLG, PAX4, PAX6, Pdx1, ROC, RT-PCR, VG
50  2018 Dietary Isoliquiritigenin at a Low Dose Ameliorates Insulin Resistance and NAFLD in Diet-Induced Obesity in C57BL/6J Mice. ILG
51  2018 Early intervention of N-acetylcysteine better improves insulin resistance in diet-induced obesity mice. BW, CD, IR, MA, NAC, ROS
52  2018 Effect of Long-term Administration of Oral Magnesium Sulfate and Insulin to Reduce Streptozotocin-Induced Hyperglycemia in Rats: the Role of Akt2 and IRS1 Gene Expressions. CD, Ins-CD, NDC
53  2018 Effect of magnesium sulfate administration to improve insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes animal model: using the hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp technique. G6Pase, GLUT4, GR
54  2018 Effect of oral magnesium sulfate administration on blood glucose hemostasis via inhibition of gluconeogenesis and FOXO1 gene expression in liver and muscle in diabetic rats. CD, Ins-CD, NDC, PEPCK, STZ
55  2018 Effects of Vaspin on Insulin Resistance in Rats and Underlying Mechanisms. FBG, FINS, GIR, IR, ITT, RT-PCR, SD, TC, TG
56  2018 Egg White Hydrolysate Improves Glucose Tolerance in Type-2 Diabetic NSY Mice. EW, EWH, ITT, OGTT
57  2018 Exposure to concentrated ambient PM2.5 alters the composition of gut microbiota in a murine model. FA, ITT, VACES
58  2018 GABA dramatically improves glucose tolerance in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats fed with high-fat diet. GLUT4, ITT
59  2018 Hypoglycemic Effects of Intestinal Electrical Stimulation by Enhancing Nutrient-Stimulated Secretion of GLP-1 in Rats. GLP-1, IES, OGTT
60  2018 Immunosuppressive effect of arsenic trioxide on islet xenotransplantation prolongs xenograft survival in mice. ELIZA, FCM, STZ, T1DM
61  2018 Kill two birds with one stone: making multi-transgenic pre-diabetes mouse models through insulin resistance and pancreatic apoptosis pathogenesis. CP, HFHSD, Nc, Tg, Tg ControlD
62  2018 Loss of odor-induced c-Fos expression of juxtaglomerular activity following maintenance of mice on fatty diets. DIO, HF, JGs, MHF, OB, OSN
63  2018 Microcystis bloom containing microcystin-LR induces type 2 diabetes mellitus. IRT, MC-LR, T2DM
64  2018 Pharmacological Effects of EGLP-1, a Novel Analog of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1, on Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism. GLP-1RAs, NEFAs, pHSL, T1DM
65  2018 Posttransplant Characterization of Long-term Functional hESC-Derived Pancreatic Endoderm Grafts. hESCs, PECs
66  2018 Prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust PM2.5 causes offspring beta cell dysfunction in adulthood. GIIS
67  2018 The role of PPAR-gamma and NFKB genes expression in muscle to improve hyperglycemia in STZ-induced diabetic rat following magnesium sulfate administration. CD, GLUT4, Ins-CD, NDC, PPARgamma, STZ
68  2018 The two major glucokinase isoforms show conserved functionality in β-cells despite different subcellular distribution. GCK, MODY2
69  2018 Therapeutic potential of human mesenchymal stem cells derived beta cell precursors on a nanofibrous scaffold: An approach to treat diabetes mellitus. FOXA2, HNF4alpha, Ngn3, NKX2.2, PBCPs, Pdx1
70  2018 Zinc-alpha2-Glycoprotein Is Associated with Obesity in Chinese People and HFD-Induced Obese Mice. BMI, HFD, IPITT, PGC1a, sWAT, UCP1, vWAT, ZAG
72  2017 Anti-TNF-alpha antibody alleviates insulin resistance in rats with sepsis-induced stress hyperglycemia. IKKbeta, INS, IR, NC, NF-kappaB, p-Akt, TNF-alpha
73  2017 Attenuation of exercise-induced heat shock protein 72 expression blunts improvements in whole-body insulin resistance in rats with type 2 diabetes. FFA, HSPs, SED, TG
74  2017 Collaborative Cross Mouse Population for Studying Alveolar Bone Changes and Impaired Glucose Tolerance Comorbidity After High-Fat Diet Consumption. ABL, BW, CC, HFD, T2DM
75  2017 Comparison of the effect by which gastric plication and sleeve gastrectomy procedures alter metabolic and physical parameters in an obese type 2 diabetes rodent model. FPG, GP, RER, SG
76  2017 Deletion of interleukin 1 receptor-associated kinase 1 (Irak1) improves glucose tolerance primarily by increasing insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle. IRAK-1, Irak1, WT
77  2017 Erythropoietin (EPO) ameliorates obesity and glucose homeostasis by promoting thermogenesis and endocrine function of classical brown adipose tissue (BAT) in diet-induced obese mice. BAT, EPO, EpoR, FGF21, MEF2C, miR-133a, PRDM16, STAT3, UCP1
78  2017 In vivo direct reprogramming of liver cells to insulin producing cells by virus-free overexpression of defined factors. ---
79  2017 Lead Exposure Induces Weight Gain in Adult Rats, Accompanied by DNA Hypermethylation. HOMA-IR, NCD
80  2017 Maternal high-fat diet intensifies the metabolic response to stress in male rat offspring. ---
81  2017 Protein therapy using MafA fused to a polyarginine transduction domain attenuates glucose levels of streptozotocin‑induced diabetic mice. Maf
82  2017 Simvastatin and Bezafibrate ameliorate Emotional disorder Induced by High fat diet in C57BL/6 mice. BZ, FST, HFD, OFT, SMV, TST
83  2017 The effects of addition of coenzyme Q10 to metformin on sirolimus-induced diabetes mellitus. CoQ10, DM, HOMA-R, MET, SRL
84  2017 Trypsin-Treated beta-Lactoglobulin Improves Glucose Tolerance in C57BL/6 Mice by Enhancing AMPK Activation and Glucose Uptake in Hepatocytes. AMPK, beta-LG, DPP-4, OGTT
85  2016 Adrenal, metabolic and cardio-renal dysfunction develops after pregnancy in rats born small or stressed by physiological measurements during pregnancy. ---
86  2016 Anti-amnesic effect of Dendropanax morbifera via JNK signaling pathway on cognitive dysfunction in high-fat diet-induced diabetic mice. ACh, AChE, EFDM, HFD, JNK, MDA, p-Akt, p-IRS, p-JNK, p-tau, SOD
87  2016 Antidiabetic effect of enterolactone in cultured muscle cells and in type 2 diabetic model db/db mice. APMK, ENL, FBG, GLUT4, T2D
88  2016 Effects of chronic sleep deprivation on glucose homeostasis in rats. AST, CON, CSD, HOMA-IR, ITT, MMPM
89  2016 Effects of feeding a diet containing Gymnema sylvestre extract: Attenuating progression of obesity in C57BL/6J mice. ALT, AST, GS, HFD, LDL, TC, TG, VLDL
90  2016 Effects of metformin on hyperglycemia in an experimental model of tacrolimus- and sirolimus-induced diabetic rats. AMPK, DM, GSIS, MET, SRL, TAC
91  2016 Endurance exercise ameliorates low birthweight developed catch-up growth related metabolic dysfunctions in a mouse model. ---
92  2016 Evaluation of the Antihyperglycemic Effect of Minor Steviol Glycosides in Normoglycemic and Induced-Diabetic Wistar Rats. AUCnet
93  2016 GLP-1 receptor agonist exenatide restores atypical antipsychotic clozapine treatment-associated glucose dysregulation and damage of pancreatic islet beta cells in mice. GLP-1RA, PIC
94  2016 Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity are impaired in APP/PS1 transgenic mice prior to amyloid plaque pathogenesis and cognitive decline. AD, IPITT
95  2016 Glucose tolerance female-specific QTL mapped in collaborative cross mice. AUC0-180, CC, CVg, CVg, QTL, T2D
96  2016 High-fat-diet induced development of increased fasting glucose levels and impaired response to intraperitoneal glucose challenge in the collaborative cross mouse genetic reference population. BL, BMI, BW, CC, HFD, T2D, WC
97  2016 Long-term consumption of an obesogenic high fat diet prior to ischemia-reperfusion mediates cardioprotection via Epac1-dependent signaling. GI, ND, WT
98  2016 Maternal high-fat diet inversely affects insulin sensitivity in dams and young adult male rat offspring. HF, HF
99  2016 mTOR Inhibition: Reduced Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity in a Rat Model of Metabolic Syndrome. LZR, OZR, SRL
100  2016 Oxidative stress contributes to abnormal glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity in two hyperlipidemia models. CAT, GPX1, HDL-C, HFD, HOMA-IR, LDL-C, MDA, Nrf2a, PGC-1alpha, SOD1, T-SOD, TC, TG