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Abbreviation : IPL
Long Form : inferior parietal lobule
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Abnormal functional network centrality in drug-naive boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ADHD, CSTC, DC, FC, SOL, STG
2019 Altered effective connectivity anchored in the posterior cingulate cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex in cognitively intact elderly APOE epsilon4 carriers: a preliminary study. ACC, DMN, EC, GCA, MTG, PCG, PCu
2019 Altered intra- and inter-regional functional connectivity of the visual cortex in individuals with peripheral vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa. BCVA, CUN, FC, fMRI, HCs, LGG/CPL, MFG, PosCG, ReHo, RP
2019 Chemotherapy-induced functional changes of the default mode network in patients with lung cancer. ACC, DMN, FC, fMRI, mPFC, PCC, PoCG
2019 Disruption of motor imagery performance following inhibition of the left inferior parietal lobe. HLJT, MI
2019 Electroconvulsive Therapy Modulates Resting-State EEG Oscillatory Pattern and Phase Synchronization in Nodes of the Default Mode Network in Patients With Depressive Disorder. ACC, CSD, DMN, ECT, EEG, eLORETA, FP, MADRS, MMSE, PCC, ROIs
2019 Gut microbiome and brain functional connectivity in infants-a preliminary study focusing on the amygdala. ---
2019 Hypoconnectivity of insular resting-state networks in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. AI, AI-SFG, ASD, FG, PI, RSFC, SCQ, SIP
2019 Interaction of the effects associated with auditory-motor integration and attention-engaging listening tasks. AC
10  2019 Intrinsic Functional Brain Connectivity Predicts Onset of Major Depression Disorder in Adolescence: A Pilot Study. MDD, RSFC
11  2019 Loss of biliverdin reductase-A favors Tau hyper-phosphorylation in Alzheimer's disease. AD, BVR-A, MCI
12  2019 Neurofeedback of core language network nodes modulates connectivity with the default-mode network: A double-blind fMRI neurofeedback study on auditory verbal hallucinations. DMN, IFG, mPFC, NF, PCC, pSTG, rtfMRI
13  2019 Reduced connectivity between mentalizing and mirror systems in autism spectrum condition. ASC, dmPFC, IFG, TPJ
14  2019 Sequence Variation Associated with SLC12A5 Gene Expression Is Linked to Brain Structure and Function in Healthy Adults. GMV, MEG, MMP9
15  2019 The important role of dACC in shyness. DTI, FA, GMV, MCC, WMV
16  2019 Using resting-state DMN effective connectivity to characterize the neurofunctional architecture of empathy. CVA, DCM, DMN, FC, ICA, mPFC, PCC
17  2018 A Longitudinal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Working Memory in Patients Following a Transient Ischemic Attack: A Preliminary Study. DLPFC, fMRI, IFG, TIA, VWM
18  2018 A multi-modal MRI study of the central response to inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. ---
19  2018 Aberrant Neural Activity in Patients With Bipolar Depressive Disorder Distinguishing to the Unipolar Depressive Disorder: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. BD, fALFF, MTG, rs-fMRI, UD
20  2018 Abnormal neural activity as a potential biomarker for drug-naive first-episode adolescent-onset schizophrenia with coherence regional homogeneity and support vector machine analyses. AOS, Cohe-ReHo
21  2018 Abnormal regional homogeneity as a potential imaging biomarker for adolescent-onset schizophrenia: A resting-state fMRI study and support vector machine analysis. AOS, mPFC, ReHo, STG
22  2018 Abnormalities of regional homogeneity and its correlation with clinical symptoms in Naive patients with first-episode schizophrenia. FES, HC, LN, MFG, MTG, PANSS, PCG, ReHo, rs-fMRI, STG
23  2018 Abstract Representations of Emotions Perceived From the Face, Body, and Whole-Person Expressions in the Left Postcentral Gyrus. fMRI, RDM, RSA, STS
24  2018 Action simulation and mirroring in children with autism spectrum disorders. ASD, IFG, TD
25  2018 Adult Attachment Affects Neural Response to Preference-Inferring in Ambiguous Scenarios: Evidence From an fMRI Study. AI, fMRI, ToM
26  2018 Altered Functional Connectivity of Cerebello-Cortical Circuit in Multiple System Atrophy (Cerebellar-Type). ALFF, LG, MSA, MTG, rs-fMRI
27  2018 Altered intra- and inter-network functional coupling of resting-state networks associated with motor dysfunction in stroke. DAN, DMN, ECN, FC, FMA, FPN, ICA, MN, VN
28  2018 Altered low-frequency oscillation amplitude of resting state-fMRI in patients with discogenic low-back and leg pain. ALFFs, DMN, LBLP, LFOs, mPFC, PoCG
29  2018 Altered perspective-dependent brain activation while viewing hands and associated imitation difficulties in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. ASD, LOTC, mPFC, TD
30  2018 Altered Structure and Intrinsic Functional Connectivity in Post-stroke Aphasia. GMV, iFC, PSA, SMG
31  2018 Awake Surgery for Gliomas within the Right Inferior Parietal Lobule: New Insights into the Functional Connectivity Gained from Stimulation Mapping and Surgical Implications. ---
32  2018 Baseline Brain Activity Changes in Patients With Single and Relapsing Optic Neuritis. ALFFs, EDSS, logMAR, rs-fMRI
33  2018 Brain Structures Associated with Internet Addiction Tendency in Adolescent Online Game Players. FSL, GMV, IAT, IGD, MFG, pMCC, postCG, PreCG
34  2018 Candidate molecular pathways of white matter vulnerability in the brain of normal aging rhesus monkeys. BDNF
35  2018 Cerebral Hemodynamics in Speech-Related Cortical Areas: Articulation Learning Involves the Inferior Frontal Gyrus, Ventral Sensory-Motor Cortex, and Parietal-Temporal Sylvian Area. AOS, NIRS, vSMC
36  2018 Cognitive and behavioral comorbidities in Rolandic epilepsy and their relation with default mode network's functional connectivity and organization. CD, DMN, EEG, FC, FFFK, fMRI, RE, SED, WISC-IV
37  2018 Common Recruitment of Angular Gyrus in Episodic Autobiographical Memory and Bodily Self-Consciousness. AG, BSC, BSC, EAM, SAM
38  2018 Common variation within the SETBP1 gene is associated with reading-related skills and patterns of functional neural activation. SNP, SRD
39  2018 Cortical and subcortical connections of parietal and premotor nodes of the monkey hand mirror neuron network. MNs
40  2018 Decreased functional connectivity and structural deficit in alertness network with right-sided temporal lobe epilepsy. ANT, DTI, FC, rs-fMRI, RTLE, TLE
41  2018 Decreased Gray Matter Volume of Right Inferior Parietal Lobule Is Associated With Severity of Mental Disorientation in Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, aMCI, COGNISTAT, fMRI, GM, MCI, MMSE, ROIs, VBM
42  2018 Decreased interhemispheric homotopic connectivity in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait: A resting state fMRI study. FOG-Q, PD, rs-fMRI, VMHC
43  2018 Deficient supplementary motor area at rest: Neural basis of limb kinetic deficits in Parkinson's disease. ASL, CR, LKA, PD, SMA, TULIA
44  2018 Differential engagement of cognitive control regions and subgenual cingulate based upon presence or absence of comorbid anxiety with depression. CCN, MDD, PGNG, rMDD, SEN
45  2018 Dynamic Interactions between Emotion Perception and Action Preparation for Reacting to Social Threat: A Combined cTBS-fMRI Study. AMG, cTBS, rIPL, rPMv
46  2018 Effects of intentionality and subliminal information in free-choices to inhibit. AI, DLPFC, fMRI, RCZ
47  2018 Effects of Musical Tempo on Musicians' and Non-musicians' Emotional Experience When Listening to Music. fMRI, HG, MTG, PCC, STG
48  2018 Feasibility of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) to Investigate the Mirror Neuron System: An Experimental Study in a Real-Life Situation. fNIRS, IFG, MNS, PMC, SPL
49  2018 Fronto-parietal mirror neuron system modeling: Visuospatial transformations support imitation learning independently of imitator perspective. IFG, IPS, MNS, MST, MT, SPL
50  2018 Functional Connectivity of Anterior Insula Predicts Recovery of Patients With Disorders of Consciousness. CRS-R, dAI, DOC, FWER, rs-fMRI, vAI
51  2018 Impaired white matter connectivity between regions containing mirror neurons, and relationship to negative symptoms and social cognition, in patients with first-episode schizophrenia. ACC, DTI, PMC
52  2018 Increase of EEG Alpha3/Alpha2 Power Ratio Detects Inferior Parietal Lobule Atrophy in Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, MCI
53  2018 Interactions between monoamine oxidase A rs1137070 and smoking on brain structure and function in male smokers. FCS, GMV, MAOA, OFC
54  2018 Intrinsic, stimulus-driven and task-dependent connectivity in human auditory cortex. AC, STP
55  2018 IPL-M1 interaction shapes pre-reflective social differentiation in the human action system: new insights from TBS and TMS combined. TBS
56  2018 Limbic Interference During Social Action Planning in Schizophrenia. DLPFC
57  2018 Moderating Effects of Harm Avoidance on Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Anterior Insula. CEN, dACC, fMRI, PCC, SN
58  2018 Modulation of task-related cortical connectivity in the acute and subacute phase after stroke. DCM, SMA
59  2018 Motor imagery training: Kinesthetic imagery strategy and inferior parietal fMRI activation. MI, MIpre
60  2018 Multivariate Classification of Major Depressive Disorder Using the Effective Connectivity and Functional Connectivity. dACC, DAN, DMN, fMRI, FPN, KNN, LR, MDD, PCC, SN, spDCM, vmPFC
61  2018 Neural Correlates of Personalized Spiritual Experiences. ---
62  2018 Neural correlates of quantity processing of Chinese numeral classifiers. IPS, MFG, SFG
63  2018 Neural correlates of working memory deficits and associations to response inhibition in obsessive compulsive disorder. fMRI, OCD, SMA, WM
64  2018 Neurobiological evidence for attention bias to food, emotional dysregulation, disinhibition and deficient somatosensory awareness in obesity with binge eating disorder. ACC, BA, BED, BOLD, HEPF, LEUF, NF, PCC, PCG
65  2018 One-way traffic: The inferior frontal gyrus controls brain activation in the middle temporal gyrus and inferior parietal lobule during divergent thinking. DCM, DMN, ECN, IFG, MTG, PFC
66  2018 Postural Effects on the Mental Rotation of Body-Related Pictures: An fMRI Study. BOLD, IFG, MFG, SFG, SMA, SPL
67  2018 Precuneus-related regional and network functional deficits in social anxiety disorder: A resting-state functional MRI study. ALFF, FC, ITG, mPFC, PHG, PUT, rs-fMRI, SAD, SMA, ToM
68  2018 Presbycusis Disrupts Spontaneous Activity Revealed by Resting-State Functional MRI. ALFF, fMRI, MFG, PHG, PoCG, ReHo, STG, TMT-B
69  2018 Regional Homogeneity Predicts Creative Insight: A Resting-State fMRI Study. ACC, AG, CN, fMRI, ReHo, rs-fMRI, RT, STG
70  2018 Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals a role for the left inferior parietal lobule in matching observed kinematics during imitation. AG, rTMS, SMG
71  2018 Resting-state network connectivity in cognitively unimpaired drug-naive patients with rigidity-dominant Parkinson's disease. ACC, BVMT-R, DAN, DMN, FC, FPN, HCs, ICA, PD, rs-fMRI, SFG
72  2018 Self-Face Recognition Begins to Share Active Region in Right Inferior Parietal Lobule with Proprioceptive Illusion During Adolescence. fMRI
73  2018 Sex differences in brain structure among adolescents with bipolar disorder. ACC, BD, HC, MRI, ROI, SMG, VLPFC
74  2018 Sounds enhance visual completion processes. ERP, ICs, LOC, NC
75  2018 Spontaneous neural activity differences in posttraumatic stress disorder: A quantitative resting-state meta-analysis and fMRI validation. ALE, ALFF, NTCs, PTSD, ReHo, ROIs, TECs
76  2018 Structural and functional brain abnormalities in schizophrenia: A cross-sectional study at different stages of the disease. ALFF, ChSz, FES, GM, GMV, HC, HR, MTG, PANSS, ReHo, SFG, SPL, UHR, VBM
77  2018 The Action Representation Elicited by Different Types of Drug-Related Cues in Heroin-Abstinent Individuals. DLS-SM, SPL
78  2018 The relationship between amplitude of low frequency fluctuations and gray matter volume of the mirror neuron system: Differences between low disability multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls. ALFF, DTI, fMRI, GMV, HC, IFG, MNS, MS, ROI
79  2018 The spatio-temporal dynamics of deviance and target detection in the passive and active auditory oddball paradigm: a sLORETA study. DAN, ERPs, fMRI, MMN, sLORETA, SN, STG, VAN
80  2018 Theta-burst stimulation causally affects side perception in the Deutsch's octave illusion. cTBS, pIPS
81  2018 Voxel-wise brain-wide functional connectivity abnormalities in first-episode, drug-naive patients with major depressive disorder. FC, GFC, MDD
82  2017 A Brief Exposure to Leftward Prismatic Adaptation Enhances the Representation of the Ipsilateral, Right Visual Field in the Right Inferior Parietal Lobule. PA
83  2017 Altered default mode network configuration in posttraumatic stress disorder after earthquake: A resting-stage functional magnetic resonance imaging study. DMN, PTSD, rs-fMRI
84  2017 Altered Distant Synchronization of Background Network in Mild Cognitive Impairment during an Executive Function Task. DC, DMST, FC, MCI, NC, PCC
85  2017 Altered dynamic functional connectivity in the default mode network in patients with cirrhosis and minimal hepatic encephalopathy. dFC, DMN, FC, LTC, MHE, mPFC, MTL, PCC, PCUN
86  2017 Altered functional brain networks in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: a resting-state fMRI study. AD, aMCI, HIPP, mPFC, ROIs, rs-fMRI, RSNs
87  2017 Altered Gray Matter Volume in Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Subclinical Cognitive Impairment: an Exploratory Study. CAL, COPD, FG, FVC, MMSE, MoCA, NCs, PrCU, STG/MTG, VBM
88  2017 Altered resting-state brain activity in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait. ACC, ALFF, FOG, PD, SFG
89  2017 Anosognosia for memory deficits in mild cognitive impairment: Insight into the neural mechanism using functional and molecular imaging. AD, aMCI, CDR, CN, FDG-PET, OFC, rs-fMRI
90  2017 Autism Spectrum Disorder Related Functional Connectivity Changes in the Language Network in Children, Adolescents and Adults. ADOS, ASD, DC, fMRI, IFG, MTG, STG, TD
91  2017 Componential Network for the Recognition of Tool-Associated Actions: Evidence from Voxel-based Lesion-Symptom Mapping in Acute Stroke Patients. ---
92  2017 Convergence of prefrontal and parietal anatomical projections in a connectional hub in the striatum. fcMRI, PFC, rdCaud
93  2017 Development of Right-hemispheric Dominance of Inferior Parietal Lobule in Proprioceptive Illusion Task. ---
94  2017 Development of rostral inferior parietal lobule area functional connectivity from late childhood to early adulthood. FC, MNS
95  2017 Disrupted functional connectivity density in irritable bowel syndrome patients. aMCC, FCD, IBS, rs-fMRI
96  2017 Disrupted Thalamus White Matter Anatomy and Posterior Default Mode Network Effective Connectivity in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, aMCI, CSD, DMN, HCs, ICA, PCC
97  2017 Dissociable neural processes during risky decision-making in individuals with Internet-gaming disorder. DLPFC, HC, IGD, OFC
98  2017 Dual enhancement mechanisms for overnight motor memory consolidation. TMS
99  2017 Emotion detection deficits and changes in personality traits linked to loss of white matter integrity in primary progressive aphasia. ATL, CDR, EET, HC, IAS, IFG, ILF, OFC, OL, PTL, SLF, UF
100  2017 Facilitation of Function and Manipulation Knowledge of Tools Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). ATL, tDCS