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Abbreviation : IRRAS
Long Form : infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 From Langmuir Blodgett to Grafted Films. AFM, GIXD, LB, ODA, XPS
2020 Ligand distribution and lipid phase behavior in phospholipid-coated microbubbles and monolayers. DPPC, DSPC
2020 The influence of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins on monolayer models of the outer leaflets of human erythrocytes, E. coli and S. cerevisiae cell membranes. ---
2019 A time domain study of surfactin penetrating a phospholipid monolayer at the air-water interface investigated using sum frequency generation spectroscopy, infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy, and AFM-nano infrared microscopy. DPPC, nano-IR, SFG
2019 Interfacial Supramolecular Structures of Amphiphilic Receptors Drive Aqueous Phosphate Recognition. ---
2019 Structural Evolution of alpha-Fe2O3(0001) Surfaces Under Reduction Conditions Monitored by Infrared Spectroscopy. CO
2018 Atomically-defined model catalysts in ultrahigh vacuum and in liquid electrolytes: particle size-dependent CO adsorption on Pt nanoparticles on ordered Co3O4(111) films. CV, EC, EC-IRRAS, NPs, PVD, STM, UHV, XPS
2018 Effect of pH and Salt on Surface pKa of Phosphatidic Acid Monolayers. DPPA
2018 Emerging investigator series: exploring the surface properties of aqueous aerosols coated with mixed surfactants. OA, SA
10  2018 Impact of formulation pH on physicochemical protein characteristics at the liquid-air interface. AFM, BAM, LO, MFI
11  2018 In Situ Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry for Understanding Structural Transformations of Precisely Defined Ions at Electrochemical Interfaces. CV, EEIs, POM
12  2018 Lysine-based amino-functionalized lipids for gene transfection: the influence of the chain composition on 2D properties. GIXD
13  2018 Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers with Terminal Deuterated Anchors: Characterization and Probing of Model Lipid Membrane Formation. SAMs, SUVs, tBLM
14  2018 Stabilizing mixed fatty acid and phthalate ester monolayer on artificial seawater. DEHP, PA, SA
15  2018 The interaction of trace heavy metal with lipid monolayer in the sea surface microlayer. DPPC
16  2018 Thermodynamic versus non-equilibrium stability of palmitic acid monolayers in calcium-enriched sea spray aerosol proxy systems. BAM, ESP, NER, PA, SSA, VSFG
17  2018 Tracking down the origin of peculiar vibrational spectra of aromatic self-assembled thiolate monolayers. ATP, HREELS, NBPT, SAMs, SM, UHV, VD, XPS
18  2017 A correlation between secondary structure and rheological properties of low-density lipoproteins at air/water interfaces. CD, LDL
19  2017 Aqueous-phase aerosols on the air-water interface: Response of fatty acid Langmuir monolayers to atmospheric inorganic ions. ---
20  2017 Binding of the GTPase Sar1 to a Lipid Membrane Monolayer: Insertion and Orientation Studied by Infrared Reflection⁻Absorption Spectroscopy. AH
21  2017 Cospreading of Anionic Phospholipids with Peptides of the Structure (KX)4K at the Air-Water Interface: Influence of Lipid Headgroup Structure and Hydrophobicity of the Peptide on Monolayer Behavior. DPPG, LC, LE
22  2017 Disordering Effects of Digitonin on Phospholipid Monolayers. ---
23  2017 Influence of polyethylene glycol on the phase transition of poly(butylene adipate) thin films: Polymorphic control. PBA, PEG, XRD
24  2017 IR spectroscopic investigations of chemical and photochemical reactions on metal oxides: bridging the materials gap. CO
25  2017 Nanofibers of Human Tropoelastin-inspired peptides: Structural characterization and biological properties. AFM, hMSCs, SAPs, XPS
26  2017 Reactive Landing of Gramicidin S and Ubiquitin Ions onto Activated Self-Assembled Monolayer Surfaces. SAM
27  2017 Rendering Photoreactivity to Ceria: The Role of Defects. ---
28  2017 Sucrose esters as biocompatible surfactants for penetration enhancement: An insight into the mechanism of penetration enhancement studied using stratumcorneum model lipids and Langmuir monolayers. BAM, SC, SEs
29  2017 Sulfamide chemistry applied to the functionalization of self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces. SAMs, WCA, XPS
30  2017 The film tells the story: Physical-chemical characteristics of IgG at the liquid-air interface. AFM, BAM, IgG
31  2016 beta-Galactosidase Langmuir Monolayer at Air/X-gal Subphase Interface. BAM
32  2016 Charge retention of soft-landed phosphotungstate Keggin anions on self-assembled monolayers. DFT, FSAM, SAM
33  2016 Directed Self-Assembly and Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy Analysis of Amphiphilic and Zwitterionic Janus Gold Nanoparticles. ---
34  2016 Effect of cation enrichment on dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) monolayers at the air-water interface. BAM, DPPC
35  2016 Impact of Structural Differences in Galactocerebrosides on the Behavior of 2D Monolayers. BAM, GIXD
36  2016 Influence of calcium on ceramide-1-phosphate monolayers. BAM, C1P, GIXD
37  2016 Secondary Structures of Ubiquitin Ions Soft-Landed onto Self-Assembled Monolayer Surfaces. ESI, SAM
38  2016 Structure and Long-Term Stability of Alkylphosphonic Acid Monolayers on SS316L Stainless Steel. AFM, PBS, SCA, XPS
39  2016 Structures of malonic acid diamide/phospholipid composites and their lipoplexes. DOPE, DPPC, TEM
40  2016 Study of the Alpha-l-Fucosidase Langmuir Monolayer at the Air-Water Interface. ---
41  2016 Surface organization of a DPPC monolayer on concentrated SrCl2 and ZnCl2 solutions. BAM, DPPC, PC, VSFG
42  2015 A photolithographic approach to spatially resolved cross-linked nanolayers. AFM, ESI-MS, ToF-SIMS, XPS
43  2015 Ag on Pt(111): Changes in Electronic and CO Adsorption Properties upon PtAg/Pt(111) Monolayer Surface Alloy Formation. CLSs, TPD, XPS
44  2015 Composites of malonic acid diamides and phospholipids--Impact of lipoplex stability on transfection efficiency. BAM, CLSM, DLS, PCR
45  2015 Covalent attachment of 1-alkenes to oxidized platinum surfaces. AFM, XPS
46  2015 Elucidating the effects of cholesterol on the molecular packing of double-chained cationic lipid langmuir monolayers by infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy. DODAB, LC, LE
47  2015 Fast Electron Transfer Exchange at Self-Assembled Monolayers of Organometallic Ruthenium(II) sigma-Arylacetylide Complexes. SAM, XPS
48  2015 Growth and spectroscopic characterization of monolayer and few-layer hexagonal boron nitride on metal substrates. ---
49  2015 Host-guest complexation of a pyrogallol[4]arene derivative at the air-water interface. ---
50  2015 Methanol Adsorption and Reaction on Samaria Thin Films on Pt(111). LEED, SmOx, TPD
51  2015 Molecular arrangement of symmetric and non-symmetric triblock copolymers of poly(ethylene oxide) and poly(isobutylene) at the air/water interface. DP, LB, PEO, PIB
52  2014 A facile approach toward protein-resistant biointerfaces based on photodefinable poly-p-xylylene coating. PEG, PEGMA, QCM, XPS
53  2014 Adsorption of formic acid on rutile TiO2 (110) revisited: an infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy and density functional theory study. ---
54  2014 Amphiphilic cationic beta(3R3)-peptides: membrane active peptidomimetics and their potential as antimicrobial agents. SAR
55  2014 An experimental set-up to apply polarization modulation to infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy for improved in situ studies of atmospheric corrosion processes. IR, PM
56  2014 Carbon dioxide adsorption on a ZnO(101[combining macron]0) substrate studied by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. ---
57  2014 Formation of highly ordered self-assembled monolayers of alkynes on Au(111) substrate. SAMs, STM, XPS
58  2014 In situ SIMS and IR spectroscopy of well-defined surfaces prepared by soft landing of mass-selected ions. FTICR, SIMS, TOF
59  2014 Langmuir monolayers as models to study processes at membrane surfaces. ---
60  2014 Micropatterned ferrocenyl monolayers covalently bound to hydrogen-terminated silicon surfaces: effects of pattern size on the cyclic voltammetry and capacitance characteristics. AFM, Fc, SEM, XPS
61  2014 Monitoring the reversible photoisomerization of an azobenzene-functionalized molecular triazatriangulene platform on Au(111) by IRRAS. SAM, SERS, STM, TATA, XPS
62  2013 Covalently attached organic monolayers onto silicon carbide from 1-alkynes: molecular structure and tribological properties. AFM, NEXAFS, SiC, XPS
63  2013 Electron transport through a diazonium-based initiator layer to covalently attached polymer brushes of ferrocenylmethyl methacrylate. ATRP, SECM, XPS
64  2013 Establishing the ellipsoidal geometry of a benzoic acid-based amphiphile via dimer switching: insights from intramolecular rotation and facial H-bond torsion. DDBA, DFT
65  2013 Grafting of functionalized [Fe(III)(salten)] complexes to Au(111) surfaces via thiolate groups: surface spectroscopic characterization and comparison of different linker designs. NEXAFS, XPS
66  2013 Ionization state of L-phenylalanine at the air-water interface. ---
67  2013 Monolayer properties of 1,3-diamidophospholipids. GIXD, XR
68  2013 Oleic acid disorders stratum corneum lipids in Langmuir monolayers. BAM, OA, PA, SC
69  2013 Organic monolayers from 1-alkynes covalently attached to chromium nitride: alkyl and fluoroalkyl termination. CrN, XPS
70  2013 Peptide and protein binding to lipid monolayers studied by FT-IRRA spectroscopy. ---
71  2013 Preparation of self assembled sodium oleate monolayer on mild steel and its corrosion inhibition behavior in saline water. SAM
72  2013 Probing adsorption sites for CO on ceria. DFT, UHV, XPS
73  2013 Selective molecular adsorption in sub-nanometer cages of a Cu2O surface oxide. DFT, STM
74  2013 Surface activity and structures of two fragments of the human antimicrobial LL-37. XR
75  2012 Conditioning of surfaces by macromolecules and its implication for the settlement of zoospores of the green alga Ulva linza. SAMs
76  2012 Fluorine-fluorine interactions in the solid state: an experimental and theoretical study. AIM
77  2012 Formation of highly ordered and orientated gold islands: effect of immersion time on the molecular adlayer structure of pentafluorobenzenethiols (PFBT) SAMs on Au(111). ITs, PFBT, SAMs, STM
78  2012 Hydrophobic collapse of a stearic acid film by adsorbed l-phenylalanine at the air-water interface. BAM
79  2012 In situ hydrolysis of imine derivatives on Au(111) for the formation of aromatic mixed self-assembled monolayers: multitechnique analysis of this tunable surface modification. NEXAFS, SAMs, XPS
80  2012 Interaction of a Tat substrate and a Tat signal peptide with thylakoid lipids at the air-water interface. EGFP
81  2012 Introducing cymantrene labels into scattering scanning near-field infrared microscopy. IR, ODT, SPPS
82  2012 Investigation of structural changes of beta-casein and lysozyme at the gas-liquid interface during foam fractionation. CD
83  2012 Myoglobin-directed assemblies of binary monolayers functionalized with iminodiacetic acid ligands at the air-water interface through metal coordination for multivalent protein binding. IDA
84  2012 Negatively charged phospholipids trigger the interaction of a bacterial Tat substrate precursor protein with lipid monolayers. ---
85  2012 Nonfouling poly(ethylene oxide) layers end-tethered to polydopamine. DCA, PDA, PEO, SE, SPR, VSFG
86  2012 Organization of T-shaped facial amphiphiles at the air/water interface studied by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. TP
87  2012 Poly(acrylic acid)-poly(ethylene glycol) layers on positively charged surface coatings: molecular structure, protein resistance, and application to single protein deposition. AuNP's, PAA, PEG, PEI
88  2012 Self-assembly and molecular recognition of adenine- and thymine-functionalized nucleolipids in the mixed monolayers and thymine-functionalized nucleolipids on aqueous melamine at the air-water interface. XRD
89  2012 Significance of the amide functionality on DOPA-based monolayers on gold. AFM, CA, DOPA, SERS, XPS
90  2012 Structure of the complex monolayer of gemini surfactant and DNA at the air/water interface. AFM, CD, FT-IR, LB
91  2012 Surface chemistry and spectroscopy of human insulin Langmuir monolayer. CD, FTIR, HI
92  2012 The modification of indium tin oxide with phosphonic acids: mechanism of binding, tuning of surface properties, and potential for use in organic electronic applications. ITO, OLEDs, OPVs, PAs, XPS
93  2012 Vapor-deposited parylene photoresist: a multipotent approach toward chemically and topographically defined biointerfaces. CVD, SEM
94  2011 Backside SERS studies of inhibitor transport through polyelectrolyte films on Ag-substrates. MBI, PE
95  2011 Chemical nature of superhydrophobic aluminum alloy surfaces produced via a one-step process using fluoroalkyl-silane in a base medium. SEM, XPS
96  2011 In situ IRRAS studies of molecular recognition of barbituric acid lipids to melamine at the air-water interface. ---
97  2011 Mild and highly flexible enzyme-catalyzed modification of poly(ethersulfone) membranes. PES, XPS
98  2011 Monolayer characteristics of a long-chain N,O-diacyl substituted ethanolamine at the air/water interface. GIXD, LC, LE, TAOAE
99  2011 The binding of an amphipathic peptide to lipid monolayers at the air/water interface is modulated by the lipid headgroup structure. ---
100  2010 A highly ordered, aromatic bidentate self-assembled monolayer on Au(111): a combined experimental and theoretical study. DFT, SAMs, STM, TDS, XPS