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Abbreviation : ISI
Long Form : interstimulus interval
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A new backpropagation neural network classification model for prediction of incidence of malaria. BPNN
2019 Drinking microstructure in humans: A proof of concept study of a novel drinkometer in healthy adults. PC, PDF
2019 Effect of paired-pulse stimulus parameters on the two phases of short interval intracortical inhibition in the quadriceps muscle group. AMT, CSI, SICI, TMS, TSI
2019 Effects of decreasing intersession interval duration on graduated exposure treatment during simulated routine dental care. ---
2019 Effects of manipulating the interstimulus interval on heat-evoked temporal summation of second pain across the age span. TSSP
2019 Epilepsy-Induced Reduction in HCN Channel Expression Contributes to an Increased Excitability in Dorsal, But Not Ventral, Hippocampal CA1 Neurons. SE, TLE
2019 ERP-study on the time course of disgust-motivated spatial avoidance. IOR
2019 Fluctuation Scaling of Neuronal Firing and Bursting in Spontaneously Active Brain Circuits. BNs, RNs
2019 Intracerebellar Cannabinoid Administration Impairs Delay but not Trace Eyeblink Conditioning. EBC, WIN
10  2019 Large-Scale Networks for Auditory Sensory Gating in the Awake Mouse. ASG, VCN
11  2019 Motor-cortex excitability and response variability following paired-associative stimulation: a proof-of-concept study comparing individualized and fixed inter-stimulus intervals. MEP, PAS, PNS, TMS
12  2019 No Effect of Interstimulus Interval on Acoustic Reflex Thresholds. AR, ARTs
13  2019 Paired Associative Electroacupuncture and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Humans. APB, CBI, EA, ICF, MEP, PAS, PC-6, SICI, SSEP, STDP, TENS, TMS
14  2019 Paired nociceptive blink stimuli can facilitate trigeminofacial circuit at a long inter-stimulus interval. AUC, nBR
15  2019 Parametric effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on multitasking performance. EEG, PFC, tACS
16  2019 Prepulse inhibition in patients with bipolar disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BD, HC, NOS, PPI
17  2019 Pretreatment with neuregulin-1 improves cardiac electrophysiological properties in a rat model of myocardial infarction. CV, FP, FPD, MI, NRG-1, rhNRG, SO, VA
18  2019 Selection for encoding: No evidence of better endogenous orienting following forget than following remember instructions. ---
19  2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition in human primary motor cortex: A multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation study. APB, mTMS, SICI, TMS
20  2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition to the biceps brachii is present during arm cycling but is not different than a position- and intensity-matched tonic contraction. AMT, CS, SICI, TS
21  2019 Song variation of the South Eastern Indian Ocean pygmy blue whale population in the Perth Canyon, Western Australia. ---
22  2019 Specific inter-stimulus interval effect of NMDA receptor activation in the insular cortex during conditioned taste aversion. CS, CTA, IC, NMDAR, US
23  2019 Task manipulation effects on the relationship between working memory and go/no-go task performance. WMC
24  2019 Temporal boundary of auditory event formation: An electrophysiological marker. ERP
25  2019 Temporal expectations modulate face image repetition suppression of early stimulus evoked event-related potentials. ---
26  2019 The amount of exposure determines generalization in animal perceptual learning using short inter-stimulus intervals. PL
27  2019 The Cannabinoid-Like Compound, VSN16R, Acts on Large Conductance, Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels to Modulate Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Neuron Firing. 7-Pra-MarTx, AP, fAHP, IbTX
28  2019 The effect of stimulus encounter rate on response decrement in jumping spiders. ---
29  2019 The Power of Interstimulus Interval for the Assessment of Temporal Processing in Rodents. gap-PPI, ISIs, PPI
30  2019 The stochastic Fitzhugh-Nagumo neuron model in the excitable regime embeds a leaky integrate-and-fire model. FHN, LIF
31  2019 Using Dual-Site Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Probe Connectivity between the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and Ipsilateral Primary Motor Cortex in Humans. DLPFC
32  2019 Visual temporal integration windows are adult-like in 5- to 7-year-old children. TIW
33  2019 Working memory capacity and sustained attention: A cognitive-energetic perspective. WMC
34  2018 A Longer Interstimulus Interval Yields Better Learning in Adults and Young Adolescents. CS, US
35  2018 A Method for Investigating Change Blindness in Pigeons (Columba Livia). ---
36  2018 A reappraisal of pain-paired associative stimulation suggesting motor inhibition at spinal level. MEPs, PAS, TMS
37  2018 A simple model of the inner-hair-cell ribbon synapse accounts for mammalian auditory-nerve-fiber spontaneous spike times. ---
38  2018 Apparent shift in long-range motion trajectory by local pattern orientation. ---
39  2018 Association of interservice interval with conception rate in Japanese Black cattle. AI, CR
40  2018 Auditory Memory Decay as Reflected by a New Mismatch Negativity Score Is Associated with Episodic Memory in Older Adults at Risk of Dementia. AD, ERP, MCI, MMN
41  2018 Blink Reflex in Episodic and Chronic Migraine. BR
42  2018 Characterizing ISI and sub-threshold membrane potential distributions: Ensemble of IF neurons with random squared-noise intensity. ---
43  2018 Cochlear spike synchronization and neuron coincidence detection model. ---
44  2018 Computational study of depth completion consistent with human bi-stable perception for ambiguous figures. RDS
45  2018 Conventional or threshold-hunting TMS? A tale of two SICIs. SICI, TMS
46  2018 Convergent Spinal Circuits Facilitating Human Wrist Flexors. ECR, FCR
47  2018 Cortical excitability varies across different muscles. APB, CSP, RMT, TA, TMS
48  2018 Decoding hind limb kinematics from neuronal activity of the dorsal horn neurons using multiple level learning algorithm. FR
49  2018 Detection of synchronized burst firing in cultured human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons using a 4-step method. MEA, SBF
50  2018 Does the Clock Tick Slower or Faster in Parkinson's Disease? - Insights Gained From the Synchronized Tapping Task. PD
51  2018 EEG phase states at stimulus onset in a variable-ISI Go/NoGo task: Effects on ERP components. ---
52  2018 Effect of Different Movement Speed Modes on Human Action Observation: An EEG Study. AO, AO-BCI, BCI, BMBIs, EEG, ERD, hMNS, MI, MI-BCI
53  2018 Effect of Paired Associative Stimulation on Motor Cortex Excitability in Rats. MC, MEPamp, MEPs, PAS, PNS, RMTs, SEPs, TMS
54  2018 Effects of Inter-Stimulus Interval on Speech-Evoked Frequency-Following Response in Elderly Adults. ANOVA, FFR
55  2018 Effects of Voice Therapy on Laryngeal Motor Units During Phonation in Chronic Superior Laryngeal Nerve Paresis Dysphonia. GRBAS, LEMG, SLNP
56  2018 Electrophysiological evidence of memory-based detection of auditory regularity violations in anesthetized mice. MMN
57  2018 Evaluating the feasibility of the steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) to study temporal attention. SSVEP
58  2018 Evidence for a Supraspinal Contribution to the Human Crossed Reflex Response During Human Walking. cGL, iTN, MEP, SEPs, SLCR, subTMS, supraTMS
59  2018 Glial cells modulate hippocampal synaptic plasticity in morphine dependent rats. fEPSP, LTP, PPR, s.c
60  2018 Individual characterization of fast intracortical facilitation with paired biphasic-wave transcranial magnetic stimulation. MEPs, SICF, TMS
61  2018 Influence of inter-stimulus interval of spinal cord stimulation in patients with disorders of consciousness: A preliminary functional near-infrared spectroscopy study. DOC, fNIRS, SCS
62  2018 Information-Theoretic Approach and Fundamental Limits of Resolving Two Closely Timed Neuronal Spikes in Mouse Brain Calcium Imaging. CRBs, SNR
63  2018 Infusions of scopolamine in dorsal hippocampus reduce anticipatory responding in an appetitive trace conditioning procedure. CS, LMA, US
64  2018 Insights into the roles of CMK-1 and OGT-1 in interstimulus interval-dependent habituation in Caenorhabditis elegans. O-GlcNAc
65  2018 Interaction of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Val66Met genotype and history of stress in regulation of prepulse inhibition in mice. APO, BDNF, CORT, NMDA
66  2018 Matched Short-Term Depression and Recovery Encodes Interspike Interval at a Central Synapse. EPSP, FETi, STD
67  2018 Memory-induced resonancelike suppression of spike generation in a resonate-and-fire neuron model. GLE
68  2018 Motor unit discharge characteristics and walking performance of individuals with multiple sclerosis. MS
69  2018 Neural Coding of Cell Assemblies via Spike-Timing Self-Information. 5-CSRT
70  2018 Novel Behavioral and Neural Evidences for Age-Related changes in Force complexity. MSE, MU
71  2018 Physiological Processes Underlying Short Interval Intracortical Facilitation in the Human Motor Cortex. MEP, SICF, TMS
72  2018 Postictal suppression and seizure durations: A patient-specific, long-term iEEG analysis. iEEG, SUDEP
73  2018 Relative latency and temporal variability of hemodynamic responses at the human primary visual cortex. BOLD, fMRI
74  2018 Reorganization of sensory input at brainstem in hemifacial spasm and postparalytic facial syndrome. HFS, PFS
75  2018 Response adaptation in the barn owl's auditory space map. ---
76  2018 Short Interval Intracortical Inhibition Responses to Low-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Under Multiple Interstimulus Intervals and Conditioning Intensities. CSI, CSP, rTMS, SICI
77  2018 Sleep deprivation enhances inter-stimulus interval effect on vigilant attention performance. LATER, PVT, RTs
78  2018 Suppression of Multimodality in Inter-Spike Interval Distribution: Role of External Damped Oscillatory Input. GNMDD
79  2018 Synchrony and emotion in children and adults. SMT
80  2018 The Changes of Intrinsic Excitability of Pyramidal Neurons in Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Neuropathic Pain. ACC, RP, SDST, sEPSC, SNI
81  2018 The Duration of Auditory Sensory Memory for Vowel Processing: Neurophysiological and Behavioral Measures. ERP, MMN
82  2018 The effect of inserting an inter-stimulus interval in face-voice matching tasks. ---
83  2018 The impact of auditory white noise on semantic priming. ---
84  2018 The reliability and validity of rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation mapping. ---
85  2018 The role of temporal integration in auditory stream segregation. ---
86  2018 Two-frame apparent motion presented with an inter-stimulus interval reverses optokinetic responses in mice. OKRs
87  2018 Varying Stimulation Parameters to Improve Cortical Plasticity Generated by VNS-tone Pairing. VNS
88  2018 [Method for MEA Data Analysis of Drug-treated Rat Primary Neurons and Human iPSC-derived Neurons to Evaluate the Risk of Drug-induced Seizures]. CSAHi, iNCENS, iPSC, MEA
89  2017 A Gap in Time: Extending our Knowledge of Temporal Processing Deficits in the HIV-1 Transgenic Rat. gap-PPI, HAND, PPI, Tg
90  2017 Auditory spectral versus spatial temporal order judgment: Threshold distribution analysis. TOJ
91  2017 BDNF Val66Met Genotype Interacts With a History of Simulated Stress Exposure to Regulate Sensorimotor Gating and Startle Reactivity. BDNF, CORT, hBDNFVal66Met, PPI
92  2017 Biphasic Regulation of p38 MAPK by Serotonin Contributes to the Efficacy of Stimulus Protocols That Induce Long-Term Synaptic Facilitation. LTF, LTM
93  2017 Deficits of perceived spatial separation induced prepulse inhibition in patients with schizophrenia: relationships to symptoms and neurocognition. HC, PPI, PSC-PPI, PSS-PPI, SZ
94  2017 Desynchronization does not contribute to intracortical inhibition and facilitation: a paired-pulse paradigm study combined with TST. ICF, PP, SICI, TMS, TST
95  2017 Effect of inter-train interval on the induction of repetition suppression of motor-evoked potentials using transcranial magnetic stimulation. ITI, MEPs, RS, TMS
96  2017 Effect of interstimulus interval on cortical proprioceptive responses to passive finger movements. SNR
97  2017 Effects of Passive Finger Movement on Cortical Excitability. AF, FDI, MEP, TMS
98  2017 Excitability and firing behavior of single slow motor axons transmitting natural repetitive firing of human motoneurons. MU
99  2017 Exploring Neural Efficiency in Multiple Sclerosis Patients during the Symbol Digit Modalities Test: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. fMRI, HCs, IPS, MS, SDMT
100  2017 Face identity is encoded in the duration of N170 adaptation. ERP, RS