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Abbreviation : Inr
Long Form : initiator element
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Identification and characterization of the V3 promoter of the ST3GAL4 gene. DPE, NFAT
2019 Genome replication affects transcription factor binding mediating the cascade of herpes simplex virus transcription. HSV-1
2018 Identification and Functional Analysis of the psaD Promoter of Chlorella vulgaris Using Heterologous Model Strains. ---
2015 Taspase1 processing alters TFIIA cofactor properties in the regulation of TFIID. NC2, TAFs
2013 Genomic organization of human transcription initiation complexes. pol, TBP, TFIIB
2013 The Sulfolobus initiator element is an important contributor to promoter strength. BRE, nt, TFB, UTRs
2012 Sf-PHB2, a new transcription factor, drives WSSV Ie1 gene expression via a 12-bp DNA element. ---
2009 Functional characterization of the murine Tnk1 promoter. ---
2007 A short ultraconserved sequence drives transcription from an alternate FBN1 promoter. bp, DPE
10  2007 Binding of ICP4, TATA-binding protein, and RNA polymerase II to herpes simplex virus type 1 immediate-early, early, and late promoters in virus-infected cells. gC, IE, Pol II, TBP, TK
11  2007 The initiator core promoter element antagonizes repression of TATA-directed transcription by negative cofactor NC2. TAFs
12  2006 Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Type 1 LTR DNA contains an intrinsic gene producing antisense RNA and protein products. HAP, HBZ, HIV-1, LTR
13  2005 Analysis of the guinea-pig estrogen-regulated gec1/GABARAPL1 gene promoter and identification of a functional ERE in the first exon. GEC
14  2005 c-Myc creates an activation loop by transcriptionally repressing its own functional inhibitor, hMad4, in young fibroblasts, a loop lost in replicatively senescent fibroblasts. ---
15  2005 Human follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSH-R) promoter/enhancer activity is inhibited by transcriptional factors, from the upstream stimulating factors family, via E-box and newly identified initiator element (Inr) in FSH-R non-expressing cells. FSHR, PCR, USF1, USF2, USFs
16  2004 Core promoter structure in the oomycete Phytophthora infestans. EMSA, FPR, GUS, nt, TSS
17  2004 Human potassium chloride cotransporter 1 (SLC12A4) promoter is regulated by AP-2 and contains a functional downstream promoter element. DPE
18  2003 Promoter analysis of the human translation termination factor 1 gene. ---
19  2002 Promoter characterization and genomic organization of the gene encoding integrin-linked kinase 1. ILK
20  2002 Transcription from the tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase promoter is negatively regulated by the Myc oncoprotein. ---
21  2001 Enhancers and core promoter elements are essential for the activity of a cryptic gene activation sequence from tobacco, tCUP. ---
22  2001 Thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between YY1 and the AAV P5 promoter initiator element. AAV, ITC, YY1, YY1
23  2000 An initiator element mediates autologous downregulation of the human type A gamma -aminobutyric acid receptor beta 1 subunit gene. ---
24  2000 Cell-specific transcription of leukotriene C(4) synthase involves a Kruppel-like transcription factor and Sp1. CPBP
25  2000 Cloning and characterization of human estrogen receptor beta promoter. ERbeta
26  2000 Identification of an upstream promoter in the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene. hGnRHR
27  1999 An initiator element and a proximal cis-acting sequence are essential for transcriptional activation of the complement factor I (CFI) gene. CFI, tsp
28  1999 Differential effects of the widely expressed dMax splice variant of Max on E-box vs initiator element-mediated regulation by c-Myc. ---
29  1999 Mouse fibulin-2 gene. Complete exon-intron organization and promoter characterization. ---
30  1999 The Adrenomedullin gene is a target for negative regulation by the Myc transcription complex. AdMLP, AM
31  1999 The human KDR/flk-1 gene contains a functional initiator element that is bound and transactivated by TFII-I. ---
32  1999 The promoter of the C1 inhibitor gene contains a polypurine.polypyrimidine segment that enhances transcriptional activity. C1-INH
33  1998 DNase1 footprints suggest the involvement of at least three types of transcription factors in the regulation of alpha-Amy2/A by gibberellin. ---
34  1998 Molecular cloning and characterization of the human p44 mitogen-activated protein kinase gene. ---
35  1998 Upstream elements required for expression of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase genes of Toxoplasma gondii. CAT
36  1997 Methods for studying the biochemical properties of an Inr element binding protein: TFII-I. PIC
37  1996 Conservation of DNA sequence in the predicted major late promoter regions of selected mastadenoviruses. MAV-1, MLP, TAV-1
38  1996 Expression of the human acute myeloid leukemia gene AML1 is regulated by two promoter regions. UTRs
39  1996 Purification and characterization of a DNA polymerase beta promoter initiator element-binding transcription factor from bovine testis. Inr-BP
40  1996 Transcription of the lymphocyte-specific terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase gene requires a specific core promoter structure. TdT
41  1995 A TATA-less promoter containing binding sites for ubiquitous transcription factors mediates cell type-specific regulation of the gene for transcription enhancer factor-1 (TEF-1). TEF-1
42  1995 The TTG-2/RBTN2 T cell oncogene encodes two alternative transcripts from two promoters: the distal promoter is removed by most 11p13 translocations in acute T cell leukaemia's (T-ALL). T-ALL, T-ALL, TTG-2a
43  1995 Transcriptional regulation of complement genes. ---
44  1994 Requirements for activation of the herpes simplex virus glycoprotein C promoter in vitro by the viral regulatory protein ICP4. ICP4, TBP, TK
45  1993 An alternative pathway for transcription initiation involving TFII-I. ---
46  1993 Direct role for Myc in transcription initiation mediated by interactions with TFII-I. bHLH
47  1993 Identification of a cis acting element responsible for muscle specific expression of the c-mos protooncogene. ---
48  1992 Identification of regulatory elements within the minimal promoter region of the human endogenous ERV9 proviruses: accurate transcription initiation is controlled by an Inr-like element. ---
49  1992 Recombinant TBP, transcription factor IIB, and RAP30 are sufficient for promoter recognition by mammalian RNA polymerase II. ---
50  1991 PEA1 and PEA3 enhancer elements are primary components of the polyomavirus late transcription initiator element. ---
51  1990 Role of TATA-element in transcription from glucocorticoid receptor-responsive model promoters. GR, GRE