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Abbreviation : JAs
Long Form : Jasmonates
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Comparative proteomics and metabolomics of JAZ7-mediated drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. A. thaliana, ABA, JAZ, KO, OE, TMT, WT
2019 Jasmonate-mediated wound signalling promotes plant regeneration. ASA1, DNRR, ERF109, JAZ, SDG8
2019 Jasmonates are signals in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites - Pathways, transcription factors and applied aspects - A brief review. TIAs
2019 The moss jasmonate ZIM-domain protein PnJAZ1 confers salinity tolerance via crosstalk with the abscisic acid signalling pathway. ABA, OPDA
2019 The OsJAZ1 degron modulates jasmonate signaling sensitivity during rice development. COR, JAZ
2019 Transcriptome sequencing of Antarctic moss under salt stress emphasizes the important roles of the ROS-scavenging system. ABA, CAT, DEGs, MDA, MeJA, PA, POD, SOD
2018 bHLH13 Regulates Jasmonate-Mediated Defense Responses and Growth. COI1, JAZ
2018 Coronatine enhances drought tolerance in winter wheat by maintaining high photosynthetic performance. COR, DEGP1
2018 Correlations between Phytohormones and Drought Tolerance in Selected Brassica Crops: Chinese Cabbage, White Cabbage and Kale. ABA, BL, BRs, CKs, CS, IAA, SA, TY
10  2018 Distinct Signatures of Host Defense Suppression by Plant-Feeding Mites. SA
11  2018 Dynamic Perception of Jasmonates by the F-Box Protein COI1. JA-Ile
12  2018 FIN219/JAR1 and cryptochrome1 antagonize each other to modulate photomorphogenesis under blue light in Arabidopsis. CRY1, FIN219, JAR1, MeJA
13  2018 GhJAZ2 attenuates cotton resistance to biotic stresses via the inhibition of the transcriptional activity of GhbHLH171. JAZ, MeJA, NBS-LRR
14  2018 Jasmonate promotes auxin-induced adventitious rooting in dark-grown Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings and stem thin cell layers by a cross-talk with ethylene signalling and a modulation of xylogenesis. ARs, ET, IBA, KIN, MeJA, TCLs
15  2018 Jasmonate signalling pathway in strawberry: Genome-wide identification, molecular characterization and expression of JAZs and MYCs during fruit development and ripening. TFs
16  2018 Plant-Mediated Effects of Water Deficit on the Performance of Tetranychus evansi on Tomato Drought-Adapted Accessions. ABA, MM, SA, TR
17  2018 Sedoheptulose-1,7-Bisphosphatase is Involved in Methyl Jasmonate- and Dark-Induced Leaf Senescence in Tomato Plants. CRISPR, MeJA, SBPase
18  2018 SmbHLH37 Functions Antagonistically With SmMYC2 in Regulating Jasmonate-Mediated Biosynthesis of Phenolic Acids in Salvia miltiorrhiza. bHLH, JAZ, Sal B, TF
19  2018 SmJAZ8 acts as a core repressor regulating JA-induced biosynthesis of salvianolic acids and tanshinones in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy roots. JAZ, MeJA
20  2018 The C-terminal domains of Arabidopsis GL3/EGL3/TT8 interact with JAZ proteins and mediate dimeric interactions. bHLH, COI1, EGL3, GL3, JAZ, TT8
21  2018 [Jasmonates: From induced plant anti-herbivore defensive reaction to growth-defense tradeoffs]. ---
22  2017 A model for evolution and regulation of nicotine biosynthesis regulon in tobacco. ERF, NAD, NIC2
23  2017 Activation of ethylene signaling pathways enhances disease resistance by regulating ROS and phytoalexin production in rice. ROS
24  2017 Arabidopsis MYB24 Regulates Jasmonate-Mediated Stamen Development. JAZ
25  2017 Bark and wood tissues of American elm exhibit distinct responses to Dutch elm disease. ABA, DED, SA
26  2017 Crystal Structure of Tetrameric Arabidopsis MYC2 Reveals the Mechanism of Enhanced Interaction with DNA. bHLH, FRET, ITC
27  2017 Functional identification of apple MdJAZ2 in Arabidopsis with reduced JA-sensitivity and increased stress tolerance. ---
28  2017 Identification of TIFY/JAZ family genes in Solanum lycopersicum and their regulation in response to abiotic stresses. ---
29  2017 JA but not JA-Ile is the cell-nonautonomous signal activating JA mediated systemic defenses to herbivory in Nicotiana attenuata. ---
30  2017 Jasmonate action in plant growth and development. ---
31  2017 Jasmonate Regulates Plant Responses to Postsubmergence Reoxygenation through Transcriptional Activation of Antioxidant Synthesis. GSH, VTC
32  2017 Jasmonate signaling and manipulation by pathogens and insects. JA-Ile
33  2017 Jasmonates are induced by the PAMP flg22 but not the cell death-inducing elicitor Harpin in Vitis rupestris. ETI, JA-Ile, MAPK, MeJA, PAMP
34  2017 Jasmonic Acid Oxidase 2 Hydroxylates Jasmonic Acid and Represses Basal Defense and Resistance Responses against Botrytis cinerea Infection. COI1, JA, JA-Ile, JAOs, JAR1
35  2017 MYC5 is Involved in Jasmonate-Regulated Plant Growth, Leaf Senescence and Defense Responses. JAZ
36  2017 OsJAZ1 Attenuates Drought Resistance by Regulating JA and ABA Signaling in Rice. ABA, JAZ, WT, ZH11
37  2017 Substrate (un)specificity of Arabidopsis NRT1/PTR FAMILY (NPF) proteins. ABA, IAA, PTR
38  2017 Transcriptome-wide analysis of jasmonate-treated BY-2 cells reveals new transcriptional regulators associated with alkaloid formation in tobacco. MeJA, TFs, TRs
39  2016 A chloroplast-localized protein LESION AND LAMINA BENDING affects defence and growth responses in rice. BR, HR, LLB, NGS
40  2016 A gain-of-function mutation in Msl10 triggers cell death and wound-induced hyperaccumulation of jasmonic acid in Arabidopsis. ERF, MSL10
41  2016 A previously undescribed jasmonate compound in flowering Arabidopsis thaliana - The identification of cis-(+)-OPDA-Ile. ---
42  2016 Activity Regulation by Heteromerization of Arabidopsis Allene Oxide Cyclase Family Members. AOC
43  2016 Arabidopsis lipoxygenase 2 is essential for formation of green leaf volatiles and five-carbon volatiles. GLVs, LOX2
44  2016 Effects of MeJA on Arabidopsis metabolome under endogenous JA deficiency. ---
45  2016 Endogenous Bioactive Jasmonate Is Composed of a Set of (+)-7-iso-JA-Amino Acid Conjugates. CFA, JAZ
46  2016 Expression profiles of genes involved in jasmonic acid biosynthesis and signaling during growth and development of carrot. MeJA
47  2016 Jasmonate signaling in plant stress responses and development - active and inactive compounds. OPDA
48  2016 Jasmonate-responsive transcription factors regulating plant secondary metabolism. TFs
49  2016 Jasmonates: Multifunctional Roles in Stress Tolerance. JA, MAPKs, MeJAs
50  2016 New perspective of the bHLH-MYB complex in jasmonate-regulated plant fertility in arabidopsis. JAZ
51  2016 Physiological and Transcriptional Analyses Reveal Differential Phytohormone Responses to Boron Deficiency in Brassica napus Genotypes. ABA, B-efficiency, B. napus, DGE, IAA
52  2016 Q&A: How does jasmonate signaling enable plants to adapt and survive? ---
53  2016 Redundancy and specificity in jasmonate signalling. ---
54  2016 The C2 Protein from the Geminivirus Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Sardinia Virus Decreases Sensitivity to Jasmonates and Suppresses Jasmonate-Mediated Defences. ---
55  2016 The Rise and Fall of Jasmonate Biological Activities. COI1-JAZ, JA, JA-Ile, OPDA
56  2016 The Ubiquitin System and Jasmonate Signaling. JA, Ub
57  2016 Transcriptome-wide analysis of basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors in Isatis indigotica and their methyl jasmonate responsive expression profiling. bHLH, TFs
58  2015 Combination of transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses reveals a JAZ repressor in the jasmonate signaling pathway of Salvia miltiorrhiza. ---
59  2015 Diverse roles of jasmonates and ethylene in abiotic stress tolerance. CBF, ET
60  2015 Growth-defence balance in grass biomass production: the role of jasmonates. ---
61  2015 Hormonal regulation of gummosis and composition of gums from bulbs of hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis). JA-Me
62  2015 Influence factors and gene expression patterns during MeJa-induced gummosis in peach. CS, DGE, GT, MeJA, PAL, PG, PME
63  2015 Jasmonates: Emerging Players in Controlling Temperature Stress Tolerance. CBF
64  2015 Novel players fine-tune plant trade-offs. JAZ
65  2015 Pericarp anatomy and hormone profiles of cypselas in dormant and non-dormant inbred sunflower lines. ABA, OPDA, SA
66  2015 Synthesis, metabolism and systemic transport of a fluorinated mimic of the endogenous jasmonate precursor OPC-8:0. JRG, PET
67  2015 The nexus between growth and defence signalling: auxin and cytokinin modulate plant immune response pathways. CKs, SA
68  2014 Action of jasmonates in plant stress responses and development--applied aspects. OPDA
69  2014 Intake and transformation to a glycoside of (Z)-3-hexenol from infested neighbors reveals a mode of plant odor reception and defense. HexVic
70  2014 Jasmonate-dependent modifications of the pectin matrix during potato development function as a defense mechanism targeted by Dickeya dadantii virulence factors. 13-AOS
71  2014 Jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine coordinates metabolic networks required for anthesis and floral attractant emission in wild tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata). COI1, COR, JA-Ile
72  2014 Molecular reprogramming of Arabidopsis in response to perturbation of jasmonate signaling. JAZ, MeJA, WT
73  2014 New perspectives into jasmonate roles in maize. ---
74  2014 Overexpression of allene oxide cyclase improves the biosynthesis of artemisinin in Artemisia annua L. DBR2, JA
75  2014 Perception, signaling and cross-talk of jasmonates and the seminal contributions of the Daoxin Xie's lab and the Chuanyou Li's lab. JAI1
76  2014 UHPLC-MS/MS based target profiling of stress-induced phytohormones. ABA, IAA, SA
77  2013 A bHLH-type transcription factor, ABA-INDUCIBLE BHLH-TYPE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR/JA-ASSOCIATED MYC2-LIKE1, acts as a repressor to negatively regulate jasmonate signaling in arabidopsis. JAM1
78  2013 Characterizing jasmonate regulation of male fertility in Arabidopsis. ---
79  2013 Crosstalk between GA and JA signaling mediates plant growth and defense. JAZ
80  2013 Identification of a novel jasmonate-responsive element in the AtJMT promoter and its binding protein for AtJMT repression. JARE, MeJA, Y1H
81  2013 Insect herbivores selectively mute GLV production in plants. GLVs, HAMPs
82  2013 Insect herbivores selectively suppress the HPL branch of the oxylipin pathway in host plants. AOS, GLVs, HPL
83  2013 Jasmonate controls leaf growth by repressing cell proliferation and the onset of endoreduplication while maintaining a potential stand-by mode. MeJA
84  2013 Methyl jasmonate treatment induces changes in fruit ripening by modifying the expression of several ripening genes in Fragaria chiloensis fruit. ---
85  2013 MYC2: the master in action. ABA, bHLH, ISR, JA, SA, TF
86  2013 The amidohydrolases IAR3 and ILL6 contribute to jasmonoyl-isoleucine hormone turnover and generate 12-hydroxyjasmonic acid upon wounding in Arabidopsis leaves. JA, JA-Ile
87  2012 Analysis of Arabidopsis JAZ gene expression during Pseudomonas syringae pathogenesis. COR, JA-Ile, JAZ
88  2012 Another JA/COI1-independent role of OPDA detected in tomato embryo development. ---
89  2012 Ethylene and auxin biosynthesis and signaling are impaired by methyl jasmonate leading to a transient slowing down of ripening in peach fruit. ---
90  2012 Light-dependent regulation of the jasmonate pathway. JA-Ile
91  2012 Overexpression of allene oxide cyclase promoted tanshinone/phenolic acid production in Salvia miltiorrhiza. LAB, MeJA, RA, UV
92  2012 PCDD/Fs-induced oxidative damage and antioxidant system responses in tobacco cell suspension cultures. ABA, BY-2, CAT, GR, IAA, MDA, POD, SOD
93  2012 Production and function of jasmonates in nodulated roots of soybean plants inoculated with Bradyrhizobium japonicum. JA, OPDA
94  2012 The rice hydroperoxide lyase OsHPL3 functions in defense responses by modulating the oxylipin pathway. GLVs, HPL
95  2012 Transcriptional machineries in jasmonate-elicited plant secondary metabolism. TFs
96  2012 Two novel RING-type ubiquitin ligases, RGLG3 and RGLG4, are essential for jasmonate-mediated responses in Arabidopsis. coi1, RGLG3
97  2011 Evaluation and identification of reliable reference genes for pharmacogenomics, toxicogenomics, and small RNA expression analysis. GOS, mela, miRNA, NIC, PTX, qRT-PCR
98  2011 Jasmonate signaling involves the abscisic acid receptor PYL4 to regulate metabolic reprogramming in Arabidopsis and tobacco. ABA
99  2011 New perspective of jasmonate function in leaf senescence. COI1, RCA
100  2011 Proteomic identification of differentially expressed proteins in Arabidopsis in response to methyl jasmonate. MeJA