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Abbreviation : Kr
Long Form : Kruppel
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Molecular competition can shape enhancer activity in the Drosophila embryo. TF
2019 [Evolutionary Stability of Gene Regulatory Networks That Define the Temporal Identity of Neuroblasts]. cas, GRNs, hb
2016 Functional genomics identifies regulators of the phototransduction machinery in the Drosophila larval eye and adult ocelli. PRs, Rh
2015 Mid-embryo patterning and precision in Drosophila segmentation: Kruppel dual regulation of hunchback. AP, hb, NC14, WT
2015 Muscle cell fate choice requires the T-box transcription factor midline in Drosophila. FCs, LT, Mid, Org-1
2014 Activation of BmGSTd1 promoter and regulation by transcription factor Kruppel (Kr) in silkworm, Bombyx mori. GSTs
2014 Evolution of early development in dipterans: reverse-engineering the gap gene network in the moth midge Clogmia albipunctata (Psychodidae). gt, hb, kni, knl
2012 A dual role for nanos and pumilio in anterior and posterior blastodermal patterning of the short-germ beetle Tribolium castaneum. nos, pum
2012 Drosophila Polycomb complexes restrict neuroblast competence to generate motoneurons. NB7-1, PRCs
10  2012 Modeling of gap gene expression in Drosophila Kruppel mutants. ---
11  2012 The drumstick gene acts cell-non-autonomously and triggers specification of the small intestine in the Drosophila hindgut. drm, srp, tll, Upd
12  2011 Gene expression suggests conserved mechanisms patterning the heads of insects and myriapods. btdl, CNC, col, croc, hb, otd
13  2011 Temporal pattern of the posterior expression of Wingless in Drosophila blastoderm. AP, Eve, hb, Wg
14  2011 The pipsqueak-domain proteins Distal antenna and Distal antenna-related restrict Hunchback neuroblast expression and early-born neuronal identity. Cas, dan, danr, Hb, Svp
15  2010 Conserved function of the Kruppel gap gene in the blowfly Lucilia sericata, despite anterior shift of expression. ---
16  2008 Dual regulation by the Hunchback gradient in the Drosophila embryo. eve, Gt, Hb
17  2008 Evolutionary origin of the amnioserosa in cyclorrhaphan flies correlates with spatial and temporal expression changes of zen. pnr, zen
18  2007 Canalization of segmentation and its evolution in Drosophila. eve, gt
19  2007 Drosophila brakeless interacts with atrophin and is required for tailless-mediated transcriptional repression in early embryos. CRMs, DRPLA, kni
20  2007 Evidence for transgenerational transmission of epigenetic tumor susceptibility in Drosophila. ---
21  2007 Known maternal gradients are not sufficient for the establishment of gap domains in Drosophila melanogaster. gt, kni
22  2006 Connecting temporal identity to mitosis: the regulation of Hunchback in Drosophila neuroblast lineages. Hb, NBs, Pros, Svp
23  2005 seven-up Controls switching of transcription factors that specify temporal identities of Drosophila neuroblasts. Hb, NB, Svp
24  2004 Genome-wide mapping of in vivo targets of the Drosophila transcription factor Kruppel. ken
25  2001 Axon guidance of Drosophila SNb motoneurons depends on the cooperative action of muscular Kruppel and neuronal capricious activities. caps
26  2001 Thoracic patterning by the Drosophila gap gene hunchback. Bcd, gt, hb, kni, PS4, Ubx
27  2000 A modifier screen of ectopic Kruppel activity identifies autosomal Drosophila chromosomal sites and genes required for normal eye development. ---
28  2000 Functional analysis of repressor binding sites in the iab-2 regulatory region of the abdominal-A homeotic gene. Abd-A, Gt, Hb, Pho
29  2000 GFP-tagged balancer chromosomes for Drosophila melanogaster. GFP
30  1999 GFP-tagged balancer chromosomes for Drosophila melanogaster. GFP
31  1999 hairy stripe 7 element mediates activation and repression in response to different domains and levels of Kruppel in the Drosophila embryo. ---
32  1999 Plasticity within the lateral somatic mesoderm of Drosophila embryos. ap, lb, msh, SBM
33  1999 Segmentation gene expression in the mothmidge Clogmia albipunctata (Diptera, psychodidae) and other primitive dipterans. eve, hb
34  1998 A modifier screen in the eye reveals control genes for Kruppel activity in the Drosophila embryo. eld, emc
35  1998 Kruppel acts as a developmental switch gene that mediates Notch signalling-dependent tip cell differentiation in the excretory organs of Drosophila. bHLH, MT
36  1998 Two distinct mechanisms for differential positioning of gene expression borders involving the Drosophila gap protein giant. eve, gt, hb
37  1997 Kruppel target gene knockout participates in the proper innervation of a specific set of Drosophila larval muscles. KO
38  1997 Somatic mesoderm differentiation and the development of a subset of pericardial cells depend on the not enough muscles (nem) locus, which contains the inscuteable gene and the intron located gene, skittles. eve, insc, sktl
39  1996 Activation of transcription in Drosophila embryos is a gradual process mediated by the nucleocytoplasmic ratio. ftz, ttk
40  1996 Kruppel, a Drosophila segmentation gene, participates in the specification of neurons and glial cells. ---
41  1996 Short-range transcriptional repressors mediate both quenching and direct repression within complex loci in Drosophila. sna
42  1996 The eve stripe 2 enhancer employs multiple modes of transcriptional synergy. bcd, eve, gt, hb
43  1995 Activation of posterior gap gene expression in the Drosophila blastoderm. gt, kni
44  1995 Control of transcription by Kruppel through interactions with TFIIB and TFIIE beta. TAFs, TBP
45  1995 Heterodimeric Drosophila gap gene protein complexes acting as transcriptional repressors. hb, kni
46  1994 Differential regulation of target genes by different alleles of the segmentation gene hunchback in Drosophila. hb, kni, PS4
47  1994 Kruppel expression during postembryonic development of Drosophila. ---
48  1994 Positioning adjacent pair-rule stripes in the posterior Drosophila embryo. gt, hb, kni
49  1993 Dimerization and the control of transcription by Kruppel. ---
50  1993 Selective repression of transcriptional activators at a distance by the Drosophila Kruppel protein. ---
51  1992 Competition for overlapping sites in the regulatory region of the Drosophila gene Kruppel. bcd, kni, tll
52  1992 Evolutionary conservation pattern of zinc-finger domains of Drosophila segmentation genes. hb, sna
53  1992 Formation of the Drosophila larval photoreceptor organ and its neuronal differentiation require continuous Kruppel gene activity. ---
54  1992 Regulation of even-skipped stripe 2 in the Drosophila embryo. bcd, eve, gt, hb
55  1991 Analysis of Kruppel control elements reveals that localized expression results from the interaction of multiple subelements. bcd, hb
56  1991 Concentration-dependent transcriptional activation or repression by Kruppel from a single binding site. ---
57  1991 Gene expression mediated by cis-acting sequences of the Krüppel gene in response to the Drosophila morphogens bicoid and hunchback. bcd, hb
58  1991 Regulation of a segmentation stripe by overlapping activators and repressors in the Drosophila embryo. bcd, eve, gt, hb
59  1991 Sequence-specific transcriptional antirepression of the Drosophila Kruppel gene by the GAGA factor. ---
60  1991 Transcriptional regulation of a pair-rule stripe in Drosophila. bcd, eve, gt, hb
61  1990 A morphogenetic gradient of hunchback protein organizes the expression of the gap genes Kruppel and knirps in the early Drosophila embryo. bcd, hb, kni
62  1990 cis-acting control elements for Krüppel expression in the Drosophila embryo. ---
63  1990 Dose-dependent regulation of pair-rule stripes by gap proteins and the initiation of segment polarity. eve
64  1990 Drosophila Kruppel protein is a transcriptional repressor. ---
65  1990 Gradients of Kruppel and knirps gene products direct pair-rule gene stripe patterning in the posterior region of the Drosophila embryo. kni, tll
66  1989 Kruppel requirement for knirps enhancement reflects overlapping gap gene activities in the Drosophila embryo. bcd, kni, tll
67  1989 Sequence-specific DNA-binding activities of the gap proteins encoded by hunchback and Kruppel in Drosophila. bp, eve, hb
68  1989 Single amino acid exchanges in the finger domain impair the function of the Drosophila gene Kruppel (Kr). ---
69  1989 Structure, expression and chromosomal localization of Zfp-1, a murine zinc finger protein gene. Zfp
70  1989 The homeotic gene spalt (sal) evolved during Drosophila speciation. eve, sal
71  1989 The products of the Drosophila gap genes hunchback and Kruppel bind to the hunchback promoters. hb
72  1989 The segmentation gene Kruppel of Drosophila melanogaster has homeotic properties. HRP
73  1989 The zygotic control of Drosophila pair-rule gene expression. II. Spatial repression by gap and pair-rule gene products. ftz, hb, kni
74  1988 Disruption of a putative Cys-zinc interaction eliminates the biological activity of the Kruppel finger protein. ---
75  1988 Regulation of the Drosophila segmentation gene hunchback by two maternal morphogenetic centres. bcd, hb, kni, osk
76  1988 The GLI-Kruppel family of human genes. ---
77  1987 Analysis of Kruppel protein distribution during early Drosophila development reveals posttranscriptional regulation. ---
78  1987 Pole region-dependent repression of the Drosophila gap gene Kruppel by maternal gene products. ---
79  1986 A conserved family of nuclear proteins containing structural elements of the finger protein encoded by Kruppel, a Drosophila segmentation gene. ---
80  1986 A gap gene, hunchback, regulates the spatial expression of Ultrabithorax. hb, kni, Ubx
81  1986 Correlative changes in homoeotic and segmentation gene expression in Krüppel mutant embryos of Drosophila. en, ftz, Ubx
82  1985 Production of phenocopies by Kruppel antisense RNA injection into Drosophila embryos. ---
83  1985 Spatial and temporal patterns of Kruppel gene expression in early Drosophila embryos. ---