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Abbreviation : LA
Long Form : lactic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effect of endophytic Bacillus megaterium colonization on structure strengthening, microbial community, chemical composition and stabilization properties of Hybrid Pennisetum. AA, BA, LAB, PA
2020 Effect of transforming growth factor-beta1 on functional expression of monocarboxylate transporter 1 in alveolar epithelial A549 cells. CHC, EMT, GHB
2020 Enhancing the hardness of potato slices after boiling by combined treatment with lactic acid and calcium chloride: Mechanism and optimization. CC
2020 Fabrication of separable microneedles with phase change coating for NIR-triggered transdermal delivery of metformin on diabetic rats. IF, MNs, NIR, PBNPs, PVP
2020 Glycerol Conversion to Lactic Acid with Unsupported Copper Salts and Bulk Cupric Oxide in Aqueous Alkali Media. ---
2020 Immobilization of Lactobacillus rhamnosus in polyvinyl alcohol/calcium alginate matrix for production of lactic acid. ---
2020 Lactic acid production by loofah-immobilized Rhizopus oryzae through one-step fermentation process using starch substrate. LIRO
2020 Metformin is associated with increase in lactate level in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes and CKD stage 3: A case-control study. ---
2020 Mg(OH)2 -Facilitated Liquid-Phase Conversion of Lactic Acid into 1,2-Propanediol over Cu: An Experimental and Theoretical Study. ---
10  2020 Stencil Printing-A Novel Manufacturing Platform for Orodispersible Discs. HAL, HPMC
11  2019 A high performance potentiometric sensor for lactic acid determination based on molecularly imprinted polymer/MWCNTs/PVC nanocomposite film covered carbon rod electrode. AA, DBP, PVC, TPPB
12  2019 A New Thermal Controlling Material with Positive Temperature Coefficient for Body Warming: Preparation and Characterization. CB, DOP, EVA, PTC
13  2019 A Polyoxometalate-Based Microfluidic Device for Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Glycerol. POM
14  2019 Aggregation of lactic acid in cold rare-gas matrices and the link to solution: a matrix isolation-vibrational circular dichroism study. MI, VCD
15  2019 Alterations of the viable ileal microbiota of gut-mucosa-lymph node axis in pigs fed phytase and lactic acid treated cereals. ICLN
16  2019 Alternative model for cathepsin K activation in human dentin. AS, CTK, ICTP, MMPs, PAA, UTS
17  2019 Antibacterial and immunomodulator activities of virgin coconut oil (VCO) against Staphylococcus aureus. SEM, VCO
18  2019 Antimicrobial efficacy of medium chain fatty acids as root canal irrigants: An in vitro study. DA, MCFAs
19  2019 Ascorbic Acid, Thiamine, and Steroids in Septic Shock: Propensity Matched Analysis. AKI, APACHE, APS, ATS, Cr, IQR, MV, RRT, SS
20  2019 Assessing the Efficacy of Sodium Bisulfate and Organic Acid Treatments for Control of Salmonella Typhimurium in Rendered Chicken Fat Applied to Pet Foods. PA, SBS
21  2019 Assessment of optimal conditions for the restoration and recovery of agricultural soil. CA, MA, OA, OABLs
22  2019 Assessment of the Effect of PLGA Co-polymers and PEG on the Formation and Characteristics of PLGA-PEG-PLGA Co-block Polymer Using Statistical Approach. DSC, FTIR, NMR, NpM, PEG, PLGA, SMV
23  2019 Bactericidal Activity of Lactic Acid against Clinical, Carbapenem-Hydrolyzing, Multi-Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Planktonic and Biofilm-Forming Cells. MRP
24  2019 Biocide Potentiation Using Cinnamic Phytochemicals and Derivatives. CTAB, FICI
25  2019 Bioprocessing of agro-industrial residues into lactic acid and probiotic enriched livestock feed. BSG, SBP, SSH
26  2019 Catalytically Selective Chemotherapy from Tumor-Metabolic Generated Lactic Acid. Ce-BTC, LOD, TMEs
27  2019 Combined Ultrasound/Microwave Chemocatalytic Method for Selective Conversion of Cellulose into Lactic Acid. MW, US
28  2019 Comparison study between mesoporous silica nanoscale microsphere and active carbon used as the matrix of shape-stabilized phase change material. AC, MSNM
29  2019 Development of innovative medical devices by dispersing fatty acid eutectic blend on gauzes using supercritical particle generation processes. D-RESS, MA, PGSS
30  2019 Diaphorocleidus machacae n. sp. (Monogenea) Infecting the Gill Lamellae of Brycon guatemalensis (Characiformes: Bryconidae) from the Rio Lacantun Basin in Chiapas, Mexico. GAP
31  2019 Effect of alpha-hydroxy acids on transformation products formation and degradation mechanisms of carbamazepine by UV/H2O2 process. CBZ, DOM, GA, TPs
32  2019 Effects of lactic acid on drug-metabolizing enzymes in Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sisnensis) after oral enrofloxacin. ENR, PEPCK, SDH
33  2019 Effects of organic acid alone and in combination with H2O2 and NaCl on Escherichia coli O157:H7: An evaluation of antioxidant retention and overall acceptability in Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum). AA, CA
34  2019 Efficient production of d-lactate from methane in a lactate-tolerant strain of Methylomonas sp. DH-1 generated by adaptive laboratory evolution. d-LA
35  2019 Emodin reactivated autophagy and alleviated inflammatory lung injury in mice with lethal endotoxemia. ALI, LPS, MPO, NO
36  2019 Enhance the efficiency of 5-fluorouracil targeted delivery by using a prodrug approach as a novel strategy for prolonged circulation time and improved permeation. 5-FU, AIM, CNTs, DFT, IRC, MDs, NCI, PES, SMD
37  2019 Enhanced Lactic Acid Production by Adaptive Evolution of Lactobacillus paracasei on Agro-industrial Substrate. DPPH
38  2019 Enzymatic saccharification of banana peel and sequential fermentation of the reducing sugars to produce lactic acid. BP, RS
39  2019 Fabrication, mechanical property and in vitro evaluation of poly (L-lactic acid-co-epsilon-caprolactone) core-shell nanofiber scaffold for tissue engineering. BSA, CL, hMSCs, SEM, TEM
40  2019 Furfuryl Alcohol and Lactic Acid Blends: Homo- or Co-Polymerization? FA, PFA
41  2019 Growth Potential of Listeria monocytogenes in Chef-Crafted Ready-to-Eat Fresh Cheese-Filled Pasta Meal Stored in Modified Atmosphere Packaging. LAB, LM
42  2019 High Improvement in Lactic Acid Productivity by New Alkaliphilic Bacterium Using Repeated Batch Fermentation Integrated with Increased Substrate Concentration. ---
43  2019 Hydrolytic and Biological Degradation of Bulk-fill and Self-adhering Resin Composites. AS, DW
44  2019 In Situ-Generated Supported Potassium Lactate: Stable Catalysis for Vapor-Phase Dehydration of Lactic Acid to Acrylic Acid. AA, PA
45  2019 Influence of stressing conditions caused by organic acids and salts on tolerance of Listeria monocytogenes to Origanum vulgare L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oils and damage in bacterial physiological functions. AA, FC, MIC
46  2019 Lactic Acid Accumulation During Exhaustive Exercise Impairs Release of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Mice. cfDNA, MPO-DNA, NETs, PMA, ROS
47  2019 Lactic Acid Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Mast Cell Function by Limiting Glycolysis and ATP Availability. ---
48  2019 Lactic Acid Is an Independent Predictor of Mortality and Improves the Predictive Value of Existing Risk Scores in Patients Presenting With Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding. AUC, GBS, GIB, RS-C
49  2019 Lactic acid suppresses IgE-mediated mast cell function in vitro and in vivo. ---
50  2019 Lactic Acid Treatment of Cereals and Dietary Phytase Modified Fecal Microbiome Composition Without Affecting Expression of Virulence Factor Genes in Growing Pigs. OTU, Sta
51  2019 Lactic acid-mediated endothelial to mesenchymal transition through TGF-beta1 contributes to in-stent stenosis in poly-L-lactic acid stent. EndMT, PLLA
52  2019 Lauric acid induce cell death in colon cancer cells mediated by the epidermal growth factor receptor downregulation: An in silico and in vitro study. CO, EGFR, TS
53  2019 Measuring the Antimicrobial Activity of Lauric Acid against Various Bacteria in Human Gut Microbiota Using a New Method. CC, TC
54  2019 Metabolic engineering strategies for consolidated production of lactic acid from lignocellulosic biomass. CBP, PLA
55  2019 Molecularly Heterogeneous Structure of a Nonionic Deep Eutectic Solvent Composed of N-Methylacetamide and Lauric Acid. DES, NMA
56  2019 Natural Microtubule-Encapsulated Phase-Change Material with Simultaneously High Latent Heat Capacity and Enhanced Thermal Conductivity. KF, MTPCM, PCM
57  2019 One step open fermentation for lactic acid production from inedible starchy biomass by thermophilic Bacillus coagulans IPE22. SLSF
58  2019 Optimization of solvent-free enzymatic esterification in eutectic substrate reaction mixture. aw, DES
59  2019 Pectin-based (LA-co-MAA) semi-IPNS as a potential biomaterial for colonic delivery of oxaliplatin. DSC, FTIR, MAA, TGA, XRD
60  2019 Pediococcus acidilactici strains as silage inoculants for improving the fermentation quality, nutritive value and invitro ruminal digestibility in different forages. IVDMD, LAB
61  2019 Phylogenetic identification of lactic acid bacteria isolates and their effects on the fermentation quality of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) silage. LAB
62  2019 Polylactic acid: synthesis and biomedical applications. PLA
63  2019 Preparation and evaluation of lactic acid acylated exenatide and its long-acting preparation. EX
64  2019 Protective mechanism of shenmai on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion through the energy metabolism pathway. FFAs, I/R, LC, PA, SM, TMZ, TSPG
65  2019 Reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Naturally Present Microbe Counts on Lettuce using an Acid Mixture of Acetic and Lactic Acid. AA
66  2019 Simultaneous regeneration of calcium lactate and cellulose into PCL nanofiber for biomedical application. CA, CaL, PCL
67  2019 Stabilizing lactate production through repeated batch fermentation of food waste and waste activated sludge. ---
68  2019 Synergistic effect of hydrothermal treatment and lauric acid complexation under different pressure on starch assembly and digestion behaviors. ---
69  2019 Synthesis of Acrylonitrile from Renewable Lactic Acid. ACN
70  2019 Techno-economic assessment of non-sterile batch and continuous production of lactic acid from food waste. ---
71  2019 The byproduct-organic acids strengthened pretreatment of cassava straw: Optimization and kinetic study. AA, FA, SLHW
72  2019 The effect of NaCl on the formation of starch-lipid complexes. MA, PA, SA
73  2019 The effect of the diameter of cyclic peptide nanotube on its chirality discrimination. CPNTs, SMD
74  2019 Towards Sustainable Lactic Acid Production: Avoiding Gypsum as a Byproduct by using Selective Liquid-Phase Adsorption. HCP
75  2019 Transcriptional profiling of lactic acid treated reconstructed human epidermis reveals pathways underlying stinging and itch. CDSN, RHE
76  2019 Validation of Antimicrobial Interventions for Reducing Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Surrogate Populations during Goat Slaughter and Carcass Chilling. CL, CON, PAA, STEC
77  2018 A comparison of two different fluid resuscitation management protocols for pediatric burn patients: A retrospective study. BE
78  2018 A new tool to test active ingredient using lactic acid in vitro, a help to understand cellular mechanism involved in stinging test: An example using a bacterial polysaccharide (Fucogel ). SP
79  2018 Alteration of Metabosensitive Afferent Response With Aging: Exercised versus Non-exercised Rats. EIF, EPR
80  2018 An assay for determining the susceptibility of Salmonella isolates to commercial and household biocides. AA, ARA, ARI, ASC, BKC, CA, CHX, CPC, DC, HB, HC, MDR, MIC, PXA, SM, TSP
81  2018 Biocompatibility, biodegradation and excretion of polylactic acid (PLA) in medical implants and theranostic systems. PLA
82  2018 Biotechnological conversion of spent coffee grounds into lactic acid. LAB, SCG
83  2018 Characterizing How Acidic pH Conditions Affect the Membrane-Disruptive Activities of Lauric Acid and Glycerol Monolaurate. GML, SLBs
84  2018 Combined effect of a positively charged cinnamon leaf oil emulsion and organic acid on the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes inoculated on fresh-cut Treviso leaves. P-CL
85  2018 Conversion of Sucrose into Lactic Acid over Functionalized Sn-Beta Zeolite Catalyst by 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane. HMF
86  2018 Decreased resistance of sublethally injured Escherichia coli O157:H7 to salt, mild heat, nisin and acids induced by high pressure carbon dioxide. AA, CA, HCl, HPCD, MA, OA, SICs, TA, TSA
87  2018 Detection of Antilisterial Activity of 3-Phenyllactic Acid Using Listeria innocua as a Model. LAB, MIC, PLA
88  2018 Differential Effect of Food Sanitizers on Formation of Viable but Nonculturable Salmonella enterica in Poultry. DBDMH, LR, PAA, VBNC
89  2018 Direct fermentation of Jerusalem artichoke tuber powder for production of l-lactic acid and d-lactic acid by metabolically engineered Kluyveromyces marxianus. JAP, LDH
90  2018 Edible Gum-Phenolic-Lipid Incorporated Gluten Films for Food Packaging. FG, OPCs, POV, WVP
91  2018 Effect of Milk Fermented with Lactobacillus fermentum on the Inflammatory Response in Mice. EPS, IBDs, TP
92  2018 Effect of oral CoQ10 supplementation along with precooling strategy on cellular response to oxidative stress in elite swimmers. AST, CK, CoQ10, GGT, NOX, PC, RONS
93  2018 Effective lactic acid production from waste paper using Streptococcus thermophilus at low enzyme loading assisted by Gleditsia saponin. GS, SSF
94  2018 Effects of reductive acetogenic bacteria and lauric acid on in vivo ruminal fermentation, microbial populations, and methane mitigation in Hanwoo steers in South Korea. AP
95  2018 Effects of storage temperature and combined microbial inoculants on fermentation end products and microbial populations of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silage. LA/AA, LAB
96  2018 Evaluation of the medical devices benchmark materials in the controlled human patch testing and in the RhE in vitro skin irritation protocol. GP, HA, HPT, SDS, SSO
97  2018 Exploring the potential of lactic acid production from lignocellulosic hydrolysates with various ratios of hexose versus pentose by Bacillus coagulans IPE22. CCH
98  2018 Fabrication of hyaluronidase-responsive biocompatible multilayers on BMP2 loaded titanium nanotube for the bacterial infection prevention. AFM, BMP2, CHI, FESEM, FTIR, SL, TNT
99  2018 Free lactic acid production under acidic conditions by lactic acid bacteria strains: challenges and future prospects. LAB, PLA
100  2018 Fuels derived from starch digestion have different effects on energy intake and metabolic responses of cows in the postpartum period. DMI, GLU, MEI, PA