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Abbreviation : LA
Long Form : lipoic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Are the beneficial effects of 'antioxidant' lipoic acid mediated through metabolism of reactive sulfur species? AOA, BSO, DEM, PPG, PS, ROS, RSS
2020 Integrative application of licorice root extract or lipoic acid with fulvic acid improves wheat production and defenses under salt stress conditions. FA, LRE
2020 Lipoic acid a multi-level molecular inhibitor of tumorigenesis. ---
2020 Self-assembling Dextran prodrug for redox- and pH-responsive co-delivery of therapeutics in cancer cells. CPT, DOX, PAD
2019 Antibody immobilization strategy for the development of a capacitive immunosensor detecting zearalenone. 3-MPA, LOD, SAMs, ZEN
2019 Application of simultaneous separation and derivatization for the determination of alpha-lipoic acid in urine samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with spectrofluorimetric detection. ---
2019 Can Lipoic Acid Attenuate Cardiovascular Disturbances Induced by Ethanol and Disulfiram Administration Separately or Jointly in Rats? ALDH, DHLA, DSF, ECG, EtOH
2019 Effect of lipoic acid supplementation on gene expression and activity of glutathione S-transferase enzyme in infertile men. FSH, GST, LH, ROS
2019 Effects of Acute Ethanol Administration on Brain Oxidative Status: The Role of Acetaldehyde. CG, DP, EtOH, Glut-Cys, GPx, GR, MDA
10  2019 Effects of alpha lipoic acid on noise induced oxidative stress in rats. HDL, LDL, NO
11  2019 Effects of functionalized silver nanoparticles on aggregation of human blood platelets. PEG
12  2019 Effects of lipoic acid on primary murine microglial cells. IFN-gamma, LPS, MS
13  2019 Functionalization of Elongated Tetrahexahedral Au Nanoparticles and Their Antimicrobial Activity Assay. ETHH
14  2019 Glucose-linked sub-50-nm unimer polyion complex-assembled gold nanoparticles for targeted siRNA delivery to glucose transporter 1-overexpressing breast cancer stem-like cells. ALDH, CSCs, Glu-NPs, GLUT1, Plk1, siRNA, uPIC
15  2019 Impact of Gold Nanoparticles on Testosterone Metabolism in Human Liver Microsomes. BPEI, PC, PEG, pHLM, TST
16  2019 Inactivation of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase by Disulfiram in the Presence and Absence of Lipoic Acid or Dihydrolipoic Acid: An in Vitro Study. ALDH, DHLA, DSF, DTT
17  2019 Is the mechanism of nitroglycerin tolerance associated with aldehyde dehydrogenase activity? A contribution to the ongoing discussion. ALDH, DSF
18  2019 Lipoamide Ameliorates Oxidative Stress via Induction of Nrf2/ARE Signaling Pathway in PC12 Cells. LM, Nrf2
19  2019 Lipoic Acid and Other Antioxidants as Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. MS, OS, PwMS
20  2019 Lipoic acid nanoforms based on phosphatidylcholine: production and characteristics. DLS, PC
21  2019 Lipoic Acid Synergizes with Antineoplastic Drugs in Colorectal Cancer by Targeting p53 for Proteasomal Degradation. CRC
22  2019 Lipoic acid-derived cross-linked liposomes for reduction-responsive delivery of anticancer drug. CLs, di-LA-PC, DLLs, DOX, DTT, GPC, uCLs
23  2019 One-pot synthesis of acid-induced in situ aggregating theranostic gold nanoparticles with enhanced retention in tumor cells. CT, HTP, MCBA
24  2019 P,N Codoped carbon dots as an efficient "off-on" fluorescent probe for lipoic acid detection and its cellular dual-color imaging. ---
25  2019 Role of Combined Lipoic Acid and Vitamin D3 on Astrocytes as a Way to Prevent Brain Ageing by Induced Oxidative Stress and Iron Accumulation. VitD
26  2019 Smart copolymer coated SPIONs for colon cancer chemotherapy. FA, MRI, SPIONs
27  2019 Synthesis, characterization, and mechanistic studies of a gold nanoparticle-amphotericin B covalent conjugate with enhanced antileishmanial efficacy and reduced cytotoxicity. AmB, GNP, TEM
28  2019 The first method for determination of lipoyllysine in human urine after oral lipoic acid supplementation. LLys
29  2019 Thiol-Mediated Multidentate Phosphorylcholine as a Zwitterionic Ligand for Stabilizing Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles. PC
30  2018 Artificial Heme Enzymes for the Construction of Gold-Based Biomaterials. ---
31  2018 Assessment of Gold Nanoparticles-Inhibited Cytochrome P450 3A4 Activity and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Its Cellular Toxicity in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line C3A. BPEI, HCC, PC, PEG
32  2018 Cytoprotection of lipoic acid against toxicity induced by saxitoxin in hippocampal cell line HT-22 through in silico modeling and in vitro assays. ABC, FEB, P-gp, STXs
33  2018 Effects of lipoic acid on migration of human B cells and monocyte-enriched peripheral blood mononuclear cells in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. HC, MS, RRMS
34  2018 Effects of lipoic acid on walking performance, gait, and balance in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. PLA, SPMS, TUG
35  2018 Efficient Synthesis of Polymer Prodrug by Thiol-Acrylate Michael Addition Reaction and Fabrication of pH-Responsive Prodrug Nanoparticles. ACPT, DHLA, PHEO2MA, RAFT
36  2018 Gold nanoclusters as a quenchable fluorescent probe for sensing oxygen at high temperatures. AuNCs, BSA
37  2018 Integrated Multifunctional Micelles Co-Self-Assembled from Polypeptides Conjugated with Natural Ferulic Acid and Lipoic Acid for Doxorubicin Delivery. cRGD-IMM, DOX, FA, IMM
38  2018 Lipoic Acid and Progesterone Alone or in Combination Ameliorate Retinal Degeneration in an Experimental Model of Hereditary Retinal Degeneration. PN7, RP
39  2018 Lipoic acid metabolism in Trypanosoma cruzi as putative target for chemotherapy. BrO, PDH
40  2018 Lipoic Acid Stimulates cAMP Production in Healthy Control and Secondary Progressive MS Subjects. cAMP, MOA, MS, PBMCs, PK, RRMS, SPMS
41  2018 Modeling gold nanoparticle biodistribution after arterial infusion into perfused tissue: effects of surface coating, size and protein corona. BPEI, IPPSF, PEG, PPC
42  2018 Photochemical transformation of lipoic acid-based ligands: probing the effects of solvent, ligand structure, oxygen and pH. ---
43  2018 Photoresponsive Micelle-Incorporated Doxorubicin for Chemo-Photodynamic Therapy to Achieve Synergistic Antitumor Effects. Ce6, DOX
44  2018 Single Au Atom Doping of Silver Nanoclusters. EXAFS
45  2018 The effects of lipoic acid and methylprednisolone on nerve healing in rats with facial paralysis. MP
46  2018 The issue of HPLC determination of endogenous lipoic acid in human plasma. ---
47  2018 [Lipoic acid protects spermatogenesis in male rats with ornidazole-induced oligoasthenozoospermia]. ORN
48  2017 A co-drug conjugate of naringenin and lipoic acid mediates neuroprotection in a rat model of oxidative stress. MCAO
49  2017 A novel synthetic chemical entity (UPEI-800) is neuroprotective in vitro and in an in vivo rat model of oxidative stress. APPC, OGD
50  2017 Behavioral and neurochemical effects of alpha lipoic acid associated with omega-3 in tardive dyskinesia induced by chronic haloperidol in rats. HAL, TD
51  2017 Binary-copolymer system base on low-density lipoprotein-coupled N-succinyl chitosan lipoic acid micelles for co-delivery MDR1 siRNA and paclitaxel, enhances antitumor effects via reducing drug. LDL, MDR, NSC, siRNA
52  2017 Biochemical and clinical relevance of alpha lipoic acid: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, molecular pathways and therapeutic potential. ---
53  2017 Biocorona formation on gold nanoparticles modulates human proximal tubule kidney cell uptake, cytotoxicity and gene expression. BPEI, HP, HPTC, HSA, PC, PEG
54  2017 Determination of lipoic acid in human urine by capillary zone electrophoresis. BCPB
55  2017 Effect of organic co-solvents in the evaluation of the hydroxyl radical scavenging activity by the 2-deoxyribose degradation assay: The paradigmatic case of alpha-lipoic acid. HO
56  2017 EPA, DHA, and Lipoic Acid Differentially Modulate the n-3 Fatty Acid Biosynthetic Pathway in Atlantic Salmon Hepatocytes. FA
57  2017 Functional and structural changes of the urinary bladder following spinal cord injury; treatment with alpha lipoic acid. SCI
58  2017 Gold nanoparticles as scaffolds for poor water soluble and difficult to vehiculate antiparkinson codrugs. ---
59  2017 Impact of mutations within the [Fe-S] cluster or the lipoic acid biosynthesis pathways on mitochondrial protein expression profiles in fibroblasts from patients. mt-aco, RC
60  2017 Lipoic acid and haloperidol-induced vacuous chewing movements: Implications for prophylactic antioxidant use in tardive dyskinesia. 4-HNE, AP, HAL, MDA, TD, VCMs
61  2017 Lipoic Acid as a Possible Pharmacological Source of Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfane Sulfur. DHLA
62  2017 Lipoic acid in secondary progressive MS: A randomized controlled pilot trial. CI, PCBV, SEE, SPMS
63  2017 Multifunctional Nanosystem for Synergistic Tumor Therapy Delivered by Two-Dimensional MoS2. ROS, TBO
64  2017 Neuroprotection of Brain Cells by Lipoic Acid Treatment after Cellular Stress. BSO, LPS, MDA
65  2017 Polymeric drug delivery micelle-like nanocarriers for pulmonary administration of beclomethasone dipropionate. BDP, EDA, PHEA
66  2017 Potential Therapeutic Effects of Lipoic Acid on Memory Deficits Related to Aging and Neurodegeneration. ---
67  2017 Protein corona modulation of hepatocyte uptake and molecular mechanisms of gold nanoparticle toxicity. BPEI, HP, HSA, PC, PEG, ROS/RNS
68  2017 Research on the protective effects of antioxidants on metabolic syndrome induced by thyroid dysfunction. AOPP, FPG, MDA, SCH, T-AOC, TSH
69  2017 Robust genetic transformation of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) using differentiating embryogenic callus induced from immature embryos. DEC, TE
70  2017 Supplemental lipoic acid relieves post-weaning diarrhoea bydecreasing intestinal permeability in rats. OCLN, ZnO, ZO-1
71  2017 Surface chemistry of gold nanoparticles determines the biocorona composition impacting cellular uptake, toxicity and gene expression profiles in human endothelial cells. BPEI, HSA, HSA-AuNP, HUVEC, PC, PC-BPEI-AuNP, PEG
72  2017 Surface coating and matrix effect on the electrophoretic mobility of gold nanoparticles: a capillary electrophoresis-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry study. BPEI, BSA, CA, CE, FBS, NPs, PEG, PVP, SRHA, TA
73  2017 The effects of lipoic acid on redox status in brain regions and systemic circulation in streptozotocin-induced sporadic Alzheimer's disease model. AIs, IGM, IRH, SAD
74  2017 Ultraefficient Cap-Exchange Protocol To Compact Biofunctional Quantum Dots for Sensitive Ratiometric Biosensing and Cell Imaging. DHLA, FRET, LQMR, QDs, UCEP
75  2017 UPEI-400, a conjugate of lipoic acid and scopoletin, mediates neuroprotection in a rat model of ischemia/reperfusion. ---
76  2017 [Advances in the studies of lipoic acid in male infertility]. ---
77  2016 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaric and 3-methylglutaric acids impair redox status and energy production and transfer in rat heart: relevance for the pathophysiology of cardiac dysfunction in 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A lyase deficiency. ALP, CK, GPx, GR, HL, HMG, MEL, MGA, SOD
78  2016 Bio-orthogonal Coupling as a Means of Quantifying the Ligand Density on Hydrophilic Quantum Dots. 2-HP, PEG, QD
79  2016 Cardioprotective effects of lipoic acid, quercetin and resveratrol on oxidative stress related to thyroid hormone alterations in long-term obesity. ACE, HFD, NOS
80  2016 Characterisation, degradation and regeneration of luminescent Ag29 clusters in solution. ---
81  2016 Colonic and Hepatic Modulation by Lipoic Acid and/or N-Acetylcysteine Supplementation in Mild Ulcerative Colitis Induced by Dextran Sodium Sulfate in Rats. DSS, MDA, NAC, UC
82  2016 Comparison of the effects of lipoic acid and glutathione against cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in auditory cells. ROS
83  2016 Differential diagnosis of lipoic acid synthesis defects. 2-KGDH, 2-OADH, BCKDH, GCS, mtFASII, PDH
84  2016 Effect of mitochondrial cofactors and antioxidants supplementation on cognition in the aged canine. ---
85  2016 Effects of lipoic acid on growth and biochemical responses of common carp fed with carbohydrate diets. GLU, STA
86  2016 Effects of Lipoic Acid Supplementation on Activities of Cyclooxygenases and Levels of Prostaglandins E2 and F2alpha Metabolites, in the Offspring of Rats with Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes. COX, PG
87  2016 Efficacy and safety of prostaglandin E1 plus lipoic acid combination therapy versus monotherapy for patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. CI, DPN, MD, MNCV, PGE1, RCT, RR, SNCV
88  2016 Functional Reconstitution of a Pyruvate Dehydrogenase in the Cytosol of Saccharomyces cerevisiae through Lipoylation Machinery Engineering. ACS, FAS, PDH
89  2016 In Vitro Investigation of Six Antioxidants for Pig Diets. ETQ, FITC, GA, iROS, Que, RA, Se-Met, TEER
90  2016 Lipoic acid does not improve renal function markers in 5/6 nephrectomy model: possible role of Nrf2 inactivation. CKD
91  2016 Lipoic acid functionalized amino acids cationic lipids as gene vectors. TE
92  2016 Lipoic Acid in the Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury. CI-AKI, IRI, ROS
93  2016 Lipoic acid stimulates bone formation in ovariectomized rats in a dose-dependent manner. ---
94  2016 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: Determination of Mitochondrial Respiratory Activity in a Two-Hit Mouse Model. IRA, PFC, THM
95  2016 Protein Disulfide Levels and Lens Elasticity Modulation: Applications for Presbyopia. ---
96  2016 Quantification of lipoic acid from skin samples by HPLC using ultraviolet, electrochemical and evaporative light scattering detectors. DHLA, EC, ELS, UV
97  2016 Reversal of Lead-Induced Acute Toxicity by Lipoic Acid with Nutritional Supplements in Male Wistar Rats. ALA, Ca, Zn
98  2016 Staphylococcus aureus SufT: an essential iron-sulphur cluster assembly factor in cells experiencing a high-demand for lipoic acid. DUF59
99  2016 Targeted systemic delivery of siRNA to cervical cancer model using cyclic RGD-installed unimer polyion complex-assembled gold nanoparticles. cRGD, cRGD-uPIC-AuNP, siRNA
100  2016 The influence of lipoic acid on caveolin-1-regulated antioxidative enzymes in the mouse model of acute ulcerative colitis. MPO, MPO